The 8th China Public Welfare Festival is about to open.

The 8th China Public Welfare Festival will open in Beijing from January 14th to 15th, 2019. There will be political, business, academic, charitable, performing arts and more than 100 media warmly gathered together in the name of love, around “cross-border integration, precision poverty alleviation, education public welfare, technology public welfare, business innovation, image public welfare And other topics to experience, share results and exchange of cutting-edge ideas, and promote the new development of public welfare.

What are the highlights of this conference? Let us take a quick look

Highlights and a new spirit of innovation

This year’s charity festival will be given new meaning and new brilliance. At present, public welfare development is breaking the public welfare boundary and innovating public welfare forms. This year’s public welfare festival will join hands with many well-known enterprises to explore a new paradigm of public welfare development in the new era.

Beijing Subway, Xugong Group, Delixi Electric, Aoyou Dairy, Baojian (China), Heshengyuan, Crossing Express, Porsche China, Weineng China, China Mobile Internet of Things, Jiangling Motors, Many well-known enterprises participating in the 8th China Public Welfare Festival, including the shares, Zhongnan Group, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, Taiping Bird Fashion Apparel, Op Lighting, etc. will revolve around “New Paradigm of Public Welfare, “Business is good,” “cross-border and integration” In-depth discussion of issues and sharing of how public welfare can be innovatively developed can better solve social problems.

Highlight 2 Expectations are more fruitful

The 8th China Public Welfare Festival will invite special research fellows from the State Council Counselor’s Office, former members of the State Administration of Safety Supervision, chief engineer, spokesperson, China Huang Yi, Chairman of the Coal Mine Pneumoconiosis Prevention and Control Foundation, Director of the China Biodiversity and Green Development Foundation, former Vice Mayor of Beijing, Hu Zhaoguang, Consultant of the China Biodiversity and Green Development Foundation, former Air Force Major General Lu Keqin, Shenzhen Radio and Television Public Welfare Director of the Foundation, Dapeng Outdoor Public Welfare Fund Management Committee, Lu Dingzhi, Director of the Shenzhen Dapeng New District Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau, Lu Dezhi, Chairman of the Huamin Charity Foundation, Wang Keqin, founder of Daqing Qingchen, China Youth and Children’s Culture and Art Fund President Li Lijun, founder and director of Beijing Lehe Institute, Liao Xiaoyi, Siyuan • co-founder of Sina Yangfan Public Welfare Fund, Xiang Xiangrong, general manager of China Life Brand Management Department Yang Cuilian, audit partner of Deloitte Foundation, Hu Jianyu, Vice President of Xiwo Cui Swords and other big cafés share the forefront thinking, analyze the status quo and trends of China’s public welfare development, and explore new On behalf of the public to develop new paths to explore the road of sustainable development nonprofit.

In addition, this year’s charity festival focuses on the hotspots of public welfare in the year. In terms of technology empowerment, precise poverty alleviation, public welfare education, and public welfare image, the participating guests will start their ideological dialogues and opinions.

From Harbin Travel, Xingchuang Vision Group, Tongcheng Yilong, Even Home Technology, Asus, China Population Welfare Foundation, Shenzhen Radio and Television Public Welfare Foundation, Beijing Chunhui Boai Children Relief Foundation, Wild Rescue The guests of the Tzu Chi Charity Foundation and other units will exchange ideas on topics such as “Technology Empowerment, “Technology and Goodness,” and showcase new achievements and new applications to help the diversified development of the public welfare.

China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Shenzhen Guan Ai Action Charity Foundation, China Social Welfare Foundation Dream Fund, Shanghai True Love Dream Charity Foundation, and Lexin Public Welfare Foundation will be on the “public interest” Education fairness is explored in all aspects.

Participants in the 8th China Public Welfare Festival, Dakang Medical, Chuchu, Yiyi Technology, Dongda Mongolian, Botian Environment, Haoze Water, Zhengda Group, etc. will Through the case to share their practical experience and innovative ideas in precision poverty alleviation.

Sina Yangfan plans, keep and other 8th China Public Welfare Festival participants through the image of the new concept of public welfare, so that the concept of public interest is more touching. At the same time, it shows the combination and application of public welfare film and television in the fields of creative design, new media digital and technology display.

