Why does the parquet break down?

In the midsummer season, the temperature is slowly increasing, and complaints about the collapse of multi-layer parquet and lacquer-locked laminate flooring (MDF as the substrate) are also increasing. So what is the cause of the collapse of the parquet?

First, the production factors of the product

multi-layer parquet and lacquer lock composite floor (MDF for the substrate) after the completion of the process, in the process of roll coating or coating In the paint, the paint overflows to the floor of the floor. The actual width of the paint film is greater than the width of the floor layer. This creates a hidden danger for the floor collapse. The more paint overflows, the greater the chance of floor collapse. For the production process of painting after first opening, the phenomenon of paint spillage is unavoidable. Although it cannot be judged as a quality problem according to the corresponding product standard, we must attach great importance to it and take measures to minimize the thickness of each painting, especially It is more important to spray, to minimize paint spillage.

Second, the installation factor

due to the tightness of the floor of the floor or the slight bending of the floor, the installation resistance of the floor is large, the knocking force is too large when the floor is installed Uneven, causing the local edge paint film to appear jagged. Its characteristics are that it can be found after installation, irregular random distribution, and the number of occurrences is small. Take the measure by using a floor head as the module against the floor to be installed, then gently tapping the module with a rubber hammer to make the floor close to each other, and the stroke process should be evenly applied.

In addition, when using the keel to install multi-layer parquet, some people put the nail on the tongue, because the nail cap does not sink into the tongue, when the next floor is installed, the tongue is hit A convex small bag appears on the surface of the nail, and in the case of seriousness, a chipping phenomenon occurs at the edge of the small bag. It is characterized by the fact that the chipping can be found after installation, with a regular distribution and a small number of occurrences. Take measures to nail the side of the gutter when installing the floor.

Third, the ground is uneven

Because the ground is uneven, after the floor is paved, there is a gap between the floor and the ground in some places, people move around, the floor moves up and down, the floor The sides between them rub against each other to cause chipping. It is characterized by the fact that after the floor is paved, the collapse occurs in the area where people often move, and it is partial.

Take measures to measure the flatness of the ground before the floor is paved. The flatness should be less than 3mm/2000mm. If the ground is not qualified, it should be leveled before paving.

Fourth, the gaps around the floor when the pavement is insufficient

When the floor is paved, the gap is insufficient to cause the floor to arch. There is a gap between the floor and the ground. During the walking process, the floor moves up and down, and the sides between the floors rub against each other to cause collapse. It is characterized by the fact that the collapse of the floor occurs after a period of paving, in areas where people often move, and there are many points, and the floor and the wall are observed to be in close contact. Take measures to leave enough gaps around the floor, especially in areas such as doorways, kitchens, balconies, etc., to ensure a uniform gap. When the paving length exceeds 8m, it should be partitioned and bridged.

five, moisture-proof membrane ventilation

After the floor covering, because the moisture-proof membrane joints are not sealed with tape, the moisture-proof membrane of some places is damaged during the paving process, causing the ground moisture leakage A large amount of moisture broke into the back of the floor, and the floor produced uneven expansion, which caused the floor to deform and slightly twist, and a gap was formed between the floor and the ground in a local area. During the walking process, the floor moves up and down, and the sides between the floors rub against each other to cause collapse. It is characterized by a gap between the wall and the floor. Take measures before the floor is paved, the moisture-proof membrane joint must be sealed with tape to ensure airtightness.

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Indoor furniture (heavy objects) placed symmetrically

After the floor covering, the heavier items such as furniture, bookcases, fish tanks, etc. are placed symmetrically on both sides of the room, the floor is pressed, hindering the moisture absorption of the floor. The floor can not be shaken, resulting in a regional bulge, which causes the floor of the area to collapse when people walk. The measure is to place the weight on one side as much as possible to ensure free movement on one side of the floor.

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Attentive housewives will know how to care for special environmental wood floors.

The wooden floors that are uniformly paved in the home will be differentiated due to differences in light, humidity, and frequency of use. Therefore, different maintenance methods should be used for wooden floors in different environments. Today, the floor maintenance class teaches you how to deal with these maintenance problems. Let’s take a look.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021748401474.jpg”> Attentive housewives will know how to care for special environmental wood floors

Wood floors exposed to the sun: Before leaving home, be sure to pull the blinds or shade cloth so that it not only keeps the house cool It can also help protect your wooden floor from UV damage. Keep away from direct light, often move the floor and floor on the floor, so that your board can maintain an average color.

