Dynamic children’s entertainment venue

In the fall of 2013, a new building was completed at Emmanuel Elementary School. The Emmanuel Elementary School was completed in 1845. In recent years, the Camden Parliament and the London Parish Council accepted the reconstruction of Emmanuel Elementary School. In 2013, it was finally possible to start the Emanuel. ( Emmanuel ) Reconstruction of elementary school. B|D Landscape Architects and Hawkins/Brown Design Office designed this educational and recreational landscape.

The newly designed Emmanuel Elementary School has doubled its floor space to the original Can meet the needs of primary schools. The educational environment and the external environment are perfectly integrated to enhance their ecological value through biodiversity. Through the addition of some clever elements in the design, children’s learning and entertainment can be naturally integrated with nature. The colorful rainbow ladder outdoors has become the focus of the playground and also shows the innovative thinking of the designers. At first, the teachers and students and the local community both proposed and expressed their hopes and hopes for the project, which eventually formed the original idea of ​​building a school playground. According to everyone’s opinion, B|D Design Office has created a unique split-level sports field, which can complete teaching, play, sports and many other activities in a limited venue.

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