Philips has turned over low-cost bombing. What are the interests of SMEs?

It is understood that Philips recently requested ODMs/OEMs (original designer manufacturer/original equipment manufacturer) in mainland China and Taiwan to reduce the LED bulb ex-factory price by US$0.8 in 2016. At present, the ex-factory price of cheap, simple-design LED bulbs introduced in the second half of 2015 has dropped to the lowest level of $1 to $1.2. It is not easy to reduce the price to $0.8 by simply reducing the cost of LED chips and packaging.

Since the beginning of this year, the global LED product price war has risen to another stage, and the lighting giants have shown the low price temptation. In particular, Philips Lighting, a step-by-step low-cost layout strategy, confuses fans, brand benefits are increasingly emerging, taking the lead in building a fortress in the low-cost market.

After a few years of price wars, the price of LED products in the 60W replacement category has dropped to about $10, and the price of LED light bulbs with the warmth of the dimming function released by Philips in March this year Also only $9.97. The brightness can be controlled by the dimmer switch, and the color temperature is also reduced from a pale yellow 2,700K to a red-orange hue, similar to the sunset light drop. The same price of OSRAM and Cree’s similar products can not provide this “light characteristics.”

In April, Philips released a big move to celebrate World Earth Day, launching the cheapest 60W LED light bulb set &mdash on the market; two $4.97 prices for up to three months. It is reported that Philips’ price cuts are mainly to clear the inventory, and then will restore the price of $ 5 each. The industry believes that Philips will fold out the old stocks in the same time. Although there will be short-term price interference, the recovery of one US$5 will have an indicator significance. Since the price has approached the energy-saving lamps, the service life is longer and will be able to Helps attract consumer purchases to turn to LED bulbs.

Following the low-cost war in the North American market, after the first shot was sharply cut off, Philips went to Asia to ignite. From August 12th, Philips launched a 75W color temperature control system in the whole station of Tellus House; Hengyu LED ceiling lamp 9999 yuan (original price 11900 yuan) discount program; August 20, pure light LED bulb 6.5W price Kill more than 30% off, from the original price of 249 yuan to 169 yuan.

On August 28th, in order to increase the market share of Philips LED desk lamps in the Taiwan market, Philips further launched the low-cost model. The retail price of different types of LED desk lamps was NT$2,499 (approximately US$76.90). ), NT$1,500, and NT$1,499 were reduced to NT$999, NT$899 and NT$799. Philips said it expects sales to reach 400,000 to 500,000, and market share will rise from the current 30% to 35% to 40%.

On the other hand, Philips Electronics (Thailand) also announced an integrated marketing campaign: customers will receive a 20% discount on every LED bulb purchased, and the event will continue throughout September. The campaign aims to encourage consumers to make changes through some integrated marketing communications activities. Inform consumers of the advantages of using LED lighting through television broadcasts, print ads, internet marketing and roadshows in 16 provinces across the country.

In addition to the basic lighting, Philips launched a new member of the Hue smart light bulb family on August 26 ——Hue Wireless Dimming<;light bulb + remote control set also went on the low-cost route, priced at 39.95 US dollars. The biggest benefit of this product is that it is cheap enough and can be used directly, instead of having to use a Hub like a regular Hue smart light bulb. The new bulb has a brightness of 800 lumens at 2700K of soft white light and has a lifetime of approximately 25,000 hours.

Since Philips is a major LED lighting manufacturer, its series of price-cutting promotions attracts attention from the global market. Philips’ comprehensive low-cost layout helps stimulate the penetration of LED lighting, but its fierce competition will also squeeze the survival space of second-tier manufacturers. Some SMEs say, “even the international giants like Philips are pushing down prices. What are the benefits for SMEs?

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Japan Kikusui Chemical Industry will build a new paint factory in Changshu, China

According to Japanese media reports, Japan Kikusui Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Central District, Nagoya City), which produces and sells architectural coatings, recently announced that it will build a paint factory in Changshu Economic and Chemical Park in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China.

The joint venture between Jushui Chemical Industry and China’s building materials manufacturing giant Shanghai Building Materials will invest about 2.3 billion yen. The new plant is expected to start construction in April, completed in November, and officially put into operation in 2017.

Despite the deceleration of the Chinese economy, Kikusui believes that construction-related areas will continue to maintain high demand in the future. The new plant is expected to produce 35,000 tons per year, with a planned sales of 5 billion yen in 2021 and 10 billion yen in 2026.

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The US furniture industry is at a critical turning point

The US furniture industry is at a critical turning point. Over the past decade, the US furniture industry has faced many challenges, the biggest of which include the economic crisis, overseas operations in domestic manufacturing, and shrinking demand. The development of the furniture trend is as slow as the economists and industry insiders predict, and it is not optimistic.

The latest news from Furniture Fans, Anderson Bauman Tourtellot Vos, a US corporate transformation consulting firm, recently released a new furniture industry observation report that shows US furniture manufacturing A snapshot of the industry, including a view of current industry developments from a Middle Eastern market retailer perspective, highlights the challenges facing the industry and analyzes the likely responses to the challenges.

The report shows that the US furniture industry is at a critical turning point, and we cannot predict whether it will have the ability to respond quickly to sudden changes, changes in consumer buying preferences, shortage of skilled workers, and labor. Increasing costs, problems with technology integration, etc. will all lead to the inability of the US furniture industry to recover quickly after the economic crisis.

