Costume Designer Linda Cho on Bringing ‘Anastasia’ to Life

Linda Cho isn’t a wedding gown designer, but her creations do tend tomake her subjects cry.Cho, who won a Tony Award for her work on “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” in 2014, designed the costumes for the well-receivedBroadway adaptation of “Anastasia.” The production premiered at Hartford Stage in May 2016, but Cho has since updatedthe costumes at the request of director Darko Tresnjak. Onesuch update includes the addition of a show-stopping crimsongown worn by Christy Altomare as Anya during the finale.“I had about a few hours to design it and four days to build it,” Cho says of the gown. The play had already been in previews at Hartford when Tresnjak asked her tomake it. It features a whopping 25 yards of ruffle and required a total of 12 people to complete.“The red, to me, is very Russian, and the decoration on the front of her bodice is reminiscent of the double-headed eagle, the symbol of the royal family,” Cho says. “The actual silhouette was something I had made up. It does have a feeling of an old-fashioned gown, but the thin underskirt and the voluminous overskirt are more of a 1950s silhouette.”Altomare says she criedthe first time she tried iton — and she wasn’t the only one brought to tears. Cho says “a number of ladies” cried during fittings, including Lauren Blackman, who makes her Broadway debut in a billowing white gown as Tsarina Alexandra.Cho turned to paintings, photographs — including those Tsar Nicholas IItook of his family — and museum catalogues while doing the research for “Anastasia.”She makesit clear she didn’t “consciously copy” anything from either the 1956 film or the 1997 animation, thoughshe did include a nod to the animatedadaptation.“Fans of the [animated] movie came to see [the Hartford production]and expressed disappointment that they hadn’t seen the blue dress, so I actually changed it for Broadway,” she says. “In the film, it was strapless, but I thought that that was giving away a little too much. I already had a strapless red gown for the end, so I [added] beaded straps. I wanted [the realized gown]to be a little bit better.”Once she finishes her research, Cho typically takes about an hour to draw and paint the sketches — an amount of time she says sounds “flippant,” but is reasonable considering the extensive research she does. She prefers to pick fabrics for the whole show at once — “I can’t design one gown in isolation” — and requires “a huge surface area” and“thousands of swatches” to choose from.Cho manipulates colors and silhouettes to highlightAnya’s transformation from street sweeper to royal. Anya starts out in dark, heavy fabrics, slowly shedding layers as she starts to overcome her memory loss. By the time she heads to Paris with Dmitry (Derek Klena) and Vlad (John Bolton), we see herin a sophisticated white suit — a choice, Cho says, thatsymbolizes achange of season, difference in Anya’s financial situation and, of course, a sense of hope.Anya’s costumes in the second half of the play steal the show, but the Dowager Empress’ looks throughout the production come in a close second. Her outfitsare the epitome of opulence — deep hues, patterned gowns and furs. And Cho says actress Mary Beth Peilhas the “majestic” personal bearing to match.“Some actresses you work with look like an unmade bed no matter what you put on them,” she says. “Mary Beth Peil is the exact opposite. If you see her in a muumuubackstage, she still looks incredible and regal and royal.”We surmise the Dowager Empress wouldn’t be caught dead in a muumuu, but to each her own.“Anastasia” is in previews. It officially openson Monday.Linda ChoThomas Iannaccone/WWDYou're missing something!