Highlights 3 Conference activities are becoming more and more abundant

This year’s public welfare festival, in addition to the opening ceremony of the conference, keynote speech, conference main forum, conference sub-forum, parallel forum, in January On the evening of the 14th, a public welfare dinner was also added. At that time, many business leaders, celebrities, and literary stars will gather in this star-studded and exciting night. While spreading love and sharing public welfare practices, witness the 2018 Public Welfare Persons Awards announced, and practitioners and promoters of public welfare undertakings. pay tribute.

Highlights 4 The conference effect is becoming more and more prominent

The success of the 7th Public Welfare Festival not only enhanced the popularity of the China Public Welfare Festival, but also brought together many fellow practitioners. It is reported that up to now, the charity festival has received more than 400 companies to sign up, including China Life, Ferrari, FAW Jiefang, Buchang Pharmaceutical, Panpan Food, Yugao Group, Tailing, Gome, Huiyuan Group, FAW-Volkswagen, Auto Car, L’Oreal China, Sino-British Life, Blu-ray Development, COFCO Trust, Yicai Group, SAIC Hongyan, Shangpin Home Delivery, Air Liquide China, Olympus, Procter & Gamble, Pernod Ricard, Jiangling Motors, Greenland, Dongfeng Honda, China FAW, Blue Moon, Fuji Xerox, Xinao Group, Amway (China), Heshengyuan, Hong Kong Industrial International, Fuguo Datong, Xiangwu, Meilan International Airport, Yingke Live. From this aspect, it also reflects the vigorous vitality of the development of China’s public welfare undertakings.

Social welfare is a continuation of China’s fine traditions and an inherent requirement for building a harmonious society. More and more enterprises have participated in it, integrating social problems with corporate development; more and more public welfare people have used innovative thinking to help public welfare development. The future of China’s public welfare is expected, and the era of Chinese public welfare has arrived!

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Chinese furniture companies have risen to the “sea tide”, why is soft furniture the most prominent?

Image from “

In recent years, many A Shares/Hong Kong stocks home-listed companies have announced relevant overseas investment. Gujia Home, Dream Lily, Meike Home, Xilinmen, Qumei Home, and Minhua Holdings have all issued announcements. It seems that the overseas production capacity of finished products has been It is the trend of the times.

In recent years, Chinese companies have accelerated their overseas investment, and Chinese furniture companies have frequently gone to sea.

For Chinese furniture companies, the choice of going out, Cinda Securities previously commented on Gujiajiao said, “The market development of local brand enterprises will generally have three stages: from regional to national to global development of. Enterprises that can achieve globalization will have better performance in terms of development speed, cycle resistance and industry competitiveness.

“The time is ripe for the sea

Market uncertainty is intensifying Chinese furniture companies have accelerated to the sea.

The Tianfeng Securities Research Report analyzed that the export value and import value in November increased by 5.4% and 3.0% respectively (down from 10.1 and 17.8 points), which was lower than market expectations.

However, the export flexibility of furniture is strong. The export value of furniture and its parts increased by 8.1% from January to November (from 7.0% in January-October). The report judged that it was affected by previous trade disputes and overseas customers chose Orders in advance, this move will promote the faster growth of home furnishing exports in the third and fourth quarters, but will cause overdrafts in 2019 orders.

It is worth noting that the current A-share home-listed companies, including Gujia Home, Meike Home, and overseas markets have all formed scales.

According to the statistics of Guotai Junan, among the A-share home-listed companies, the dealer channels including Ou Pai Home and Qumei Home accounted for the highest proportion, which were 84.08% and 81.39% respectively.

The lowest proportion is Meike Home, the distributor channel is only 7.04%, and the dealer channel of Gujia Home is only 46.60%.

However, in overseas markets, the ODM of Gujia Home has reached 34.34%, and the wholesale of Meike Home has also accounted for 18.31%.

In addition, furniture brands that previously focused on the domestic market have gradually increased their willingness to invest overseas in order to further expand their market size.

Accelerating overseas production capacity

As of now, many A Shares/Hong Kong stocks listed companies have announced relevant overseas investment. According to Tianfeng Securities, since 2018, at least four A-share and H-share furniture listed companies have carried out overseas production capacity. If you calculate the overall investment, the number is even more.

Gujia Home:

On March 26, 2018, it signed an Equity Transfer Agreement with Australian Nick Scali to acquire a 13.36% stake in the latter for A$77.763 million. The equity settlement process was completed in Australia on April 27.