The report points out that the industry’s challenge is to reach effective communication with consumers and workers of different ages to meet market demands and launch different products to meet various types. Consumers fill the gaps in talent to stay competitive.

Trends are changing

The development of the US furniture industry has made significant progress in the past few years, since 2009 After 13% decline in sales, orders for new furniture in US furniture factories increased by at least 4% per year. As of 2013, orders increased by 23% from 2009 and 7% from 2008. This slow and steady growth has continued into 2014 and is expected to continue in the next few years.

Rethinking Offshoring

Many US manufacturers are rethinking their offshore outsourcing (building overseas) Manufacturing, outsourcing) Why is the cost advantage gradually lost in the process of sourcing products globally? According to a survey conducted by the Boston Consulting Group in the first half of 2014, the weakening of the cost advantage of some foreign manufacturers is due to increased wages and backward productivity. Growth, unfavorable monetary value and rising energy costs.

Furniture manufacturers should carefully analyze cost issues with their overseas manufacturing departments. It is estimated that manufacturers may at least overestimate the cost advantage of offshoring by 30%.

Of course, in fact offshore outsourcing (outsourcing manufacturing to domestic manufacturers) is not a panacea. The production costs of many foreign manufacturers are still kept in a lower range, and the quality of their products is gradually increasing.

Transformation of Manufacturing

Like all manufacturing industries, the furniture manufacturing industry is also facing a shortage of skilled labor. The aging of the workforce has caused skilled workers to disappear, especially in the interior and tailoring industries. Fewer and young people are willing to do these jobs.

The problem is that the furniture industry is changing, but the impression it has in people’s minds has not changed. Many people still associate furniture manufacturing with layoffs as untrained manual labor, working in darkness and dust. The reality is that the furniture industry, like other manufacturing industries, introduces advanced technology into its processes, replacing traditional manual processes, using complex machines, and operating in a clean environment.

The challenge facing the furniture industry today is how to attract and retain a highly qualified workforce, especially young workers, and negative perceptions of subversive industries. The answer may be that this problem goes beyond the real environment of furniture manufacturing —— the transformation of manufacturing depends on the transformation of the overall image.

The real estate market is picking up

As the real estate market picks up, the furniture industry has also picked up. In 2014, the housing starts rate increased, and the sales of existing homes also increased. The sales of houses that were once difficult to get out of hand have now stabilized. Correspondingly, new furniture orders are much higher than last year, both in terms of orders and shipments. Many industry experts predict that the slow and steady growth of the furniture industry will continue until the end of 2014, confirming that the consumer confidence index remains high.

According to the economic forecast of ABTV Jim Smith, it is necessary to strengthen the focus on the real estate market and accelerate the pace to ensure the final improvement of the US economy. He pointed out that although the real estate market has not made much contribution to GDP in 2014, it will have a significant impact in the next three to five years, which is good news for the furniture industry.

Social change drives industry development

In the past decade, many factors have directly or indirectly affected In the furniture industry, including technological change, the rise of social media, and changes in demographics.

Demand Decisions Allocation

The Internet is changing the retail retail landscape, especially for young consumers, we need to open up new Distribution channels. Many retailers, especially daily-life retailers, have entered the fast-growing e-commerce market, allowing customers to purchase furniture directly from their websites. More and more consumers are willing to buy furniture online, and they are easily accepting this new distribution channel. E-commerce is a popular trend in the future development of the furniture industry.

Looking to the future

The furniture industry is in the process of transformation, and talent gaps are a big obstacle, and ways must be found to overcome it. Moreover, the industry must be brave enough to innovate in order to recover. It is now necessary to make bold decisions to correct the direction of the furniture industry and improve its profitability, competitiveness and market share.

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JINS eyewear fashion glasses new listing 邂逅 early spring romance

Enjoy a relaxing spring day with a colorful look. Japanese fashion glasses JINS eyes on this romantic spring day, launched a variety of new products, gorgeous colors, cool handsome design, to meet your multiple imagination of fashion glasses. JINS has always adhered to the brand concept of “high-priced glasses, good quality glasses, and good service glasses stores”, and is looking forward to bringing fashion glasses with both quality and style. Because of this, JINS has been favored by many young people.

JINS’s new fashion glasses, including multiple series of sunglasses and optics Avant-garde design, moving colors, collide classics and trends, and create a new season of spring “Mirrors! No frame series of fashion glasses, with the theme of “incomplete”, using different structures to express the lightness and comfort of frameless sunglasses, Refreshing and graceful colors give you a unique experience. JINS Eyes NEW TR series, the light TR material theme series, set off a new “Retro Revolution”, let you have your own fashion style in the modern city. The Bright collection of stylish glasses, with a transparent, pure theme, blends the colors of the summer with a sense of minty freshness. JINS’s POLYGON series, if you are tired of the same life, want a fresh, unique and irregular frame series, will bring you unexpected surprises.

Fashion glasses JINS also launched BARBAPAPA&times in collaboration with the famous French comics Baba in the spring. The JINS series is pure and cute, and you will feel the beauty of the gorgeous spring together with you. The plate metal mixing frame and the metal frame are both cool and cool. The sleek Boston big frame can be decorated with cute and compact faces. Avant-garde half-frame coating for playful visual variations. The laser process engraving comics at the temples will definitely make you fall in love.

