In the summer bar, you have to experience the Bazhong Homestay

In Bazhong, which is only over 300 kilometers from Chongqing, it takes only about 3 hours to run at high speed. Bazhong is a beautiful place. It has both the magic of nature and the mysterious gift in the depths of the mountains. It has a red memory with a sense of history and a sense of freshness that belongs to this era.

It is a great choice for Chongqing people to escape from the city and stay away from the heat wave. To get to the heat of the city, you can stay in a star-rated hotel to enjoy high-quality services, or you can choose the special Bashan B&B to experience the custom-made northeastern style.

& ldquo;Bashan B&B Brand LOGO

“Bashan B&B means The middle-class residential houses in the northeast of Sichuan Province, with the beautiful scenery of the mountains and lakes, and the beautiful environment of the mountains and lakes, highlight the form, style, format, and ecology. The four sides are united, and the owners use the free-use rooms of their own houses to combine local humanities, natural landscapes, and ecology. , environmental resources and agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry production activities, to provide passengers with accommodation for rural life. “Most of the Bashan B&Bs are located in the beautiful scenery, beautiful ecological vegetation and quiet and beautiful environment. They are independent and private, and they are very private. They are the perfect place for forest recreation and entertainment.

& ldquo;Bashan Homestay is a public brand of Bazhong City B&B, and its certification agency is the Bazhong Tourism Development Committee. In order to let the tourists experience a high standard of living in the homestay, the relevant departments of Bazhong City carefully selected a number of homestays to recommend to tourists. If you are looking for these homestays in Chongqing, you must be sure that there are no mistakes!

【Yanxitang】(Authorized “Bashan Homestay)

Yanxitang is located in the scenic spot of Guangwushan Dam It is only a 5-minute walk from Dam Square and the rare botanical garden, and is separated from the ski slopes by a wall. Yanxitang Homestay is inspired by the natural landscape, culture and folk customs. It highlights the different flavors of the local B&B and provides visitors with a unique experience of traveling, watching the mountains and changing the mountains and enjoying the mountains. Yanxitang is a self-contained courtyard with a small number of standard rooms. The rest is a villa-style B&B. The layout of the courtyard is fresh, dynamic and quiet, and it is a place for tourists to stay. While enjoying the folk customs and enjoying the folk customs, guests can also experience the leisure and pleasure brought by the mountain spring bath spa, forest yoga, romantic bar and so on.

Address: Tieluba Village, Guangwushan Town, Nanjiang County

Tel: 0827-8116888

[Zhangjia Yard] (licensed “ Bashan B&B)

Zhangjia Yard, a courtyard house, is a typical traditional building in northeastern Sichuan. From the mysterious Feng Shui point of view: Zhangjia old house sits north facing south, and the gate is facing Wanshou Lake. The lake is agile, the wind is smooth, the door is in the shape of a funnel, collecting water and collecting money, and the gas is wide and wins; a road in front of the old house is open and smooth, which plays a role in the wind and water. The wind and water are exquisite: the right side of the rich family, the thicker the mountain, the Qianlong Tibetan front; the left side of the rich house is pollution-free, the big tree in front of the house, the wind gathers in the air; the rich house, the back is backed by mountains, layered, There is a steady stream of good fortune. The old house also corresponds one by one. This wonderful Feng Shui treasure land adds a touch of beauty to the Zhangjia old house.

Address: Wanshou Village, Guanyinjing, Enyang District

Tel: 17311039698

[Bamboo Residence]

There are 4 rooms in Zhujing Residence, decorated mainly in China. The wind is the main one, and the names of the rooms are: Zhuzhu, Qinglan, Guanlan and Caibi. The first floor of the room is a casual living room, and the second floor is a bedroom. The design is simple and bright, with small objects of cute art, small retro decorations, fresh flower baskets, and free seasonal fruit. The style of each room is not the same, but the only thing that is the same is to live in the mountains, sweet dreams, and enjoy a wonderful life between the day and night.

The farmhouse is a must-have for the bamboo dwellings. The fresh green seasonal ingredients are prepared locally, and then cooked according to the unique health recipes of the host family. The dishes made are delicious.

Address: Wanshou Village, Guanyinjing, Enyang District

Tel: 0827-5242078

[Lakeside People]

The lakeside home is located on the Wanshou Lake in Wanshou Health Valley.