On March 22, 2018, the company signed a “Shares Sale and Subscription Agreement” with Natuzzi, Italy, and acquired a 51% stake in the Shanghai joint venture for EUR 65.50 million, and obtained the exclusive distribution license granted by the latter.

On February 28, 2018, the company signed an “Equity Transfer Agreement” with Rolf Benz of Germany, which obtained 99.92% of the latter’s shares for 4156.50 million euros. The delivery procedure was completed in May.

In addition, on October 14, 2018, the company signed a letter of intent for equity transfer with Huayi Investment, the controlling shareholder of Xilinmen. It plans to acquire Xilin Investment held by Huayi Investment at a price of not less than 1.38 billion yuan. A total of not less than 23% of the shares.

If the acquisition is completed successfully, Xilinmen will become the holding subsidiary of the company. Considering that Xilinmen is one of the leading enterprises in domestic soft beds and mattresses, it can further enrich the brand layout and product sequence of the family bed series. Consolidate the company’s leading position in the industry.

Dream Lily:

On November 30, 2018, the company announced a non-public offering plan, and the total amount of funds raised is not more than 800 million yuan. Among them, 350 million yuan will be used for US production base construction projects, 250 million yuan for Serbia (third phase) production base construction projects, and the remaining 200 million yuan will be used to supplement working capital.

According to Tianfeng Securities Report, after the acquisition of Hengkang Serbia in 2013, Mengli has continued to expand its overseas production capacity. Currently, it has established factories in Spain, Serbia, Thailand and the United States.

In addition, the company acquired Spanish Dream at the end of October 2017 to open its own brand market in Europe with its European sales channels.

Meike Home:

On November 24, 2018, the company issued an announcement to increase the capital of three Vietnamese subsidiaries, with a total capital increase of US$26 million.

The announcement stated that the capital increase of the above three target companies is conducive to the overall optimization of production capacity, further transforming Southeast Asia into a major supply source for the company’s North American market and improving the global allocation of the company’s supply chain.


On September 5, 2018, the company announced that it intends to invest 9.9 million US dollars to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, which will jointly invest with Zhejiang Ruixi Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Xilinmen Software Furniture Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. Established a subsidiary in Thailand.

Qumei Home:

According to the company announcement, as of August 29, Qumei Home has completed the tender offer for Ekornes ASA and holds Ekornes ASA through its overseas subsidiaries. 98.36% of the shares, the remaining shares are compulsory acquisitions under Norwegian law. In addition, Ekornes ASA’s performance began in September and is a beautiful home.

Qumei Home previously announced that the company would provide 3.677 billion yuan in cash for this transaction.

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2018 Luo Ke Supply Chain Conference focuses on the South China Sea industry big coffee sharing frontier theory

How do companies supply chain upgrades in the new era, from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands?

On August 21, 2018, the 2018 Luoke Supply Chain Conference was officially launched (hereinafter referred to as “Supply” Chain assembly). The event was hosted by LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group LKKER shared design platform —— Luo Ke Technology Co., Ltd., Foshan Nanhai District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, Foshan Nanhai District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Foshan Luoke Organized by Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd., Luoke South China R&D and Supply Chain Center co-organized, Foshan Nanhai District People’s Government, Foshan Science and Technology Bureau, Foshan Economic and Information Bureau jointly guided.

(Mr. Wu Zhiqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District Committee attended the event)

In April this year, Luo The customer held the “2018 Imagination Festival &middot” in the South China Sea; invited the experts in the field of industrial design to share their experiences, and at the same time, through the “New Species Design Exhibition”, Rococo & middot; Loker’s market in recent years “New” Species, the industrial design innovation concept is introduced into the local manufacturing industry, and the traditional manufacturing transformation and upgrading is promoted from the perspective of product innovation practice. At the same time, it also marks the industrial service category key project introduced by Nanhai District last year. Foshan Luoke Zhongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. officially entered the operation stage.

This supply chain conference focuses on the supply chain of manufacturing, and explores how the supply chain can become a strong competitive force in a new market environment of intelligence, information, and rapid iteration. The conference focused on supply chain management, industrial design, corporate branding, manufacturing trends, and supply chain finance in the field of guest sharing, professional exchange, industrial design support policy interpretation and supply chain manufacturing needs (domestic + foreign).

