Don’t wear a glass bathroom at home, this design is more popular, save money and save trouble

   When it comes to bathroom renovation, many people think of dry and wet separation first. Generally speaking, wet and dry separation is to divide the bathroom into a dry area. And the wet area, which can effectively alleviate the dampness of the bathroom floor wall and also play a non-slip effect. Many friends use glass doors or tiles to make partitions when doing wet and dry separation. This is very common. But when it is used, it seems that there is no creativity. Now let us introduce another method of partition decoration.

  I don’t know if you have tried using the shower curtain as a wet partition, this is a very innovative The practice, if we use the shower curtain to cut off, there are also many advantages. First, the price of the shower curtain is still very cheap, so that we introduced some of the cost, and it is more convenient to install, do it yourself It can solve all the problems without spending too much time and effort. Of course, many friends mainly consider the practicality when doing wet and dry separation. If there is a shower curtain as a partition, what is its practicality? Let’s take a look together.

   In fact, the practicality of the shower curtain is not at least more than the glass can be cut off, or the tile partition is poor. We know that whether you use glass doors or tiles, you will occupy a part of the bathroom space, so the bathroom will be crowded, but if you use the shower curtain to cut off, we don’t have to worry about this problem. When we need it, we can Pulling the shower curtain can both block our privacy and cut off the wet area. When we don’t need it, it won’t take up too much space. This way, the bathroom can be made more spacious.

  and the shower curtain is very suitable as a partition for the wet area, because the shower curtain is made of cloth Water absorption, this will prevent water from accidentally splashing into the dry area, and it will be more convenient when taking a bath. There are also many styles and styles of shower curtains. We can also choose different styles according to the style of our house.

  Like a friend may wish to try this design.

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