Foreign media: The demise of the US Ambassador to the DPRK

Original title: Foreign media: The resignation of the ambassador to the US ambassador to the DPRK to discuss the disappointment of the United States and the United States

Foreign media: the resignation of the US Ambassador to the DPRK裴俊浩 plans to be disappointed

Data Map : American Jun Junhao, who was detained by North Korea.

North Korea revoked a visit to North Korea by the US special envoy to discuss the release of the detained American 裴俊浩, the US State Department expressed “deep disappointment”. At the same time, American civil rights figure Jesse · Jackson asked to go to North Korea to discuss the matter of Qi Junhao.

According to Agence France-Presse, US officials said that North Korea withdrew its US special envoy to visit North Korea to discuss the release of Jun Junhao. At the same time, civil rights figure Jesse · Jackson requested to go to the DPRK.

The US State Department did not disclose the reasons for North Korea’s withdrawal of the visit, but the Associated Press quoted spokesman Psaki as saying that the US called on North Korea to immediately release Jun Junhao and said that the United States will continue to actively work on this.

Earlier media reports said that the US Department of State’s North Korean Human Rights Envoy Robert · Kim will first visit North Korea on February 10 to discuss the release of Korean-Americans, Jun Junhao.

In early November 2012, Korean-Americans Jun Junhao was arrested after entering North Korea as a guide. In April 2013, Yan Junhao was sentenced to 15 years of reeducation through the North Korean Supreme Referee.

In October 2013, Yan Junhao entered the hospital for treatment due to his poor health. In January of this year, Yan Junhao held a press conference in the North Korean capital Pyongyang, acknowledging that he was not detained by North Korea for no reason and committed “serious crimes” against North Korea. He also said that he hopes to be released soon.

裴俊浩 also mentioned that during the DPRK, “the North Korean government did not have any inappropriate human rights practices and gave me a lot of humanitarian assistance”. He said that he has been receiving humanitarian treatment for five months in the hospital.

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