High-rise metal-containing device constructed entirely of cardboard

Socially conscious artist groupPink IntruderDesigned by name Ekklesiadevices let Impressed. The towering work is constructed of metal-colored colored cardboard tubes located at 9600blocks with mosaic design The colorful mosaic design is Nolla Mosaicbased on design, one20Traditional in the middle of the centuryValencianCeramics. As for the name of the work, it can be traced back to ancient Greece, referring to the political assembly of citizens. Like the name, Pink IntruderThe creation represents one where citizens can meet, debate and discuss ideas.
The audience can easily enter and exit the sculpture. The sculpture is screen printed with political-related information that can cause dialogue between visitors. It also provides a platform for huge cardboard structures. Those who walk inside can stand on the stage and look up at the magical complex structure with a ceiling.

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