JINS is not only keeping up with the current trend in fashion glasses design, in terms of quality, it We have always adhered to the spirit of Japanese ingenuity and wholeheartedly created good quality glasses. Fashion glasses JINS eyewear uses high-quality materials, such as TR material, titanium material and other light and comfortable materials; in the lens selection, JINS eyewear almost all fashion glasses, all use aspherical lenses, compared to spherical lenses, The aspherical lens has a clearer and more natural line of sight, and there is no discomfort such as dizziness or glare. The excellence in production brings comfort to the wearer, which also reflects the pursuit of fashion eyewear technology by JINS. JINS believes that innovation makes the brand lasting vitality, and also hopes to provide fashionable glasses with new experiences and styles to the people who love the trend.

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The 2nd China-EU Innovation and Economic Cooperation Summit was successfully held in Shenzhen!

On May 29th, in Shenzhen, an innovative international city, the theme of deepening the cooperation and innovation between China and Europe The 2nd China-EU Innovation and Economic Cooperation Summit was successfully held!

The Chairman of the French National Council for Diversity, former Minister Olivier STIRN, the Investment Counselor of the French Embassy in China, Florent MANGIN, China Banking Association Economist Ba Shusong, associate professor of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, Jiang Changjian, the moderator of “The Strongest Brain”, and a group of big coffee in the fields of innovation cooperation, financial technology, intelligent manufacturing, intellectual property, etc. Explore new trends in the four major industries and explore new opportunities for innovation and cooperation.

The summit was hosted by Tianan Digital City Group, co-organized by Shenzhen Futian District People’s Government, French Diversified National Committee, Yingzhong Trade Association, Sino-German Industry 4.0, and received the Commercial Investment Office of the French Consulate General in Guangzhou. SILK VENTURES Silk Venture Capital, ABP International Alliance, Creative Bank, Shenzhen International Exchange and Cooperation Foundation and other units strongly support. At the summit, Liu Zhiyong, deputy head of the Futian District People’s Government, Chairman of the French National Commission for Diversity, former Minister Olivier STIRN, and President of Tianan Digital City Group Du Cansheng delivered speeches respectively.

Liu Zhiyong, deputy head of Futian District People’s Government, delivered a speech

Speech by Olivier STIRN, Chairman and Former Minister of the French National Council for Diversity,

Du Cansheng, President of Tianan Digital City Group,

China and Europe are a community of destiny with a high degree of interest

In the era of global openness and inclusiveness, as the world’s two major The economy, China and Europe have become a community of destiny with a high degree of interest. Promoting China-EU relations is the key to win-win cooperation.

2018 The 2nd China-EU Innovation and Economic Cooperation Summit was held on the basis of the success of the first summit, and promoted the international cooperation strategy that was introduced and brought out, and cooperated to find the China-EU consensus. We will work with European countries to create an open high-end platform for innovation, mutual benefit, cultural integration, and technology sharing. Through intellectual property rights, we will fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, help enterprises enhance their international competitiveness, and escort enterprises. .

International Innovation Cooperation Project Landing and Climax

At the summit, the Sino-French (Shenzhen) Joint Innovation Center jointly established by Tianan Digital City and Yvelines of France was officially launched, and the people of Futian District Liu Zhiyong, deputy head of the government, Florent MANGIN, investment counselor of the Chinese Investment Office of the French Embassy in China, Du Cansheng, president of Tianan Digital City Group, and Zheng Hongquan, executive vice president, attended the ceremony.

The Sino-French (Shenzhen) Joint Innovation Center is one of the top ten overseas innovation centers in Shenzhen in 2017. The earliest incubator project in Shenzhen was planned and operated by Tianan Digital City Group. It is reported that Tianan Digital City Group will make full use of the advantages of France, Shenzhen and its own resources, and exert its experience and ability in enterprise growth solutions, promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and French scientific research institutions and innovative enterprises, and assist French companies to explore overseas markets. To enhance the brand value of Chinese companies.

At the meeting, the China-UK Innovation and Technology Valley jointly built by Tianan Digital City Group and SILK VENTURES was officially unveiled. Mr. Zhang Wei, Director of the China-UK Trade Association South China Region, Mark Hedley, Director of the UK-China Trade Association, Angelica Anton, founding partner of SILK VENTURES, Peter Bullock, lawyer/partner of King & Wood’s Hong Kong office, and Du Cansheng, President of Tianan Digital City Group, Tianan Digital Zheng Hongquan, executive vice president of City Group, attended the unveiling ceremony.

Sino-British Innovation and Technology Valley Unveiling Ceremony

Tianan Digital City is rich in incubators The experience of many of its incubators has won the title of the space. By working together with professional venture capital institutions to build the China-UK Innovation and Technology Valley, it will promote cooperation between China and the UK in complementary industries, provide efficient docking services for quality projects and investors, and help Chinese and British innovation companies become international.

The Summit Dialogue Enlightens New Growth in Central Europe

The Chairman and former Minister of the French National Council for Diversity is now Mr. Olivier STIRN and Mrs. Evelyne STIRN, the International Affairs Relations Consultant of French President Mark Long. “Asia-French Policy Experience Sharing and President Mark Long’s Policy on New Technology” kicked off the China-EU innovation and thoughts, and talked about the innovative economic cooperation and exchange between Asia and Europe and France’s policy support for innovative technology companies.

