Couple bathtub: couples deserve to have

A couple of yin and yang baths, for those, you feel like there is no real share to share their bathtub is the best choice. A little confused? We all know that the time you spend with your other half is precious, counting every moment. But comfort and relaxation are essential. Couple bathtubs are things you don’t get, everyday use. First of all, it is super expensive. It costs $55,000 and from here you can get more information about it. Second, it keeps you away from your love. If these let you say: “No, not for me”, then what might make you change your mind? Let’s start with this: it provides you with just the right amount of intimacy (“space”) while allowing you to enjoy the bath.

This is a treatment for a different type of couple, encouraging as much as possible to do things together, At the same time promote the idea of ​​”joining together, but mind your own business”. “ Each swimmer has his/her own bath water. The temperature can be chosen separately to bathe the color of the additive. In addition, in terms of hygiene, separate bath water is the best solution. If a person takes a bath, only half the amount of water is necessary. “The shape is reminiscent of China’s symbolic yin, yang, and the constant change of expression. Most importantly, you can feel the vibration of the music, your body in every fiber and rainbow color enjoy the perfect combination in your bathtub.

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