Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle – Recruiting City Partner

Where is our model unique? Why is this model used in regional agents and memberships?

1, strategic layout required

Successful sharing of motorcycles and other companies that are eager to try, the market of this shared motorcycle is in urgent need of development. For Xiaomi, it is not allowed to use traditional methods to seize the market, but to occupy the market with a unique model. And then continue to launch. In the form of regional agency, the network is first sprinkled to every city in the country, and then the membership system is used to absorb the accurate fans, which will lay the foundation for the follow-up large-scale launch.

What is it?

Do you know shared bikes and ofo? If you know, you are close to the answer. What we are doing today is to share a motorcycle, and one more word is “electricity. It does not require manpower to drive the car, but is driven by electricity, the so-called electric car.

What is the difference between it and shared bicycles?

Shared motorcycles have won 7 of the 8 regular comparisons, but they are slightly less expensive, but considering 7 items. Indicators Do you care about the cost of money at this point? The pace of life in today’s society is so fast, fighting for time is to fight for opportunities, and to fight for opportunities is to fight for wealth.

Xiaomi Life Sharing Motorcycle Guangzhou Supervisor WeChat: QQ9968134

After the tram is launched Will it be stolen? Damaged?

Or because of the mismanagement and the quality of the Chinese people, the phenomenon of being stolen and damaged is frequent. It is because of the foresight of the car that we are afraid. From the following two points, the hardware and management factors of the car are analyzed and verified.

Second, the management factors

In the early stage, through the regional agency and VIP membership promotion system, a group of loyalists was cultivated. Xiaomi fans, among which there are many members who subscribe to motorcycles, they will actively monitor the use of vehicles because of their interest; regional agents will work harder to manage vehicles because of 6% dividends; those who have not subscribed to motorcycles because of the previous period 365 days of understanding Xiaomi and profit, and will unconsciously supervise the vehicle.

Third, small probabilities are stolen and damaged

The law is sound and there are also individual crimes, so today’s Xiaomi management is perfect and hardware is smart again, and it can’t be avoided. The loss, so to say as much as possible to avoid, but also objectively face, the event of minimal probability is within the company’s controllable range.

The above three points are the solution to the problem after Xiaomi’s launch and the attitude towards the objectively small probability event.

How to solve the problem of charging and replacing the battery after the motorcycle is placed?

Pre-cultivation area agent That is to lay the seeds of hope for the subsequent sharing of motorcycle management, waiting for the seed to grow into a towering tree, the motorcycle began to launch. Regional agents are an important management link that is indispensable for sharing motorcycles. Each motorcycle is equipped with two lithium batteries for easy replacement; the charging company provides a charging box (a lot can be washed at one time); the regional agent needs to recruit employees, and the employee’s salary is provided by the company; the subsequent consumables and electricity costs and house use will be given The corresponding subsidy. In short, the regional agents will not be busy, this is a very simple reason, there is no free pay.

Introduction to motorcycle hardware

The shape of our motorcycle looks like a bicycle. The weight of the motorcycle is close to that of the first car. It has all the functions of a bicycle and has The most important function of the bicycle is that there is no need for manpower to brake the car, as well as mobile phone brackets, GPS positioning, etc. Each car is equipped with two lithium batteries, the tires are solid tires, and each car has insurance, can be on the card . The vehicle complies with the national four standards for motorcycles. The maximum speed is set at 20 kilometers per hour. After all, the electric drive is used to limit the speed of the riders. 2. The rear seats cannot carry people, and the rear seats are loaded. Safety hazards; 3, there are foot scorpions, can continue to ride in the case of insufficient power; 4, each car has insurance, if the car has an accident, it can be solved by insurance, avoiding more personnel dispute. At present, there are many shared motorcycles on the market that have been banned by the traffic control department because they do not meet the national standard.

