Wood floor purchase: teach you three strokes save time and effort

Many people like to use the floor to decorate the ground. Because the texture of the wooden floor is very beautiful and the touch is excellent, it is a highly decorative and environmentally friendly building material. However, the wood flooring market is mixed, and it is necessary to pay attention to certain skills in order to complete the purchase of wood flooring. Today, I will teach three tricks to buy and let everyone say goodbye to ‘how to choose wooden floors’.

1, how to choose the wooden floor to determine the size of the wooden floor

To solve the problem of ‘how to choose the wooden floor’, we should first determine the size of the floor to be laid, because only the size Suitable, the decoration effect will be good. However, due to the different specifications of the material of the wooden floor, the standard size of the solid wood floor is: 910mm × 120mm × 18mm; the size of the solid wood composite floor is: 910mm × 127mm × 15mm, 1210mm × 167mm × 15mm, 1200mm ×150mm×15mm, etc., the mainstream thickness of wood flooring is 15mm; and the mainstream thickness of laminate flooring is generally 12mm.

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Specialized wooden floor decoration

2, how to buy more than the wooden floor to see more touches

In the formal purchase of wood flooring, we must look more and more touch. ‘See’ in addition to the use of the naked eye Look at whether the surface texture is clear, whether the paint layer is too thick, whether the color is healthy, but also pay attention to the knot. In the wood floor, especially the solid wood floor can not avoid the knot, everyone is thinking about ‘how to choose the wooden floor’ Try to choose the right amount of live wood flooring. In addition, in order to avoid being fooled when buying wood flooring, we must ask the merchant for a certificate of inspection and review it carefully. The reason why we need to ‘touch’ is because it is quality. Wood flooring, the feel is very good, clear and cool, very comfortable.

3, how to buy wood flooring, pay attention to purchase

There are two ways to buy wood flooring First, go directly to the building materials market, and first buy online. No matter which way you choose to buy, you must guarantee it. If you want to save money on building materials, you can only run a few stores to compare it. You can’t buy inferior wood flooring in order to save money. In fact, online shopping is relatively cheap and labor-saving. However, many people are always uneasy about not being able to touch the real thing. In fact, you can choose to buy on some reputable home improvement online.

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Purchasing the wooden floor correctly, making life more comfortable

The question of how to choose the wooden floor is for everyone here. It is. Remind everyone, in general, the size of the wooden floor should be short and not too long, should be narrow and not wide, because if the floor is too long and too wide, it is prone to warping deformation and cracking, because its dry shrinkage and humidity increase is relatively large. I wish everyone a good choice for wood flooring!

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Our body needs maintenance. Then the floor needs maintenance. Are you still neglecting it?

1. Daylight: After direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays will cause cracks on the surface of the floor. Use curtains or blinds to block and avoid direct sunlight.

2, rain: wooden floors are inherently water-repellent. If it rains, the surface of the floor will be discolored, cracked and so on. Be careful to prevent rain.

3, oil: after the floor oil stains, if not treated in time, will produce oil stains and discoloration. Wipe with a cleanser, water, etc., and then wax.

4, chair: In order to minimize depressions and scratches, to maintain the appearance of the floor for a long time, it is recommended to put the cushion on the chair foot or put a foot pad under the chair.

5, heavy objects: in the piano, refrigerator and other heavy objects to be padded to protect, to prevent partial load bearing too much, resulting in floor depression and scratches.

6, air conditioning, humidifier: long-term use of air conditioning, indoor air will become abnormally dry, the floor is prone to expansion and contraction, resulting in floor clearance and sound.

7, fan heater: If the floor is blown to the hot air for a long time, the surface coating will crack, and the floor will shrink to create a gap. Pads should be placed on the floor for protection.

8, stagnant water: after the surface area of ​​the water, if not treated in time, will lead to discoloration of the floor, water and cracks. Wipe in time to keep dry.

9, white turbid: water droplets leak to the floor, the surface of the floor will turn white. This is because the durability of the floor wax is not good, the floor wax is peeled off from the floor surface, and a diffuse reflection phenomenon occurs.

10, detergent: absolutely must not use alkaline cleaner. The ingredients in the wood react chemically with the alkaline material, causing the floor to become visible or stained. Wipe with a wrung rag after using the cleaner.

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11, pets: pet excrement will produce wood Alkaline corrosion, causing discoloration of the floor and stains.

12, Pharmacy: If the floor is stained with chemicals, it should be wiped with detergent/water in time. After the surface, the surface gloss will be reduced, and the wax should be repaired in time.

13. Ventilation: The newly renovated house will emit formaldehyde from the decoration materials and furniture. Irritating to the eyes or producing odor, pay attention to ventilation and ventilation, pay attention to the water droplets after condensation, do not drip onto the floor.

