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Cloudtoken Global Launch

What is cloud token?

No matter where you make money, make money There is no conflict with CT!

Put your assets in a different place, and you will have a lot of money every day. The principal can be taken away at any time!

Bear market value preservation, bull market double value-added!

Cloudtoken adds to every project!

Cloud Token is a fool-style lie-making model with no restrictions on moving in and out, and currently supports mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC BTH USD. p>

Static income deposits and mines will make money monthly income 6~12% days are not capped

Cloud token compared to other types of wallets, the biggest advantage is:

First. Technical advantages: Quantitative team is its own, the world of quantitative trading technology is leading;

Second. The only chain-based wallet built on the BBS blockchain 4.0 technology, the real go Centralized wallet, all data is publicly traceable and cannot be tampered!

How Cloud Token can query quantitative detail tutorial

Cloud The Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth-generation public-chain BBS system. Our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH. So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..: Explain the APP briefly: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to the APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet. Also, save the mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage function, but in fact, you actually see only the numbers in your own APP, and the real assets are in the project address.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can’t tamper with, so the real decentralized wallet, all the main currencies stored by users are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

Last year, 10,000 plus only 28,000, today 10,000 plus needs 5 million!

Today, 10,000 CTOs only need 21,000, next year 10,000 CTOs may Need 5 million, no money is impossible, believe the power of consensus

Cloud Token Cloud Wallet Benefits:

1. The principal is safe

2. Profit is long-term

3. Time is free

4. Revenue is not capped

5. Making money is not dependent on relationships

6. Friends are more and more

7. Do not sell products Don’t find someone to make money

8. Wealth is growing continuously

9. Ordinary people can participate

10. Everyone is grateful for your

This is us, a group of people with positive career energy, seize this wealth wave to change their destiny!

1: What is Cloud token?

A: Cloud Token is a decentralized DAPP chain developed on the BBS public chain. On the wallet, we can deposit coins for us, and its JARVIS Ai robot can make a quantitative strategy transaction for us to make a profit. It is a decentralized smart money wallet.

2. What is the background of the company?

Digital Curren Group of the United States (DCG) Pantera Capital (PC) Bloockchian Capital (BC) Andreessen Horowitz (AH), 4 The most influential venture capital fund company, combined with Singapore’s world-class quantitative team and technical talent in Asia, ronald aai (Chinese name: Ronald)

Multi-country, venture capital, foundation union The headquarters was launched in Singapore.

3.Where is the profit point of the distribution?

A: The JARVIS Ai robot is not a simple quantitative moving brick. In fact, the profit of the quantitative brick moving is not so high. JARVIs Ai robots are a variety of strategic trading, as well as trading strategies for bands, trends, futures, stocks, grid trading, etc. The robot collects all the big data from the currency circle and analyzes them. The source of these data analysis is one in Singapore. The mathematics professor, then the robot buys, sells, stops, and takes profit. As long as there is a market in the currency circle, there will be gains, and we will make a profit.

4. How to prove that it is a real safe wallet:

Multi-chain chain wallet, all mainstream coins are queried, traceable, open and transparent on the chain, the first A wallet that conforms to the blockchain principle. And you can use NFC to store private keys, the highest level of security technology.

5.CTO is based on what chain development

CTO is a platform coin developed on the BBS public chain, and the Cloud Token platform is built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Decentralized chain wallet.

6. Q: What is the concept of the fourth generation public chain?

A: BBS works by bringing together computing, networking, and storage resources from peers (individuals and organizations) and using disparate applications (dapps) on smartphones and sales devices. transaction. Mr. Ronald explained: “Each transaction is itself considered a file or block. We developed an FSDLT (File System Distributed Classifier Technology) that combines with other technologies and protocols to process transactions in real time. It is recorded in a parallel ledger for each transaction, and I like to call it a parallel atomic chain. Parallel atomic chains are jointly owned and controlled by each party to the transaction, namely the buyer, the seller and the witness. Parallel atomic chains mean that BBS has unlimited scalability. The more user nodes, the more transactions can be processed in real time. Click on a few clicks to see more introductions

7: Q: What is quantification?

A: Quantitative trading refers to the substitution of artificial mathematical models to replace subjective judgments, using computer technology from a huge In the historical data, sea elections can bring a variety of excess returns to large-scale events to formulate strategies that greatly reduce the impact of investor sentiment volatility and avoid making irrational investment decisions in the face of extreme fanaticism or pessimism. . Click to see more introduction

8: Q: Is it a decentralized wallet?

A: cloudtoken is the first in the world to integrate all blockchain encryption assets into one platform. In the social wealth wallet, it uses the latest 4.0 blockchain platform technology development, implementation of cross-chain encryption exchange, payment, all transparent and queryable, is a decentralized wallet! Click to teach you whether the resolution is a centralized wallet

9: Q: What should I do if the platform is closed? Security period?

