Home brand “wearing” fashion, design festival to fight creativity

Under the spotlight, on the T-stage, the Chinese and foreign first-line models shuttled back and forth, and paused back to the hustle and bustle. door sounds” 咔嚓 continually, a real fashion show, at 751D· PARK Beijing Fashion The design square is staged, making people feel at ease. It is not a pure fashion show. These costumes designed by the famous designer are not abstract trends, but muse, model, pearl, Bolognese, Europe 12 designs of home brands such as Wrigley. On the occasion of the National Day in 2016, the most eye-catching event in the home industry is the official opening of the China (Beijing) International Home Design Festival. The home design opens the fashion channel with the brand “wearing fashion”.

Home is close to fashion

“Apparel and home are the mainstay of human fashion consumption, and the requirements for comfort, health, and environment are very strict. With the upgrading of consumption in China, the demand of domestic consumers is changing. Facing the huge market, it is crucial to break through the bottleneck of design factors. Let the home such a low-profile industry carry a high-profile industry such as fashion. On the one hand, more people in the society can feel that the home is no longer a cold face, but a fashion taste. To make life better; the second aspect is to let more people in the industry feel the value of design and creativity, let more brands pay attention to original design and promote the healthy development of the industry. Zhang Chuanxi, Executive Director of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce.

The emphasis on design, creativity, fashion and other keywords at the Home Design Festival echoes the development trend of the home industry in recent years. Just like Milan, which is regarded as a “sacred place” by the home industry designers, it not only holds the Milan International Furniture Fair, but also celebrates the fashion show that leads the world fashion trend. “House and fashion are never separated, but they have been used for a long time and have become accustomed to it. As a result, many brands have copied their appearances and sold them. In the past, the consumer demand was low, the designer did not have a high pursuit, and the associations and institutions did not consciously guide, resulting in the lack of original design in the home industry. An industry source said.

“It feels very shocking. I didn’t expect the home to be displayed in a fashion way, and it can be so fashionable. After watching the fashion show, Rong Lin’s chairman, Qi Lin, said with emotion. It is worth noting that the home of the original design has always been sponsored and named in this event, reflecting the efforts of mainstream companies in promoting design and leading the industry; more importantly, the home of the family. With the release strategy, hundreds of bosses were invited to Beijing, and they also accepted a big brainwashing of fashion trends. With fashion matching, the home industry has since set up a fashion express, and the pace of catching up with fashion is getting faster and faster.

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