14, floor wax: choose the right floor Wax. Before waxing, first in the corner of the room or other unobtrusive places, a small area trial on the floor, confirm that there is no problem, then start full waxing.

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What should I do if there are white ants in the wooden floor of the room? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood flooring and imitation wood grain tiles?

1. After the egg shell is fired into a powder, it is sprinkled in the corner of the corner or the ant, and the ant can be placed dead. There are ants on the closet, which can put some vegetables such as parsley and celery to drive away the ants. Put some walnut leaves or cut tobacco and pepper in the place where ants often appear, which can play the role of expelling ants. 2, add a few drops of lemongrass or eucalyptus essential oil when mopping the ground, not only there is no ants, even the cockroaches will be driven away. 3. In the place where the ants crawl, use a piece of rag to avoid the dishwashing or the salad on the top (not too wet, wipe the water with water), then put the ants and ants into and out of the place. Wipe it back and forth so that the ants will no longer appear from that place. If you use a salad dressing or dishwashing on the ant hole, you can prevent the growth of ants.

Wood flooring and imitation wood tile various advantages and disadvantages?

advantages of paving tiles: 1, fire, waterproof, anti-corrosion performance; environmentally friendly, rich in shape. 2, size and color are also more diversified, the choice of space is larger, suitable for the aesthetics of most consumers. 3, easy to clean, easy to maintain, not easy to hide, no air pollutants. Long service life, generally can be used for 10-20 years. 600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021723071023.jpg”>

Disadvantages: 1. Household comfort, poor thermal insulation; limited use area Individual tiles will have radioactive contamination; high cost, complicated paving, complicated construction, only 35-40 yuan / square meter for working hours. 2. Tiles are hard on the soles of the feet, and it feels less warm. Especially in wet The weather is easy to slip, and the area of ​​the tile is limited.

Advantages of paving the floor: 1, beautiful, durable, better comfort; good geothermal heating performance; cheaper price, and construction Simple and free installation 2. It makes the foot feel comfortable, and can greatly reduce the impact noise on the floor, fundamentally solve the problem of excessive noise and make the room more fragrant and peaceful. 600){this.width=600}” align= Center src=”/userfiles/201708021723071024.jpg”>

Disadvantages: 1. It is affected by weather and humidity, and needs regular maintenance. It is easy to deform and lift after water immersion, and formaldehyde is released. Shorter. 2, the wooden floor is easy to deform and uplift, how much formaldehyde will be released, which is harmful to health. Not easy to take care of, but also often waxed for maintenance

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Why does the epoxy floor foam?

Epoxy floor is a kind of high-strength, wear-resistant and beautiful floor, with no seams, solid texture, good chemical resistance, anti-corrosion, dustproof, convenient maintenance, low maintenance cost, etc. advantage. Can be designed according to different application requirements: such as thin layer coating, 1-5mm thick self-leveling floor, non-slip wear-resistant coating, mortar coating, anti-static, anti-corrosion coating.

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Teach you the 5 principles of wood floor color selection is no longer difficult

Principle I. Evaluating the brightness of the room: avoiding the dark wood floor when the lighting is poor.

When the color of the wooden floor store is compared, the light source is often selected because it is not suitable for the room. The main reason for the wooden floor is the difference in the brightness of the space. If the evaluator is lacking in daylight, try to avoid buying too dark wooden floors, so that the whole space is too dark, not only makes the space narrow, but also creates visual pressure.

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▲ Bright space on the wooden floor color Less restrictive; however, if the home is not well lit, avoid picking the dark floor.

Principle 2, consider the size of the area: small rooms do not use compressed visual color system

Color can affect the sense of visual space, such as bright and warm colors have a dilating effect; conversely, cold and dark colors have a compression effect. Therefore, before purchasing a wooden floor, you can first think about the size of the city, if it is only a small number of spaces, it is recommended It is better to buy bright and light wooden floors, while the thick and heavy wooden floors are suitable for ample space, which can produce a quiet and stable feeling.

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Principle 3. Select according to space function: Applicable wood flooring types vary by user

Different functions The space and the type of wooden flooring available are also different. For example, the bedroom usually chooses a warm or neutral color wooden floor, giving a quieter, warm feeling. If it is a kid’s room or a game room, be sure to pay attention to the wear resistance of the wooden floor. It is a very good choice if the children play with toys and the game is not easy to damage.

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▲The study room with a slightly darker wooden floor can create another Oriental Yayun.

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▲The room wooden floor can be used warmer Tone.