Subsequently, Luigi Gambardella, President of the China-Europe Digital Association, delivered a keynote speech on “The Prospects of Sino-European Cooperation Deepening and Cooperation in New Fields”, pointing out that both China and the EU are striving to deepen reform, improve governance, promote development, enhance understanding, and deepen exchanges. At present, China is in the stage of the 13th Five-Year Plan, and Europe is at the stage of the European 2020 development strategy. Adjusting the economic structure, promoting two-way investment, and promoting economic growth are the common pursuits of both sides. The same goals, similar ideas, high complementarity and great potential for cooperation have created historic opportunities for deepening cooperation between China and Europe.

Luigi Gambardella, President of the China-Europe Digital Association

In the wave of globalization, how do innovative SMEs seize opportunities to expand overseas markets? In the roundtable discussion on “International Experience Sharing of Innovative Enterprises in China and Europe”, Angelica Anton, founding partner of SILK VENTURES, Florent MANGIN, Investment Counselor of the French Investment Office of the French Embassy in China, Mattias Debroyer, Business Consul of the Brussels Investment Promotion Bureau, UK Mark Hedley, Director of China Trade Association, and Du Cansheng, President of Tianan Digital City Group, shared their experiences and suggestions on expanding their international markets.

Du Cansheng, President of Tianan Digital City Group, said that from building an international express train to hosting several international competitions in the China Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, Tianan Digital City will help small and medium-sized enterprises expand their international markets by setting up platforms. “Our internationalization may not be the same as that of a general enterprise. Most companies generally focus on occupying a certain market. The internationalization of Tianan Digital City is to promote the more efficient integration of overseas enterprises with overseas resources.

As the heavyweight guest of this summit —— Mr. Ba Shusong gave a speech on “Block Chain Empowerment Financial Technology Innovation”, combining his financial field with the current hot blockchain , indicating the direction of financial technology innovation. A high-level dialogue around the international experience sharing of innovative enterprises in China and Europe has stimulated the collision of ideas and provided practical references for the development and internationalization of China-EU innovative enterprises with rich cases.

Bayeson, Chief Economist, China Banking Association

In the long-lasting topic of innovation, there is always a problem of development and renewal. How does innovation and development continue? How to achieve iterative update? In the second half of the summit, the counselor Li Yuguang delivered a keynote speech on “Global Innovation and China’s Thinking”. . Li’s counsel first analyzed the status of China’s innovation capability in the international market through data analysis, and then pointed out the path for current enterprise innovation by analyzing factors such as intellectual property rights and innovation systems.

Counselor Li Yuguang

Associate Professor, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, “The Strongest “Centre” host Jiang Changjian’s “Innovation and Iteration: The Cycle of Development” keynote speech. Through four aspects: concept innovation, model innovation, business innovation and product innovation, Mr. Jiang combined with successful companies in the field, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Meituan, and Vibrato, to unveil the development cycle for the audience and explain in detail the development of innovation. Iteration.

Associate Professor of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University, Jiang Changjian, Moderator of “The Strongest Brain”

Yang Jinming, Dean of Sanhang Industrial Technology Research Institute, Prof. Hong from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Zhou Qianqian, Chairman of Sino-German Industry 4.0 Alliance, and other guests discussed in depth the cooperation and challenges of China-EU innovation economy in the field of intelligent manufacturing, sharing intelligence Manufacturing experience, indicating new opportunities and new paths for various industries in the era of artificial intelligence.

Smart Manufacturing Roundtable Forum

Intellectual Property Protection Alliance Escort Innovation

Following the establishment of the first intellectual property fund and mdash;— the Tianan Digital City Intellectual Property Development Fund established by the private enterprise on April 20, the Tianan Digital City Intellectual Property Protection Alliance was established on May 29th. Officially launched, Song Bing, Secretary General of Shenzhen Guoxin Southern Intellectual Property Research Institute, Zheng Hongquan, Executive Vice President of Tianan Digital City Group, Deng Yu, Lawyer/Partner of Zhonglun Wende Law Firm, and 5 representatives of Tianan Digital City Group Park Start the conference. The Tianan Digital City Intellectual Property Protection Alliance launched by the summit will fully integrate high-quality resources at home and abroad, strengthen the ability of enterprises to create, use and protect intellectual property rights, consolidate the core competitiveness of innovative enterprises, and improve the level of international business cooperation.

Launch Ceremony of Tianan Digital City Intellectual Property Protection Alliance

Subsequently, Song Bing Secretary General Mr. Deng Yu and Peter Bullock, Partner of Hong Kong Office of King & Wood Law Firm, and Zhang Ming, Chairman of Beijing Jinzhiqiao Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., jointly explored the exploration and practice of innovative enterprises in intellectual property protection, and interpreted intellectual property laws. Regulations and sharing of practical experience in corporate intellectual property protection; Director Zhou Jiagui of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office gave a speech on the practice and thinking of intellectual property protection in Shenzhen, and explained in detail the measures taken by Shenzhen Municipality on intellectual property protection under the new era and new policies.

Intellectual Property Protection Exploration Roundtable Forum

Zhou Jiagui, Director of Shenzhen Intellectual Property Office

In just one day, the event attracted representatives of European government agencies, innovation institutions in China and well-known domestic and foreign innovative companies. More than 600 people, including think tank experts, gathered together to discuss the development of China-EU innovation cooperation.