There are 3 rooms in the courtyard, named: Shifeng, Wangchuan, and Suqian. The design is simple and generous but the highlights are frequent. The two rooms of Shifeng and Wangchuan are top and bottom duplex structures, one is a small living room and the second floor is a bedroom. Sustained as a standard room, the room has a large floor-to-ceiling window, looking out, it is “flowers open red trees chaos, grass long Pinghu Egret flying scene. The room decoration is a unique farmhouse culture, such as characteristic bamboo weave, fish-shaped ornamentation, lotus flower paintings, etc., which reflects a piece of red dust and pure land everywhere.

The lakeside dining is also unique. One meter and one millet are taken from their own gardens. Not only are they healthy, but the taste buds are also greatly satisfied.

Address: Wanshou Village, Guanyinjing, Enyang District

Tel: 18096348333

[Tianxiang College]

Tianxiang College is located on the south bank of Tianxianghu Reservoir, a national health demonstration farm. It is surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains and waters, and beautiful scenery. On the basis of the original earthen house structure and old house, the B&B has built a civil-structured antique building with a rural library, business office, conference reception, bed and breakfast, dining and entertainment.

Tianxiang College has the advantages of natural resources, surrounded by mountains, mountains and rivers, unique small basin natural environment and mountain microclimate, plus dense vegetation, surrounded by Tianxiang Lake series of reservoirs, fresh air all year round, It can be described as natural oxygen.

Address: Sanshe Village, Sancha Village, Wufeng Township, Enyang District

Tel: 13521077999; 13882421025

[Li Family Courtyard]

There are 60 acres of land, wooden doors and wooden walls, stone masonry dams, and a total of 24 houses. It is a classic pattern of villages in northeastern Sichuan. The Li Family Courtyard has a long history and is of high protection value.

The Li Family Courtyard is listed in an orderly manner. The overall outline of the door building is tall, the lines are light and the shape is quite beautiful. The traditional courtyard houses gather gas, and the modern facilities are grounded, especially the brick carvings, stone carvings, wood carvings, flower carvings and wrought iron ornaments, etc., all of which highlight the auspicious meanings of folk farming, Fuxing arching, and prosperity. 4 The holiday lodge also incorporates the unique Western elements of France and Russia, making the Lijia Courtyard’s artistic style of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges unique and ingenious.

Address: Hongdong Village, Shuining Temple, Bazhou District

Tel: 13308298656

【Eagle Vineyard】

Eagles Vineyard uses traditional Bashan houses“ In the courtyard mode, there are 50 guest rooms, which can enjoy privacy and tranquility. The dining area can accommodate 500 people at the same time. There are 4 private rooms, such as forest, sun and forest, so that guests can enjoy the meal in nature.

The Eagles Winery also has a children’s playground. The park includes bungee jumping, trampoline, rock climbing, space ring and indoor parent-child paradise to meet the needs of children of different ages. Facilities such as platform, sun deck and hammock allow guests to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the mountains. At the same time, the estate also has its own vegetable garden, ecological farming area, grape picking area and self-brewed wine cellar.

Address: Yinggezui Village, Minsheng Town, Tongjiang

Tel: 0827-7360001; 0827-7360002


Tea House is located in Mount Royal Tea Garden Center, quiet and elegant, simple and natural, surrounded by tea trees and green trees, pure air, dense vegetation, beautiful ecology and beautiful scenery.

Open the door and open the window to see the beautiful spring of the tea mountain, and the beautiful pastoral scenery of the green crops in the field. This kind of landscape makes people feel deeply. Do not miss this trip. Sitting in a small courtyard, you can enjoy a taste of the mountains, you can also personally experience the fun of making tea, and slowly enjoy this long-lost happy time, it is a pleasant thing.

Address: Royal Mountain View, Pingchang County

Tel: 18382888659

【Yuhu Peninsula Resort】

Yuhu Peninsula Resort is located in the drunken jade lake & mdash; colorful In the Long Beach scenic spot, the residents of northern Sichuan are scattered and full of nostalgia.

Here, you can take a leisurely stroll through the winding path of the lake and enjoy the beauty of the peach blossoms on the peninsula. The wind and the willow line will catch the beauty of Cangbo. Here, you can feel the lakes and mountains and the farmhouses. Here, you can wait for the time when the food is out of the pan, and you can enjoy the rare and pleasant; here, you can listen to the insects and birds by the wooden pavilion, or in the wind, in the sunshine and with friends and relatives. Lajiachang, all the best!

