Handmade bricks, niche demand in the tile building materials industry?

The so-called “hand brick”, the word two is the key. Therefore, there is no standard mode, low industrial production process is one of the signs of hand-made brick products, but also the most fundamental difference between hand-made bricks and industrialized, large-scale production of ceramic products. “Manual bricks inherit the craftsmanship, and its characteristics are mainly reflected in its craft culture color. Only 50% or more of the processes are hand-finished products can be called handmade bricks, and this is also the most handmade brick products. The fundamental value lies.”
There are no rules and standards of handmade bricks. This is the source of handmade bricks: hand-made bricks have been around for a long time, and it is said to have been passed from Italy and other countries for more than 700 years. A long history. In Italy or China, where ceramics production is large, even if it is a mechanized assembly line to produce ceramic tiles, there are still companies or workshops that maintain the craft of hand-made tiles. Hand-made bricks have been passed down to this day.

The biggest feature of handmade bricks: its delicate characteristics, individuality art, nature, craftsmanship and other characteristics, it has become the vane of other countries’ ceramic tile industry. Handmade soap has always been the favorite of Italian, European and American designers and even Chinese designers. It is an important material for them to complete their individualized works. The process of laying and the time-consuming and high cost and price can not prevent the popularity of handmade bricks. The fashion trend is also infiltrating into China without knowing it. At present, there should be at least 100 companies in China that manufacture handmade bricks.

Manual brick making process: using traditional Chinese kiln porcelain crafts, the whole production process is made by hand, embryo making, glazing, glazing and discharging, manual brick products from molding to burning In all the processes, the traditional manual operation occupies a considerable proportion. The materials used are glazes used in art porcelain such as high temperature kiln glaze. The products are mainly made of stoneware, and the large cylinder mud contains clinker as the billet. The use of ever-changing temperatures allows the brick to form an unpredictable color difference at different temperatures. After firing, the surface is rough and has obvious particles, and the color is changeable and full of dreamy charm. Through the complicated physical and chemical changes in the changing kiln temperature, “the kiln is one color, the kiln is colorful”, this miraculous phenomenon is called “kiln change”, and the kiln is the essence of Chinese ancient ceramic culture. Due to a series of very complicated physical and chemical changes that occur during the firing process, various complex and unpredictable color effects are presented, and the final color of the kiln will always exceed the imagination of the original ingredients. In the end, a kiln-changing effect with infinite and unique personality is formed, which makes the shape and texture effect of each brick slightly different, and the color is more vivid. Each piece is like a piece of art with its own soul, no longer monotonously unified like a mechanical product. The mechanism bricks are neat and uniform, and the handmade brick bases are all handmade. Even if they are as neat as possible, they are still different.

This is perhaps the only standard that everyone loves hand-made bricks. Just like many handicrafts made by machinery, the teapots we saw in Yixing are not expensive and mechanically produced. Preservation. There are also mechanical watches. It is also a reason to buy mechanical watches made by hand craftsmanship! The food is the same now, and the industrial production does not have the deliciousness of the house under your own house. What do you think?

In terms of application, hand-made bricks are unique and original. In home decoration, they can be used as background wall, aisle, dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. The hand-made bricks with different characteristics reflect the owner of the room. A unique lifestyle. At present, there are many kinds of hand-made bricks on the market, traditional, modern, domestic and foreign, all kinds of types. In fact, personally made, custom-made hand-made bricks, how to shop will look good, it will also have an effect.

The hand-made bricks of the Lizard Factory are very charming.

The effect of hand-made bricks is natural and irregular. On the one hand, the difference in specifications: Because it is handmade, the specifications of each piece have certain differences, not exactly the same, some of the differences are still relatively large, and the effect of color will also have some differences. On the other hand, the natural kiln change: in order to satisfy the natural atmosphere, there is no intentional control, and it is not easy to control, so the kiln change of the color of the tile is natural, and each color is the same only in the same kiln. Moreover, the amount is small: because of the hand-made, the production is limited, and because of the limitation of the kiln, the kiln is relatively small, so it is difficult to mass produce.

Manual bricks have always been a niche demand in the ceramic tile building industry. Whether domestic or foreign, hand-made ceramic tiles are extremely small, and the share that can be distributed in the whole market environment is very small. . For the craftsmen, everyone respects those meticulous craftsmen, but when this society is advocating mechanized mass production and winning by scale, the craftsmen win the respect of applause, but it is difficult to obtain a vast market. It is difficult for the craftsmen to make a big difference. Many people admire the persistence of the craftsmen on the one hand, but also laugh at the dullness of the defenders on the other hand.
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