Chengdu Shell Research Institute in June

First, & ldquo; 515 strong control, the market trading heat plummeted

The volume is almost waist. After the second-hand housing market in Chengdu spent the off-season in the Spring Festival in February, the volume of Xiaoyangchun in March has picked up. However, with the normalization of the supply of new homes, a large number of customers moved to the new home market, resulting in a decline in market demand, and real-time volume fell. “ After the introduction of the New Deal, the restrictions on purchases were changed from individuals to families, and the number of idle tickets in the property market decreased sharply. “Setting up the house and squatting” “Pseudo-just-needed” and the malformation of the whole family was strongly curbed, and the difficulty of the transaction increased significantly. In June, the second-hand housing transaction volume of the chain fell off the cliff.

The transaction period is further extended. Due to the sluggish trading volume and the slowdown in de-speeding, the inventory of second-hand residential buildings in Chengdu continued to increase, resulting in an increase in customer choices and a strong wait-and-see attitude between buyers and sellers. In June, the owner’s turnover cycle was extended to 58 days, and the customer turnover cycle was extended to 32 days. The market trading rhythm slowed down.

Owner price expectations are breaking new lows. The proportion of owners who rose in May fell to 18.0%. As the listing price fell slightly, the leading indicators fell, the bullish sentiment of the owners faded, and the game between buyers and sellers was in a relatively balanced state. It is expected that the average price of subsequent transactions will stabilize slightly.

Second, the second-hand market is just getting more and more inclined.

Small units are favored. Contrary to the upward trend of the average area of ​​new home transactions, the average area of ​​second-hand housing transactions in Chengdu chain has decreased by 18.9 square meters compared with January 2017. In the “515 New Deal will be a lot of “pseudo-just need to clean up the show, the second-hand housing market just needs to be highlighted. From the transaction data in June, the volume of transactions in one-bedroom and below 60 square meters has increased significantly. The reason is that although the price of new homes is relatively low, a large area means a higher total price, and customers with limited ceilings have to choose a small apartment with a more reasonable total price.

Figure: Change in the average area of ​​second-hand housing transactions in Chengdu New House and Chain House from 2017 to the present (unit: square meter)

The proportion of commercial loans has dropped significantly. Affected by the transaction structure, the proportion of full-time purchases of second-hand residential customers fell to 28.0%. Among the specific loan methods, the proportion of commercial loans accounted for 77.1%, a significant decrease of 6.5 percentage points from the previous month. The increase in provident fund loans and portfolio loans indicates an increase in the number of owners willing to accept longer lending cycles and an increase in customer voice.

Figure: Changes in payment methods in the case of chain transactions from 2017 to the present

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