Do you want to prevent the front of the countertop?

The kitchen is the place where we get energy in our daily life. It has always been regarded as a dedicated space for storing raw food and preparing daily meals. In recent years, people have given the kitchen some new functions, making it a function of integrating restaurants and family activities. s room. For the decoration and design of the kitchen, more and more attention has been paid. Let us take the quartz stone on the counter countertop. In the design process, do you want to prevent the front water?
   First of all, we need to understand what is the role of water retaining, quartz stone countertop processing includes front retaining water, rear retaining water and countertop composition. The back wall is also known as the back water, and the outer side is called the front water retaining. However, many people do not choose the front retaining water. The water barrier is designed to prevent the water from splashing out of the sink or to prevent the water on the kitchen counter from flowing to the wooden cabinet below, causing mildew.

   Why do many people nowadays dislike the use of front water? First, there is a water tank on the upper edge of the cabinet door. Second, many people think that the straight edge, the arc edge and the edge of the Roman side are more beautiful. The third is that the front water is relatively costly and time-consuming; the fourth is the quartz stone. The water retaining edge is really not good-looking, and there will be a black glue line during use, which is not good-looking and easy to hide. What is certain is that the advantage of the front retaining water outweighs the disadvantages. It is best to make a curved shape, which is easier to clean. With the continuous maturity of quartz stone countertop processing technology, the splicing can be seamlessly integrated like other artificial stone products, so it is very necessary to choose the front water retaining.
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