Sandy Segerstrom Daniels Talks About Family’s Philanthropic Commitment

In addition to operating one of the world’s most profitable retail centers and endowing a world-class cultural center, the Segerstrom family has a foundation that gives back to charities nationwide. The Segerstrom Foundation was formed in 1987 and made its first gift in 1988. Since its inception, approximately 90 charitable organizations have received gifts from the foundation,including the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, South Coast Repertory and Pacific Symphony Orchestra.“From birth, our parents and the family have always done something; just learned by doing,” said Sandy Segerstrom Daniels, a fourth-generation member of the family whose own charity, The Festival of Children, celebrates its 15th anniversary next year.This story first appeared in the March 22, 2017 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.Segerstrom Daniels’ father was Hal Segerstrom, first cousin of Henry Segerstrom. The two men shepherded South Coast Plaza together until Hal’s death in 1994.“Our parents were always leading Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts and the marching band,” she said. “I’m the youngest sibling in my family, so I grew up babysitting and that’s how children became my passion.”In 2002, The Festival of Children began an annual celebration at South Coast Plaza, during which 60 of some of its 480 organizations across the country set up booths for people to learn more and get involved. The retail center puts on programming and events to draw customers. The Festival of Children’s annual fund-raiser is also unique; it takes place on a carousel and fund-raisers were not allowed to get off of it until they reached their goal.“The way it started was we were doing a fund-raiser with the Orange Country Register at the time called The Possible Dream grant program. It was the year of the Recession and we were about $85,000 short of being able to fund all 10 of these charities’ dreams 100 percent. So we called up Orange County business and civic leaders we asked them to come get on the carousel and we wouldn’t let them get off until they raised $4,000 each calling people with their cell phones. Within an hour and a half we’d raised $85k and it only cost us about $30 for plastic cups because everything was donated,” explained Segerstrom Daniels.The foundation has raised more than $2 million on carousels for 65 charities across the country. Since then, it has changed to a team-raiser format so the carousel ride is more of a ceremonial event. “We got in at Disneyland, which was my dream outside of the carousels at South Coast Plaza and Central Park in New York. Disney said, ‘We can do it but we can’t have riders on their cell phones because we don’t think it will be safe,’” she laughed.Her next carousel event will be on Feb. 28 of next year, National Rare Disease Day, with a fund-raiser for at San Francisco’s Children’s Museum.One of Segerstrom’s goals has been to have the month of September officially dedicated as National Child Awareness Month. She accomplished that nine years ago by lobbying the U.S. Senate, but she must work to have it renewed each year. “It was a great moment for South Coast Plaza one year when [former U.S. Representative] Loretta Sanchez was on the floor and she called me and South Coast Plaza out.”She calls her family’s retail company “a very philanthropic company as well. There was a couple of years where we were short on funding for our Sharing the Spirit holiday party and I sent a company e-mail around and next thing I know I’ve got 20 kids sponsored.”Segerstrom, like her relatives, isn’t always at ease talking about herself, but she does have a sense of humor. “Since we are the Festival of Children Foundation, we called ourselves the FOC-ers. I’m the mother FOC-er,” she laughs.You're missing something!

Tracy Anderson Opens New Studio and 3 Green Hearts Café

The day before her 42nd birthday, Tracy Anderson is sitting in a half-split on the floor of her brand-new studio space and, aside from demonstrating how impressively flexible she is, is showing off just how settled in she feels in her new neighborhood. “One of my really good friends this morning told me that at my birthday party two years ago, our ceo said, ‘I found the perfect space for Tracy where she can have her music as loud as she wants, where she can have her heat/humidity, where she can have her own space,’” the fitness guru to the stars says.Two years later, she has fully taken over the former movie theater space on 59th Street and Second Avenue and has opened her second fitness studio in Manhattan and her first full-sized café, 3 Green Hearts. “This is the first time that I’m actually bringing food into one of our environments,” Anderson says, who operates a juice/smoothie bar in her Church Street studio. “This is the first time that I’m going to have the recipes that I use for people who I work with personally to be able to manage weight, manage stress, manage their health, I’m gonna have at this space. They can get breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks — they can get them for their whole family, they can get them delivered. It will all be exactly what I do when I’m taking weight off of people.”The café, which is opening slowly in the coming weeks (the studio is now open), will be comprised of an all-organic, rotating menu, with lots of raw, healthy options like salads as well as things like fish tacos and chicken nuggets. “Listen, it’s difficult to own a weight loss if you’re never ever feeding the part of your system where you are craving,” she says. “[The menu] will be a full spectrum of nutrition and it’s going to rotate, too, because I believe so much in that for your health, to be rotating your nutrition.”Anderson, who is developing two books this year on health, one for teens and one for adult women, is in charge of the menu, with guidance from a handful of chefs. “I’ll continue to work with chefs because it’s just part of it,” she says. “For me, in my lane, to work with somebody in that lane as a collaborative process to bring forward something that is really healthy and delicious and tasty for people is really [what] I love to work for.”As for the studio, while the classes offered are the same as her downtown location, it saves her loyal uptown clients some serious commuting time. “This is really showing up for your health in a serious and meaningful way,” she says.”I’ve had a waiting list in TriBeCa since I opened and for all of these years, so many of them work into their schedule not only being at my gym everyday, but traveling to it from uptown. So, this is kind of a gift to them.”You're missing something!