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Questions about the later operation of motorcycles


So far, tens of millions of bicycles have been put on the bicycle, and there are already 20 million units of Moby and ofo. Because they are using the Internet + traditional enterprise, there is no intermediate transition management, which leads to bicycles and chaos. Sites that have been stolen and damaged have occurred frequently. The disorderly movement affects the appearance of the city, and at the same time causes local traffic jams; stealing and damage cause losses to the enterprise. So how can we avoid this phenomenon with our Xiaomi shared motorcycles today? Even if our motorcycles are in full compliance with national standards and the Ministry of Transport encourages the delivery of documents that meet the national standard motorcycles, It will inevitably cause resentment from the local government, and affect the subsequent release of more vehicles. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively stop the chaos, it must have a fixed parking space, and how to ensure that consumers will park according to the parking line?

First, our car is equipped with GPS positioning Whether you parked in the fixed parking line, the system can be monitored at any time. If you are not parked in place, then you need to bleed, and the money is from your Alipay.Or in the WeChat wallet, it is calculated as a limit of 2 kilometers. Because you don’t stop at a fixed parking space, our staff needs to park the car to the parking position, which is costly, so there is a fee.

Second, we used the regional agents and VIP members who burned the money in the early stage to manage these vehicles from another level. The regional agent is responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the vehicles in the region. VIP members know how to use it and precautions after a period of promotion, and also monitor and influence the follow-up behavior of the follow-up consumers. Some VIP members have been motivated by the supervision of this motorcycle.

Third, the problem of theft and malicious damage of the vehicle, because the vehicle is equipped with GPS positioning, it can monitor the operation of each vehicle in real time, so if it does not move normally, the system will automatically alarm and the vehicle will also issue an alarm; The battery is a lithium battery and will be scrapped if it is not taken by a non-worker.

Fourth, the vehicle’s power and cruising range can be monitored at any time in the maintenance and supervision system to more accurately replace the vehicle’s battery; the subsequent battery charging company will provide a charging box (a charging box can be placed a lot) Insert the replaced battery into it.

Sixth, shared car

At present, private cars are experiencing explosive growth in the country, almost one car per car. Private cars give us freedom and a good sense of experience. At the same time, it caused traffic congestion and parking became more and more difficult. Even if it was opened to the destination, it took a long time to find a parking space. The private car that brought us convenience and pleasure became a burden. The reason is Road expansion and the increase in parking spaces will never catch up with the increased speed of vehicles. The road expansion and the increase in parking spaces are limited, but the vehicle can be increased in an unlimited amount, so the concept of sharing the car came into being. With a shared car, the efficiency of a car can be greatly improved. Presumably, in the future, you will get off the plane and use our Xiaomi APP to directly unlock the Xiaomi shared steam at the airport. You can drive away directly. At that time, the rental car market will be replaced by our small shared car. This is the trend, the trend has been eliminated. scale. The ground docking team established through the promotion of the previous Xiaomi shared motorcycle will lay a solid foundation for the sharing of the car.

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Business Media Zhou Zhonghua: Full of confidence in China’s current and future

Business Media President and Editor-in-Chief Zhou Zhonghua

by Business Media The Group’s “13th” Business Model China Summit was held in Beijing on December 13th. Zhou Zhonghua, president and editor-in-chief of the business media, attended and gave a speech.

Zhou Zhonghua said that in the process of transformation and upgrading, enterprises should pay attention to the improvement of efficiency. “There are many factors that determine a company’s competitiveness, such as strategic positioning, product positioning, market strategy, execution, etc., but everything can be attributed to the pursuit of one goal: efficiency.

How to improve efficiency? Zhou Zhonghua said that new technology is an important factor. In his view, the Internet flattens the information, and intelligence makes the enterprise change from passive to active. And the big data analysis application allows companies to “accurately grasp the customer’s needs and accurately grasp the customer’s needs through data.

At the end of the speech, Zhou Zhonghua said that China is still the most dynamic and future market. Entrepreneurs are actively learning to use their mountains to change their own businesses, and to adjust their businesses through the experience and methodology of others.

