France approves long-awaited green energy bill

The French government has approved the long-awaited energy bill. Last week, legislation could mobilize up to £10 billion for investment in clean technology. The government approved the proposed bill. The bill includes a series of new targets aimed at reducing emissions from the French energy sector, reducing dependence on nuclear power and accelerating investment in renewable energy.

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Specifically, the bill proposes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030, and more than double the share of renewable energy by 2050 in the energy mix from about 12% to 32 in 2012. The bill also aims to promote the electric vehicle industry by significantly granting the switch to electric vehicle drivers, encouraging the public sector to buy zero-emission vehicles, and installing charging stations in the nationwide network.
Most notably, the bill A series of new tax breaks and interest-free loans were proposed to help promote investment in clean energy and energy efficiency measures. Environment Minister Royal said that the new program will mobilize about 10 billion pounds of investment and create thousands of jobs. Opportunity and say that this is the most ambitious cleaning that can make a transition in all EU.

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