Address: Zishan Village, Changchi Town, Nanjiang County

Tel: 13537312300

[Colorful Four Seasons Hotel]


The Colorful Four Seasons Hotel is located Qingjiang colorful world, integrating sightseeing, tourism and leisure. Whether it’s fresh fruit picking, horseback riding, fun play, or health and leisure, you can enjoy yourself and enjoy yourself here.

It is far from the hustle, dust and trivialities of the city, quietly feeling the tranquility and beauty of nature. Here you can experience the ancient farming culture and get the effect of keeping fit. The wooded wooden house here, seeing the forest in the house, is relaxed and quiet, and the natural sounds make up a wonderful lullaby.

Address:Qingjiang Colorful World, Towel Village, Bazhou District

Tel: 0827-5701666; 15528949772

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Analysis on the Popular Trends of the Sanitary Ware Industry in the World in 2015

Each country has its own distinctive culture. Different ethnic groups have different influences on design trends and cultural creativity. Below, we will interpret the trend of sanitary wares in various countries along with Jiuzheng bathroom network!

United States: Luxury master bathroom is awesome

What is the latest luxury lifestyle in the United States? A Rolls-Royce, detached villa Top wine. Far from satisfying the Americans’ redefinition of luxury. Enjoy, be comfortable, and enjoyable, all in the master bedroom of an American homeowner. The popularity of the North American villa bathroom, the master bathroom is ingenious, so some people regard the master bathroom as the jewel of the crown. Real estate agents point out that in cities like New York, demand for top luxury bathrooms is growing rapidly. There are not a few square-space apartments. Open bathroom setting, oval bathroom, central, domineering, large and beautiful space, enough to accommodate a kitchen-sized sink and superb luxury shower package, bright and colorful, full of extravagant polishing The chrome is slightly modified to create a modern urban look.

Japan: Small and beautiful, traditional bathtubs are still popular

In Asia, lifestyles are quite different. Bathroom space is usually small. Japan’s territory is small, and there is limited living space in a big city like Tokyo. The bathroom is practical and beautiful. The modern Japanese bathroom is still dominated by white, and the style is simple and exquisite. Traditional sitting bathtubs are still popular in the city, and Japanese people are used to showering before taking a bath. The bathroom and the bathroom are separate spaces, one is the value of practical functionalism, and the small and beautiful bathtub setting is the special erotic tone created by the Yamato and the famous people in a limited space.

China: Flower decoration is quietly emerging

In China’s metropolis, people usually live in the middle of Chinese and Western culture, integrating Through and match each other. Their existing values ​​and aesthetics are influenced by Europe. But the symbolic way of expressing wealth is as “bold” as Russia, India and the Arab region. The bathtub is usually decorated with golden yellow accessories to symbolize wealth and strength. It is a consistent method of embodying the power of Asian imperial power. However, the elegant style brought by the floral decorative art has also quietly become popular. The freedom of the Western Europeans to pursue the natural essence is also revealed. It is also another style.

Australia: Original ecology, wooden bath products are favored

Sydney focuses on sustainability aesthetics: tendency to use natural Material, practical and luxurious. On the east coast of Australia, private homes and apartments are multicultural. The open home structure design, straight, slender furniture lines blend the interior design styles of the United States, Europe and Asia. In addition to the standard white accessories, the bathrooms are fresh and light, with bathroom accessories, wooden bathroom cabinets and handmade bricks. The color follows a classic color palette, and the environment blends into one, reflecting the close connection between Australian modern urban life and the surrounding environment.

Brazil: Sprinkling heads <splash design

Due to the high crime rate, the external structure of the house in São Paulo Full of self-protection. In the protected area, special building structures are concealed, and you can’t even identify them if you don’t observe them carefully. However, the climate is hot, and the growth of the tropical rainforest climate has shaped the South Americans’ eclectic temperament. The Brazilians are open to the bathroom structure, and the scale is wide, which makes you stunned. In terms of materials, natural stone, traditional tile mosaic, and dark wood flooring blend into a minimalist style. In fact, it is still the desire of Brazilians to yearn for nature. It is worth mentioning that Brazilians like big shower heads, so designers have to A splash-proof design is required.

Germany: The bathroom is “the main name”

Let’s talk about the German fashion trend. For example, in a villa in Bad Honnef, the villa has no more than four bathrooms. Guest room bathroom with children’s bathroom accessories. The master bathroom is turned into a spa, and carefully selected bathroom accessories create a warm and comfortable feel. Each bathroom has its own name and is functionally classified. Plus uploading is mainly white, straight lines. German bathroom, at a glance.