The following is a speech:

Zhou Zhonghua: Thank you for coming, every year in this place, and at this time, together with you, sum up the Chinese business for the business model. Exploring, from the first to the thirteenth of today, frankly speaking, I have a little sense of accomplishment. It is not difficult for a person to do one thing, and it is especially difficult to continue to do one thing. But you only want to do things, not to think about the long time, this thing becomes particularly simple and short-lived.

Thirteen years ago, Business Review magazine was officially born. In the first year of our birth, the study of business models was the biggest difference from other commentary magazines. Among the commercial commentary magazines issued in mainland China at the time, the first was Harvard Business Weekly, and the second was our Business Review magazine. After that, many commentary publications were born. I know that many magazines are adjusting their research ideas and directions, but only Business Review magazine has been continuously and continuously working on the exploration and research of Chinese companies in business models.

In the past 13 years, we have discovered a lot of business models that can be summed up as a methodology for outstanding companies. We rely on our platform to deliver these business models to entrepreneurs who are really thinking about their own business transformation. Many people and Many companies benefit from this. Their benefits have turned into encouragement for us, so we continue to do this year after year, month after month, day after day, so we can still live to this day and continue to pay attention to the topic of business model. I am particularly grateful to the entrepreneurs who have supported and cared about the Business Review magazine for the past 13 years and have been following the Business Review, and have changed their business and promoted the enterprise with the business model. Thank you.

These years are the most difficult period for Chinese companies. We have been thinking about the business model research process. What kind of ideas and methods are used to lead Chinese enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading, through business The change and reconstruction of the model has promoted its own enterprise to become an enterprise of the times.

This year we selected a theme —— efficiency refactoring. Why should we talk about efficiency? We think it is necessary to remind entrepreneurs in the process of transformation and upgrading from the perspective of efficiency that they should pay attention to the efficiency of enterprises. There are many factors that determine a company’s competitiveness, such as strategic positioning, product positioning, market strategy, execution, etc., but everything can be attributed to the pursuit of a goal: efficiency. The higher the efficiency of the enterprise, the more competitive it will be in the competition. The lower the efficiency of the enterprise, the more obvious the market response is poor, the internal coordination mechanism is poor, and the efficiency of information flow, logistics and capital flow is not high enough. This will seriously affect the pace of the enterprise in the process of transformation and upgrading.

There is a very popular word “small ship turning around, small businesses are generally more efficient than big companies.” Then there are many kinds of influences on the efficiency of enterprises. I think the most important factor affecting the efficiency of enterprises in recent years is new technologies. I have done a review of the impact of technology on business in the last 10 to 15 years.

The first is the Internet, followed by the mobile Internet, one is smart, the other is AI, and the other is numbers. Why do we say this, because in the process of efficiency reconstruction, the Internet flattens the information, and intelligence makes us change from the former to the active one. The data tells us where the most important meaning is? It is we can clearly know that in the past we used the process from product to target to user to guess what you like. Today we use raw materials to factories, channels, and finally users. What do users think? We use the data to accurately grasp this process, which is actually brought to us by technology.

Just like the printing and distribution of 170 million copies of business magazines in the past few decades, if I knew this thing very important 23 years ago, we have accumulated these data since then, we are today More data than many Internet companies. But in the past, the 170 million people said frankly that I didn’t even know about 1,700. This is the efficiency of the past, and today’s impact on the efficiency of new technologies, which gives us an intuitive feeling. This is a very important point.

In this process, how to understand the impact of efficiency on the business model of the company, there are very many companies to provide us with a very large number of very good cases. For example, the sharing economy, which has been very popular last year, is actually reconfiguring resources through technology.

A friend who got the whole process today can see that we have a new institution called Jiazhou Business Media, which is our own business model.Exploration, in the past we have done a summary of business case studies, induction, research on business model methodology, exploration and dissemination of business model wisdom.

