Counterattack of mahogany furniture

   With the continuous advancement of society, mahogany furniture has also kept up with the trend of the times. There are more young series of mahogany furniture in the furniture market, which is also ready for many 90-year prospective consumers. The rejuvenation of mahogany furniture has undoubtedly become an important trend. A large number of mahogany furniture brands have launched a series of young products, designed in a stylish, simple, elegant color, casual style.

   In the recent years of various furniture exhibitions, all major mahogany companies have highlighted the development of a series of new Chinese-style mahogany furniture for the 80s and 90s. The lively “young” trend of the mahogany furniture industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the target is also directed at the customer groups after the 80s and 90s.

   With the increase of people’s spending power, the demand for culture is also growing, and the mahogany furniture carrying China’s profound traditional culture is favored by more and more consumers. At a time when life and art are getting closer, the mahogany furniture market is beginning to dominate the “young card.”

   The cultural heritage and innovation of Chinese mahogany classical furniture has become a hot topic. How does traditional Chinese mahogany furniture carry traditional culture, how to inherit and innovate? It has become a common concern of the industry and consumers. Xiaobian takes you to understand the current industry trends. .

  Classical furniture is an excellent carrier of traditional culture

  Chinese classical furniture is an important part of the ancient Chinese cultural and art treasure house, and is an important part of Chinese traditional culture. Carrier. The ancient craftsmen devoted their efforts to the finest materials and exquisite craftsmanship, creating a brilliant classical furniture art. Mahogany furniture not only has a strong practical function, but also has a high aesthetic meaning. For today’s people, it adds value to the collection based on the former two.

   Chinese classical furniture, as the crystallization of human labor, reflects the traditional Chinese culture in essence. On the one hand, the political, economic, religious, customs and other factors at that time determine the connotation of furniture and On the other hand, furniture is also a witness and epitome of culture. It is a way of life and contains the social background of each historical period. Different societies have different geographical, ethnic, and cultural factors, and the aesthetic concepts they form are also different.

  The dilemma of traditional Chinese furniture

  As people’s recognition and acceptance of Chinese culture is increasing, it is one of the important carriers of traditional culture. The mahogany furniture will naturally attract the attention of many people. When you meet the favorite and heart-warming mahogany furniture, you will buy it when the funding conditions are met. However, when you visit the mahogany market, you will find that the product is the same. The quality is serious and the brand recognition is not high. Far from reaching the level of customer satisfaction. There is no innovation in the market, and industry veterans believe that an excellent traditional furniture should consist of these four elements. The first is design, the second is technology, the third is structure, the fourth is material, and many of the furniture we produce today are the first place in the material, not to pay attention to design and technology. This kind of furniture is like a “beauty” that can only be coated with grease and powder, and has no connotation and knowledge at all. People can’t love it.

  The mahogany industry needs talents with cultural heritage to innovate

  To completely change this situation, it is necessary to have a cultural heritage to design and produce furniture. . We are now advocating the spirit of craftsmen. The “artisans” referred to in the spirit of craftsmen should be talents with special contributions in a certain industry. It is not just a tradesman who simply sells craftsmanship. First of all, it must have a high cultural quality. And education, has a deep understanding of aesthetics, such as Ming style furniture is largely promoted by Jiangnan literati, the Ming and Qing dynasties Jiangnan literati such as Wen Zhenheng’s “Long Story”, Gao Song’s “Zunsheng eight”笺》, Li Yu’s “Easy Love” records the furniture he designed. These Jiangnan literati, with their unique perspectives and aesthetic qualities, have personally promoted the development of Ming style literati furniture. In today’s view, if a group of effective doers who have a deep understanding of traditional culture can become the creators, fans, and beneficiaries of furniture, then traditional Chinese furniture will surely shine like a shining star. .

  New Chinese furniture is returning to traditional cultural connotations

  New Chinese classical furniture combines historical and cultural heritage with modern interpretation, facing the world of contemporary multiculturalism To create a new concept system, aesthetic system and technological system, more in line with the aesthetic consumption after 85 and 90, these new Chinese styles that Yan’s now promoted are also to cultivate their love for classical furniture. Develop strategies from product design and marketing methods to meet this group of consumers. In design, it is more inclined to grasp the mentality of young people, both applicable, warm, yet dynamic and jumping.


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