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China Consumers Association: Part of latex paint can be used to remove formaldehyde

On May 4th, the China Consumers Association announced the results of environmental protection and functional comparison experiments of the main brands of latex paint products on the market. Some latex paints claim to have the function of purifying formaldehyde, but the effect is limited.

This comparative test sample was randomly purchased by the China Consumers Association staff as an ordinary consumer in the market. Involved in Dulux, Nippon, Carpoly, Chenyang, Sanshu, Dufang, Bauhinia, Fuya, Laiwei, Signeo (Master of Poetry), PIGROL (Philadelphia), TIKKurila (Europe), California (Alice) and other 13 brands, a total of 20 samples. All 20 samples are white painted. Among the samples, there are 3 types of children’s paints, 1 sample with stain resistance, 14 samples with anti-fungal properties, and 11 samples with formaldehyde purification function.

The comparison test is based on the standards of “Interior stain-resistant latex paint”, “Indoor air purification function coating material purification performance”, “Antibacterial coating”, “elastic architectural coating”, “Building anti-graffiti anti-stick coating” and other standards. The coating film appearance, contrast ratio, scrub resistance, stain resistance, formaldehyde purification performance, anti-fungal performance, tensile strength, elongation at break, anti-graffiti and other items were tested.

The results showed that most of the samples had strong hiding performance, and the stain resistance of the samples was different. There were 13 stain resistances. One of the children’s paints showed stain resistance, while the other 19 samples did not show this performance, but 12 stains were also good. From the test results, the children’s paint samples purchased this time have better stain resistance.

According to the standard requirements, the washability of the latex paint needs to be 2,000 times after the wash, the paint film is still not damaged, in order to meet the requirements of use. Two of the 20 samples were scrubbed 2000 times and the paint film was scraped. They were the nominal Sanshu Paint Co., Ltd. purchased from Jingdong Mall and the nominal Beijing Fuya Coating purchased from Shilihe Minle Building Materials Market. Latex paint of the company. Other samples performed well.

The test results also show that the comparative test samples have good anti-fungal properties. Among the 20 samples, 19 samples had grade I resistance in the test, and 1 sample had grade II resistance in the test. Among the 20 comparative test samples, 14 samples claimed to have anti-fungal function, and their anti-mildew grades reached Grade I. The others did not claim to have anti-fungal properties and also had good anti-fungal properties.

After testing, 13 samples have formaldehyde purification function, 11 of which claim to have formaldehyde purification function, and their promotion is basically true. Need to be reminded that the removal of formaldehyde in indoor air, the role of net aldehyde latex paint is limited, the selection of environmentally friendly decoration materials is the most fundamental method.

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What about the cloud token background? China Operations Headquarters – Docking Cloudtoken Li Yi

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Big names have settled in smart homes, can Xiaomi hold the highlands?

In recent years, smart homes are no longer products that can only be seen at Bill Gates’ homes, along with people. The living standards are constantly improving, and smart homes are gradually becoming civilian. Strategy Analytics recently released a report on smart homes, which showed that the global smart home market revenue in 2017 reached $84 billion, a 16% increase from 2016’s $72 billion.

In addition, according to the research report, the 2018 global smart home market forecast shows that the total spending on equipment, systems and services in the global smart home will be close to $96 billion in 2018, and will increase to 155 billion by 2023. Dollar. It can be seen that the growth of smart homes is fierce. In China, Xiaomi can be said to be the leader in the field of smart home, but with the addition of giants such as Huawei and Ali, the market competition has become increasingly fierce, and Xiaomi’s smart home road has become muddy.

& ldquo; Big brand push, smart home this car is still stuck in the mud

In recent years, such as Ali, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. “big names have launched their own smart home Products, want to be among the best in the market. With the help of these big brands, although the smart home industry has achieved certain results, it does not mean that the industry has achieved rapid development. At present, the development of the smart home industry is still at a low speed.

The root of it is that it is difficult to eliminate its pain points, and it is difficult for the cake to grow. Now the cooperation in the industry has realized the “mobile + home appliance model”, such as Xiaomi and Midea, Meizu and Haier’s U-Home cooperation, but the cooperation between mobile phones is still not seen.

Nowadays, smart home has gradually become an industry consensus through mobile phone entrance. For home appliance companies, to build a smart home, it is necessary to connect with mobile phone manufacturers, and to manufacture mobile phones with natural advantages. For business, mutual cooperation is the best way to make smart homes leap forward.