This year’s business model exploration and development changes have made very important changes. What is it? We started to go online from the offline, so the Jiazhou Business Media company is mainly to explore the transformation of business models. In the past, we promoted and disseminated the wisdom of business models online. Now we are ready to go online except what we have been doing in the past. This is the source of our business model thinking. Now we are doing business model research, and we are doing business model. Training and business model management, planning, and finally equity investment in these excellent companies with high-quality business models and good development prospects, basic fundamentals, which for us is the reconstruction of business models, but also from efficiency From the perspective of the point of view, since a company we have researched, high-quality enterprises can provide one-stop service, this is our own exploration of business models.

Finally, I want to say a few words. Today, from a global perspective, China is still the most dynamic and future market. Why is there such a judgment, just like today I am walking in any place, all enterprises are thinking about their own changes, all enterprises are exploring enterprise development, and everyone’s pursuit of wealth and enthusiasm have never changed. As you can imagine, if there is no hope in this market, why do people here come to study today? Everyone wants to use their other stones to change their own business in the process of learning, and explore the most important business model in the next competition, through others. The experience and methodology to really adjust my business, so I am full of confidence in the current and future of the Chinese market.

In the end, no matter what, the scenery is good in the East. I hope that the entrepreneurs here today will be able to gain a better advantage in the competition of the next year because you are with us.

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Xiaomi Life shared bike parking spots, which is not difficult to register.

Economic development can be said to have undergone earth-shaking changes compared to six or seventy years. In this fast-developing world, although you have used the achievements of modern society and become a loyal consumer, we still stay in the traditional thinking of the past. For the sake of social development so fast, and we are still the society’s “bottom? Some people say that I am not born in a wealthy family; I do not have a strong social background; I have no culture; I do not… ….and many more. I have thought about my current situation like this, but with the passage of time, plus my own experience and enthusiasm for thinking about it, I have concluded that it is not the external cause of you and me that caused you and me today, but because of you and me. of. Today, we are still deviating from reality because we still think about today’s Xiaomi mode according to our inherent thinking. Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

First, why not let us go to the contracted regional agent to participate in the operation profit;

1, based on greater strategic planning

Our shared electric treadmill app is a trip to Dangdang. It is now possible to download the Dangdang Travel APP in the launch area (currently Taizhou and Hefei) to use our electric treadmill. In addition, there is Xiaomi Life APP. According to the plan, the APP will be included in the Xiaomi Life App. Xiaomi Life App is a comprehensive app, which will be followed by Xiaomi Life Mall, Shared Car, 020 Smart Market and other sections. The rapid implementation of these is based on the creation of big data, and it is best to be accurate big data rather than generalized big data. Therefore, the early stage must have a model to make members become the most viscous members of the company, at least until the market is not completely opened, and the company will not leave the company. Even if the market is opened, we are the main force of the company’s later operations. So how do you let members stay in it for at least a year? It must be the trend of interest so that you can follow the company, let you know the company, know the company, and follow the company after 365 days of profit. Therefore, why the company will create a regional agent + VIP membership promotion method to join the company, which is based on the need of the war, it can be said that the company’s senior management is far-sighted. Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

2, based on the development of the shared motorcycle market is urgently needed

As mentioned in the previous article, there are currently 20 participating companies sharing the motorcycle. A little bit of improvement is Shanghai Xiangqi and No. 7, among which Jiuqi is the current representative enterprise. After several years in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei and Xi’an, 100,000+ units have been put into operation, but for nearly 10 million units in China. The amount of conservative demand is far from the same. This market is yet to be developed and is imminent. Therefore, the company must occupy the market quickly by sharing motorcycles. If it is still used to capture the market by means of riding or ofo, then when it is launched, the market share is almost nothing left. Then it should be promoted by the mode of promotion, first set the point (regional agent), and then continue to promote the point (VIP member), so that the motorcycle has not landed has occupied most of the market (the owner of the market is human, people Your loyal fans, the market is yours.) When the market sticks to the future, it will completely occupy the market. It is estimated that 50,000 units will be put into operation before the end of the year; 500,000 units will be put into operation in 18 years; and most of the domestic areas will be completed in 19 years.

Second, why should the mall consume 880?

