Curtain purchase to avoid entering the pit

Curtains are a must for each of us. It is rich in styles and there are many materials to choose from. Many building materials manufacturers say that curtains are a profiteering industry, and profits are actually 70%. Today, the masters come to squat. Curtains buy insider, don’t let the business go to the pit after reading.
First, the amount of curtains

The amount of curtains in the amount of there is a calculation formula, that is, curtain width = (window width +0.15m * 2) * 2, that is, 2 meters wide The window is 4.6 meters long; because the length of the curtain is generally twice that of the window, there will be a wave feeling; the curtain rod on each side will generally grow 30 cm, in order to increase the space.

Second, the material of the curtain

The curtain has a total of four materials, namely cotton, polyester, velvet and pure cotton, generally in the living room with sufficient light, choose Cotton and linen material is better; while the bedroom should be considered for sound insulation and shading, you can choose the texture of velvet, of course, the polyester material is more versatile, it has a good drape and does not shrink, which is the first choice of most owners.

Third, the color of the curtains

The curtains are nothing more than plain, bright and floral in the color scheme. The solid colors are mostly gray, wood and brown. The feeling is calm and high, no matter what style of design, there will be no sense of violation; the color value refers to blue, red, green, etc., the designer’s matching technology requirements are relatively high, according to the wall or It is the color scheme of the entire living room to choose from.

Fourth, the price of curtains

The price of curtains is also the largest part of the water, because it involves more than a dozen accessories, and each one is Charges, so the more accessories you buy, the more cats are, the more you can save a lot of money on curtains online shopping. If you are worried that it is not reliable, the offline stores will bargain. Generally Roman rods or tracks are accessories that must be bought, and curtain boxes, laces, window sills, and plumbs are not essential.

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