‘House of Cards’ Costumer Says Claire Underwood Is Over Pencil Skirts

Claire Underwood has a new attitude — and therefore, wardrobe — on season 5 of Netflix’s “House of Cards.” The character, played by Robin Wright, has become known for her wide collection of pencil skirts and skirt suits, but according to costume designer Kemal Harris, she’s officially ditching her signature look in favor of a more “militaristic” one. (Note: spoilers may follow.)“In season 5, Claire has finally gone through all these emotional roller coasters,” explains Harris. “She’s been the first lady, she’s stepped into this role at the end of season 4 as vice president. She’s always been a supporting role and it’s gotten her to where she is, but season 5 feels like she is ready for action.”Harris joined the “House of Cards” cast in season 3 and exclusively handles designs for Robin Wright’s character. She has been Wright’s personal stylist since 2013, when the show first aired.A sketch of Claire Underwood’s costumes in “House of Cards” season 5.Courtesy of Kemal Harris“Normally Claire is not a pants person at all,” Harris continues. “Season 3 she didn’t wear a single pair. Season 4 she wore pants symbolically the next morning after her mother’s passing — her mother was a traditional Southern Belle from a horse ranch family. Season 5, we were playing with tons of trousers, which was really fun because to be honest, there’s only so many pencil skirts that you can wear before you’re like, ‘Give me something new.’”Harris channeled Underwood’s new “militaristic energy” by incorporating necklines that are closer to the throat and adding details like gold buttons. “There’s a custom dress I did, the blue two-tone with a bunch of gold buttons that go from the top all the way to the bottom,” she says. “It felt protective in a way. I keep using the word ‘dictator’ even though that’s just Claire in her own mind when she looks in the mirror. She’s that whether everyone else quite fully understands it yet.”A sketch of Claire Underwood’s costumes in “House of Cards” season 5.Courtesy of Kemal HarrisHarris designs about one-third of the costumes herself and borrows another third from designer brands like Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Armani. She buys the rest of the outfits from department stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York, but makes sure she adds her own touches. “Everything is ‘Frankenstein’-ed in our own Claire way,” she says.Though Underwood is channeling a more combative energy this season, it was important to Harris that she maintained her sex appeal. “One thing that Claire’s always done — and it says a lot about her character — is she’s always been very sexy, but completely covered up,” Harris says. “She uses her figure in a way to disarm and stun and surprise her enemies. Bringing in the pants, even though they’re pants, it’s not a dowdy pantsuit. These are still a tailored, long-leg pant. She wears them with a beautiful blouse or even with a turtleneck. These are new ways of her using her image to disarm or confuse her enemies because everything’s tailored within an inch of its life.”Season 5 of “House of Cards” is out now on Netflix.A sketch of Claire Underwood’s costumes in “House of Cards” season 5.Courtesy of Kemal HarrisMore from‘House of Cards’ Stylist Kemal Harris on Dressing Claire UnderwoodSita Abellan Opens Up About Her Insane Instagram and Avoiding All RulesCarrie Underwood Is a ‘Normal Person With a Really Cool Job’You're missing something!