The South China Sea is an important manufacturing base in South China. This conference is based on the integration of R&D and supply chain resources, based on the South China Sea, radiating South China and even the wider region of the country, promoting the integration of industrial design and manufacturing. Together with the local area, we will improve the quality of Nanhai manufacturing and build a brand made in the South China Sea to promote the development of the South China Sea industry.

From “Made in China” to “China’s Zhizhi” and then “China Brand”

<;Supply Chain Conference is the first innovation conference focused on the vertical field of supply chain . In recent years, China’s manufacturing to China’s intellectual creation has gradually shifted from concept to practice. In the process of upgrading the manufacturing industry, the ever-changing consumer market has put forward new demands, which in turn requires enterprises to have a more sensitive response to the market and better understand the market. More understanding of consumers, better understanding of products, able to quickly seize market demand in a short period of time, constantly innovating products, and quickly complete production and launch, put on the market to meet the increasing consumer demand of consumers.

From this perspective, the supply chain companies themselves have strong product manufacturing capabilities, can incubate products with quality and quantity, but only understand the manufacturing process can not form a strong brand effect, but also need to have A keen sense of products, advanced prediction of product market trends, the product’s innovative design, manufacturing and marketing are connected to form a complete ecological closed loop, with a streamlined, professional management approach to achieve platform-based operations The model can make the manufacturing products form a brand effect in the consumer market.

Luo Ke brings together innovative products, research and development supply chain, marketing, investment, product eco-chain and other products to create a full-process service. Around these five dimensions, a shared design platform with product innovation as the core is formed. The important link in the Luoke ecology is the product design, research and development, hand board, structure, mold opening, small batch, production supply, information, sales channel, supply chain finance. A one-stop integrated service platform that provides supply chain management services centered around product landing.

Li Yichao, President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, at the conference, “How to Make Chinese Brands to Chinese Brands”, based on Rococo ( for 14 years in the design field, helping customers Successfully developed thousands of products and shared the cutting-edge brand upgrade methodology. He believes that “China’s brands must have a scientific approach to building their own brand system, which can deliver brand value to target users through sound, images, products and services.

(The picture shows Li Yichao, President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group)

In Brand Upgrade In the process, how to incubate the products that detonated the market through the supply chain? Zhang Jianhui, vice president of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and general manager of Foshan Luoke Urban Design Center, shared the “Eco-chain of products”, “Product Eco-chain” With the user as the core, the product value and user value are unified, and a good product that exceeds the user’s expectations is created through a professional and controllable process.

(The picture shows Mr. Zhang Jianhui, Vice President of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group and General Manager of Foshan Luoke Urban Design Center) )

Sharing the frontier concept to promote innovation in the supply chain industry

In the era of imagination economy, the supply chain also needs to have the corresponding innovation ability. The Supply Chain Conference released the Loker Supply Chain Platform for the first time and shared the management methodology of the Loker Supply Chain for 14 years with the entrepreneurs present. Deng Zemao, co-founder of Luo Ke shared design platform and general manager of Luo Ke R & D and supply chain center, said, “Luo Ke is an openThe platform for the release, the Luo Ke supply chain platform is also. An open shared supply chain platform will bring new business opportunities and cooperation models to all manufacturing companies, allowing enterprises to seize the opportunity of the times to find their own upgrade path.

(The picture shows Deng Zemao, co-founder of Luo Ke shared design platform and general manager of Luo Ke R&D and Supply Chain Center )

Luoke R&D supply chain breaks the traditional linear development process under the line, and controls product flow, information flow and capital flow through online platform, and integrates supply chain resource technology, from concept demand to product landing. The whole process of controlling and building innovative products. At the same time, we will establish a quality control system, evaluate, review, allocate and manage suppliers who have settled in the platform, and build a team of over 100 senior engineers to ensure product quality and achieve efficient management.

At the conference, Zhang Lina, President of IKEA Procurement and Logistics East Asia, shared from IKEA’s values ​​and business model how IKEA has achieved continuous product innovation through a strong supply chain. Professional interpretation of the development trend of the supply chain.

More than 20 supply chain projects have been released at the event site, covering six major circuits including smart home, robotics, artificial intelligence, pregnant children, cultural products and future travel.