600 ){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021748401475.jpg”> Attentive housewives will know how to care for special environmental wood floors

Staircase wooden floor: The linen above the stairs provides good protection for the wooden floor. Such a high-flow area, after the decoration, prepare a piece of such a blanket to solve the wood. The problem of floor wear.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021748401476.jpg”> Attentive housewives will know the special environmental wood floor maintenance method

Corridor wood flooring: In addition to stairs, corridors are also used in areas with high usage rates, and also need to add protective blankets. How does the area protect against scratches? In fact, it is very simple. If you wear high heels, it is best to change to flat shoes so that the floor will not wear out because of the heel.

600 ){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021748401477.jpg”> Attentive housewives will know how to care for special environment wood floors

Kitchen wood flooring: In the event of a leak or dishwasher, prepare some towels that absorb a lot of water to keep the floor dry. For small areas of stains, such as ketchup or soup, it is recommended that you use mild soapy water to clean, but the cleaning area should not be too large to avoid deformation of the floor.

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Seven taboos for laying summer floors

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First: Floor Stacking

Summer Originally, it was a high-temperature and dry fire-prone season. There were many materials and tools in the decoration. The wooden floor was not placed in a cool place. It was piled up with other materials and placed at the plug and wire connection. Be careful that the material will burn because of the high temperature, which will lead to fire.

Second: Don’t pay attention to the environmental protection of the floor

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How to make a business full of custom-made furniture franchise stores?

2018 is “customized real year, the current custom industry, consumer demand is strong, market capacity is large, development growth is fast,” black hole effect is revealed. It can be said that the whole house custom furniture joining is a big business opportunity, then how to make the business full of custom furniture franchise stores?

1. Choose a more suitable store address, as long as it belongs to the world of custom furniture for the whole house, and you can choose to have a shop, which can be suitable for people who come to more people, and many The purpose of the guests here is to be able to purchase the right custom furniture for the whole house, so it is better to have enough attractiveness in your store.

2, the decoration must have high-grade taste, and each angle of the store can be added to the fashion decoration style, it will be added more suitable for the whole house custom furniture in the sample decoration display In the process, it will have a more matching effect, which can make the visual highlighting more perfect effect. So it is best to attract customers from this point. Specifically, you can see how the whole house custom furniture franchise is decorated.

3, business skills, must be in place, but can gradually understand the psychological needs of customers, custom furniture for the whole house Cognitive ability is strong, so in the process of chatting with consumers, you can better introduce your own custom furniture products, you will be able to manage skills, and flexible transformation can improve business and service. To the first, this will allow the whole store to customize the furniture to join the store will be more business-friendly.

How to make a full-fledged furniture franchise store? How to do business? If you want to join the whole house custom furniture, please continue to pay attention to China Merchants Building Materials Network!

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Comparison of whole bathroom and traditional bathroom

Speaking of Japanese bathroom, do you first respond to smart toilets and bathtubs? For those who like to watch Japanese TV dramas or have been to Japan, I believe that they are also very impressed with the Japanese bathroom. This whole bathroom sparrow is small and complete. Even more, it is more comfortable and intimate than the large domestic bathroom. The whole bathroom was in the 1990s, and it gradually became “into the domestic home improvement market”.

With the increasing popularity of finely furnished homes and the national policies of industrialized, low carbon and environmentally friendly homes In the introduction, domestic hotels, hospitals, ships, and fast-loading rooms have used a large number of bathrooms. However, compared with Japan, the overall sanitary ware is currently mainly used in commercial projects in China, and has not yet taken root in the homes of ordinary people. Therefore, the overall bathroom market has unlimited potential.

What are the advantages of the whole bathroom and the traditional bathroom?


The whole bathroom: generally only need two workers, the fastest 4 hours to complete During the assembly process, the construction period is extremely short, which greatly saves construction time.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: Each bathroom fitting is independent of each other, the decoration is complicated and the cost is high, which takes more than ten days to complete.


Overall bathroom: SMC material, which is an aviation material, It weighs less than one-fifth of the tile, but its strength is much better than that of the tile, which is light, tough and durable.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: Most of the building materials used are relatively hard, including cement walls, tiles & hellip; if the anti-slip measures are not in place, it is likely to cause a fall.


