Mahogany flooring maintenance methods throughout the year

Redwood furniture is more expensive in household products, so care for mahogany products requires careful maintenance to extend the life of mahogany furniture. So how to maintain the mahogany floor? In fact, the maintenance of mahogany furniture requires not only the care, but also the different seasons.

Spring is the best season for mahogany floor maintenance, and is the best season for ‘sizing’ (pasting). In addition, mahogany floor maintenance once a year can also be carried out in the spring, allowing the floor to be fully maintained, making the mahogany floor radiant.

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Summer is moist and damp, easy to mold, so the floor moisture is very important. Do not use a damp cloth to clean the floor during daily cleaning of the floor, and prevent the floor surface from getting wet. If the surface of the mahogany floor is not shiny, you can carry out waxing maintenance. This will not only protect the mahogany floor from moisture, but also maintain the surface gloss of the mahogany floor.

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Autumn is a good day, and it is the best season for mahogany floor maintenance. The maintenance method is basically the same as spring. There is no hot wax in the spring, and the owner can also choose to be in the fall. At the same time, it is necessary to wipe the floor frequently with a soft cotton cloth to ensure that the surface of the floor is dry and clean.

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The winter is the driest. If the indoor air is too dry, it is not a good thing for the wooden floor in the home. This season’s mahogany floor should not be waxed during maintenance, especially the new one. The floor should not be waxed before the paving. Of course, in order to ensure that the natural moisture content in the wooden floor is not lost due to the excessively dry air outside, the wax can be simply maintained for maintenance (solvent is dissolved in solvent, or melted moderately) ), this can play a moderate sealing effect on the moisture of the floor, of course, in this process must pay attention to the amount of wax to be less, less. In the winter maintenance of home mahogany floor, you must pay attention to ensure that the indoor appropriate Humidity, if necessary, can also be humidified with a humidifier, and the mahogany floor in the winter home must be kept away from the heat source (heating or hot air vent) to ensure that the wooden floor will not crack due to excessive water loss.

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Matters needing attention in the construction of steel fiber reinforced concrete floor

First, the steel fiber concrete floor grid joint crack

1. For large-area steel fiber concrete floor construction, the spacing of the grid joints can be appropriately increased, up to 12m, far higher than ordinary concrete Ping.

2. When the concrete floor is divided into joints, the cutter is used to cut the side of the concrete to the joint of the first construction plate to ensure that the joint material is close to the concrete surface, thus ensuring the straight seam. .

Second, steel fiber concrete floor surface

Steel fiber concrete floor surface, whether it is mechanical or manual surface, a small amount of exposed steel fiber should be treated, otherwise it will affect the floor aesthetics and use. Steel fibers at a level of less than 1 cm on the surface are usually removed, and the vertical steel fibers bend their ends into the concrete.

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International imported timber prices increase the risk of the downstream floor furniture industry

Timber in Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Russia is China’s main source of imports. Due to factors such as reduced resources, national policies, exchange rates, and transportation costs, prices have not been the same as in the previous two years. Since the beginning of the year, the signal of the shortage of global timber resources has been continuously issued, and the price increase of imported timber is no longer news. A Northeast floor production entrepreneur told reporters that timber imported from North America this year has risen by at least 30%.

Russia, Malaysia and other countries have successively announced policies to reduce timber exports. Recently, according to the notice of the Forest Products Industry Association, some rare and endangered species such as rosewood and ebony in Madagascar are rapidly decreasing, attracting the attention of many countries. These woods are mainly used to make traditional style mahogany furniture in the high-end classical furniture market in China. Circulation.

Throughout the domestic wood industry, the implementation of the national natural protection project, the forest area is banned and cut, the supply of wood suitable for furniture production is reduced, it is understood that Jilin, Yunnan, Guangxi and other production of wood The major provinces all indicated that forestry has significantly reduced production. The tightening of timber supply at home and abroad will become more apparent in the future.

Downstream merchants spread risk or control upstream

The impact of timber supply on the production of downstream furniture and flooring is the first to bear the brunt. In the furniture and flooring industry, the reporter found that some manufacturers are looking for new sources of plates, which gives more space for other plates.

