FIFA President: Brazil’s World Cup has sold more than 9 million tickets. It has been very successful.

ChinaNet February 17 According to Brazil’s “Sao Paulo Page” website reported on February 14, recently FIFA President Joseph Blatter said in an exclusive interview via e-mail that the Brazil World Cup has been a success because More than nine million tickets have been sold to date.

He is convinced that some of the parades that may have taken place during the World Cup will not affect the safety during the game. “We can see from the past Confederations Cup that such a security system is very effective. Although there were some minor injuries, the game was not affected. The fans and the football team are getting along very well, and the atmosphere in the stadium is even more wonderful. & rdquo;

For President Blatter, because the World Cup basically reached the “FIFA standard”, these protesters took to the streets to raise the standards of schools and hospitals, which also indicated that the host The party is excellent.

“ I am not sure if this is a negative assessment of FIFA. But I believe the masses should be aware that we have been working hard to do our best. & rdquo; He admitted.

Blatter also said that his relationship with the Brazilian government is very good. Just recently he had a constructive conversation with Brazilian President Dir Mara Saif in Zurich, where FIFA headquarters is located. He very much agrees that the whole world is anxious about being very concerned about the World Cup, because everyone has great expectations for this World Cup. “Brazil is a football kingdom, and I fully believe that it will still be a great host this time. ”

“ There is nothing particularly worrying about. Aldo Rebello told me that Curitiba Stadium is now well organized. I have already mentioned that the number of World Cup tickets sold this time has broken records. This will be a very great World Cup. ”

When asked which national team is most likely to win, Chairman Blatter humorously said he was not a prophet.

After being asked about Messi and C Ronaldo who is the best player, he said: “As you know, this year’s major media coaches are more optimistic about C Ronaldo, but I like it the most. The player is Stefano. ”

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