Five strokes to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring

With the changes in the international economic environment, domestic timber raw material prices have soared, production costs have continued to rise, and the flooring industry is facing unprecedented cost pressures. In order to reduce costs, some companies shoddy and inferior, such as the production of two-color plates, transfer plates, veneers, thin back plates and short-lived plates to pretend to be good for consumers.

First, the quality of the wood floor greasy swatch is poor. The raw part of the sapwood and core material is solid wood substrate. The surface of the floor is treated with color fine or special coloring to eliminate sapwood and core material. The color difference between them to serve as a premium solid wood flooring sales deceives consumers. Since the air dry density, water content, and wood hardness of the sapwood and the core material are different, it is easy to cause a series of quality problems such as arching, deformation, and cracking of the floor. Identification method: After the floor surface is sanded or sawn to the floor, the end face will show a serious color difference. Second, the secret wood floor greasy adapter plate splicing is not environmentally friendly. Some tailings, lower wire plates and solid wood flooring plates of different lengths are spliced ​​by finger jointing process, and serve as pure solid wood flooring sales to deceive consumers. Such a floor is spliced ​​by a large amount of adhesive glue, and the formaldehyde content is high and environmentally friendly, and deformation and cracking are easily caused due to uneven stress in the floor. Identification method: longitudinal sawing or sanding visible finger joints. Third, the secret wood floor greasy stickers panel shoddy on the inferior solid wood substrate paste 0.05mm-2mm thickness solid wood veneer, to serve as a pure solid wood floor sales to deceive consumers. Such flooring is unstable due to the selection of inferior substrates, and the use of adhesive glue to press the veneer and the inferior wood together, it is easy to cause the veneer to peel off from the substrate, and there is a certain formaldehyde content is not environmentally friendly. Identification method: It can be distinguished by observing the surface and bottom surface of the floor. The wood grain on the surface of the solid wood floor and the bottom surface are basically the same, and the veneer is completely different. Fourth, the secret wood floor greasy transfer board wood grain is not natural Use of wood defects such as insect eyes, spots, cracks, etc., to serve as a solid wood floor sales to deceive consumers. The transfer board is made of inferior grade B wood as the base material. The quality of the floor is unstable, the wood grain is unnatural, similar to the reinforced floor. At the same time, the lacquer surface is easy to fall off and crack due to less lacquer coating process. Identification method: It can be distinguished by surface wood grain. The wood grain of solid wood floor is natural, the wood grain of the transfer board is the same, there is basically no color difference, and the wood grain on the back and front is completely different. V. Demystifying the wooden floor, the short-lived board technology is not up to standard The wooden floor is a modern industrial product with high production technology and certain technical content. Due to their own conditions, some enterprises fail to meet national standards in terms of paint adhesion and paint surface hardness. In particular, moisture content control is not strict, resulting in deformation and paint in a short period of time after floor covering. The surface is peeled off and the surface is not scratch resistant. Identification method: The results can be obtained through the evaluation of the on-site wooden floor.

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