Principle 4, the logic of the floor and furniture: master the depth of the match can be safe color selection

In addition to the wall, the proportion of the floor in the visual is not small, and the floor is almost It is no longer easy to change as soon as it is applied, so the color of the floor must be considered and decided. The owner can master the big principle. If the home is light-colored furniture, the wooden floor has a safe color selection range. However, if most of the furniture is dark furniture, it is recommended not to choose too dark wooden floor to avoid the whole space being too dark. Lost the warmth and softness of the desire.

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▲Showing freshness through the combination of floor, wall and furniture Elegant space texture.

Principle 5, color matching between wooden floor and wall: use the same color extension technique to enlarge the space

Modern has many families who like the quietness of the white floor The holiday atmosphere, but the white floor is not easy to maintain on the one hand, on the other hand, it is easy to have a top-heavy feeling due to the heavy color around. If you want a fresh and natural home atmosphere, you can choose a better control of the gray-white tone. A relaxed and casual atmosphere. In addition, walls and wooden floors can also deliberately use close colors, such as close wood grain tones, giving a more enlarged and extended sense of space.

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▲The color of the floor and the wall is similar, so that the space has an extension effect.

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Visiting the number of connections: exploring the development opportunities hidden behind big data

What is big data? What does big data have to do with companies? What can big data bring to companies?

In the critical period of traditional industry transformation, countless SMEs are plagued by these problems. As everyone knows, “Big Data has become the second largest “post-word” after Internet thinking, but no one can give it a standard answer.

On August 21st, 2017, the Business Media Group teamed up with the 100-year-old Luzhou Old Ageing Wine & Co. Elite elites visited and joined 35 SMEs to get closer to Chengdu to learn about the understanding and application of big data leaders in China’s big data industry.

“ The essence of the world is data. The number of the joint, the joint data to use. This is both the origin of the number and the definition of big data.

Data constitutes a market, and market rules also tell companies that everything is told by data, and data is not deceptive. How to make good use of data has become the lifeblood of enterprise transformation and upgrading.

Under the leadership of Fu Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, the entrepreneurs visited the University of the United States. data center.

“ The core of big data is the algorithm, just like the human brain, collecting information through the five senses, and filtering through the brain to form the behavior of the command dominator. The use of big data is also divided into five steps: collecting data, organizing data, analyzing data, mining data and application data. This is our core technology. Fu Yan shared it.

Fu Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, is sharing

Data collection and organization is big The most basic work of the data, the bookkeeping of the door-to-door commissary, the courier’s shipment number, is a kind of data preservation, and now only use the Internet to establish an online database. The real core competency of big data platforms lies in data analysis and application.

As the predecessor of the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, the company has been in the data mining industry for 16 years. It is currently the top provider of big data solutions in China, mainly providing data collection for government and traditional enterprises. Big data, comprehensive industry chain services such as storage, governance, analysis, mining, application and visualization.

Conference Hall, the number of CTO Fang Yuke explained to entrepreneurs the number in the field of big data Technology Precipitation and Applications

Big data is gaining more and more attention as an important asset for companies. However, the management of data by traditional enterprises is still relatively backward and closed. The data of different business systems cannot be opened up, the problem of data islands is serious, and the value of data is not released to the maximum extent.

The value of the number of links is that, as a data service platform, it helps companies understand what systems need to be built in the next three to five years, how cost-effective, and so on, to build a data center and Internal data is logically categorized.

After the data is sorted out, the Alliance will continue to explore the asset value of enterprise data. Many companies do not have sufficient technical capabilities in this area. The analysis of data is mostly based on brains or empirical decisions, such as which products are produced, where they are placed, and how much they like in a particular region. And if you can analyze the internal and external data of the company, you can do a lot of things, such as providing sales decisions based on online and offline sales data, comment information, marketing data, etc.; in the production process, according to daily production equipment Data, such as current and voltage, vibration sensor data, etc., to understand the production status, predict the downtime and so on.

Students are learning with their minds

The number of associations currently accumulates 80 million business data and 30 billion items through reptile technology. Weibo relationship network data, 50 million bidding data, 35 million talent resume data, 170 million mobile APP data, 300 million online shopping user consumption behavior data and so on. According to the needs of users, relevant external data can be communicated with internal data of the enterprise to provide data analysis in different dimensions.

In the discussion session, Fang Yuke also shared with the entrepreneurs a number of classic customer cases.

A gift from the chairman of the company

The number is currently working for a large The wine industry group offers two types of services. The first is the marketing system to help them build a marketing system from offline to online, monitor data from different channels, and provide intelligence analysis such as competing product information. Second, optimize production through analysis of production big data. This piece relies mainly on manual recording. For example, the temperature, humidity, and water addition in different stages of winemaking, the number of the joint is currently analyzing the existing stock data of a certain workshop, and will gradually increase the physical and chemical indicators, microbial data, etc. in the future, and finally analyze the impact of different indicators on the taste. To better guide production.

