Guard against waste of water! Water purifier "waste water rate" can not be ignored

[ is ] Today, the demand for safe drinking water is ordinarily resident in the increasingly intense, many families are forced to install the water purifier. And although the water purifier can eliminate some of the impurities to a certain extent, but but serious waste of water resources. It is understood that a glass of pure water will produce three cups of tail water, so water purifier also has another notoriety – “Wastewater is.”

guard against waste of water! Water purifier “waste water rate” can not be ignored (Photo from Internet)

scale over billions of water waste

at the initial stage of development, according to experts predict future market space will be more than one thousand billion. Among them, water purification equipment is divided into “microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis,” the three technology and “reverse osmosis” is the mainstream water purification technology to purify water pollution is serious and complex, although to some extent.

But the industry to remind consumers in the purchase reverse osmosis water purifier, should consult a “waste ratio.” Although reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers to purify the ultimate named, but there are also “waste water” problem. General reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier waste water ratio is 1: 3. Little image that is out of every 1 cup of pure water, waste water will lose 3 cups. Family as an example: we purify drinking water through water purification, each drank 100 liters of purified water, but hidden behind that 300 liters of water is lost as waste water.

a domestic RO membrane manufacturers staff said that the current use of reverse osmosis water purifier RO membrane of domestic and foreign brands are different, but the quality (desalination rate) or less, water purification and waste water the ratio is generally about 1: 3, but the market is also claimed that 6: 1. In this regard, the industry believes that some manufacturers do not rule out false propaganda, and some reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers water purification and waste water though the proportion is high, but they are at the expense of water quality, the cost of membrane life.

water purifier “waste water rate” can not be ignored

According to statistics of the National Bureau of Comprehensive Development Ministry of Water Resources, 2015 National Household has amounted to about 25 million units a year waste water of about 2.3 billion cubic meters! In this regard, February 5, 2015 People’s Daily, “China water purifier tail staggering waste water”, June 30, 2015 economic Information Daily “domestic water purifier market regulationMold will exceed one hundred billion wastewater rate can not be ignored, “CCTV” common concern “Beijing TV” side “have also been reported in the waste water problem.

Ru-NPC Choi noted: “Now by the drafting and content GB / T19249-2003 national standard household water, i.e., the manufacturers have never absence stakeholders, is never mentioned in the specification of the key” water efficiency “, with only suitable for desalination index of” recovery “is not less than 30% to fool consumers and escape regulatory state.”

society “Vendors need to promote healthy concept of water, reached sales purposes, many sellers do not mention the end user the whereabouts of water, when installed by the draft tube directly into the sewer, the manufacturer should bear the escape responsibility, all earned pours, but it is the damage to national interests and the interests of consumers. “

now whether approval of national standards will waste a lot of water, it is not known. National People’s Congress Exposition of financial advice: “should clear the nature of household water is sub-quality water, should have the tail water collection and utilization functions, should be installed in place is a complete product, excellent water should be done with excellent, dual use” water efficiency “should be 100 percent zero emissions of waste water a defective product on the market can not.”

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