Galata Tia – Hurricane Action

All said that the opportunity is fleeting, it will only be reserved for those who are well prepared and speed like a cheetah. Galata Tiaya reminds you that a rare opportunity is not to be missed before your eyes. From the official reporters, it was reported that Galata Tia had been submitted for a short period of time. After the company’s strict screening and submission of applications, the high-level presidents of several cities have been signed.

What kind of products can be tracked by several mainstream media reporters on weekdays and months and promoted on the headlines of major websites ?

1. The strength, breadth and depth of publicity are unparalleled

Skincare products developed by a number of investment giants and doctors in China and Australia The flow of funds and scientific strength as a strong backing for your sales of Galata Titan skin care products!

2. Top quality shocked debut

What kind of quality and effect can make the major official websites competing to interview and report? Yes, it must be strictly approved by several Chinese departments! It is up and down Fully recognized outside!

3. Providing excellent treatment to agents

As an agent of Galata Tia, you will have supreme treatment, quality, publicity and resources. Comparable. Especially for the high-level president of each city, the company sponsored the promotion and promoted development. All the agents of Galata Tia are automatically upgraded to represent the presidents of other products of Changrong Weiye, and successively introduce world-quality foods, and follow the big companies to develop the world’s vibrant market!

4. Galapa Tia guarantees your big gains.

The company has a complete and mature profit protection system to ensure the benefits per agent. Quickly announce your specific contact information on the local website, distribution agents, various rewards, etc.

World skin care market prospects

Chinese cosmetic skin care products background: total size exceeds 544.2 billion yuan, the growth rate rebounds!

According to research data, 2017 The retail sales of Chinese cosmetic skin care products including tax is about 283.8 billion yuan, about +22.6% year-on-year. The growth rate is strong and rebounds. The rapid increase in demand directly stimulates the relationship between supply and demand, and the market potential is huge!

"Internet +Store"Two-way drive to the public

With the rapid development of the times, the Internet is the golden key to open the market. Galata Tiaya is proud of its high quality, low threshold and high income. The strong backing of agents at all levels, while supporting the store to open up, let our century-old royal secret garala Tia brand continue in the world for another hundred years.

Galata Tia goes to branding, supply and quality are guaranteed

伽拉The Tianya brand comes from the natural and pure and beautiful Australia, and the imported expensive raw materials have laid a good foundation for the world’s big brands. With a strong scientific research team and huge capital development support, it is bound to walk in the front end of skin care products.

Only with a strong professional team will you be truly successful and rich!

Friends circle, no resources?

1, the company spends a lot of money The president’s agents do support for publicity! Allocating traffic, sharing resources, and creating fame, all of which are the company’s purchases in the mainstream media website.

2. We have developed an ambitious plan. The company pays 2 million monthly resources, and all the intended customers are transferred to our president’s agent! Our more than 100 sales people will meet every day. Produce 200-400 accurate fans, the company supports the agent in the end, not afraid of no traffic, will only make you busy!

There are customers who don’t sell, have no confidence, no amount?

1. No matter who you are or where you are, Galata Tiaya provides professional business management training, system knowledge training, commissioner Tracking, from 0 to 100. In the early stage, we will learn from the small group, one-on-one private designated service, and the commissioner will lead you to sort out the process and build confidence.

2. Our regular micro-business espresso regular professional counseling training, invited lectures, and full-time courses, our courses are not routine, the essence of long-term practice experience and results, very high The professional counseling is targeted, so that you can get higher and higher and reach the peak of life–sales champion.

3. Under the line, we will be led by the provincial director to open a camp for us, and open a physical store that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, so that more physical stores will bloom. In the first year of opening up the Chinese market, the company minimized its benefits and returned to the vast number of operators and consumers. You are not only doing a skin care product, but also contributing to the healthy and beautiful skin of others while maintaining your own ice muscle skin and rich income guarantee. This is a great cause for creating more people’s welfare.

Galati Tia has launched a chance to compete for a second-level agent card, which can be obtained with only 1000 deposits. For this qualification, the second-level agent applies for the original price of 25,272 yuan!

Finalist process:

1.Please call the hotline 4000029123

2. Sales Director Service WeChat: galatea01

3.1000 deposits are quickly reserved.

4.7 days in fullTraining, basic assessment, process grooming.

5. The proxy certification application is approved.

6. Start a business.

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