Guest Photograph

President of Tianan Digital City GroupCansheng mentioned that in the past 28 years, Tianan Digital City Group has developed into a leading provider of innovative enterprise growth solutions, providing all the nutrients needed for the company from nursery to growth, from the provision of physical space, the operation of smart parks. , to resource docking, platform construction, and even incubation, listing, and expansion. “The operation concept of the partner of the time and the service provider of the space created the success of the Tianan Digital City model. With the introduction and bringing out the international development strategy and the international exchange platform as the carrier, Tianan Digital City Group has expanded 10 international express trains including China, France, China, Britain, China, Germany, China and Australia. Leading innovative growth companies to open the door to the international market.

President Du Cansheng said that the second China-EU Innovation and Economic Cooperation Summit will further deepen on the basis of the previous results and build on the principle of global development and bring together more abundant domestic and international industrial resources. To attract more high-quality innovative enterprises and build an open high-end platform for innovation, interaction, economic mutual benefit, cultural integration and technology sharing between China, Shenzhen and European countries, and effectively enhance the international reputation of Shenzhen and even Chinese enterprises.

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Leading the new development of building materials, Blue Dolphin was once again selected for the promotion and application of building energy conservation in Hunan Province

Recently, the Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Catalogue of the Promotion and Application of Building Energy-Saving Technologies, Processes, Materials and Equipment in Hunan Province in 2019 (the first batch), which included 21 technologies, processes and materials from 13 enterprises. ,device. Among them, the water-based diatom mud and dry powder diatom mud of Blue Sky Dolphin Green Building New Materials Co., Ltd. were selected in this catalogue.

This is the second time that Blue Sky Dolphin Water-based Diatom Mud and Dry Powder Diatom Mud have been selected for the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies, processes, materials and equipment in Hunan Province.

Blue dolphins dry powder diatom mud was selected for the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies, processes, materials and equipment in Hunan Province

Blue Dolphin has been selected into the Catalogue of Building Energy Efficiency Promotion and Application in Hunan Province

To build a building system characterized by low carbon, to guide the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies, processes, materials and equipment in Hunan Province, and to strengthen civil buildings. Source control and process management of energy-saving project quality, Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development organized relevant experts to conduct formal review, technical review and on-site field verification of building energy-saving technologies declared by enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the Hunan Provincial Civil Building Energy Conservation Regulations. And publicity, compiled the “2019 Hunan Province building energy-saving technology, technology, materials, equipment promotion and application catalog (first batch).”

The companies included in the catalogue have the ability to manufacture and manufacture qualified building energy-saving materials according to national, industry or local standards of the province. The technologies and products in the catalogue should be strictly implemented in the relevant countries, industries and Hunan. Provincial local standards.

With the outstanding product quality and technical achievements, Blue Sky Dolphin Water-based Diatom Mud and Dry Powder Diatom Mud entered the catalogue, and Blue Sky Dolphin Green Building New Materials Co., Ltd. became the only recommended diatom in the catalogue. Mud business.

According to the Hunan Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Information Network, this is not the first time that Blue Sky Dolphin Green Building New Materials Co., Ltd. has been selected for the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies, processes, materials and equipment in Hunan Province.

In December 2017, the Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the “2017 Hunan Province Building Energy-saving Technology, Process, Materials, Equipment Promotion and Application Catalogue (Fourth Batch)”, dry powder produced by Blue Dolphin Diatom mud and water-based diatom mud are among them.

In 2018, the Hunan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Catalogue of Promotion and Application of Building Energy-Saving Technologies, Processes, Materials and Equipment in Hunan Province in 2018 (Third Batch), Blue Sky Dolphin Green Building New Materials Co., Ltd. The hollow ceramic bead insulation system for LTT construction and the hollow glass microbead insulation for LTT engineering were selected for this catalogue.

In 2019, the Hunan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of plans for the creation of a green manufacturing system in Hunan Province in 2019. The Blue Dolphin Green Building New Materials Company was successfully selected.

Blue sky dolphins water-based diatom mud was selected for the promotion and application of building energy-saving technologies, processes, materials and equipment in Hunan Province

Leading new building materials to high-end, environmental protection and humanity

The green industrial park of the Blue Dolphin is located in the Hunan Light Industry Industrial Park (Xiangyin), with a total investment plan of 3 billion yuan and a planned area of ​​1,000 mu. The total construction area is about 310,000 square meters, and the annual output value can reach 100 billion yuan. The first phase project has been completed and put into production in 2017. It covers an area of ​​100 mu, with a construction area of ​​about 50,000 square meters, annual equipment production capacity of 500,000 tons, and annual industrial output value of 100. 100 million yuan was awarded the title of China Diatom Industry Demonstration Base.

As the industry’s leading production base, the Blue Dolphin Industrial Park integrates R&D, production, teaching, construction, service and other functions into one, which can carry interior wall diatom coating products (diatom mud, water-based Diatom mud, diatom coatings, etc., exterior wall architectural coating products (ceramic vacuum microbead insulation system, flexible texture coating, natural stone coating, water-based colorful coating, water-based reflective insulation coating, etc.), Kiev products (environmental tile adhesive Multi-series products such as adhesives, environmentally friendly waterproof materials, environmentally friendly putty, etc., diatom softcover art, thermal insulation materials, green smart home, etc., can realize the test and teaching construction of multi-category products.

