Do a whole thing, don’t be too hasty

There are different starting points for the whole installation, but the targets are mostly the same: provide the scale from the inspection room, design, decoration main material, auxiliary materials, foundation construction, soft assembly decoration, custom furniture, installation A full-service solution such as land reclamation and cleaning before the check-in, one-stop space solution, users only need to purchase home appliances and daily necessities, they can stay in the bag. In some self-contained programs, even home appliances are taken into account. It seems that the decoration and materials of the whole house are packaged, and the value of a customer is thoroughly dig, and the value of the customer will be very high, which will push up the level of revenue and profit.

  but the reality is that the requirements for the company are not low, from pre-design, main material to construction, integration It is not an easy task. If you solve most of the main materials yourself, take the route of Europa, Dongpeng, and Bai Desheng, which means that the product development and production of multi-category products are extremely demanding on the production line, and at the same time, the business area of ​​the store must meet certain standards. You have to get the materials and samples involved in the whole assembly.
   So, Europe has opened a special large-scale home store. The installation of Shi Nieman also has more than 1,000 square meters. Not to mention the decoration company, which is mainly for decoration, it is thousands of flats, even tens of thousands of square meters. If you are affiliated with other related companies, complementary products, and cooperative implementation of the whole package, then it will involve coordination issues such as cooperation mechanism, benefit distribution, supply chain, and after-sales service.
   So, if our ability is small, in many cases, the whole assembly is just a means of affiliate marketing.
   So, is a real demand, or a rigid requirement, or a pseudo-demand? According to the analysis of the large-scale research, it is another decoration mode derived from the semi-package and all-package, reflecting the changes in consumer demand and the owner group. There is a buyer who wants to solve the problem of living quality in a more convenient and simple way, and the design, materials, construction, and soft-packing solutions are all in place to meet the demand.
   According to the research of the large-scale research, the group of owners who hold the above ideas is huge enough to support the formation of a mainstream business model. However, for most traditional decoration companies, or main furniture companies, transformation and assembly can not be rash action, because it involves more categories and longer service chains, it is best to advance step by step.
   rushing, rushing to expand the category, launching the whole equipment, may break the company’s capital chain, may also lead to serious problems in the delivery of the decoration, causing an out of control crisis.
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