Floods in the Russian state of Irkutsk have killed 22 people and 11 people are still missing

China News Service, July 8th According to Russian media reports, on the 8th local time, the press department of the emergency department of the Russian region said that more than 230 houses in the Irkutsk region were still flooded. According to reports, the flood has caused 22 deaths, 11 people are still missing, and search and rescue activities are still ongoing.

Data Map: Local On June 28, several districts in the Irkutsk region declared a state of emergency. The picture shows the local use of hovercraft to rescue the trapped people. Image source: Sipaphoto copyright works Reproduction prohibited

According to the report, 22 people were killed and 11 people were missing in the flood. Search and rescue activities are still going on. The two communities in Tulum and Chunsky districts are still flooded. It is reported that 233 houses were flooded, affecting 604 people, including 107 children.

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