Overall bathroom: It is formed by CNC machine tool once, with high precision and good stability. It eliminates the quality problems caused by artificial empty drums and uneven seams, and avoids water leakage. Hidden dangers.

Traditional bathroom: the traditional bathroom floor is easy to leak, the wall is also easy to leak and mold changes; the traditional craftsmanship of the plasterer can not fundamentally solve the problem of bathroom leakage.


Overall bathroom: SMC material has thermal insulation properties, and the skin feels intimate . Insulation in winter and heat insulation in summer.

Traditional Sanitary Ware: The use of decoration materials has poor thermal insulation properties and thermal insulation properties, and heat is easily lost. Heating facilities such as Yuba are also required.


The whole bathroom: the top can be equipped with cool breeze, sauna, ventilation , dry, hot and cold air conditioning and other functions in one device, the bottom has two stainless steel tubes, encountered yellow clothes that are difficult to dry clothes, you can hang the washed clothes in the bathroom, open the drying function, dry the clothes. There are also multiple intelligent control panels in the bathroom that automatically set the water temperature and heating time.

Traditional Bathroom: The function is relatively simple, you need to install other accessories yourself.

After reading it, is it just an eye-opener? And this is just the bathroom of ordinary Japanese people! As far as China’s current situation is concerned, there are certain difficulties in the development of the whole bathroom.

There are many types of sanitary products in the whole, but because the current market demand has not yet enabled them to form large-scale production, product design and logistics distribution require more costs, and the price is difficult for civilians.

However, the speed of China’s development is so rapid, so the popularity of intelligent bathroom should not be far away from us.

You can also pay attention to China Merchants Bao http://www.zhaoshangbao.com/ to learn more about building materials.

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Things you must learn to maintain solid wood flooring

First, waterproof and moisture-proof: air conditioning dehumidification function to get home After installing the wooden floor, the home needs to pay attention to dehumidification. Experts believe that it is not necessary to spend a long time, as long as you go back to work and watch TV while turning on the air conditioning dehumidification function, 2 or 3 hours a day is enough. After returning to Nantian, there is no need to damp, as long as the home often opens the door, open the window and ventilate the air. Second, the wooden floor cleaning should pay attention to: Do ​​not use the wet mop When handling the wooden floor, the moisture is necessary to pay special attention. When cleaning, do not use a wet mop to mop the floor. All the wooden floors can’t stand it. It is best to wipe it with a dry rag. There is also a place where there is water in the bathroom and the kitchen. Waterproofing must be passed through, and no leakage will occur. Otherwise, it will leak under the wooden floor and will arch, deform and expand for a long time. In addition, living home Baroque floor Li Gongbo specifically reminded netizens: Shenzhen has arrived in the typhoon season, and the wind and rain are falling down. The house should pay attention to closing the doors and windows. If it is ignored, the rain will come in, and the floor will definitely have problems. . If the heater leaks or there is water stain on the ground, it must be wiped clean in time. Do not let the sun explode or bake directly in the electric oven to avoid drying too fast and the floor cracking. Third, reduce the long-term direct sunlight to paint the good floor for a long time, do not live, do not cover with plastic cloth or newspaper, time will be sticky, tarnish, and avoid hot water pot, hot rice pot, etc. Place it on the floor and apply it with a wooden board or a straw mat to avoid scalding the paint film. After laying the paint floor, try to reduce the direct sunlight of the sun, so as to avoid excessive exposure of the paint to ultraviolet rays, premature cracking and aging. Place furniture on the floor with rubber or other soft objects to prevent scratching the floor paint. Fourth, the best use of cloth slippers in the home When walking on the solid wood floor, should wear cloth slippers, preferably bare feet. Put the soft bottom protection pad on the ‘foot’ of the furniture to avoid the ‘foot’ of the furniture scratching the wear-resistant layer of the solid wood wooden floor, do not let the heavy items smash the wear layer. Do not use sandpaper, sanders, steel brushes, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean solid wood flooring. If you have cats in your home, you have to find a way to solve the damage of cat claws. 5, to maintain indoor dry and wet moderate solid wood flooring after paving should stay within two weeks, long time non-resident or often do not live in the room, should put a few pots of water in the room or use a humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should Increase ventilation. Keep indoors from being too dry or wet.

