Environmental Protection Storm provides an opportunity for the door and window industry to change from oil to water

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Recently, environmental protection has become a constraint The development of many small and medium-sized enterprises in the home furnishing industry, with the gradual entry into force of many laws and regulations at home and abroad, the management of the industry has become increasingly strict. Eliminating backward production capacity and upgrading the industry has also provided an opportunity for door and window enterprises to change their water.

In recent years, air pollution is forcing the reshuffle of the home industry. In 2017, the environmental protection standards of the household industry formulated in Beijing and Shenzhen have entered the “tightening phase”, and the environmental protection pressure faced by home building materials enterprises is increasing. Doors, windows, flooring and coatings companies that are the key targets for environmental protection are facing the choice of “life and death”, either stop production or withdraw from the local market and find another way out. Under the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the elimination of backward production capacity and industrial upgrading have also provided opportunities for door and window enterprises to change water.

 Environmental storms eliminate home backward production capacity

We look back at the familiar home industry. In fact, environmental protection is no longer a new term for the home industry. The last two in 2016 The “environmental storm” of the month has brought people in the home industry into a mourning. In the process, many people have said that this “environmental storm is too impersonal. How do you shut down and shut down? However, do you think that in the past few years, the government departments have successively introduced various A kind of environmental protection policies and regulations, but this trend of environmental protection is about to become the threshold of the home industry at that time, is not very obvious.

Because of this rectification, the entire home furnishing industry has struggled to reverse this situation in the past 2016. Looking forward to the stars, I hope that the moon will finally come to 2017, but 2017 does not mean that it is very easy. Due to smog and environmental pollution, the state has increased supervision over environmental protection. We can look at what the home industry is showing after increasing environmental protection supervision. According to the statistics of Xiaobian, as of December 30, 2016, the inspector group received a total of 26,330 reports (including 16,999 calls and 9331 letters). After combing the analysis and combining repeated reports, 15,396 were effectively reported to the inspected local authorities. The local government has completed 1,2005 cases, of which 10,512 were ordered to be rectified, 5,779 cases were imposed, and the fine was 243,032,000 yuan; 595 cases were filed for investigation, 287 persons were detained (including administrative and criminal), 4,046 people were interviewed, 2,682 were accountable, and the problem was solved. A group of environmental problems around the masses. Many small-scale home furnishing companies are one of the targets of this environmental action. Undoubtedly, those home furnishing enterprises with backward production capacity and inferior quality have become the targets of the first batch of elimination.

&ltquo;Environmental reform of oil and water to help doors and windows

Such a situation has pushed the home industry such as doors and windows to a corner, and environmental protection reform has become a must-do, and then It can’t be just a fight with the past. With the gradual entry into force of many laws and regulations at home and abroad, the management of the industry has become increasingly strict.

The requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection have prompted the upgrading of door and window production, and also provided an opportunity for door and window enterprises to change water. At present, China’s increasingly prominent regional compound air pollution problem has a high correlation with the door and window industry. Therefore, door and window enterprises should play an important role in reducing air pollution. Water-based paint is an environmentally friendly door and window production that effectively reduces air pollution. Water paint with water as diluent, organic solvent-free paint (only a small amount of ethanol), benzene-free, formaldehyde (no one added), free TDI (toluene diisocyanate), toxic heavy metals, non-toxic and non-irritating odor. In general, the VOC release ratio of conventional solvent-based coatings is about 50%, that is, 1 ton of solvent coating will release about 500 kilograms of volatile harmful gases. The expert test confirmed that the VOC emission of water paint is about 1/10 of the discharge of traditional solvent-based households, that is, 1 ton of water paint, and the VOC emission is about 50 kg.

In 2017, all provinces and cities will not slack off in terms of safety and environmental protection, and will only be stricter. At the same time, the cost of door and window enterprises in environmental protection and safe production will be higher and higher. Therefore, door and window enterprises running in the direction of water-based paint will be the right choice.

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