Complex lattice sculpture made of 140-year-old tree

ArtistJohn GradeWith the help of hundreds of volunteers, created a sculpture, one by one Growing in 140The old western hemlock tree. This huge work is called Middle Fork, is made up of thousands The complex lattice of the tin blocks.
This beautiful and impressive mission started a year ago. First, he and a team passed the measurement The height of the tree is made into a mold, wrapped in foil and plaster. The hardened shell is broken down into parts and shipped to SeattleMadArtWorkspace. In the following 12 Hundreds of volunteers used a separately shaped square to construct the structure during the month. All the rough edges are ground into a smooth shape by sandpaper. The final thickness of the sculpture corresponds to the tree’s annual ring.
Middle Fork
Parking in Seattle nowMadArtSpace, where it will be exhibited until4month25Day. After that, it will make roving exhibitions at other galleries and art fairs in the United States. This work will be broken down within two years, and the cedar block will Will be sent back to the forest. They will rot into fertile soil and return to Earth.

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