Tightening of timber resources at home and abroad has led to price hikes that are inevitable. In this case, the price increase of all the plates is like a lasting ‘hard decision’. It is understood that the domestic wood-based panel production giants Jilin Senlu Lushuihe plate after the price increase at the beginning of this year, is brewing next year’s price increase, the timing and magnitude of the price increase is still being discussed. In addition, other domestic plate producers and imported plates such as EGGER also joined this trend. Zhong Hongwen, the general agent of Germany’s EGGER plate China, revealed that the downstream flooring furniture industry will spread the risk this year due to the rising prices of imported timber such as transportation and raw materials.

Release date: 2011/11/4 8:51:43

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Is the domestic product more than the foreign brand?

Domestic and imported flooring are slightly different in material. The former uses eucalyptus, eucalyptus and two-winged beans, while the latter prefers birch, oak, eucalyptus, and cherry wood. This is due to domestic and The geographical environment and living habits of foreign countries are different, and there is no distinction between good and bad. But many consumers are often danced, thinking that the latter’s wood is more expensive than the former, but in fact, these solid wood flooring is not necessarily what you really need.

In China, flooring companies mainly produce solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring. In the West, the floor companies used multi-layer solid wood and laminate flooring to avoid waste of wood. Although the latter is conducive to protecting the natural environment, from the consumer’s point of view, domestically produced products are more healthy and environmentally friendly.

In the appearance of the floor, China’s floor tends to be artificially carved, and strives to refine the experience of the floor, so the wormholes, nicks and the like on the wood are generally filled, and the imported floor is more inclined. In nature. They are often deliberately left behind. Therefore, many consumers are misled into the imported floor is definitely the choice of solid wood, while the domestic is the impression of using the laminate floor to counterfeit solid wood flooring. This is not true.

More importantly, due to labor costs and tariffs, imported products are often much higher than domestically produced, and are not guaranteed after sale. Therefore, Xiao Bian advises consumers to be cautious when choosing the floor. Don’t think that importing is necessarily good.

Release date: 2014/10/17 9:35:54

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How do Chinese flooring companies “internal and external troubles” break through?

At the moment, the pace of economic globalization is getting faster and faster, and a large number of top international brands are pouring into the domestic market. For Chinese flooring companies that have developed for nearly 30 years, this is undoubtedly an opportunity and a challenge. With the sustained and rapid development of China’s economy, the rapid advancement of urbanization and the continuous warming of the real estate industry, Chinese flooring companies are blooming everywhere in China, but unfortunately, China is not the first country in floor production, and most of its raw materials are still imported. And China’s flooring companies are far from the international level in terms of technical level and product quality, and they cannot compete.

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Cork flooring is expected to become a potential stock

Cork flooring, an unexplored potential market

At home, the most familiar and common cork products should be cork stoppers for wine bottles. In addition, we often see cup mats and Pot mats and more. But what people are not familiar with is another big use of cork, which is used to make floors.

Cork flooring is known as ‘the pyramid of the floor consumption’, as its name suggests it is a product of high-end consumers. According to experts, cork and solid wood flooring are more environmentally friendly, soundproof, and the moisture-proof effect will be better. Stepping on the cork floor gives the person an excellent feeling of comfort. Because cork flooring has this advantage, many consumers have already favored this product. ‘At present, the development of cork flooring is slow, and the degree of acceptance is not very high, but cork flooring has been recognized and paid attention to as a new type of flooring due to its inherent characteristics and advantages. Especially in the North American market, the consumption is large. Wang Yong, general manager of Beijing Dehejia Wood Industry, said.

It is understood that from the perspective of the entire flooring products, Europe, the United States, China is the world’s three major flooring market, the largest market share is currently in North America. Because the local flooring processing industry is relatively backward, the main sources of market supply include factories in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, China, and Europe, and the orders are huge. In addition to North America, the market consumption in Europe is also very impressive, because their consumption habits are short floor replacement cycles. China may use laminate flooring for five to ten years to replace, and they may be replaced in two or three years. Short-term use and frequent replacement directly increase market consumption.

