Floor online shopping e-commerce frequently “blocking the road” enterprises need to strengthen after-sales problems

Already near the development season of the Double Eleven, some flooring companies have started to plan online promotion activities. In the double eleventh that the whole people will pay attention to, what kind of appearance will the flooring enterprises take?

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Floor online shopping e-commerce frequent ‘blocking tiger’ enterprise Need to strengthen after-sales issues

Floor products online shopping advantage highlights

‘I am going to ‘double eleven’, see a lot of first-line brand wood flooring Online shop, the sale of wooden flooring, the price is less than one hundred yuan, but because it is not responsible for the installation, we can not find the installation master, can only look at the eyes. ‘ Yesterday, just took the room is preparing to decorate Mr. Cao told reporters According to Ms. Yang from the Julong Bay Community in Chaocheng, she is now purchasing building materials, running the building materials market during the day and soaking the network at night.

She found the price after comparing the price. The price of building materials online is only half of the physical store, but almost no package is installed, and some even only go to the logistics point. To pick up the goods yourself, but also to find the installation master, too much trouble. Go to the physical store to find someone to install, you can install the price of the sky, looking for the ‘decoration guerrillas’ quality can not be guaranteed. Think about it, or pay directly in the store One-step installation is in place. ‘

Floor e-commerce is frequently ‘blocking the road’

There is demand for business opportunities, with With the prevalence of online shopping, the savvy Nest City merchants will naturally not let go of this opportunity to make money. The reporter was informed that the company has begun testing the water supply contract to install the building materials purchased by the citizens. It solves the installation and after-sales of this roadblock. It will enter the homes of ordinary people. The professional home installation service company is different from the general ‘decoration guerrillas’. ‘Because it is the operation of the company, the biggest advantage is after-sales service.

In the process of installing building materials, as long as it is caused by the installation, at the same time, after the installed building materials, after-sales service will be implemented, which is responsible for the cleaning, maintenance and maintenance of the building materials. In fact, this means consumers. Look at the building materials in the online store, pay directly to buy. The home installation company will help pick up the goods from the pick-up point, then install it on-site, and provide after-sales service, so that customers can get the physical store service with the price of online shopping.

It is difficult to solve

In the interview, many citizens complained to reporters that the after-sales and installation problems of online shopping building materials are very troublesome. On some online shopping platforms, the reporter interviewed some Online shop sales staff, they also said that the installation and after-sales problem has indeed become a bottleneck restricting online shopping building materials. In Tmall Mall, a brand of floor tile sales staff said: ‘In fact, our price competitiveness is very strong, due to the installation process There is no way to solve it. It can only rely on consumers to find bricklayers themselves, which seriously affects online store sales. ‘

Another brand of wood flooring shop sales staff said that although the price of their wooden flooring is very cost-effective, but many consumers give up buying, the main reason is that there is no way installation.

Release date: 2014/11/4 9:53:56

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