Because, for ordinary people, when buying smart home products, they usually choose the best products of each brand, and rarely buy them in sets. However, major brands have closed their doors to build cars, and lack of sense of cooperation has made it difficult to achieve interoperability between products produced by each other. The inconvenience of use has led to a decline in the purchase rate, and it is difficult to enlarge the big cake of smart home.

Non-essential consumer goods, the price is not cheap enough. For the sesame oil and vinegar tea, smart homes are still on the fringe of enjoying data consumption, so people will fully consider the price factor when purchasing. Although many brands now adopt a low-price strategy in order to be more intimate, in most of these products, the price of most products is relatively high.

At present, the price range of smart homes is between tens and thousands, but the share of low-priced products is still relatively small, and this is not a necessities of life, which makes people’s purchasing power decline. For example, the smart table lamp has a market price of about 200 yuan compared with the non-smart table lamp, and the ordinary table lamp can be purchased only for tens of dollars.

The level of intelligence is not high enough to meet the needs of the public. People’s demand for intelligence is not only satisfied with automatic switching, but people need a more intimate and more user-friendly design. For example, the air conditioner can sense the temperature of the human body and automatically adjust the temperature; the rice cooker can have the function of automatic memory, cook rice that meets people’s tastes, and the like. The smart homes on the market are still not smart enough in the whole. In the later stage, major enterprises are still required to develop more humanized and highly intelligent products.

Technology needs to be optimized. Smart homes rely mainly on various technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, AI, etc. The development of smart homes to the present, the technology has been relatively mature, but there are still areas that need to be optimized, and some security risks have to be prevented. During the operation of the smart home, there may be a failure due to a program error in the background, which poses a potential danger to the user.

Smart home control equipment needs to be upgraded. At present, smart home has realized remote control of mobile phones, which provides convenience for people, but the control distance that can be realized still needs to be improved. In fact, controlling smart homes through mobile phones can only make those who are insecure or easy to forget. It is convenient. To truly realize the development of smart homes, it is necessary to develop a special intelligent control terminal. All products are integrated into one system for manipulation. In the follow-up development of smart homes, this is a major concern for manufacturers.

It’s hard to get rid of its own ills, and Xiaomi’s horrible banner

As the leader of smart homes in China, Xiaomi has its own breakthrough in technology and has formed its own set of ecology. Chain, but still can not avoid the common problems in this industry, in addition to the common problems in the industry, Xiaomi itself has factors that hinder its development.

First, the sense of innovation is not strong enough. Although Xiaomi is positioning itself as an innovation-driven company, from the perspective of some of its products, the shape is good and the function is good. It is not difficult to see the shadow of other products, lack of individuality, and it is easy to bring low prices of high-priced products. The impression of the substitute. Moreover, Xiaomi should expand its product range and apply its innovative consciousness to undeveloped products.

Just like Amazon made an echo speaker before, many companies have followed the trend, and it is obviously not advisable to build a speaker. Everyone wants to be the boss of the industry, but they lack the first person to eat crabs. The so-called innovation is not done by others. You are doing better than him, but you must learn to start yourself and do better. Xiaomi’s smart home types can only be regarded as relatively perfect, lacking ingenious products, and the same products are not badly made by other companies. Therefore, Xiaomi still needs to practice innovative ideas in order to win more market share.

Second isThe advantage of using mobile phones as smart home entrances is gradually disappearing. Nowadays, “connection” has become the key word of smart home. Whether it is products, standards, or products and people between enterprises, it is necessary to interact and connect, so that the cake of smart home can be made bigger. At present, the best entry to bring smart homes to the market is mobile phones, and the entry of smart homes with mobile phones has gradually become an industry consensus.

This is very important for Xiaomi. After all, among the many smart home enterprises, Xiaomi, which started with mobile phones, is obviously more dominant. However, with the development of the industry, Huawei’s first-step mobile phone brands continue to enter the smart home field, and this advantage of Xiaomi is gradually weakened.

The third is that there is no market for supporting smart homes. Through self-research, self-production and self-sale, Xiaomi has formed a closed intelligent home eco-chain and developed a smart home with more complete equipment. Although this system helps to build its own smart home brand, it ignores it. Consumer buying habits. Be aware that for the public, buying a product of the same brand is clearly a small probability event.

Smart home competition is fierce, how can Xiaomi break through?

The role of smart home in people’s lives will become more and more important, which means that there will be future areas. More capital is in place. Then, in the face of increasingly fierce market competition, how should Xiaomi respond?

