Girl Scout cookie time

By Colleen JanssenLemonades, Caramel deLites, Peanut Butter Patties, Shortbread, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Thin Mints, Thanks-a-lots and new this year, S’mores. A gluten-free cookie called Trios is available, too. There are selections available for every taste.Orange County Girl Scouts are celebrating the annual March ritual of fundraising cookie sales. If you have not yet encountered a scout, and want to purchase cookies, you can find a cookie sales location through the Girl Scout website.Yes, Girl Scouts have gone high-tech. Access their website atwww.GirlScouts.organd be connected to information about the locations of cookie sales, called boothing. Troops take turns selling the cookies in front of grocery and other stores. A cookie locator section is on the website.“It’s a national effort,” said Troop #3242 leader, Teri Dronkers. Her troop of Brownies has already been canvassing their neighborhoods in advance of boothing dates.“Our council areas line up with counties and each council chooses one of two bakeries to provide their cookies,” shared Dronkers. “Both bakeries have some similar cookies and some different ones. For example, in OC, we have Lemonades, while Los Angeles calls them Savannah’s. We have Caramel deLites, LA has Samoas. Our Peanut Butter Patties are called Tagalongs in LA.”The surprise hit this year is the S’mores. In OC, these are chocolate-covered graham crackers, while LA’s are a sandwich-style cookie. The OC S’mores are currently on back-order. Scouts are taking orders and will provide these cookies when they come in.This year’s cookies are $5/box. So, where does the money go?“47% goes to Girl Scout council programs, 22% to the cost of cookies,” said Dronkers. “11% to support services and 20% goes to the troop for scout recognition, sales prizes and, in our troop, a community project.”“Last year, our girls took the money and went to Build-A-Bear. They have a great program were the girls get to make two bears, one to keep and one to give to a child in a local hospital.”“The previous year, our girls used the money to make bedside baskets for Miller’s Long Beach Children’s Hospital.”Troop #3242 is made up of twelve girls in second and third grade. They are a co-op troop, which means parents must contribute time at meetings. There is not just one leader; everyone participates.“They all say I’m the leader,” said Dronkers, “but I keep denying it. I organize the meeting schedule and post everything on our Shutterfly site.”“All of our parents have to pass a background check, lead meetings, and go to trainings. They lead two meetings per year and assist at two. Girl Scouts has a wonderful curriculum to fill a one-and-one-half hour meeting.”The leader-of-the-day was Janet Choi. The badge the girls were working on is called ‘Making Games’ and Choi led the group in three activities.“The first is called Scavenger Hunt,” said Choi. The girls learned about the components of a good game, then participated by looking around the room to find an object. Each girl wrote down clues, then read the clues aloud so the others could try to guess the object.“Our second activity is called Mystery Game,” shared Choi. The girls took turns reaching into a brown paper bag, attempting to identify the object they felt. Some of the objects included: nail polish, rubber band, rock, outlet plug, candy, Lego block and more.The final activity was to divide into two teams, with each team creating a game. At next week’s meeting, Choi will lead them through more activities so they can earn their badge. There was quite a bit of giggling from the girls and they were obviously enjoying the meeting.Other badges the girls selected to work on this year are Making Friends, Pets, Philanthropist, Give Back, Painting, Inventor and Outdoor Adventurer. Members of the troop present at the meeting includes: Parsmi Rajput, Aditi Gopalakrishnanneeraja, Camarin Choi, Sadie Sievers, Chloe Foulkes, Naine Abraham, Jessica Miller and Briel Dronkers. Each had started their cookie sales are were ready to participate in cookie boothing.Those interested in having their child join Girl Scouts may check on the website to find a troop near their home.

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