1, first Establish real commodity trading information and the information necessary for the future capital market;

2, compared to the US Mission and Didi, there is no physical delivery, we burn money and we have physical goods, that is, motorcycles. These will take up a lot of money, so it is normal to invest as much money as a participant.

Third, the goods don’t feel worth the money?

As mentioned earlier, the goods were added in the early stage of promotion to establish real commodity trading information, and the company has profit to ease Pre-promotion pressure. On this basis, we aim to earn the company’s promotion commission, so we have to consider the issue in two ways and put our ultimate goal first.

Fourth, can the promotion commission be guaranteed?

1. The prospect of the vast market, the shared motorcycle market is almost blank, and the demand is large;

2, post-planning, sharing cars, 020 smart food farms, Xiaomi Life Mall are all just needed in the future, but the premise of doing well is that the previous promises are fulfilled, and it is impossible to carry out all the following without the promise of the previous ones.

Based on the above two points, the company cannot smash the sesame and lose the watermelon. The ideals that ordinary people can know will be far more profound than they are.

Fifth, how can I do this?

1. If you don’t allow your identity and you want to make it, you can push yourself (such as yourself) Use 2 mobile phone numbers to order more than one), but this one will be further tightened, it is recommended to seize the opportunity before the austerity.

2, if you have time and want to earn more, then you can make your own promotion after placing your own order (suggest yourself to order more).

Xiaomi Life Shares Motorcycles – Recruiting City Partners. If you are interested in this project and would like to get detailed information, please scan the inquiry on WeChat! Take the lead in grasping the business opportunity! Xiaomi Life Motorcycle National Recruitment Agent WeChat: MY97559159

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Chu Chu push how to make money, Chu Chu push the bonus system Xu teacher explain

Chu Chut is the preferred platform for global social e-commerce public entrepreneurship, which is invested by Tencent and is the only e-commerce investment of Softbank after Alibaba. As a black horse of social e-commerce, Chu Chu pushes to detonate the whole industry once it is launched. It is favored by the world’s top investment institutions. Tencent strategic investment shares. After Softbank invested in Alibaba, the only investment in the e-commerce field is optimistic. The development prospects are bound to grow into the next Alibaba.

Join the 20 reasons for Chu Chu, and join us now.

1. Top investment background: Tencent strategic investment, Softbank invests in the only e-commerce field after Alibaba. Lenovo, GGV, and the new Tianyu top investment stocks, C round financing valuation of tens of billions.

2. National Policy Support: Respond to the country’s call for the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and enjoy the policy dividend of social e-commerce.

3. The call of the times and the trend of the times: At the meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the development of China’s e-commerce in 2017 has far surpassed that of the United States, and e-commerce is gradually becoming the most fashionable way of consumption for Chinese people.

4. Strong company strength: the parent company vinegar slip technology, the scale of the billion, the company has Chuchu Street, Chu Chutong, Chu Chutui and other platform business groups, has a strong accumulation in the field of social e-commerce .

5. Innovative business model: no need to stock, ship, and sell your products with your fingers. A mobile phone can start a business, buy money yourself, and others buy money.

6. The big names are gathered, and the categories are rich: tens of thousands of high-quality brands, millions of selected goods, and the world’s top buyers, first-hand sources, genuine guarantees.

7. Factory price, rejecting high prices: unlike traditional e-commerce and offline supermarkets, Chu Chu pushes down agents and intermediate links at all levels, saving advertising costs, logistics costs, personnel costs and other increases. Eliminate huge profits and let quality goods spread directly to consumers through community word of mouth.

8. Rich commission income: Commodity commission is as high as 20%-80%, the same pay, higher return, easy to enter over 10,000.

9. Seven-star shopping guarantee: All goods support 7 days without reason to return, realize the security concept that is left to you, and the risk is left to me.

10. Quick lock powder, binding revenue: Anyone who clicks on your product link for the first time or scans your invitation code will be locked in. All of his consumption, you have a profit, lock the powder is to lock the market, quickly lock, directly lie.

11. Beautiful material, easy to publish: All the material you need to publish, have professional small series in advance Ready for you, you can release it with your finger.