According to the data given by Wang Yong, the global production and sales of cork flooring is about 15 million square meters, although it is the smallest category of flooring category, not as much as one tenth of the laminate flooring, but Its development prospects are broad, so it is favored by some domestic manufacturers. Europe has the world’s largest cork flooring company Amorim. Although there are quite a few Chinese companies, the scale is very small. Only the Jinglin, Shaanxi Senhao Shi, and Beijing Dehejia are the only ones. At present, China’s cork flooring market has a production and sales volume of less than 1 million square meters. Compared with the European and American markets, the market space is very broad.

Beijing Dehejia Wood Industry is one of the companies that have focused on cork flooring in recent years, and has accumulated mature brands and processes. Wang Yong, general manager of Dehejia Floor, told Sina Home Reporter that Dehe has been researching and looking for a relatively new wood flooring product. For this reason, I also thought about starting with the agent Amorim’s products, but the conditions are too harsh. I don’t want to make a floor. I don’t have too much technical content to try my own money. But I didn’t think that the process of development and production was very complicated. I have been doing it for many years, so I have persisted and gradually mastered it. The core technology of cork flooring. Wang Yong said that it is necessary to continue the cause of cork flooring. Cork flooring may be a good opportunity under the current sluggish home market.

Market segment Cork flooring is expected to become potential stocks

‘Cork flooring is a relatively European product, if it is from the trend of trendy and fashion, this is the future trend. Although we push the classical furniture, the style of western furniture has a greater influence on the international market. It represents the aesthetic taste of a culture, so the softwood floor is now being promoted globally faster. Nowadays, all the brands that are importing brands and the brands that import imported products have begun to sell cork flooring. ‘

Wang Yong told reporters that cork flooring can produce 5 million square meters of production and sales within three years. Although there are only less than 100 square meters of production and sales in China, everyone is now working harder. . All products can be seen in the law. The first floor of the laminate was not made in China. It was imported first. Since 2000, it has been gradually localized in the laminate floor, and then the production capacity has come up. And this product may be subject to resource constraints, relatively special, the price can not be as low as the laminate floor, so it will not be as large as the laminate floor, but if it is a category in the domestic market It will definitely be loved by white-collar workers and high-consumption people. This is the development trend of this product.

De Hejia used to do floor trade, and also represented domestic and international brands, but now focuses on cork flooring. Wang Yong said that it was also caused by historical reasons. Dehe’s first imported products came, and it’s not bad. But there are various reasons for doing imported products. Our overall judgment on the market, from 2000 to 2006, China’s manufacturing industry is very development. Fast, domestic laminate flooring and European products are not much different, and the laminate flooring is also exported. If we import the laminate flooring from Europe, the feeling is greatly limited. Finally, it is the thing of Ou Dian that prompts us to stop importing products. The thing of Ou Dian is to crush the last straw of the camel. When that thing comes out, we feel imported. The business of strengthening the floor is very difficult to do because the market is gone, consumers don’t believe in this product, and it is more difficult to do it. There is not much way out. Afterwards, it proves that the gradual segmentation of the Chinese market, in addition to the space of the top consumer consumption of mass consumption, to meet the individualized consumer demand, this is the reason we have been insisting and the pre-judgment of the market.

Take the fast-running strategy Early into the benign track

‘After several years of exploration, the product is now mature, with a production and sales volume of 20,000-300,000 square meters a year, and also exported to the United States. There are no obstacles and secrets in technology, but because of the special craftsmanship, there is still a certain threshold for market entry. ‘Wang Yong said that in order to occupy the market as soon as possible and establish a brand position in the cork flooring market segment, Dehe will adopt a ‘running’ strategy.

Wang Yong revealed that the core job of Dehe’s family is to open the market. In the next two years, the country will develop 300 specialty stores to form a certain channel.Road size. As the number of channels increases, the awareness of consumption will increase, thus forming a virtuous circle.