In addition, Xu Wei, deputy director of the Nanhai District Economic and Technological Promotion Bureau, also interpret the “Nanhai District Industrial Design Promotion Support Measures” for representatives of the enterprises present. The “Support Measures” clearly stipulates the qualifications, support projects and quotas of key industrial design platforms. In the future, the company will set up a total of 30 million yuan of special support funds every year, from the subsidized enterprises to buy industrial design services, cultivate industrial design service platforms, reward enterprises to obtain design awards and other three dimensions, to promote the use of industrial design by Nanhai enterprises, promote manufacturing Optimize the upgrade.

Nanhai has a well-established manufacturing enterprise with a complete industrial chain and is able to digest a large number of market orders. Luo Ke and Nanhai have joined hands to combine the product ecological chain with the industrial manufacturing chain for local manufacturing and Luo Ke itself. The development has played a catalytic role. Only by embracing change and innovating, and establishing a benign cooperative relationship with each other, companies can catch up with the changes in the new era.

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The daily maintenance of the dance floor is simple, and it is not difficult to save time and effort.

There have always been many people who have been short-lived and questioned that plastic flooring is not durable enough to be clean, but in fact, these doubts are not enough to understand plastic flooring. It is not difficult to clean the dance floor of the whole body material. As long as you pay more attention to the paving and maintenance, the dance floor can maintain a neat appearance for a long time. The dance floor is easy to scratch due to the formula, but it does not affect the use. For sensitive users, it is advisable to use a micro-scratched dance floor.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021723571041.jpg”>

Routine Maintenance It is just as important as the cleaning work. Japan and South Korea still have the habit of entering the house slippers and sitting on the ground, but China prefers to wear shoes directly into the house. Therefore, if the classroom of the dance floor is laid, it is recommended to place the floor mat at the entrance to reduce the grit pair. Damage to the floor. If possible, it is best for the worker to wear a shoe cover during installation so as to avoid scratching the dance floor before it is put into use.

Dance floor should not be cleaned with strong acid and alkali. It can’t be cleaned with a cleaning ball or knife. It can’t be cleaned with chemical reagents such as acetone and toluene. However, if the dance floor is stained with ink, oil stains and leather shoes, If it is smudged, try to wipe it with a diluted neutral detergent. For daily cleaning, just use a non-drip mop to wipe the dust for cleaning purposes.

600){ This.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021723571042.jpg”>

Scratch dance floor to talk about the problem, many people use to identify the amount of scratches quality dance floor, doing so biased. In order to ensure the anti-slip properties, the addition of calcium powder in the formula has become an important cause of scratches. For dancers, the coefficient of friction from the ground during dance is reasonably reasonable and obviously more important. And many dance brands, technically not too close, simply by reducing the addition of anti-slip ingredients to achieve the brilliance of the dance floor, but it is a matter of reluctance.

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How to identify the quality of solid wood flooring?

The reason why everyone buys solid wood flooring is because of its natural, noble and comfortable. Solid wood flooring without any chromatic aberration is definitely not a good floor (of course, some wood species have very small color differences such as: borneol, rich wood, iron wire, mahogany, etc.) because it is repaired with defective plates. Processed. How to distinguish whether the color difference of the product itself is small or has been processed by color correction?

The method is very simple: just look carefully at the surface of a layer of paint is very thick. The thick paint on the floor surface is the process of finishing the floor. However, the color difference of some wood species is very large. Many consumers have always had a question. What kind of color difference is called normal? What are the color differences that occur due to quality issues? There are several reasons for the chromatic aberration of the floor. The chromatic aberration of the floor is the normal chromatic aberration:

600) {this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021729431204. Jpg>

1. Some of the floorboards are made of tree roots, some are made of tree slabs, and the floor near the roots is dark and heavy; close to the treetops. The place is light in color and light in weight; the place near the bark is light in color and light in weight; the place near the center of the tree is dark in color and heavy in weight. Therefore, it is found that the color depth of a box of floors is sometimes inconsistent and the weight is different.

2, the opening direction of the floor is different (such as some floors are cut into diameter, some are cut by strings), the texture of the floor is inconsistent after processing, the two floors of different wood grain put a visual There will also be chromatic aberrations on the top, which requires careful adjustment by the installation workers.