12. Real-time incentives, cash withdrawals at any time: real-time revenue display, commission withdrawal, one second to account.

13. Easy promotion experience: Users can purchase your recommended items directly on WeChat, support WeChat payment, without any jump. You can also download the app and purchase it yourself through the app.

14. The top team in the industry: core executives from Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other well-known Internet e-commerce giants and top micro-business brand traders, with more than 10 years of experience.

15. Strong operational team: 1000-person technology R&D center, 500-person global goods operation center, 300-person customer service center, 100-person marketing planning center, and 100-person training center. A professional team of 2,000 people will escort your road to entrepreneurship.

16. Complete training system: The sales director will bring you the door, and the professional courses of the business school will help you to continue to grow.

17. Time is highly free: Chu Chu pushes the user’s time to explore deeply, and maximizes the fragmentation time, just use your finger and share it with one click.

18. A wide audience: Whether it is office workers, treasure moms, student families, freelancers, as long as you have a entrepreneurial heart, you can realize your dreams.

19. Broad development space: Excellent VIP shopping guides can be officially signed with the company, enjoying basic salary, social security, and annual salary is not a dream.

20. Excellent Opportunity for Micro-Business Transformation: Chu Chu pushes e-commerce and social integration to provide a new type of entrepreneurial platform and opportunity for micro-businesses seeking transformation.

Global Social E-Commerce Volkswagen Entrepreneurship Preferred Platform & mdash; Chu Chutong, is the first barrel you earn on your entrepreneurial road Golden opportunity. Chu Chu pushed by Tencent’s strategic investment, moving his fingers in WeChat, you can make money by doing business, there is no more reliable endorsement than this. Advertising can be spent on money, spokespersons can spend money, and fame can spend money on speculation. These are all replicable. Only investment relationships are truly unique and hard power.

For everyone who is interested in starting a business, starting from 0 to 1 is really a very difficult process! Today, you can use the platform to achieve your dreams and achieve your career. Take off.

Come and join us. The first 10,000 people can become ours with only 299 internal recommendation code. Vlp shopping guide

The first batch of leaders led by Bo Chu to bring you a million micro signals: QQ9968134

Full price increase on January 1, 2018, join the early day to make money, and realize your dreams one day earlier!

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How can the little fairies miss it?

Danshan powder does not want to be too tired to be too pure, but like its name, it is a bright, full of beautiful and energetic fairy powder, even with a little gray tone, it does not give a cheesy feeling, but more Advanced and textured. Little fairies, are you still willing to miss such a beautiful color?

Second, glamorous home color matching


Free gray in black and white It gives people a sense of cool fashion, and large-scale use may give people a sense of boring. The appearance of glutinous powder brings a touch of warmth to this high-cold color, adding a rich visual effect to this space.


The primrose yellow is a high-brightness color, which is played badly with a little carelessness. The soft and smooth powder was accidentally combined. No matter which color is the main color, there is no violation of the color ratio, just like taste


青青石蓝 as one of the popular colors This cool and powerful color is also popular in the home. If you use it as a large area in lapis lazuli home improvement, then the overall tone of the room is modern or exotic, so it will be simple and clear and more mysterious.

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● Romantic princess room color ● Aura full of creative bonsai ● How to make the most use of home space ● Good design makes home rejuvenate

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The same roots with the dream 2018 Global Chinese Spring Festival Gala and the annual ceremony of the model people!

Event Service Hotline: 010-89205520 13366969336

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Strong push: green plants with high value and good nutrition

Studies have shown that the environment of Chen Fang green planting will create a sense of intimacy, especially in the work table, which can relieve nerves and feel more happy. For the plant that is easy to feed and look good, it is worthwhile to plant grass~~

Boston fern

can purify the air and detect indoor relative Humidity and humidification of the room. It has a good purifying function for formaldehyde in indoor volatile organic compounds.

Peace Tree

Alias“Cinnamon has a good meaning. The green leaves are fresh and can release a fresh gas, which makes people feel happy.