Adele, Beyoncé Nominated for Top Artist at 2017 Billboard Music Awards

It’s a big day for Drake and The Chainsmokers. The 2017 Billboard Music Awards nominees list is here, and both scored a whopping 22 nominations, including nods for Top Artist.Also nominated for Top Artist: Adele, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots and The Weeknd. Rihanna snagged the third-most nominations, with a total of 14. The Weeknd followed with 13 nods, and Beyoncé scoredeight.The 2017 Billboard Music Awards premiere on May 21 at 8 p.m. EST. View the full list of nominees below.Top ArtistAdeleBeyoncéJustin BieberThe ChainsmokersDrakeAriana GrandeShawn MendesRihannaTwenty One PilotsThe WeekndTop New ArtistAlessia CaraDesiignerLil Uzi VertLukas GrahamZaynBillboard Chart Achievement Award Presented by XfinityLuke BryanNicki MinajThe ChainsmokersThe WeekndTwenty One PilotsTop Male ArtistJustin BieberDrakeFutureShawn MendesThe WeekndTop Female ArtistAdeleBeyoncéAriana GrandeRihannaSiaTop Duo/GroupThe ChainsmokersColdplayFlorida Georgia LineGuns N’ RosesTwenty One PilotsTop Billboard 200 ArtistBeyoncéDrakePrinceTwenty One PilotsThe WeekndTop Hot 100 ArtistThe ChainsmokersDrakeRihannaTwenty One PilotsThe WeekndTop Song Sales ArtistThe ChainsmokersDrakePrinceJustin TimberlakeTwenty One PilotsTop Radio Songs ArtistJustin BieberThe ChainsmokersDrakeRihannaTwenty One PilotsTop Streaming Songs ArtistThe ChainsmokersDesiignerDrakeRihannaTwenty One PilotsTop Social ArtistJustin BieberBTSSelena GomezAriana GrandeShawn MendesTop Touring Artist:Justin BieberBeyoncéColdplayGuns N’ RosesBruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTop R&B ArtistBeyoncéBruno MarsFrank OceanRihannaThe WeekndTop R&B TourBeyoncéLionel RichieRihannaTop Rap ArtistJ. ColeDesiignerDrakeFutureRae SremmurdTop Rap TourDrakeFutureKanye WestTop Country ArtistFlorida Georgia LineBlake SheltonKeith UrbanChris StapletonJason AldeanTop Country TourLuke BryanKenny ChesneyDixie ChicksTop Rock ArtistColdplayThe LumineersMetallicaTwenty One PilotsX AmbassadorsTop Rock TourColdplayGuns N’ RosesBruce Springsteen & The E Street BandTop Latin ArtistJ BalvinJuan GabrielLos Plebes Del Rancho De Ariel CamachoMalumaNicky JamTop Dance/Electronic ArtistThe ChainsmokersCalvin HarrisMajor LazerDJ SnakeLindsey StirlingTop Christian ArtistLauren DaigleHillsong WorshipHillary Scott & the FamilySkilletChris TomlinTop Gospel ArtistJekalyn CarrKirk FranklinTravis GreeneTamela MannHezekiah WalkerTop Billboard 200 AlbumBeyoncé, “Lemonade”Drake, “Views”Rihanna, “Anti”Twenty One Pilots, “Blurryface”The Weeknd, “Starboy”Top Soundtrack/Cast Album“Hamilton: An American Musical”“Moana”“Purple Rain”“Suicide Squad: The Album”“Trolls”Top R&B AlbumBeyoncé, “Lemonade”Bruno Mars, “24K Magic”Frank Ocean, “Blonde”Rihanna, “Anti”The Weeknd, “Starboy”Top Rap AlbumJ. Cole, “4 Your Eyez Only”Drake, “Views”Kevin Gates, “Isla”DJ Khaled, “Major Key”A Tribe Called Quest, “We Got It From Here…Thank You For Your Service”Top Country AlbumJason Aldean, “They Don’t Know”Florida Georgia Line, “Dig Your Roots”Blake Shelton, “If I’m Honest”Chris Stapleton, “Traveller”Keith Urban, “Ripcord”Top Rock AlbumThe Lumineers, “Cleopatra”Metallica, “Hardwired…To Self Destruct”Radiohead, “A Moon Shaped Pool”Red Hot Chili Peppers, “The Getaway”Twenty One Pilots, “Blurryface”Top Latin AlbumJ Balvin, “Energia”CNCO, “Primera Cita”Juan Gabriel, “Los Duo 2”Juan Gabriel, “Vestido De Etiqueta: Por Eduardo Magallanes”Los Plebes del Rancho de Ariel Camacho, “Recuerden Mi Estilo”Top Dance/Electronic AlbumThe Chainsmokers, “Bouquet”The Chainsmokers, “Collage”Flume, “Skin”Kygo, “Cloud Nine”Lindsey Stirling, “Brave Enough”Top Christian AlbumCasting Crowns, “The Very Next Thing”Lauren Daigle, “How Can It Be”Joey + Rory, “Hymns”Hillary Scott & The Family, “Love Remains”Skillet, “Unleashed”Top Gospel AlbumTamela Mann, “One Way”Kirk Franklin, “Losing My Religion”Travis Greene, “The Hill”Tasha Cobbs, “One Place: Live”Hezekiah Walker, “Better: Azusa –The Next Generation 2”Top Hot 100 SongThe Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya, “Don’t