Handmade furniture in 3 – 5 minutes

Start experimenting with something new—— homemade handmade furniture, but by means of mass production type, the speed is super fast. This project is called “3-5minute”——Quick hand-made furniture only needs3to5minute The time can be assembled, as its name suggests. These include two armchairs with extra pillows and a small trolley that can be made in an hour.

Each part is incomplete, but your goal is to assemble it completely.

Relevant recommended products

PPGL steel sheets

Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet for Metal Roofing

CE Passed Fiberglass Wire Mesh/Fiberglass Netting

Polycrystalline Small Solar Panels 30W 50W With High Efficiency

CNBM Polycrystalline Silicon 240W Solar Panels

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