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How does the kaa live platform dock to the official? Deren Kaa live broadcast for sunny days

Deren Fund provides KAA with an operational plan that meets the current environment. Innovative Internet thinking combined with investment and management, Mai drag and disassemble this eight-character mantra to create a new business model. Because we must first raise money before we do anything; there are only two forms of financing around the world: one is equity financing and the other is bond financing. Equity financing is that everyone makes a business together and earns everyone a share of the loss of shares, and everyone loses. The common saying of bond financing is to borrow money. I need money to do business. You lend me. Then my business is doing well and badly, it has nothing to do with you. I just need to give you the interest and interest according to the deadline.

But we found the Chinese market today. When you share with others how much it is for others to invest, it will become more and more difficult, so we have innovated in financing today. We didn’t make money in the early days, only fans. Because now China has entered the fan economy. Ma Yun once said a word: the resource is called the world, the resources she talked about are fans. In the first stage, we set a small goal and first melted a million fans.

What the fans have to do is to talk about it later, and it’s even harder to invest. Many companies thinking about Internet thinking are thinking about how fans can quickly realize their problems. A precise investment must depend on whether he has three characteristics, whether it is a competitive product and a strong culture, and a system that is human. Therefore, the final kaa product is the educational live training and shareholder dividend mechanism. Of course, there is also a series of blockchain ecosystems such as the second stage of the award-winning voting exchange. Then we look at the first stage of entertainment live broadcast, you can quickly achieve the circle powder. A new net red can have millions of fans.

With education and training, we plan to create online live learning education for blockchain. This is still in the blank stage at home, and no one is doing the blue ocean market. For the entire blockchain industry, fresh blood is constantly being cultivated. At the same time, the shareholder dividend mechanism is adopted to realize the anchor community user to become a community of interests. That can give 83% of the total return to all Kaa partners.

So KAA’s products are highly competitive in the market, so we should also give it a strong culture. The three big companies in the world are Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. Their employees are all over the world and they share a common culture called faith. Applicable to our people is called a dream, everyone has the right to realize their dreams. Today KAA is a platform to realize their dreams. Entertainment live broadcasts everyone’s star dream and education and training realizes everyone’s big coffee dream; shareholder dividends realize Everyone’s dream of success. Three dreams, the gathering of kaa carries the hope of everyone. Kaa’s mission is to help our little friends succeed in their dreams. Product and culture are perfect, this is not a good business model. The system is the most crucial part. Today we need to change and innovate in the system, so that almost everyone can have a relationship with the guests. In other words, as long as you want can help you achieve. The first user relationship occurs, that is, free download registration and complete real-name authentication; kaa live broadcast will send you a high bitcoin reward, random fight. If you want to have a shareholder relationship. You only need to bring a hundred users to kaa live, you can become our VIP share of kaa; you can enjoy 3% of all eco benefits of kaa. The higher the number of people, the higher the income will be!

KAA token mechanism, rewarding live broadcast Mine platform purchase, cost, voting, and distribution. This world is so good! There is a self-reliant exchange, and the rest of the tokens are voted on. That’s right, KAA is so powerful!

If you want to be a sharer of kaa, become a shareholder of kaa, realize your dream of success; you can follow the public number to enter the community.

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The first is the bottom of the pot and the bright kitchen stove. Why is the duck blood so red?

From the beginning of this year to the present, Tan Duck Blood Hot Pot has jumped into the Chengdu hot pot market in the form of a black horse. In just over six months, it has opened more than 10 directly operated stores in Chengdu.

Every day, close to the meal, the diners who are eager to take the blood of the Tan duck will be in groups, and the friends who are calling friends will wait in front of the store, sometimes even waiting for 2 or 3 hours. Willingly. The authentic Sichuan flavor and super high popularity not only make the guests feel ashamed, but also attract Hong Kong and Taiwan stars including Ren Xianqi, Su Yongkang, Liang Hanwen, Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Li Zixiong, etc., while Li Boqing, Yuan Feng, Tan Weiwei, Wei Qun Yaochuan and Ma Mingyu and other Sichuanese stars are frequent visitors to various direct sales stores.

Why is the Tan duck blood old hot pot so hot? Every diners with equal rankings have issued such silent questions in the heart, and when they are seriously experienced, the answer is gradually clear: the iconic material Pot bottom, Ming kitchen bright stove, special faucet pot, original open luck seal, Tan Gong duck blood, hand cut shiitake mushroom, thick cut lunch meat … … Tan duck blood old hot pot unique seven weapons, take the diners Looking forward to it, it also relies on the unique skills of the rivers and lakes in 2018 Chengdu’s hot pot rivers and lakes.