For the development strategy of Dehejia, industry experts have given full affirmation, saying: ‘Compared to the floor market, there is not much competitive pressure on cork flooring. At present, there are few brands of cork in China. In the bleak situation of the home market, there are risks and opportunities. The traditional flooring category has become uncompetitive, and cork flooring has now been recognized and paid attention as a new type of flooring. The future development space is very large, and the pioneers will Will get more development opportunities. ‘(文/新

release date: 2011/11/15 11:44:48

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“Nature” floor ID card error is actually a “hidden rule”

Recently, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce has monitored the name of the solid wood flooring material, and found that there are 6 batches of non-standard goods in the name of the solid wood flooring material. Among them, the well-known flooring brand ‘Nature’ is also found to be inconsistent with the wood name. The product that should have been ‘Teralwood’ was marked as ‘water mahogany’. Xiao Bian did a series of investigations on this matter, and some insiders revealed that the wrong ‘ID card’ is actually a ‘hidden rule’ in the flooring market.

Nature is accused of not being identified

In this regard, Guan Qilin, director of the brand of nature flooring, said: ‘Beijing is a case, and the nature floor is currently communicating with the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce. . ‘

In addition, Guan Qilin told Xiaobian that ‘Trangen Wood’ and ‘Water Redwood’ are currently relatively rare materials on the market, and the wood samples previously sent for inspection are indeed detected as ‘water redwoods’. ‘.

Guan Qilin also said that nature has been implementing the ‘real name system’ for these years to regulate the name of solid wood flooring materials. The problems that will arise will continue to be investigated.

The logo is not a ‘hidden rule’

According to the test results of the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, the problems are mainly manifested in the following two aspects: The logo is incorrect. The second is the common name for identifying only the name of the wood. Some of the goods only name the common name of the wood.

Xiaobian found in many wooden floor stores such as Red Star Macalline and Shilihe, such as ‘Equator Ebony’, ‘African Water Red Tan’, ‘Brazil Guyi Sumu’ and many more Kind of name. In addition, a floor called ‘European ash wood’, according to the person in charge of the floor of Dehejia, ash is the Chinese ash, not of European origin.

Calling for new standards to regulate the market

Lu Bin, director of the National Wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said that solid wood flooring is a floor made of high-quality wood directly, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. Natural warmth and other advantages, is one of the main materials used in interior decoration. Because the wood appearance characteristics, physical and mechanical properties, chemical properties and economic value of different tree species are different, the relevant national standards require that the solid wood flooring should clearly identify its wood name. In the face of these unidentified products, the relevant personages of the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce said that if they do not conform to the national standards, they are unclear and belong to unqualified products. Consumers can request returns.

Consumers torture business reputation

Not long ago, it was reported that Mr. Chen, a citizen of Zhengzhou, spent more than 20,000 yuan to purchase a ‘red sandalwood’ floor, but found this The material does not exist in the list specified by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. Fortunately, the court decided to pay for it and got it back. In addition, it was found that as early as 2008, some consumers had taken a building materials supermarket to the court because of the unidentified purchase of solid wood flooring. Although the court did not support the lawsuit, it still sentenced the supermarket to bear the floor inspection fee of the consumer.

It can be seen that many consumers have expressed their attitude towards the ‘false logo’ of solid wood flooring.

For the floor business ‘identity is not true’, the editor also interviewed consumers in Beijing. In the blue Jingli home, Ms. Hu, who is buying the floor, told Xiaobian that she is a layman, so she chose the brand floor especially, and the solid wood floor is expensive. Once the phenomenon of ‘hanging sheep head selling dog meat’ is naturally unacceptable.

‘This is definitely a deception. ‘Ms. Li, who lives in Jinlu 7090, believes that ‘floor companies should not have any misidentifications, especially if brand companies have such a situation, they will definitely cause some damage to the credibility. ‘

Release date: 2012/3/20 9:14:14

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Why is there a gap after the solid wood floor is paved?

Multi-layer solid wood composite floor has the smallest deformation in many floors, and the deformation is only about 1/20 of the maximum deformation of solid wood floor string cutting material. There should be no large gap after paving.

