Gentle hillside homes reminiscent of comfortable medieval modern residences

This comfortable hillside home is located in Paradise Valley and is designed for families who want to downsize and simplify their lives. design. It is reminiscent of the modern homes of the middle of the century, evoking simplicity and comfort, but presented in a refined and elegant way. Designed and built in 2013 by the Kendle Design Collaborative, this home features many beautiful features, including a covered porch and a minimalist garden with the edge of the Cowton steel trough.

The focus is not on architecture or especially on any view, but on art and nature. Built with natural and traditional materials and techniques, the house features rammed earth walls, limestone floors and wooden ceilings. This helps it maintain its modest and simple appearance without becoming too mainstream and lacking in personality. A particularly good detail about it is the connection between the interior space and the outdoor porch, garden or pool area.

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