House on the slopes of New Zealand

The modern house is located on a hillside in New Zealand. This low and long house is a brand new elegant design based on the environment and its overall design. Metal and glass are the most innovative and heavily used side of this modern home. The building is suspended on a hillside rather than along a hillside. It fully utilizes the bridge truss structure to sink the column to the base. The internal and external design of the metal structure allows the entire building to be integrated without worrying about various slope problems. The exterior colors are uniform, but despite the simplicity of the style, we can still find a variety of colors and designs.
Although the relative isolation in the home can protect our privacy, for a house completely blocked by glass, we do not need to fear all kinds of snoops. The entire main body of the house is situated on the land of the bridge truss system, eliminating the natural curve of reshaping the slopes. Although the girders and sheet metal seem to dominate the shape of the house, you can still use enough glass walls to get a view of the surrounding land. The internal structure of the house is physically complex, but the glass wall makes the house as a whole natural. The ceiling is slightly tilted, giving the wall some possibility of opening. Half of the home is a spacious living room with a permanent fireplace in the center.
On the other side of the house, the kitchen is a long, narrow space made of silver metal. Here, the windows are even thinner and the corresponding exterior wall is corrugated aluminum.

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