In general, the maximum expansion and contraction of a single 125mm wide floor in the north will not exceed 0.2mm.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802170604815.jpg”>

After proper paving, summer flooring in the northern region The actual moisture content is 12% to 13%, the dry and hot environment in winter (about 30% relative humidity of the air), the moisture content of the floor is 6% to 7%. The geothermal environment, the final equilibrium moisture content of the floor is 4% to 5%. That is to say, the moisture content after the floor pavement is 12% to 13% in the summer (rainy season), and the floor is in the largest physical state.

If the floor is glued and suspended, the floor of the room is formed as a whole. When the water content changes, the floor of the room expands and contracts as a whole. At this time, if the room is symmetrically placed on the sides of the room, the furniture is relatively dry. When the winter is coming, the room is relatively dry, and the floor will inevitably shrink, because the heavy objects on both sides are pressed, it is bound to cause The individual parts of the floor in the middle of the room are opened, and the accumulated dry shrinkage is concentrated into one or several gaps, resulting in a large floor gap. If the edge of the floor is not glued, the standard room of 3 to 4 m wide is in geothermal environment. The entire floor space of the lower room is less than 5mm, and the maximum shrinkage of each floor is less than 0.2mm. It is difficult to see with the naked eye. It is easy to repair without glue, and the gap can be evenly distributed. To prevent the floor from swaying, the floor and the wall can be supported by springs. No matter how the furniture is placed.

In addition, although the multi-layer solid wood composite floor has small deformation, the structure determines the length and width direction of the multi-layer solid wood composite floor. Generally speaking, the floor length is more than 8 times the width. Under the same conditions, the deformation in the longitudinal direction is also the width. The multiple relationship of deformation, therefore, the multi-layer solid wood composite floor end gap is larger than the side gap is also normal.

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Do you know the true and false of the three-layer parquet? Thickness size is a trick!

When you buy a three-layer parquet, you tend to focus on the three-layer solid wood composite floor style, color, material type, price, and rarely pay attention to the thickness and size of the floor. Will the thickness and size of the three-layer parquet affect its quality? Pay attention to the three-layer solid wood composite floor surface tree species and thickness

The thickness of the three-layer solid wood composite floor and the thickness of the surface layer are the main factors affecting the price. Consumers should choose according to their own home environment, decoration style, personal preferences and economic strength. The thickness of the three-layer parquet is an important factor in determining its service life. The thicker the surface sheet, the longer the damage resistance, and the ease of lacquer repair. Check the size of the three-layer parquet. Pay attention to whether the length and width of the product are the same as the same, and check whether the joint of the floor is tight and the surface quality. A few pieces of floor can be randomly spliced ​​to observe the degree of tightness, surface flatness and uniformity of the paint film. The general brand three-layer parquet floor is very flat, the color texture is clear and beautiful, and the paint film is even and shiny. It is recommended that when you buy, don’t worry too much about the choice of materials, strips, etc., but you should focus on some small details of the three-layer parquet, so that you can choose the three-layer solid wood that you like. Laminate flooring.

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The incident of stealing toilets continues to ferment, and the domestic sanitary industry needs to improve quality.

“The stolen people who have been thrown abroad have stolen the toilet lid incident continues to ferment, which is thought-provoking: Japan The toilet lid is so good? What is the quality of domestic production? Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the results of the national supervision of the smart toilet product quality in 2016. The qualification rates of the three main producing areas in Zhejiang, Guangdong and Shanghai have improved significantly, but Yingshili and Ou Di Well-known brands have joined the quality black list. Insiders pointed out that since the incident of Japan’s snapped toilets last year, the domestic smart toilet market has gradually increased, but the quality has not substantially improved, how to persist in innovation, improve quality, and grab the market from Japanese brands. It is Chinese sanitary ware enterprises need to think about it.

Institute of Yingshili is unqualified

Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued the “Special Spots on the National Supervision of the Quality of Toilet Products in 2016 According to the Circular, 12 batches of products produced by 11 companies were unqualified, and the detection rate of unqualified products was 17.6%. Among them, Yingshili, Odie and other well-known brands have all appeared in the unqualified list.