3, wood is a porous material, the material of different parts is different, and the degree of light and paint is not affected by each part. Same, this is why the same piece of land on both sides The color will appear dark and the color depth of the different textures is inconsistent (if two different colors appear on a floor, it is a quality problem). Overall, the large and thick woods have a large color difference, texture The small and delicate wood has a small color difference. The texture of the large and thick floor covering is rough, natural and wild. The texture is small and delicate. The floor is fresh and clean. There is no absolute good or bad. It should be based on the living room. Relatively speaking, the current wood species with large color difference are: grid wood, two-winged beans, braised skin jade, dried croton, heavy ant wood, oak. Wood with less color difference: borneol, rich Wood, rose mahogany, iron thread, black heart wood lotus, iron wood, garlic fruit wood. Other wood species are between the above. Of course, although the solid wood floor has color difference, if the manufacturer’s color separation work is done well, the paint process is good and right. If the color difference standard of the factory products is strict, the color difference of the floor will be relatively small. In addition, everyone should not be confused by the perfect sample display of the business.

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Weekend net red play, spring broadcast LIKE market to build urban miniature farm

Going to the most beautiful season in Beijing, Golden Autumn October is a good time for autumn, but there are still more than 100 days from the next statutory seven-day holiday. How do we play on weekends? Once the minority market was quietly transformed into Beijing The new business circles of the weekends in the major business districts. On October 20th, the spring broadcast LIKE market returned to Beijing Golden Autumn Weekend, and everyone’s pattern market selection has a high-quality life eco-set!

Markets return to the Internet era “Become a net red game” At the beginning, it was pushed by many small interest circles with exquisite creativity. But it is still not easy to meet the needs of the family’s weekend leisure needs. When people finish overtime and the children leave classes from the training class, everyone urgently needs a quality and effortless family leisure activity. The spring broadcast LIKE market opened in Beijing in 2016, positioning for the pursuit of quality of life and the mass community, one stop to meet the family’s multi-dimensional needs for food, entertainment experience, parent-child time, and new lifestyle.

Looking for delicious food? Punch spring soothing peace of mind healthy food true taste

Food is a must for people to go to the market. The spring broadcast LIKE market is a theme market hosted by Spring Broadcasting Network. The delicious tastes that people taste on the market are selected by spring sowing, there are seasonal ingredients from spring sowing farms; the conscience recommended to carry the dream of new farmers; The hands of all of them explored and brought their own legendary food.

| Delicious weekend, spring broadcast LIKE market gathers Quartet cuisine

This autumn and autumn broadcast LIKE market return, the whole venue has more than 40 selected booths, bringing together nearly 200 kinds of spring sowings to choose peace of mind, healthy and delicious, & ldquo; BEST“Spring broadcast control“Spring broadcast straight <;Quality origin “Imported …… Online star products will appear in the market, try to eat on the spot, truly achieve “eat real food.” Taste the spring sowing, choose the peace of mind, healthy ingredients, and learn about the “story story” behind the different ingredients. You can also easily harvest the “good things” that have been planted for a long time. A market meets the different wishes of the family.

It’s fun to go shopping. Experience the autumn farm style on the edge of Beijing’s Third Ring Road

Autumn season is good, and the weekend can also achieve the whole family. “Travel —— this year The spring sowing LIKE market will move the farmstead to the Aegean Sea Shopping Center in Beijing’s Third Ring Road to create a weekend tide of farmland winds: rural photo studio, spring broadcast quality control laboratory, farming experience, Meng Chong Paradise, a market is a day Autumn tour of the Beijing suburbs. When you eat and play, you don’t have to worry about the taste and the amount of exercise today.

Figure | Creative experience makes weekend fun more fun

Parent-child play new ideas? Enhance the amount of gold in your family time

The marketplace of Paul Vientiane is like visiting a museum of zero distance, understanding the changes of the four seasons, the secret of food growth, the birth of delicious food, and the autumn itself is one In the grand food class, the spring broadcast LIKE market breaks the boundaries of the city and opens the door to nature for the children. Spring sowing professional buyers and farmers will personally teach the stories and knowledge behind those fruits and delicious. Beyond the booth, parent-child yoga, reading, and drama experience will bring more exciting experiences to this food education encyclopedia. Family activities on weekends are no longer the children’s own play. Parents play mobile phones. “Time-consuming, effective interaction is an indispensable factor in achieving parent-child relationships.” When you come to the market, your time is more fun. A market, one stop autumn tour. Today’s market is becoming an important option for more urban families to spend their weekends.

