Choose a shower room that suits you.

  Do you want to install a shower room at home? The main reason for this confusion is that the shower room will occupy half of the bathroom space, but in fact, the shower room can really reduce the humidity of the bathroom by more than 90%. And as long as the bathroom area in the home is not too small, it can be installed in the shower room! So, what are the styles of the shower room?

 1, one-shaped shower room

   one-line shower room has two forms: closed and semi-open . The small bathroom is suitable for this style, especially the semi-open type, which is simple to install and saves space. If the home is a small, small bathroom, you can choose a shape.

 2, curved shower room

    curved shower room can choose a corner, using two walls, customized according to size, so whether it is large or small bathroom is very suitable. This kind of shower room has a variety of shapes, stylish and beautiful, and the overall is stronger.

Anwar bathroom shower room

  3, square shower room

   square shower room suitable for The bathroom with square space and large enough space has a large space, so it is not suitable for small apartment toilets, but it is the easiest to clean compared to other styles of shower room.

4. Install the bath screen on the bathtub

   I like to install a bathtub in the bathroom at home, but once the bathtub is installed, there is basically no space in the shower room, so smart friends will install a glass door or sliding door on the bathtub to design a barrier from waterproof. In the sense, it is also a “shower room”.

  Depending on the bathroom in your home, choose a shower room that suits you! It is really convenient to have a shower room at home, and the bathroom will be more dry and hygienic!


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