Let Me Down”Drake Featuring WizKid & Kyla, “One Dance”Justin Timberlake, “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”Twenty One Pilots, “Heathens”Top Selling SongThe Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya, “Don’t Let Me Down”Drake Featuring, WizKid & Kyla “One Dance”Justin Timberlake, “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”Twenty One Pilots, “Heathens”Top Radio SongThe Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya, “Don’t Let Me Down”Drake Featuring WizKid & Kyla, “One Dance”Sia Featuring Sean Paul, “Cheap Thrills”Justin Timberlake, “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”Top Streaming Song (Audio)The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”Drake Featuring WizKid & Kyla, “One Dance”D.R.A.M. Featuring Lil Yachty, “Broccoli”Rihanna, “Needed Me”The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk, “Starboy”Top Streaming Song (Video)The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”Desiigner, “Panda”Zay Hilfigerr & Zayion McCall, “JuJu On That Beat (TZ Anthem)Rae Sremmurd Featuring Gucci Mane, “Black Beatles”Twenty One Pilots, “Heathens”Top CollaborationThe Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya, “Don’t Let Me Down”Drake Featuring WizKid & Kyla, “One Dance”Sia Featuring Sean Paul, “Cheap Thrills”The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk, “Starboy”Top R&B SongDrake Featuring WizKid & Kyla, “One Dance”Bruno Mars, “24K Magic”Rihanna, “Needed Me”Rihanna Featuring Drake, “Work”The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk, “Starboy”Top R&B CollaborationDrake Featuring WizKid & Kyla, “One Dance”PARTYNEXTDOOR Featuring Drake, “Come And See Me”Rihanna Featuring Drake, “Work”The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk “I Feel It Coming”The Weeknd Featuring Daft Punk, “Starboy”Top Rap SongDesiigner, “Panda”Drake, “Fake Love”D.R.A.M. Featuring Lil Yachty, “Broccoli”Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, “Bad And Boujee”Rae Sremmurd Featuring Gucci Mane, “Black Beatles”Top Rap CollaborationD.R.A.M. Featuring Lil Yachty, “Broccoli”Zay Hilfigerr & Zayion McCall, “JuJu On That Beat (TZ Anthem)Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello, “Bad Things”Migos Featuring Lil Uzi Vert, “Bad and Boujee”Rae Sremmurd Featuring Gucci Mane, “Black Beatles”Top Country SongKenny Chesney Featuring Pink, “Setting The World On Fire”Florida Georgia Line, “H.O.L.Y.”Florida Georgia Line Featuring Tim McGraw, “May We All”Little Big Town, “Better Man”Keith Urban, “Blue Ain’t Your Color”Top Country CollaborationDierks Bentley Featuring Elle King, “Different For Girls”Kenny Chesney Featuring Pink, “Setting The World On Fire”Eric Church Featuring Rhiannon Giddens, “Kill A Word”Florida Georgia Line Featuring Tim McGraw, “May We All”Chris Young Featuring Vince Gill, “Sober Saturday Night”Top Rock SongLil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons with Logic & Ty Dolla $ign Featuring X Ambassadors, “Sucker For Pain”Twenty One Pilots, “Heathens”Twenty One Pilots, “Ride”Twenty One Pilots, “Stressed Out”X Ambassadors, “Unsteady”Top Latin SongDaddy Yankee, “Shaky Shaky”Enrique Iglesias Featuring Wisin, “Duele El Corazon”Nicky Jam, “Hasta El Amanecer”Shakira Featuring Maluma, “Chantaje”Carlos Vives & Shakira, “La Bicicleta”Top Dance/Electronic SongThe Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey, “Closer”The Chainsmokers Featuring Daya, “Don’t Let Me Down”Calvin Harris Featuring Rihanna, “This Is What You Came For”Major Lazer Featuring Justin Bieber & MO, “Cold Water”DJ Snake Featuring Justin Bieber, “Let Me Love You”Top Christian SongLauren Daigle, “Trust In You”Hillary Scott & The Family, “Thy Will”Skillet, “Feel Invincible”Ryan Stevenson Featuring GabeReal, “Eye Of The Storm”Zach Williams, “Chain Breaker”Top Gospel SongJekalyn Carr, “You’re Bigger”Tasha Cobbs, Featuring Kierra Sheard, “Put A Praise On It”Kirk Franklin, “Wanna Be Happy??”Travis Greene, “Made A Way”Hezekiah Walker, “Better”You're missing something!