The Blue Dolphin has been actively practicing “Science and Technology Innovation Drives the Industrial Upgrading Strategy and leads the way for new building materials to move towards high-end, environmentally friendly and human development. (Disclaimer: Articles and pictures are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact delete!)

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618 Value Hardware Low Price MSI Mortar Board & AMD Ruilong Combination Boxing

The annual 618 is coming again. For the friends who are waiting for the 618 update hardware products to be blessed this time, the Tmall Samur Digital franchise store recently released a series of hardware products 618. The MSI B450 mortar + AMD Ruilong series processor with the installed assembly, instantly attracted the attention of Xiaobian. The combination set mode is diverse, and you don’t have to worry about the choice of the combination mode.

For the small partners who plan to install their own DIY, there is absolutely no performance for the Ruilong processor. Understand. The new Ruilong series is based on AMD SenseMI technology and supports 2 generations of intelligent spread spectrum technology and 2 generations of dynamic acceleration technology. The suffix X model also supports Precision Boost Overdrive to help the processor reach the limit frequency that the motherboard and heat can withstand. In addition, the intelligent prefetching technology is improved, the bulldozer strategy is optimized, and the memory support frequency reaches DDR4-2933MHz.

On the motherboard side, the MORTAR mortar series motherboard has always been seen in the MSI game arsenal. Home models, face value, specifications, prices and other aspects have a strong competitive edge. Therefore, the advent of each generation of MORTAR mortar products has never let the players down, and it has always been at the forefront of the major e-commerce sales charts with its super competitive edge. The MSI B450M MORTAR mortar board adopts a gray-black military color matching style, while the B450M MORTAR TITANIUM mortar board adopts a more eye-catching metal titanium-silver color scheme, which also occupies a higher competitive advantage.

MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM motherboard with 7-phase digital power supply, dual PCIe x16 slots (one of them Steel armor design) supports 2-Way AMD CrossFire technology, dual M.2 Gen3 x4 interface. Four DDR4 memory slots can support up to 64GB 3466MHz memory specifications. The highly acclaimed DDR4 BOOST memory acceleration engine, Audio Boost classic sound technology, GAMING e-sports network card and GAME BOOST game acceleration engine, etc., are also used by the MSI B450M MORTAR TITANIUM mortar board.

Take the B450M MORTAR mortar host + 2700 processor set as an example, let everyone know the next The intensity of the second activity is now that the Tmall Samur Digital franchise store starts at 0:00 on the 1st, and the order can be used to collect the 20 yuan coupon on the product page (the current coupon has two, need to receive 6 The one that is available from the 1st to the 2nd of the month), after receiving the coupon, enjoy the low price of 1799 yuan, and interested friends must be optimistic about the time, quickly start.

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Pre – stressed Concrete HC Slabs Extrusion Machine

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Chinese and foreign sanitary ware manufacturers have taken the “more understand Chinese” into a national brand advantage

The contest between domestic brand brands and international brands has never stopped, and the annual Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show has become a platform for confrontation between the two. This kind of trick is beneficial to the development of the domestic sanitary ware industry, which provides consumers with more brands and product choices, and also stimulates the growth and growth of China’s sanitary ware enterprises. However, it should be mentioned that it is inevitable that international brands will not be allowed to enter the Chinese market. In contrast, domestic brands are more aware of the hearts of Chinese people.

National Brand: A sanitary solution based on the needs of Chinese families

In the contest with international brands, “Learn more about the needs of Chinese and Chinese families, which is probably the most mentioned advantage of domestic brands. At this year’s kitchen and bathroom exhibition, the attention of national brands to the health and individual needs of Chinese consumers seems to be summarized in the control of product details and customization trends.

Experts point out that noise has a significant impact on the home environment and the health of residents. According to a survey conducted by the Data Research Center, more than half of Chinese households have experienced the problem of water flushing in toilet flushing and water tanking after toileting. The noise of the toilet has become one of the important issues that the interviewed users complained about.

At this year’s show, the improvement of the toilet flushing system, the sound of flushing, and the decibel of the water on the water tank became one of the highlights of the brand’s main products. According to relevant data, the traditional flushing toilet has a single flushing noise of between 75 and 85 decibels. This year, in some national brand booths, “less than 40 decibels, or even less than 30 decibels” The toilet has received much attention.

In addition, customization has become one of the more mentioned keywords. The glass in the shower room can be printed with your favorite photos according to your personal preference; the bathroom mirror can be embedded in the menu according to your specific needs … …. As customization has gradually extended from cabinets and furniture to more home furnishing, the customization needs and market of sanitary products are gradually becoming more prominent.

It is understood that the current customization of bathroom products is mainly divided into two aspects: one is partial customization, which is currently possible, such as according to your favorite and Need to change the color and size of the bathroom cabinet, or change the configuration of the hardware shower as needed. The other is the overall matching customization, which allows people to dress up their bathroom space according to their own needs and style. This is the direction that many brands are developing.

But Yan Bangping, general manager of a sanitary brand business unit, also said that customized sanitary products are a trend, but the limited limitations of mass production cannot mean the high price of customized products. Therefore, in the short term, custom bathroom products cannot be popularized.

