Cypress art showcased

The Cypress Art League held its 39th annual Open Spring Show on April 26 and 27. It was a tremendous success with 208 entries, which is a new record for the club since the last recession. We had a number of new participants so the types of work submitted added some new and fresh flairs to the exhibit. Cypress Mayor LeRoy Mills presented the awards to the winners on Sunday afternoon including the City of Cypress Award and Mayor's Award.The judge indicated that the art was so exceptional she had difficulty in choosing the winners. If you did not have the opportunity to see the plethora pieces in the exhibition, you can still appreciate the winning works on display at the CAL Gallery until May 16. The Gallery is located at the Community Center, 5700 Orange Ave., Cypress.The following is the list of all the winners and Honorable mentions. Please let me know if you need know if you need any additional details.Special Awards:City of Cypress Best of Show Award – Tony Podue; Mayor's Award -Leslie Stedman Menetrey Frame Maker Award-Bienvenido Sibug;Art Supply Certificate 1st Place-Pat Edep; Art Supply Certificate 2nd Place-Rafael Maniago; Art Supply Certificate 3rd Place-Kathleen McCready; Leon Picture Framing Certificate-Bob Meyer; Leon Picture Framing Certificate-Sylvia Gweon; Diamond International Award-Young Ae Choi.Division I Awards: (Those considered masters, teachers, professional and winners of 3 or more 1 place award in any juried show)Oil/Acrylic:1st Place-Veronica Kortz; 2nd Place-Leslie Stedman Menetrey; 3rd Place-Bob Meyer; Honorable Mentions-Rafael Maniago, Pat Edep, John Fox.Water Color:1st Place-Carrol Wolf; 2nd Place-Juan "Magoo" Valencia; 3rd Place-Juan "Magoo" Valencia; Honorable Mentions-Hedi Roethel, Carrol Wolf.Other Media:1st Place-Jacki Long; 2nd Place-Les Molineux; 3rd Place-Leslie Stedman Menetrey.Honorable Mentions-Leslie Stedman Menetrey, Les Moineux, Bob Meyer.Division II Awards: (3-D, Photography and Digital Art)3-Dimensional:1st Place-Maggie Le Duc; 2nd Place-Bob Rosenfield; 3rd Place-Maggie Le Duc. Honorable Mentions-Steve ColerPhotography:1st Place-Jackie Dvorman; 2nd Place-Jacki Long; 3rd Place-Nelly Gomex.Honorable Mention-Carol Louis-Javorik.Digital Images:1st Place-Renee Stewart-Jackson; 2nd Place-Renee Stewart-Jackson; 3rd Place-Eldridge Sims. Honorable Mention:-Renee Stewart-Jackson, Charles Malim.Division III (Artists beginning through advanced, but not awarded 1st place in any 3 shows)Oil/Acrylic:1st Place-Raul Pizano; 2nd Place-Dolores Youseff; 3rd Place-Dolores Youseff. Honorable Mention-Rosario Grint.Water Color:1st Place-Carol Taylor; 2nd Place-Susan Rapske; 3rd Place-Susan Rapske.Honorable Mention-Susan Rapske, Liberty Dickinson, Jaqueline Dvorman, Brett Holleman, Nima KamboyaOther Media:1st Place-Margie Conway; 2nd Place-Francis Wei; 3rd Place-Dolores Youseff.

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