Flooding in India: At least 45 people were killed and 6.93 million people were affected

Chinanews.com July 16th, according to the Central News Agency, recently, the Himalayas caused floods due to heavy rains and flowed into the northeastern provinces of northern India, Biha and Assam. In severe flooding, at least 45 people lost their lives and 6.93 million people were affected.

According to the Indian Meteorological Administration, the rainfall in the past 10 days in the above-mentioned areas accounted for 40% of the total rainfall in India during the rainy season in 2019; it is expected that the rainy season will be the northeastern part of India and the province of Biha in the next five days. Rainstorms will cause the floods to worsen.

The floods caused by heavy rains and floods in neighboring countries have caused flooding of thousands of villages in India, killing at least 45 people and affecting 6.93 million people.

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