A: The assets on the blockchain are “private keys”, everything can be controlled with a private key. Assets on the blockchain. What do you mean is that if you have a private key for a bitcoin address, you control the assets in that bitcoin address. Each cloudet address in cloudtoken has its own private key! Security period? It’s a safe period at any time, enjoy it! The money you transfer is available, don’t lock the position, your currency is yours

10: Q: What does it mean when the private key is coming online?

A: The platform is protected by players. Now many members are not bound to Google verification. When 90% of the members are bound, they will be open. p>

11: Q: How long does it take to return to the book under static conditions? How to maximize the benefits for yourself?

A: There is no return to this book, and the currency that is transferred is included. Like the money placed in the balance treasure, you can control it at your own time, your own currency is your own, the capital income is free to enter and exit, the way to maximize the benefits, please refer to the sharing system, and consult the people who share you!

12: Why is an account income 6 to 12, is it not fixed?

A: Our JARVIS Ai robot is doing quantitative trading + strategic trading

The income is the amount of money that changes every day. It is also a daily change. The player also increases every day, so it is impossible to fix it and not a rebate disk

13 This is different from other wallets

A: The Cloud Token platform is a decentralized chain wallet built on the fourth generation public chain BBS system

Our wallet goes to the center All, according to the distribution of smart contracts, clear consensus mechanism and incentive mechanism. Can not be tampered with, the main currency stored by the user is all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

14: Can I get money at any time? Is there a procedure?

A: 10% of the fee is required to withdraw from the program within 30 days of joining the program, and 1% of the fee is required after 30 days. p>

15: Can the black card of CT be used in the market?

A: It can be used globally. We will launch the legal cryptocurrency solution in November: payment based on debit card The plan applies to eligible Cloud Token members, while launching an offline cryptocurrency scheme to provide a fiat currency resolution strategy for all members.

16: Why is a single account investment not capped?

A: We are wallets, we are depositing coins, Instead of investing! The real decentralized wallet, the first to support the CTO, mainstream currency deposit into MasterCard, the international UnionPay card seconds cash to cash in at any time, can be used to go out

17: with The difference between plus token

A: 1 is the APP mobile phone number mailbox registered non-centralized wallet 1.0 wallet, one is the real decentralized wallet 2.0 wallet

2plus open smart dog How did the Ethereum address move on the private address? The early opening of the project was due to the timing, just in time for many high-level coins in 2018. The success also determined that the system is feasible, but the future is a more professional era. Accreditation, everyone needs to run a safe quantitative wallet, this is the market to determine the emergence of CT

3 public chain operation, you can transfer the private address transfer confirmation speed and public chain when you transfer to the background The difference between running the actual transfer, all the bonus system in the background is written into the public chain, 24 hours regardless of when you open the joining plan, the network node confirms the calculation from the time you join the plan

4 Important, plus token a lot of big coffee led the entry CT, now the heat CT is more suitable

5 all in order to make money, in order to double: plus platform coins from 0.3 to 80 dollars for a year, from 80 How many times is it to $160? CT is now $0.30How many times is it to 80 dollars?

6 mode is good, security is not safe, the market voice is also very important, and now the heat is no less than our opening of FN in April 2017, early join early Benefits

7 The bonus system is superior, and all the analysis is known. Statically stable to make money, dynamic big money. No one will ever go with the trend

8 The cloud wallet’s hematopoiesis is: Quantitative transactions + strategic transactions. You can query the specific data of the quantitative transaction. The project with real profitability is not a pure fund.

9 The core of our team is built. As a self, I am very proud that everyone is doing things. Especially serious, it is very responsible for doing things. We seriously study and study the complete body market before it starts operation. We are not the earliest, but the speed is fast because the recognized people know the principle of doing things. Plus and CT are carefully analyzed and selected. CT

18: The difference between it and MGC

A: CTO only circulates the currency of the exchange on the inside. The price item has more say.

It’s not good for MGC to break through the inner disk. Now it’s easy to cut the project and short the project.

We all think that it’s good if we don’t go online. There are too many concerns on the online exchange

The time for each person to come in is different from the CTO of the US dollar.

Earning money is the time difference. The cost of our advanced CTO is very low.

MGC packaging is too much for the project yet The overwhelming publicity of domestic and foreign media will come out first

The threshold is too low and the bonus system is too easy to get on the level

The bonus Bobby is too low to make money very little

MGC seems to be perfect in packaging. It is actually a Chinese player’s mobile phone number registration.

19: How many CTO circulations

A: The total amount of CTO is 1 billion CTO

20: Why do I find more than 1000 websites on the cloudtoken IP address through IP check?

A: The real IP address of cloudtoken is hidden by firewall technology. We use Cloudflare’s firewall, you The IP found is only the firewall IP of Cloudflare. For details, please refer to the video explanation.

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