The result of the spot check shows that a company name is “Zhejiang YingshiliSanitary Ware Co., Ltd., the trademark is “Insley, the specification model is “E-Z118, production” The date/batch number is “smart toilet” (smart toilet) of “2016-05-30”, because the structure, power connection and external cord, the grounding measures are not up to standard, it is judged as unqualified; the other company name is “ldquo; Zhejiang Aowei Intelligent Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., trademark “old”, the specification model is “T2J, production date / batch number is “strong class=”autolink” >The smart toilet (smart toilet) failed to pass the quality blacklist due to grounding measures.

British and Australian are the most famous smart bathroom brands in the industry, all from Zhejiang. Among them, Yingshili was established in 2001, mainly producing smart toilets, whole shower room, surf bath, bathroom furniture and other high-end bathroom products, with a production base of 50,000 square meters, known as annual production capacity of more than 100,000 sets, with “smart bathroom experts.” Ou Di is a professional enterprise that develops and produces high-tech intelligent toilets. In 2008, it established a large-scale production base with a factory building of 10,000 square meters, specializing in the production of smart sanitary wares in Taizhou, claiming products. The core components are imported from Korean professional manufacturers. Two smart bathroom famous brands join hands to climb the quality black list, which makes people worry about the quality of domestic smart toilets.

Going to Japan to steal the toilet cover

If it is just a regular quality inspection report, Yingshili and Ou Di may not be so eye-catching. Coincidentally, just before the announcement by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, there was a scandal that was raised by various media to the quality of Chinese people: a young couple from China traveled to Japan with the group and left the Nagoya Hotel. The bathroom multi-purpose toilet cover was taken away ……

The incident of stealing the toilet lid quickly fermented, and many netizens appeared to be indignant: “The shame was thrown abroad. Also stealing the toilet lid … … the public opinion triggered by the incident of stealing the toilet cover did not denounce the domestic sanitary ware enterprises, but the sanitary ware enterprises are quite shocking, stimulating some bathroom enterprises to work hard, and Shanggao bathroom is one of them.

On October 21st, Cao Yuyong, the chairman of Shanggao Sanitary Ware, forwarded an official WeChat “I’m sorry, we are late” is quite eye-catching. WeChat revealed that on the day of the incident of stealing the toilet cover, Shanggao Sanitary invested in Xierkang, and Chairman Cao Yuyong also served as the vice chairman of Xierkang. On the same day, Shanggao Sanitary & Xilkon strategic cooperation signing ceremony and new product launch conference, the new smart toilet SOZ-730, which combines the advantages of beauty, comfort, safety and fashion, was officially unveiled. “Do you want to apply for a visa to Japan thousands of miles away? Also be afraid of language communication barriers without understanding the product? Still have to work hard to vacate the suitcase from Japan with the smart toilet cover back? In such a confident language, WeChat claims that its products have a streamlined appearance, comfortable toilet enjoyment, and “you can enjoy the smart technology brought by smart home.

The industry needs to improve quality

Shanggao’s confidence in product quality does not mean that the industry is truly competitive. Insular, Australian and other brands fail to pass the test. Have to make people doubt the quality of domestic sanitary ware brands. The scandals that have occurred in the private sector and the official quality inspection reports have stimulated Chinese sanitary ware enterprises one after the other: it is extremely urgent to improve product quality.

“The improvement of the quality of smart toilets is a key point in the quality assurance of quality products by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in 2016. On September 1, 2016, Zhang Rongrong, deputy director of the AQSIQ, pointed out that the quality and safety of smart toilet products are related to the vital interests of consumers and the rapid development of the smart bathroom market. Next, the smart bathroom industry needs to further adhere to innovation and development to improve quality and service levels.

The industry believes that the leading domestic bathroom manufacturers are competing around innovative technologies, design and craftsmanship, and their eyes are on the international stage to see the dawn, for example, recently Hengjie intelligent toilets won the 2016 US “IDEADESIGNAWARD Award” after the Korean Cotton Design Award and the Korean Good Design Award. Nine Muss promoted the high-end smart toilet G5, smart toilet i7plus, air-pressed spin dance water New products such as shower, Jiu Mu IF. At the same time, the “Smart Toilet” jointly issued by China Construction Material Federation and China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association was officially implemented on October 1, 2016, filling the domestic smart toilet standard. The blank will play a role in regulating the industry.

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