It can kill bacteria, purify the air, and it is still a shade-tolerant plant. It does not need to receive light regularly. It is suitable for putting pots indoors.

The above green plants that have a good value and are easy to feed can be made into a refined table bonsai or a large potted plant. , placed in the living room, will become a beautiful scenery in the living room.

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Qin Hongwei: The way of Chongqing’s orange agent Guo Lin’s management

Guolin Fruit, a chic fruit shop, was created by the founder, Mr. Qin Hongwei. At present, there are 48 stores in Chongqing. It is expected that Chongqing will have a fruit in each district and county next year.

Qin Hongwei is a happy person. The original intention of starting a business is in his words, “The previous job was exhausted and I wanted to change a job with a large market capacity.

Men are afraid of getting into the wrong line, and women are afraid to marry the wrong man.

“We visited the market at the beginning of the venture. At first I wanted to do the condiment industry, but the difference between China and North is too big. I think it is better to make fruit. After all, fruit is a healthy thing and good for the body.

In the early days of hardship, Qin Hongwei smiled.

The purpose of Guolin

Qin Hongwei divides people’s consumption needs into six spaces : The family is the need for security, the company is the demand for the platform, the coffee is the need for social, the fruit is the demand for health, the fifth is the girl’s demand for beauty, and the sixth is the religion is the spirit. Demand.

& ldquo;Our fruit we provide are based on health and the purpose. All the selections are made around health. Don’t worry too much about getting consumers to eat fruit.

One of the difficulties in the fruit market, high loss. Excellent quality, exquisite furnishings and fresh products are among the competitions.

While Guolin takes health as the core, freshness is worthy of recognition. Guolin’s shop is decorated with gray-black background, orange-red LOGO, and then other colors are added by the fruit itself.

At the first sight of the fruit shop, the subject is absolutely fruit, not the other.

Qin Hongwei is self-deprecating. When he knows that someone on the Internet calls him a fruit thinker, he said: Because I am stupid, I only keep learning and constantly thinking. Because I feel that many things are changing, we must come to practice from practice; from consumers to consumers. If we can’t understand consumers and don’t think about changes in consumer behavior, we have no future!

Warehousing members

Guolin’s innovation lies not only in the set! but also in the marketing concept —— warehouse membership.

In Chongqing, the concept of warehouse-style membership was first proposed by Guolin. Qin Hongwei believes that with the advent of the Internet era, people’s information is more and more transparent, and people’s pursuit of things may return to a cost-effective and quality-based experience. If Guolin puts everything in the future, Here, it is equivalent to the consumer’s warehouse. If the consumer needs it at home, Guolin will just need a basic model for the consumer, so that the people need what he needs in Guolin, not only assured but also good quality; In the member store section, Guo Lin is not a casual service, but if you are a member, you will get a higher price/performance ratio. For example, if you spend the same money, you can buy more things, buy the same things and spend less. Money, this is a kind of purpose of Guolin.

Before proposing this concept, Qin Hongwei studied the global retail industry and divided it!

<;We feel that the core focus of the original retail industry is to make products, They have a wide variety of products and varieties, and we feel that the future development of warehouse-style members is centered on the interests of consumers, that is, in order to protect the interests of consumers, we should give him what I want in a very close place. We must make a long-term essay around the needs of consumers. We are a warehouse-style member store based on this concept; another warehouse store is operated 24 hours a day. We have designed a lot of scenes for you. For example, when you eat fruit, you can rest assured that when you come to the guest, you need to buy some snacks and drinks in addition to fruits and nuts. Then, when you are driving with a few friends, buy some fruit and buy some drinks. Buy some small biscuits, buy some milk, you can buy one-stop at Guolin; friends from other places come to play, are you going to buy some local products in Guolin for friends? Is it a good grade? More is to provide consumers with one-stop life scenes, full-service providers.

Inspirational Orange Agent

It is no easy task to get the fruit industry done.

Heavenly rewards, practical people are always more likely to be trusted than ordinary people.

