Flat roof house

This flat roof house was designed by Johan Sundberg and is located in Trelleborg, Sweden. This is a lovely summer resort with the possibility of becoming a permanent place to live. One side of the building hangs slightly on a gentle slope, with a simple and uniform design and a horizontal and good grounded appearance for the interior and exterior. The flat roof emphasizes the linearity and simplicity of the design.

This flat roof building in Höllviken, Sweden, is another great project done by architect Johan Sundberg. According to the customer’s request, the house has a modern, nature-oriented structure, and its space is organized on a single level. The exterior walls are covered with clay bricks, which allows the house to better connect to the garden and the surrounding environment.

Not all flat roof houses are single-storey. In fact, many of them do not. This is a concrete box house in Houston, Texas, designed and built by Robertson Design. The three main goals are better than everything else: clear and planned entryways, using simple and pure materials and the design and structure of the sculpture. The architect organized the building into three cabinets, each with its own function, and all three had flat roofs, emphasizing their clean geometry.

When they designed the RoadRunner home in Austin, Texas, North Arrow Studio wanted the flat roof to look like it was floating, so they were in the sorghum An important part of the house was built. The side of the house faces a beautiful protected area, made primarily of glass, and offers some truly stunning views. This is a house that tames the wilderness in a very fashionable way.

The Guaiume House is another beautiful flat roof structure that seems to take full advantage of this ancient architectural style. The house is located in Campinas, Brazil and was planned and built by 24.7 Arquitetura Design. The two main goals of the project are to connect the house to nature and the terrain it is in and to optimize ventilation throughout the space. To accomplish these two things, the architects organized the spaces vertically, giving the house four floors and a flat, clean roof.

When ONG&ONG Sdn Bhd was responsible for designing this custom home in Singapore, they decided to align the structure with one side of the site and optimize space usage by creating layouts including gardens and swimming pools. They also gave the house a flat roof, emphasizing its clean and modern geometry, in contrast to some interior design features.

This is the Ramos House home in Mexico City, designed by JJRR/Arquitectura. It has a triangle in its place and it is a bit uneven. This means creating a custom design that addresses these challenges and takes advantage of the content provided by the terrain. The architect decided to build a three-story flat roof house, including a basement floor, to make creative use of the site’s unevenness.

Flat roofs are versatile and they look great on a variety of structures. An interesting example is a wooden box house designed by Moloney Architects in Ballarat, Australia. This house is an eclectic style that blends contemporary architecture with Victorian design. Old and new features and details come together, friendly and beautiful.

When it comes to a warm space, ZIM arquitextura designed a very cool flat roof house in Tigre, Argentina. The focus of the project is to create a space that welcomes and embraces guests in a comfortable and friendly way. The final design has two types of space. The public and social areas form a concrete structure, while the private areas are located within the timber structure. They are stacked on top of two floors.

A single floor and a single structure, but with two different faces, this is how we describe the construction of Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos in Vladimir This simple flat roof house. This is a house that communicates with nature and the surrounding environment in a very special way. The idea of ​​this design is that it gives the impression of being both indoors and outdoors. All indoor spaces can be accessed outdoors, and the patio serves as a connector between the two environments.

According to the location of the house in JundiaíMirim, Brazil, when you see it, you stand in different directions and there will be one or two layers. Designed by Aresto Arquitetura, it takes full advantage of the steep slope it is on. The flat roof is an element that contrasts with the terrain, providing stability and making the building stand out.

Technically, this is a flat roof house, but not the most common, because there are those unusual protrusions that give it a rather strong and quirky appearance. Designed by Live Incorporadora, the house is located in Vila da Serra, Brazil. The owners are passionate about beer production, which reflects the design of the first floor, including the design of the brewery’s house.

This modern house is located in the city of Shimabara, Japan. It is a project completed by the architects of kurosawakawara-ten when they realized that they could not really build a In the L-shaped structure, they decided to create a two-story home, separated in the center of the first floor, and let the top floor hang.

The architect Luciano Kruk also faced challenges when designing the Ecuestre house in Buenos Aires. The challenge is to deal with the unusual trapezoidal shape and the fact that it tilts towards the center. The solution is to put the house on a platform.Choose a flat roof as a way to level the structure. The sturdy and simple nature of the exterior is also a feature of the interior design of the space.

This flat roof house was designed by b l a n k s t ud o o and is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has an open, multi-directional structure that connects to nature and the surrounding environment. The flat roof allows it to remain low profile and blends fairly well. In addition, this long balcony and stone wall gives the house a strong architectural atmosphere, in stark contrast to what we have described so far.

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