McKinsey first called: “Data has penetrated into every industry and business function area and has become an important production factor. The mining and application of massive data indicates a new wave of productivity growth and the arrival of consumer surplus.

Big data is the methodology of innovation-driven strategy, and its great value is mainly reflected in the fact that big data can tap traditional industries.Guilty creativity.

In fact, the current application of big data is only the tip of the iceberg of the big data industry, and then it will further penetrate into the whole industry. In the future, enterprises have only two ways to go, large enterprises, self-built data, and create barriers; small and medium-sized enterprises, especially traditional enterprises, can only gather strength and win-win cooperation.

The participants continued to discuss and share enthusiastically at the dinner party

After the visit, the entrepreneurs who attended this event attended A hundred years old Luzhou old age wine & ldquo; elite sharing dinner. During the banquet, entrepreneurs shared their experience in industry development and business management with the executives of the company.

The Business Leaders Club, formed by the Business Media Group, is committed to helping China’s economic towers and is committed to building China’s first interactive platform for wisdom and resources across the country. “No wine is not a feast, no wine is not a gift. The centuries-old Luzhou Laojiao wine is deeply loved by elite business people because of its fashionable temperament and the focus of elite business wine, and has become the first brand of elite business wine in China. The two sides work together to help the elite grow and co-host the elite enterprises to visit.

After the visit, the elite participation will be followed by Changsha, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Beijing and other cities, and will be accompanied by business elites to learn from the management of famous enterprises. Road.

Author: Ouyang into

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The competition in the large screen market is fierce, and the laser projection is in focus.

Can the big screen LCD be strong?

The display screen has grown larger in recent years.

Whether it’s a mobile phone or a LCD TV, or a desktop monitor, the size of the screen is constantly being upgraded. In the past, some people thought that the 4 inch screen of the mobile phone was enough. But it turns out that the phone screen is now less than 5 inches and there is already a feeling of OUT. The same is true for the display. The 21.5-inch product has already been configured as a door. Now many netizens have locked a 32-inch display. In the past, this was a TV position. It can be seen that the pursuit of size by consumers has not been stagnant.

So what about the size upgrade in the living room area? We all know that today’s 32-inch TVs are rare, and 50-inch has even become an entry-level choice for many homes. LCD TVs of 55-inch or larger are not expensive. Therefore, many families have upgraded the equipment in the living room, and the big screen has become an important element. So how can the market demand for continued growth be met? Will larger LCD TVs be popular?

However, a company recently acquired by Apple has implemented MicroLED technology, which has self-luminous display characteristics, and each pixel can be individually driven to emit light. Advantages include high brightness and low power consumption. Small size, ultra high resolution and color saturation. Compared with the OLED technology, which is also a self-luminous display, the MicroLED is not only efficient but also has a long life. The material is not easily affected by the environment and is relatively stable, and can also avoid image sticking, but softness. And flexibility is inferior to OLED. In the future, this technology may also become a weapon for the big screen market.

From the current state of view, laser TV is the best economy, and it can now achieve a price of more than 20,000 yuan, although it is still relatively expensive, but after all, than the large screen LCD screen and LED The stitching screen is much cheaper. And the low power consumption of the laser projector, high color gamut, and the delicate appearance of the screen are also obvious. I believe that in the field of large screens, the projector will have real development in the future.

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It is no wonder that Chongqing Yiju Wooden Door has been so successful, and it has practiced such a corporate culture!

  Quality assurance, creating quality, livable wooden doors to the ground, consolidating culture. It is reported that with the increase of brand influence, livable wooden doors have attracted the attention of many media. Recently, Li Zong, general manager of livable wooden door, accepted the media interview.

&emsp In the interview, Mr. Huang naturally talked about the livable corporate culture, “only corporate culture can support the future, the first staff, livable family. It is understood that employees are the core component of livable wooden doors. In the corporate culture of livable wooden doors, the most important thing is family culture, working with family members, constraining family responsibilities, creating family work atmosphere, creating The broad development platform allows employees to innovate and dare to challenge and let employees feel the warmth and tolerance of their home.

&emsp ;  livable wooden door has a united and efficient team, each livable wooden door staff has the unique feelings of enterprise development, no doubt, this is the core driving force for the continuous improvement of livable wooden doors. Culture supports the future, focus on winning the future, livable wooden door excellent corporate culture, excellence in product quality, will skyrocket to occupy the new collar of livable wooden door brand

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Recommended intention customers, the highest reward can reach 55 yuan / article!

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Why is the solid wood floor deformed? Reasons for deformation of solid wood flooring

Generally speaking, there are more phenomena in the use of the floor being tiled or arched. This is because the floor is damp. The reasons for the dampness of the floor are as follows:

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