Ming kitchen bright stove with a faucet pot, just to make a delicious mouth to eat assured

Into the Tan duck blood Taigu Li shop door, a double faucet pot is very attractive Attention, this is the first secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood. The idea of ​​such a double-faucet pot is derived from the originality of Tan Duck Blood. On the one hand, it is intended to show the beautiful expectations of life, and on the other hand, it is not difficult to see the blood of Tan Duck on the food safety. The faucet pot is filled with the secret weapon of Tan Duck Blood —— Tan Gongyu blood. The duck blood is selected for distribution on the same day, and the duck blood is placed in the faucet pot after being sent to the store. “Drug duck blood is a traditional craft,” “The tight blood of the duck is better, and the mouth is delicious.

Entering the store, in the open-plan operation room, there are a lot of ingredients such as hairy belly, yellow throat, luncheon meat, green bamboo shoots, potatoes, and glutinous rice. More than ten garnished masters have already been busy. Ming kitchen bright stove, this is the third secret weapon of Tan duck blood.

I saw that the masters were neatly dressed, masks, gloves and other standard equipments. Needless to say, when facing the customers, the dishes are more calm than the back kitchen. For the customer, from the time the order is placed to the dish, the preparation of the ingredients can be completed almost in the operation room. Before the stomach was lifted, the bright kitchen stove in front of the eyes was pleasing to the eye, and it was more reassuring to eat.

There is a connotation of the quality of the bottom of the pot, and you can open the hot pot if you eat it.

If the faucet pot is the facade of Tan duck blood, it is appropriate to have the bottom of the pot and the blood of the duck. The connotation of the right! Whether a hot pot is authentic, whether the materials are safe, this pot is very knowledgeable. In the past, it was often the case that the hot pot was served. The waiter directly put on the bottom of the pot. What is the material in the bottom of the pot? The freshness is in the end, the customer is not clear. There is also such a hot pot bottom material packed into small pouches, the waiter cuts and mixes in front of the customer’s face, and the bottom material finally melts into a pot bottom … … In fact, for the customer, the origin of the ingredients at the bottom of the pot is still somewhat Look at the flowers in the fog.

The value of Tan Duck Blood Old Hot Pot is that it breaks the routine, the first pot has the bottom of the pot, the duck blood is used as the base material, the bottom of the pot is butter, ginger garlic, base material, two vitex, and dried tofu. The eggs are clearly visible. In addition, Tan duck blood also abandoned the traditional bone soup, created the bottom of the eagle tea soup, its taste is not reduced, the flavor is more healthy and not getting angry.

It is worth mentioning that each pot of material will be covered with a Fortune seal. Every time I open the pot, it also foreshadows a good wish ——“ In the same ordinary pot bottom, the bottom of the duck blood pot stands out with its connotation and ritual feeling, creating the first of the catering era. There are two kinds of secret weapons: Tan duck blood and two secret weapons.

The bottom of the pot is “material, so it deserves to be taken seriously. Tan duck blood each pot bottom material is a disposable base material, from the beginning of the pot to the customer to eat, the Tan duck blood has the bottom of the pot to complete the mission, only for every soul that loves food bloom once. For example, Liao Jian, the founder of Tan Duck Blood, and the star of the Bayu, said, “I don’t worry about the taste of the product. The safety of the product is absolutely assured. I will not get rid of my own signboard. If you have any questions, please come to me. Jian Ge has been here!

Breaking the traditional old three, hand-cut mushrooms back to the truth

Every delicious dish that loves hot pot, the favorite dish There must be “hairy belly,” duck intestines, “yellow throat,” “wide powder & hellip; … life needs freshness, as well as eating hot pot. Among the top ten dishes of Tan Duck Blood, many dishes have refreshed the perception of diners. It is not necessary to say that the duck blood of the signature ducks is too greasy, the thick cut lunch meat, the special special offer, the dense taste makes people forget. Want to eat & ldquo; mushrooms, let you feel the growth mode at zero distance, the clerk and even the diners personally take off the picking, the last second is still growing, the next second to eat in the mouth, full of delicious.