In 2013, by a friend, Qin Hongwei got the agent distribution rights of Orange. This is tantamount to Jin Hongwei and Guo Lin.

“褚Orange to Chongqing should be in 2011. In 2012, Orange was also featured in Chongqing. In 2013, we gave us a license. At the beginning we were Also for consumers to do some preferential activities on the terminal! After so many years, Guo Lin also cultivated a group of loyal customers, and we will not go outside to get a grain of other oranges, all directly from the factory.

Orange, which has been popular in Chongqing, and the personal consumption of oranges is the mainstay. Consumers’ love, once the orange is in short supply!

In Qin Hongwei’s view, this product is really in line with the market demand for today’s consumption upgrade, and at least the production level of orange, at least Is the production level of green foodTherefore, it is a product that the people like now, and after so many years of brand promotion, the orange is not only a brand product, but also a sentiment product that the people think.

All services are based on consumer love.

“We did an event on the 20th, and we made a one-dollar free tasting of an orange on the 20th. We took 20,000 oranges out for everyone to taste yesterday, and there are many people coming to the fore.

Brand agriculture is the future trend

Like orange is a typical brand of agricultural products The success of Orange has also attracted many people to realize the power of branded agricultural products.

“ I think the brand has two concepts. Many people are still confused. The average person thinks that the brand is a high price. In fact, this is not the case. The brand is the recognition of the values ​​of a group of people doing things. He is the symbol of quality agricultural products; the brand is the endorsement of quality, and the endorsement of credit is the endorsement that allows consumers to eat with confidence. Not necessarily the brand is expensive, but the brand will certainly make consumers feel safe and happy, and it is the most important thing to bring pleasure to consumers.

In the depth of the Internet era, brand agriculture will become better and better in the future. For consumers, after living standards improve, they believe in brands more.

Perhaps for the agricultural industry, the power of the brand will become extremely important!

Invite the most precious friends in the business community, go to the Orange Manor, taste the orange, talk about business life!

Old, orange, have a way, have life!


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These small things in the renovation need long-term consideration

Toilet reserved socket

As the quality of life improves, I want to experience a happy life. Buying a smart toilet without a reserved outlet can be embarrassing.

Pay attention to the size of the master bed

After the baby is born, put it in the parents’ room, mostly It is on the side of the bed. If there is not enough space reserved, it will be too cramped.

Baby bumper

Remember to buy anti-collision strips after your baby is one year old or Similar products, pack the place where you can easily touch your baby.

Bathroom Faucet Design

The bathroom faucet is available in a stretchable style with a man at home. It is convenient to wash your hair in the morning.

Door slamming

Door slamming can be glued to the ground without touching To the feet.

Pay attention to the height of the cabinet

Try to pay more attention to the height of the kitchen cabinet. Some owners are not very careful to make the results very short, in the late cooking, doing housework and bending the waist will be very tired, this should be based on the height of different owners.

Kitchen Basin

Try to use the under counter basin in the kitchen sink. Very convenient and worry-free.

Small space reserved in the kitchen

When designing the cabinet under the kitchen sink Two points, one is big enough, if you plan to install a water purifier in the future, add a small kitchen treasure and add a garbage shredder to pay attention to it, it is likely that the space is overloaded, and the outlet should be waterproof.

Reasonable space utilization in the kitchen

Make sure to take advantage of the kitchen wall space Use some hardware to save space on the countertop, such as drain racks and kitchen racks.

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Three items to make your home happy

In fact, the warmth of a home, the most important thing is a warm family! But if you have a warm family but live in a deserted house, you will definitely lose a lot of life. Today, Xiaobian is going to introduce you to these three ornaments——photo frames, plants, Pillow. Give your happiness a big bonus!

The soft pillows make the space very comfortable. After a busy day, sitting back home on the sofa, holding the pillow and leaning on the cushion is a very enjoyable thing. Choose a leisurely afternoon, hold your pillow with your family, and sit around the TV to watch a warm and funny movie and enjoy the happiness of the moment.

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