Brooklyn Restaurateur John Seymour Brings Sweet Chick to Los Angeles

Brooklyn-based restaurateur John Seymour — whose two Sweet Chick eateries are a favorite of celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson, Zac Efron, Zendaya and Michael Strahan – is planting some Los Angeles roots.A West Coast outpost, located on streetwear and dining thoroughfare Fairfax Avenue, will open on April 21, bringing the upscale chicken and waffles experience to carb-loving foodies of L.A. (Believe it or not, there are some Angelenos who eat carbs.)Set in a nearly 2,500-square-foot space with soaring exposed beam ceilings, the third Sweet Chick will feature its signature classic comfort dishes in the 65-seat dining room and a high-end, full-service bar where beverage director Anthony Sferra, who relocated to L.A., will create some new California-flavored drinks.“In New York, the spaces are usually cramped, so when I came in here I was, like, ‘Wow, this is a warehouse space.’ But I wanted it to feel a little more intimate because the community vibe is super important,” said Seymour, whose tattooed arms have been featured on “NY Ink” and whose backward baseball cap and long shorts look right at home among the neighborhood’s many skate and sneaker shops.He did utilize the square footage to one important end. “Finally, we were able to build a booth that separates the bar. In New York, somebody’s ass — for lack of a better word — would be on top of you, so here there is a better flow.”The black matte leather banquettes and clean farm-white wainscoting are in keeping with the Brooklyn and Lower East Side decor — a Prospect Park location is coming soon. And the music will skew hip-hop — rapper Nas is his business partner — but there will be an L.A. touch: The neon sign above the bar is an Ice Cube quote — “Today was a good day.”While comparisons will be made to L.A. OG restaurant Roscoe’s, Seymour says, “I don’t feel like we’re in a competition. You may see me eating there late night, too.” He also frequents Jon & Vinny’s and Golden State on the block for lunch.He chose the location because on his many visits to L.A over the years, “I always ended up on Fairfax at some point. It’s a block you can spend a couple of hours on, and as a New Yorker, I like to walk. In L.A., if you walk too far you look like a crackhead but not here.”The city is also rubbing off on him. “I think about moving here. I’ve definitely been eating a lot of tacos and burritos so you may see some new things on the menu.”You're missing something!

Bulgari Helps Restore 16th-century Paolo Veronese Paintings, Supports Two Exhibitions

MILAN — Bulgari continues to show its support of Italian arts and culture.On Wednesday, the Rome-based jewelry company and Venetian Heritage presented two upcoming exhibitions dedicated to two Paolo Veronese paintings from the church of San Pietro Martire in Murano at the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice. The 16th-century paintings were restored by Venetian Heritage with the help of Bulgari, with an investment of 62,000 euros, or $66,157 at current exchange. The heavy over-varnishing of the paintings applied over the years had darkened, dimming the artist’s brilliant colors, while the gilt was peeling off the frames, leaving noticeable gaps. The restoration is part of a larger project to display the paintings in Venice and New York.The large canvases showing “Saint Jerome in the Desert” and “Saint Agatha Visited in Prison by Saint Peter” were commissioned by Francesco degli Alberi, the priest of the church of Saint Mary of the Angels in Murano, and painted by Veronese in 1566.The first exhibition, Murano Paintings by Paolo Veronese Restored by Venetian Heritage With the Support of Bulgari, will be inaugurated at Venice’s most important art museum, the Gallerie dell’Accademia on May 11, which coincides with the opening of the Venice Biennale. The second exhibition, Veronese in Murano: Two Venetian Renaissance Masterpieces Restored, will inaugurate on October 24 at The Frick Collection in New York.The exhibition at the Gallerie dell’Accademia will be complemented with a catalog focusing on the paintings’ histories and their restoration, illustrated with quality photographs by Matteo De Fina, and supported by Bulgari. The catalog is published in both Italian and English by Marsilio.In Venice, Bulgari has also helped restore the Golden Staircase in the Doge’s Palace, the Gothic symbol of the city which used to house the Venetian government. The Golden Staircase was returned to the city in 2008 after one year of works.Bulgari has been active in Rome, too, helping to restore the Spanish Steps, near its storied flagship in Via Condotti, and the floor mosaics of the Caracalla Baths. Bulgari, which is controlled by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, has financed the new lighting of the monumental staircase featured in the Museum of Rome, Palazzo Braschi, in Piazza Navona.In March, Bulgari opened a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Valenza, Italy, billed as the largest in Europe.Italian luxury groups have been investing in preserving Italian landmarks, ranging from Tod’s restoration of the Colosseum and Fendi’s works on the Fontana di Trevi to Salvatore Ferragamo renovating rooms at the Uffizi Museum or Diesel restoring the Rialto Bridge, and, most recently, Gucci announcing the restoration of the Boboli Gardens in Florence.You're missing something!

