Four factors lead to low penetration of water purifiers analysis

[ is ] survey shows that consumers in the purchase of water purifier, the brand and the price is the decisive factor affecting consumer purchases, which account for 40% of the price factor, brand factors accounted for 18 % purification effect accounted for 16%, and the remaining 26% of the function, and after-sales service attitude and other factors. The face of the low penetration of water purifiers, the industry believes that the following points.

four factors lead to low penetration of water purifiers analysis (Photo from Internet)

1, drinking habits differentiation

European and American developed national centuries of habit is to drink unboiled water directly, while Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. Market research found that customers come you give him a glass of purified water, basically less likely to drink, for the simple reason that you do not trust the water, if it is a cup of water or a cup of tea, then there would be no problem a.

2, consumer awareness of the shortage of

Although there are more and more people are concerned about water purification equipment, but on the whole, people on overall consumer awareness of water purification products, there are still periodic shortage. Insiders said, water purifier current situation is similar to more than a dozen years ago, air conditioners and other products, they are also accustomed to fans no one wants to buy air conditioning.

a wide variety of products on the market. To choose a suitable water purifier is not easy to promote a variety of businesses, “pure water”, “ecological water”, “activated water”, “energy water” …… do not know where to start. In addition to multi-product pattern, it is a dime a dozen. Different water purifier brand price differences, there are water purifiers production of a variety of materials, the price difference is very large, consumers do not recognize the merits.

3, the prevalence of counterfeit products to buy troubled

At present, the water purifier enterprises have more than a thousand, but holders of the relevant approvals of the Ministry of Health water purifier business is only about 1200 this leads to price and quality on the market water purifier uneven. Some small businesses lack the strength of the introduction of new technology, but the lack of capacity of independent innovation, but imitation capability is very strong, so that the proliferation of counterfeit products on the market, shoddy, deceptive phenomenon in the industry.

4, lack of after-sales service

because the service is not in place, but also to some consumers for water purifiers prohibitive. It is a water purifierKind of service high demand products, to buy water purifier like to buy air conditioners, you must wait after professional installation to use. For water purifier, in addition to installation, regular filter replacement service is difficult. Consumer fear of product quality and functionality issues, fear of sale, filter replacement concerns, it created a “do not dare want to use with the” embarrassing situation.

Although developed very rapidly in our country, but due to the above four reasons, the current water purifier penetration rate is much lower than our American and European countries.

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