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In the era of AI+IoT, try to see the changes in the smart TV industry.

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From In 2016, major manufacturers began to deploy artificial intelligence TVs. The scale of artificial intelligence TV products on the market has also expanded. It is estimated that by 2018, domestic AI TV sales will reach 10 million units. It can be seen that the future potential of the artificial intelligence TV field is huge.

As we all know, artificial intelligence, as the core of a new round of industrial transformation, keeps pace with the Internet of Things technology, and constantly promotes new technologies, products and models, thus becoming a breakthrough point for the development of many intelligent industries. In fact, nature is no exception. With the joint driving of AI+IoT technology, smart TV is gradually emerging, and the industrial competition pattern is being rewritten. What will happen to the smart TV industry in the future?

Intelligent blessing smart TV is gradually emerging

What is smart TV? Baidu’s interpretation refers to Internet-based application technology, with open operating system and chip, with an open application platform, enabling two-way human-computer interaction It integrates various functions such as audio and video, entertainment and data to meet the rich consumer demand of users.

Smart TV can also be called IoT TV or artificial intelligence TV. In addition to networking, it can automatically sense the state of space and the state of the appliance itself, and automatically control and receive control commands for home or remote control. At the same time, as an important part of smart home, smart TV also needs to be linked with other smart home products to realize the whole house intelligent control experience.

In recent years, with the gradual application of artificial intelligence technology, the sales of smart TVs have risen rapidly. According to the IHS Markit survey, from the global market, smart TVs accounted for 45% of total TV shipments in 2015 and rose to 64% in 2017, and are expected to reach 70% by 2018. IHS Markit analysts said: “The availability and integration of Amazon Alexa, Google Voice Assistant and other popular voice assistants will further increase the demand for smart TVs in 2018 and beyond.” Streaming video is for consumers to watch 4K content. The most common way, while the choice of broadcast and pay TV is limited, further spurs the adoption of smart TV.

As such, the continued growth of AI voice and streaming video services will greatly boost the growth of smart TV sales in the future, with the widespread use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Voice Assistant, and Apple Siri and Baidu Secret are also catching up quickly.

In addition, according to reports, Android is currently the most popular smart TV operating system platform, including the complete Android TV implementation and modified versions used by many Chinese TV brands, Samsung (TIZEN) and LG Electronics (WebOS) The proprietary smart TV platform is the second and third popular smart TV operating system platform.

Giants in various fields have rushed to grab the site

Artificial intelligence TV has only emerged in the past two years. In 2016, Changhong took the lead in opening the artificial intelligence technology to the home appliance industry. The world’s first artificial intelligence TV, followed by TCL, Skyworth, Haier and other home appliance giants began to test the water, and the Internet giants also crossed the border, accelerating the application of artificial intelligence in the field of home appliances.

2017 is the first year of artificial intelligence TV. More than 10 TV brands have chosen to launch their own artificial intelligence TVs this year. For example, on March 21, 2017, Xiaomi launched 4A smart voice. Interactive TV; on March 28, Changhong launched AI Center. On March 29, TCL launched Thunderbird artificial intelligence TV; on March 29, LeTV launched Unique intelligent voice TV; on March 30, Lenovo 17TV launched 65i3 intelligent voice interaction TV; April 12, Skyworth launched “Samantha artificial intelligence system; on May 19, Haier launched Ali four-generation TV … … let people thoroughly feel the madness of artificial intelligence TV.

In addition, foreign brands such as Philips, Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, etc., which have been insisting on high-end positioning, are also stepping up the layout of artificial intelligence TV, trying to reverse the disadvantages of localized content resources integration in China. In this regard, Philips is at the forefront.

At the launch of the new product release in March this year, Philips TV unveiled many new products. Among them, the voice-activated TV 65Oled913 with artificial intelligence gene became the final product. Philips turned TV into a content platform, and the content resources of BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) were integrated. Moreover, Philips will connect various scenes of life through the screen of TV to further build a smart home environment.

In addition, in May of this year, Tencent and held a large-scale eco-strategy new product launch conference at Jingdong Group, announcing in-depth cooperation and jointly deploying the artificial intelligence TV industry to help users “look and buy while watching” . Zhao Wei, general manager of Tencent’s video living room product department, revealed that he will entrust the core advantages of content, channels and technology to the home appliance industry, further develop the smart big screen market, improve the smart big screen health and ecology, and promote smart voice into TV. Home appliances such as air conditioners.

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence TV has become the next competitive hotspot in the color TV market.

The initial stage of AI TV is huge. The potential for future is huge

Currently, speech recognition and home control are artificial intelligence on TV.The most important application of the field, in which speech recognition is a prominent feature of artificial intelligence TV, all artificial intelligence TVs are now equipped with voice functions. For example, Changhong’s newly released Q5K series not only enables far-field speech, but also the first voiceprint. Identify technology and let TV be able to listen to people. Philips’ newly released 65OLED913 redefines the TV. It has built-in Tencent cloud micro-intelligent system, allowing consumers to abandon the remote control, can directly operate the voice command on the TV, and can also query the weather and search for network information for consumers. Personalized services such as remarks and reminders.