Selling very good toothpick beef, the taste is not negative, bite a bite, the happiness of high-quality ingredients, overflowing between the lips and teeth. As a hot pot must order, “double belly in the Tan duck blood performance bright, crisp taste even if you eat it can not help but always linger. Braised sausages, such as marinated sausages, simmered with special spices, dried and fragrant peppers and dried succulents, are perfect!

In May, Hong Kong star football team and Sichuan Huangbei star team went Come to the Tan duck blood old hot pot Taikooli shop to taste the authentic Chengdu hot pot. Quietly tell you, including Chen Baixiang, Zhang Zhaohui, Yao Xia, Wei Qun and other stars, that night Tan Gong duck blood, thick cut lunch meat, hand cut mushrooms, marinated sausage, toothpick beef, hairy bellyThere are several copies of the Melaleuca belly!

The reason why the Tan Duck Blood brand has become a catering dark horse in Chengdu, Sichuan and even the whole country. After the opening of the team, after several years of market research, they not only Successfully caught the eye and taste buds of the good diners, and also presented a legendary return to the hot pot rivers and lakes in Chengdu. It is no wonder that there has been a wave of follow-up in the world of duck blood hot pots. Some merchants even take the risk of imitating plagiarism … … in Chengdu, nothing is a hot pot can not be solved. Want to eat hot pot? Tan duck blood to understand!

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Solid wood flooring installed guidelines to create a warm home

Solid wood flooring has a policy to create a warm family. In the building materials market, there are many kinds of solid wood flooring, the colors are different, so that consumers can’t see the difference. How to distinguish good solid wood flooring, I don’t know how to install it after purchasing. I will give you an introduction to this topic so that you can have a correct understanding in life. Let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

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21 meters cliff swing 360 degree pendulum high altitude project gathered in Chongqing Ordovician scenic spot

Chongqing Ordovician in the Red Scenic Area, a new group of fun projects was opened in October, and the Challenge Index was upgraded again. On October 13, the reporter drove two hours from the main city of Chongqing to the scenic spot to experience these newly opened Trolltech projects.

21m cliff swing

Refreshing the country’s longest swing record

11:30, the reporter went to the 21-meter cliff swing project at the entrance to the west gate of the scenic spot. The crowd waiting for the experience has already lined up. Everyone waits and lifts the mobile phone, yelling at the tourists who are experiencing. Shooting, listening to the screams of the visitors, the music is laughter.

This 21-meter cliff swing is next to the 18-meter cliff swing that had previously exploded. The opening, also refreshed the highest swing record in the country maintained by Ordovician itself. The reporter noticed that the two swings are erected on the edge of the cliff. Due to the higher geographical position of the 21-meter cliff swing, the 21-meter cliff swing is more than 3 meters higher than the 18-meter cliff swing next to it. The 18-meter cliff swing is 1.5 times higher.

Waiting for the reporter experience, the staff first put on the pressure suit for the reporter in the safe area and buckled the safety rope to avoid the risk of falling from the safe area to the riding area. Sitting on the swing, the staff put a safety bar on the reporter, let the reporter and the swing become one, and then buckle the buckle on the WIA suit on the safety rope hanging from the top of the swing. Double insurance ensures safety, two jobs The personnel came to check it once. It is said that this swing has six insurance measures.

With a ringing, the reporter was pulled back slowly and pulled up at the top by the electromagnet Sucking firmly, at this time, because the face is facing down, the crumbling fear suddenly hits. Suddenly, the electromagnet is released, and the huge height difference can push the swing down to the speed, approaching the ground. When I suddenly went up, I took the reporter out of the cliff and flew into the valley. Throughout the whole process, the wind in the ear whizzed past, and the huge sense of weightlessness made the heart mention the eyes of the blind. When the swing was placed over the valley, it looked down, and the foot was the abyss of the clouds, and the stimulus index exploded. Since the swing rope has a limit height of 21 meters, the whole process is similar to the bungee jumping from the height of the 7th floor, and then flying into the sky, this feeling is exciting and happy.

360 degree pendulum

The brawny are scared to turn soft legs.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the 360 ​​degree pendulum project, ready to experience this It is said to be able to scare the brawny soft super project. From the appearance, the height of this large pendulum is higher than our common ordinary pendulum, which is nearly 50 meters high. The staff told reporters that this is the first 360-degree pendulum in the southwest. It was officially opened at the end of September and is now a new network red project in the scenic area.