Erik Madigan Heck on Millennial Pink and the Evolution of Fashion Photography

At just33,Erik Madigan Heck has established a résumé that includes painterly portraits for the likes of Dries Van Noten and Mary Katrantzou, and profiles in titles ranging from The New York Times Magazine to New York and Harper’s Bazaar U.K.Heck spent the last four years rearranging over 1,000 of his photoson his floor and narrowing them down to a selection of 100, which comprise hisfirst book, “Old Future,” out now.WWD spoke with Heckover the sound of his young son “trying to eat my chair” ahead of his book signing at the International Center of Photography museum on Thursday.WWD: What made you want to put together a book?Erik Madigan Heck: There was a book published by Thames & Hudson called “Fashion Photography Next,” [where] this curator Magda Keaney put together a book of who she thought was the next generation of 25 photographers, and I was in that book; then I met the publisher, and they really liked my work. But Thames & Hudson is one of the oldest publishers in London, and they don’t really publish new, young artists. [At the time,] they would’ve been going out on a whim by publishing somebody who’s as young as I am. So, the conversation started four years ago, and then as my work developed and as I got more known, the book started to take more of a shape. WWD: Is it unusual for a photographer your age to have their own book like this?E.M.H.: Yeah — I mean, I think things are changing. I think you see a lot of young artists having books pretty young. But I think it is rare in that this book is kind of like a retrospective of the past 10 years of my work, and I’m only 33.WWD: Where does the title “Old Future” come from?E.M.H.: The name was tough because [to a lot of people] my work looks very old-fashioned or very romantic, but at the same time there’s something really futuristic about it — it’s using photography in an old way, more like painting, but in fact we’re using new technologies, so there’s a lot of futuristic elements. But we were just, like, tossing around names, and it was kind of a riff, actually, on the hip hop group called Odd Future. But there’s also a super famous photography book called “Future Present” by László Moholy-Nagy, and so I also liked the fact that this was a nod to the history of photography.Dries Van Noten, 2013Courtesy of AbramsWWD: Over the decade of your career, how has fashion photography, or the way it’s consumed, changed? E.M.H.: When I started, you know, there wasn’t, there wasn’t any sort of online magazine. That was back in 2007, and the way that we consumed fashion photography was primarily only through magazines. And now, magazines are struggling to pay the bills and stay afloat. I think I got in young, which was unusual then, but now I actually feel quite old. I think there’s definitely a whole movement of trying to get young people off Instagram. I think the biggest thing is there isn’t a formula anymore; the hierarchy has been upended.WWD: Do you read many fashion magazines then?E.M.H.: Honestly, I don’t. I’m not trying to be pretentious, but when I do have reading time, I read the MIT Technology Review, and I read Harper’s. Not Harper’s Bazaar, but Harper’s. I get The New York Times on the weekend, but I’m also a dad so I don’t really have that much time. I check fashion magazines when I’m published in them to make sure that my work looks good, and then I kind of put it aside.WWD: On the topic of color, what are your thoughts on this notion of “Millennial pink,” a shade that is beloved by Millennials but also is an adapted variation on pink, to match the gender fluidity of this day and age? E.M.H.: I agree with what they’re saying, in theory, because of how gender has become such a topic the last year-and-a-half specifically. But at the same time, I feel very much that women, especially with the women’s marches against the president right now, have really co-opted the color pink. Pink has always been the color of a girl, and baby blue is a boy, but for me, pink is actually a really political color. For me I [associate]it with, like, breast cancer, because my mother had breast cancer and she worked in breast cancer — to me, pink is always that. And then now with the women’s march, which was one of the biggest marches ever, pink was their identifying flag, you know? So, I don’t even think that I would agree that it’s kind of neutral. But I do think that it’s more that those lines don’t really exist, even though I would still say that it’s more a color for women, and the gay and LGBT community also has adopted it to mean something else. So that’s a hard question to answer.Erik Madigan Heck: Old Future<br /> Published by AbramsCourtesy of AbramsRelated Links:Erik Madigan Heck Lenses ‘Art of Fashion’ for Neiman MarcusPhotographer Erik Madigan Heck Pushes BoundariesMaster & Dynamic Expands Music Reach, Taps Erik Madigan HeckYou're missing something!