Although all kinds of smart TVs are said to be equipped with artificial intelligence systems, the combination of artificial intelligence and TV in the implementation stage is far from expected. It can be said that AI TV is still in the primary application stage. For three reasons:

First of all, in addition to the voice interaction function, somatosensory recognition, facial recognition, and emotion recognition are more in-depth interactions, and most of the current artificial intelligence TVs have not been involved in these aspects; Secondly, the accuracy of speech recognition of mainstream artificial intelligence TV can reach 97% of the industry average, the average time of speech recognition is less than 3s, and the accuracy of intelligent recommendation is 93%. However, in specific use scenarios, it should be subject to dialect and ambient noise. The interference of many factors, such as the speed of speech, is greatly reduced in the user experience. Finally, due to the current level of speech recognition technology, the speech function is still very weak in understanding the deep semantics. Currently, only some keywords can be used. Identify semantics.

However, although there are still many technical and application problems in artificial intelligence TVs, there is still much room for optimization in the future, but at present, voice control can meet the basic needs of people. Moreover, judging from the market performance this year, artificial intelligence has become a standard in TV products. Starting from the layout of artificial intelligence TVs by major manufacturers in 2016, the scale of artificial intelligence TV products on the market has also been expanding. It is estimated that by 2018, domestic AI TV sales will reach 10 million units. It can be seen that the future potential of the artificial intelligence TV field is huge.

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Building blocks, you and me, Zhijia gold clothing remind you that the high temperature hits 700 million people

Recently, the Central Meteorological Observatory continued to issue a high temperature orange warning. It is expected that during the day of the 27th, there will be 35~39°C high temperature weather in northern China, Jiangnan, Jianghuai, Jianghan, southern Huanghuai, southern North China, eastern Sichuan Basin, Chongqing, northern and eastern Guizhou, and Xinjiang, northwestern Gansu and western Inner Mongolia. . Among them, the highest temperature in parts of central and northern Zhejiang, eastern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, northeastern and western Jiangxi, southeastern and western Hubei, eastern and northwestern Hunan, and Chongqing is 40 to 41 °C.

Shanghai, Hubei, Chongqing and other places have recently sounded the first high-temperature red warning this summer, entering “&ldquo ; BBQ mode. As of the 24th, the area affected by the high temperature affected about 700 million people. “What are we going to do in the barbecue state?” The building block reminds you warmly, pay attention to heatstroke prevention.

The weather is hot, just like the hottest p2p platform. With regard to financial management, many investors choose building blocks, you and me, and Zhijia Jinfu, which are high-quality and secure financial platforms.

Building Blocks:

The building block box platform was launched in August 2013. It is a small number of C-round financing platform for the industry. The capital strength and popularity of the building blocks are very high. Announce new strategies and launch a global intelligent integrated financial platform.

The security of the building block is good. In July last year, the building block began to switch the third-party fund custodian to Minsheng Bank, which means that the user’s financial security has a stronger protection. The building block will conduct a close review of each project. In addition to the establishment of the security system, it has also set up a “top plan” to set up overdue debt acquisition reserve funds, which was used to acquire overdue or default under all dome plans. The project assets make investors more secure and assured.

You and I Loan

You and I are based in Shanghai, and the platform is designed to be efficient, transparent and secure for small and micro-business owners or individuals with financing and investment needs. Convenient internet financial services.

After nearly five years of development, you and I have grown into a domestic first-line P2P online loan platform, and its services have covered more than 100 cities in nearly 30 provinces across the country. It has penetrated into China’s vast second- and third-tier cities, townships and rural areas, and has helped hundreds of thousands of small and micro-enterprise owners, individual industrial and commercial practitioners and individual users who are in urgent need of financing development, so that they can obtain financing loans through credit applications. The product cycle of you and me is diversified, long-term and short-term, and it is convenient for investors with different needs. The current platform yield is in the range of 5%-13.2%.

Zhijia Jinfu

Zhijia Jinfu is an emerging platform with a proficiency in finance, risk control, supervision, law, finance, industrial economy, computer and internet technology and policy. A professional and dedicated team with innovative and innovative policies. Secondly, through a unique microfinance cross-validation technology for data review and field rigorous investigation, verify the authenticity, legality, validity and integrity of the borrower’s information and ensure the borrower. Have a stable source of income or repayment ability. Strictly review pre-lending information, ensure 100% offline field trips for all projects, control all risks from the source, and conduct strict field trips to make you more assured.

The Zhijia Jinfu online loan platform belongs to the rising star of Internet finance and has a strong and sustained development momentum. Have a complete payment platform, in the payment, and the domestic authoritative third-party payment company — — Sina payment cooperation, investors’ funds are all entered into the third-party system — — Sina payment for fund custody.

As a leader in the p2p industry, the building block has established a good corporate image for Zhijia Jinfu, and the good corporate image of the building blocks has become an example for the p2p industry platform. The way to build a box of wooden blocks is to learn from Zhijia Jinfu. It has also warned Zhijia Jinfu to make the platform slower. It is also necessary to regard the interests and needs of investors as the basis for insisting on the initial heart. To be fine, to be beautiful, to be big, to be stable, to make risk management and control hard, to be hard, is a p2p platform to adhere to, and is also the resonance of all outstanding mutual gold people.

Building blocks and Zhijia Jinfu, once again remind you warmly, pay attention to heatstroke prevention in hot weather. Zhijia Jinfu, summer return to live also began, cool summer, it is better to invest in Zhijia Jinfu.

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