Figure | Parent-child interaction is the most beautiful time

“Market The term initially refers to the activities of people who need to communicate with each other and exchange trade. But in the Internet age, developed e-commerce has given the word a new meaning: city integration is for people to jump out of fast-paced work, into a real touchable, temperature and vitality life experience. The highly convenient life makes more people realize that we not only need to bring the versatile express delivery of distant objects and the warmth of our own home, we also need to establish close contact with the surrounding people, touch the true texture of the food, taste delicious, interactive Games, let delicious, experience and games become the channels through which we communicate with society.

The Spring Broadcasting LIKE Market, along with many marketplaces, allows people to enjoy the convenience of the Internet era while reminding everyone not to forget the beauty of life. In the thousands of options, find the one that really suits you, and you can say that it belongs to everyone’s Internet bonus. This weekend, meet the spring broadcast LIKE market, eat real food, and find a temperature of life.

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Why is cork flooring more expensive than other flooring?

The price of cork flooring is higher than that of laminate flooring, which is lower than the more expensive wood flooring. Cork flooring has an excellent advantage: soft, good foot feel and fatigue resistance. It can greatly reduce the pressure caused by long-term standing on the back, legs and ankles of the human body. For the accidental fall of the elderly or children, it can greatly increase the buffering effect to reduce the damage of the human body caused by the fall; the cork floor can Greatly reduce the noise pollution that people walk on; bare feet walk on the cork floor and feel warmer. In addition, among the many flooring products, the color of cork flooring is unique.

In general, quality qualified cork flooring has high strength wear resistance, can resist the friction of pulley furniture, and has better resistance to compression and recovery. Although the furniture legs are small in contact with the ground, the furniture is heavy, and the cork flooring is partially sunken. However, due to the special structure of the cork itself, it has the ability to restore the original shape after compression. After the furniture is removed for a period of time, The depression will gradually return to level. At the same time, due to the advancement of modern processing technology, cork flooring maintains the characteristics of soft and elastic feet, and the old children can not fall when they fall, and can withstand the normal friction of modern home life or public places, due to the special surface treatment of cork flooring. Will not leave traces due to friction.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171106860.jpg”>

The production process of qualified cork flooring products is very strict. The cork bark has undergone a series of ‘experience’ processes before being processed into the floor. The hot pressing process makes the granular cork material a stable Balanced whole, although cork has a tiny airbag, the treated cork has become pure cork pellets, which are then rearranged together in an artificial hot press to form a new structural system and cured with an adhesive. The interior of the cork granules also maintains the structure of the airbag, while for the exterior, it is completely dense and closed, and does not seep and seep, and the cork flooring which reaches a certain moisture content is not easily deformed by moisture, and does not trap dirt.

The above content is why cork flooring is more expensive, but when you choose, you must be cautious, avoid shoddy, hope that the above content can help you.

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What is the use of stone flooring?

Using heavy calcium carbonate, plant powder, etc. as the main raw materials, after high temperature polymerization, changing the polymer properties, using high-precision equipment for extrusion molding, the main substrate is mainly heavy calcium carbonate, and the surface is specially transferred by thermal transfer. The process produces all kinds of exquisite wood-textured panels, and then is environmentally-friendly and wear-resistant. It is a high-tech new type of stone-wood flooring used for decoration, which is better than wood.

In the paper industry: mainly suitable for cigarette paper, recording paper, printing paper, high whiteness coated paper. In the food industry: mainly in the food processing as a loosening agent and calcium supplements. It is the quality of dairy, meat and noodle products, dairy products and other industries.

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How to choose the right home glass?

The ceiling is used for a large area to be treated

The glass ceiling is mostly used for aisle ceilings. Do not use glass on a large area on the ceiling. Even if it is used, use a metal, wood or plaster to separate the glass ceiling into squares.

Stained glass, sandblasted glass are good materials for ceilings. Deng Fujing, designer of Yuanzhou Decoration Beijing Design Center, believes that the use of glass in the ceiling is also very important because of the limited thickness. ‘Because the glass is self-contained, for safety reasons, the thickness of the ceiling glass is generally controlled at 5-8 mm. ‘

The ceiling on the bathroom can be painted with lacquered glass, which does not fade, and acts as a mirror to enhance the decorative effect.

When using a glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible because the glass is poor in bending resistance and is easily broken. ‘Glass gives people a sense of restlessness’, Longfa Decoration North Juran store designer Dong Yingchun suggested, ‘Do not use too much glass in the living room to make a ceiling, it is easy to destroy the atmosphere of the home, the effect is not ideal. ‘

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The partition wall is best to use tempered glass

For safety reasons, the partition wall should use tempered glass as much as possible, because the hardness of tempered glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, the bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and the safety is higher. It is also possible to frame the glass partition wall.