The reporter learned that the 360-degree pendulum is characterized by sending tourists to high altitudes at an extremely fast speed, which accelerates the reciprocating swing while the cockpit rotates 360 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. Between the whirlwinds, let you dazzle the fans, thrilling.

It is the turn of the reporter experience to go to the round cockpit of the big pendulum, facing outwards, with the shoulders as a safety restraint, with the front and waist triple safety belts, two security officers in turn After confirming the security, the staff pressed the startup ringtone. After a brief few gentle swings, I only heard a cry from the ear. The reporter had been smashed into the air, and the equipment and swing arm totaled a height difference of 70 meters, so that the crowd under the feet instantly became a dwarf, and the cliffs in the distance were full of scenery. In the eyes. After a short pause in midair, the reporter was swayed to the other side of the air. During the whole process, the huge sense of weight loss brought by the speed, the unspeakable pleasure of the moment between the heavens and the earth.

Unlike the general pendulum, the entire round cockpit is pulled up and down by the swing arm, and it will turn 360 degrees, making the weight loss stronger, never give you The time to whet in the middle, basically, after you get down, you will be unstable.

Jumping Machine

The Ultimate Challenge of Reality Explosion Table

To talk about the BOSS-level amusements of major amusement parks, the jumping machine must be one of them. member. However, have you seen the real-time construction of a jumping machine on the edge of the cliff? I heard that the new Ordovician opened a brand new “jumping machine. Recently, the network was very hot. Thinking about it again and again, the reporter went down from 360 degrees. Or the legs are soft and come here.

The reporter saw at the scene that the cliff-climbing machine was only about 5 meters away from the cliff, and the height reached 50 meters. When the reporter’s experience finally arrived, the staff helped the reporter to put on safety. Belt, while telling reporters the secret of this project is “look forward.”

As the project started, the reporter was slowly raised to the top of the sky, and the reporter understood the true meaning of the staff. Looking down in the sky, it is the cloud that fills the clouds after the rain, as if you are on the cloud, and looking forward, not only can ease the fear of looking down, but also the beauty of the mountains after the new rain. Looking into the distance, the distant mountains splashed ink in the smoke clouds, and the strangers stretched in the green, and the scenery after the rain was extremely beautiful.

Suddenly, as the machine suddenly fell, the reporter fell like a free fall, and he couldn’t help but let go. The cliff was close at hand, and it seemed that the next second would fall. There was a burst of screams. The 300-meter abyss creates a huge difference in height, which magnifies the sensory stimulation of the speed-dropping weightlessness several times, exactly like “safely jumping over a cliff”. Sitting on it, as the equipment liftsAscending and losing weight, the adrenaline is soaring, both exciting and refreshing!

Flying at high altitude

360-degree bird’s-eye view of the cliff

Fighting the last guts, The reporter came to the high-altitude flying project next to the jumping machine to line up. This is an upgraded version of the rotating swivel chair that is common in our playground. The seat that is pulled by a sling will rise slowly with the equipment until it is 350 meters above the bottom of the cliff, giving you a 360-degree view of the Ordovician .

As the machine starts, first hear a beautiful, cheerful melody, and with the slow rise of the tower, you will mistakenly think that this is a scare-like project similar to a carousel. However, don’t be fooled by the gentleness of the beginning. As the tower rises to the top, the equipment starts to accelerate, and the slings on the chair are getting tighter and tighter. “The experiencer is flying at high speed in the air. You will have a sense of dizziness, and after adaptation, it will be a kind of joyful feeling of wings, especially when you rotate to the sky, the fear of the abyss that you can’t see at the end is intertwined with the sense of weightlessness that can fly away at any time. People can’t help but heartbeat. Throughout the rotation, your eyes will be amazed by the beauty of the front, and the 360-degree rotating equipment will give you a bird’s-eye view of the valley without a dead end, flying like a bird.

At the scene, the reporter found that this project attracted a lot of couples and queued up because of the The project also specially prepared a table and chairs for two couples. The two sides held hands in the air. They flew together, listened to each other’s heartbeat and watched the beautiful scenery. It was really romantic.

Other interesting projects in the Ordovician scenic area are also open to normal, such as the Guinness World Record Sky Hanging Gallery, the first glass suspension bridge in the southwest, the high-altitude speed skating of the Feiyue Mountain, etc. The legs are already soft, you can’t play well anymore. If you want to have fun, remember, finally play 360 degree pendulum or jump cliff machine, otherwise it will be difficult to stick to one day!

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