Dong Yingchun suggested that the partition between the balcony and the living room should consider the requirements for sound insulation and insulation, so it is best to use double glazing or double glazing. Some dry flowers, hay, glass beads and other decorations are inserted in the cracks, which are both light-transparent and decorative, and the bathroom with frosted glass or craft glass can also have a good decorative effect.

In addition, Glass brick is also a good material for partition wall in kitchen bathroom. Because glass brick is not transparent and hard, it is suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom. Glass brick is divided into plain color and color, and some are painted or dark flowers. Patterns, the use of home improvement is very good. However, the cost of glass brick partitions is more expensive than ordinary partition walls. Double.

There should be a prompt on the screen glass

In the foyer, you can consider using a glass screen, not only light, but also a certain artistic effect. According to special style requirements, some Also add a frame, if you use the unframed glass, it is best to make a pattern on it, or to hang a picture, to play a role to prevent the family from accidentally hitting the glass.

Background installation The first place is

Because of the specific style requirements, you can use baking varnish or craft glass. However, it must be installed firmly and glued to the glass, which is firm and beautiful.

The door core is selected according to the size of the door core.

If the door is made of glass, it is best to choose ordinary tempered glass or art glass, and the thickness should be more than 8 mm.

The middle of some wooden doors The glass should be purchased or customized by the owner. At this time, the glass should be processed according to the size of the door core. Generally, the thickness of the door core glass is between 5-8 mm, if the door core area is large, Choose laminated glass, the small area of ​​the door core is not too high. If you use light steel glass or frosted glass, you need A thin wooden lining is added to the door to frame the frame to prevent accidents caused by the impact.

The ground anti-skid measures are very important

The tempered glass with a thickness of 15 mm or more is required, or Laminated glass. Such glass has high strength and is not brittle.

The floor can be made of either stained glass or brown glass. The painted glass floor is stylish and the brown glass floor is slightly restrained and subtle. Meet the needs of different people and decorative styles.

However, Dong Yingchun believes that the use of glass on the ground is dazzling and can create a very avant-garde feeling, but it may be too slippery and not safe, so the glass platform Although it can create a good visual effect, it is also easy to slip, and the corners are not easy to handle. Therefore, it is not recommended to use glass to make the floor or the floor. Even if it is used, it is better to do some anti-slip treatment.

purchase glass attention quality

The naked eye can not distinguish the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass, but tempered glass generally has 3C certification mark; glass can be easily passed through the light Sex to check, such as the glass in front of the eyes, if the glare shows that it has impurities; by looking at the flatness of the glass can also explain the quality problem, and second, look at the picture of the stained glass, if there is a phenomenon of pigment spillover, indicating that it works. Home improvement glass is safe, and consumers are advised to purchase it at a regular building materials store.

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What is a plastic floor? Plastic floor construction process

Plastic flooring refers to flooring made of polyvinyl chloride. Pvc flooring is widely used in all aspects of home and business because of its rich colors and diverse colors. So what is the construction process of the plastic floor?


1. Pour the self-leveling slurry that has been stirred onto the floor of the construction, it will flow and level itself. On the ground, if the design thickness is ≤ mm, it is necessary to scrape it with a special tooth scraper.

2, then the construction workers should wear special spikes, enter the construction ground, use a dedicated self-leveling deflation roller to gently roll on the self-leveling surface, the air mixed in the mixing is released, avoiding air bubbles Pockmark and interface height difference.

3, please close the site immediately after the completion of the construction, no walking within 5 hours, avoid heavy objects within 10 hours, pvc floor can be laid after 24 hours.

4, winter construction, the laying of the floor should be carried out 48-72 hours after self-leveling construction.

5, if the self-leveling fine grinding, it should be carried out after the self-leveling cement is completely dry.

Pre-laying and cutting

1, whether it is coil or block, should be placed on site for more than 24 hours, so that the material is restored, the temperature is consistent with the construction site.

2, using a special edge trimmer to cut the burrs of the coil.

3, when the block is laid, the two materials should be close to each other without seams.

4, when the coil is laid, the overlap of the two materials should be overlapped, generally requiring an overlap of 3 cm. Be careful to keep cutting.

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