First of all, establish a sense of cooperation, learn to “bring out and go out. Xiaomi now has cooperation with some home appliances and Internet companies, but there is still a lack of cooperation in “mobile phones+mobile phones”. In the research and development of smart homes, Xiaomi seems to have the idea of ​​single-handedly fighting from the beginning.

Xiaomi has formed a set of smart home eco-chains with its own standards through self-research, self-production and self-sale, but the smart home market needs to establish universally recognized industry standards, which requires major enterprises. Negotiate each other, achieve cooperation, and connect their products. After all, if a smart home wants to take off, it is obviously not enough to rely on the strength of a company, and the flowers will bloom in full bloom.

Secondly, truly implement the innovative concept and let your products do “new”. Now in product development, it seems that everyone has stepped into a strange circle and opened the product browsing interface of major brands. We will see that the products of each family are similar and lack new ideas. And the research and development of products, the important thing is, “new, only to seize the commanding heights of innovation, can attract more consumers. Of course, this innovation does not mean whimsy, but on the basis of extensive collection of public opinion, to understand the most needs of the public, so as to find out the lack of traps, research and development in a new field.

Finally, find new channels to further expand the market. At present, the smart home market is still relatively small, but if it can be further developed, it will not only bring more profits to itself, but also enhance its competitiveness. Xiaomi currently has its own set of smart home systems, plus IOT, the potential for development is greater.

If you can cooperate with real estate developers, you can install your own smart home products in the hardcover room they built. When the house is sold, it will be profitable by means of pumping. In this way, it can not only increase sales, but also further enhance its popularity, which will help Xiaomi’s development in the field of smart home.

Nowadays, technology has gradually penetrated into people’s lives and become a part of people’s lives. Coupled with the continuous improvement of people’s quality of life, therefore, the prospect of smart home based on technology + home Can be expected. Under such circumstances, as the first millet to eat crabs, it can be said that it has taken the lead in grabbing the highlands, but the battle for market share is like a marathon. What is important is not who runs first, but who Can stick to the end.

Therefore, Xiaomi should try to settle down and take a good look at the problems that existed in the current situation and solve them in a targeted manner. Otherwise, in the increasingly fierce market competition, Xiaomi will be surpassed by the later survivors as long as it is a little lax.

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2018 First “Lunan Intelligent Manufacturing (International) High-end Forum” and Lunan Intelligent Manufacturing

On the morning of June 7, the “Terminal 2018” was jointly sponsored by the Tengzhou Municipal People’s Government and the International Brand Observatory Center. The South Intelligent Manufacturing (International) High-end Forum and the opening ceremony of the Lunan Intelligent Manufacturing Specialized Town was held.

Deputy Secretary of Tengzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Liu Wenqiang, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress Li Jian, Tengzhou Economic Development Zone Ding Wei, director of the committee, Xue Dengfeng, member of the municipal party committee and director of the municipal party committee, and Wang Ciqing, member of the municipal party committee, attended the event. Shen Jianguo, former vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, made an important speech.

Diplomacy The former ambassador of the Swiss Confederation, the former director of the Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dong Jinyi, the China Science and Technology Finance Promotion Association Venture Capital Management Committee Xiu Xiaoping, the former Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman, Zhao Xuechang and other guests delivered speeches. The leaders of the meeting jointly “Luonan Business Center for International Brands, “Lunan Intellectual Property Collaborative Innovation Service Center,” “National Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park (Lunan) Demonstration Base, “Halberg, Germany Lunan) International Technology Transfer Center was unveiled.

On the afternoon of the same day, the forum and signing ceremony were held, and the person in charge of the Lunan Intelligent Manufacturing Specialized Town Project and the package Haichuang Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Dongding Electric Co., Ltd., Shanghai Daisheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xiuwei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Jinfeng Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Xi’an Anze Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. Signed a cooperation agreement for admission.

Then , Chairman of Tengzhou Machinery Industry Association, Chairman of Shandong Shansen CNC Technology Co., Ltd. Zhang Shiyin, Director of International Brand Observatory Center Lu Derui, former Director of the Economic Promotion Bureau of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and Secretary-General of the Guangdong General Chamber of Commerce, Huo Jiangtao, Wang Wenbin, Chairman of Haichuang Technology Co., Ltd. gave a speech on smart manufacturing.

It is understood that the Lunan Intelligent Manufacturing Specialized Town Project is a new kinetic energy conversion for Jinghe Street in Tengzhou City. Revitalizing idle resources, on the basis of the original Tengzhou international machine tool market, through precision investment, attracting large and strong, implemented industrial key investment projects, the project has won the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, the International Brand Observatory of the Ministry of Commerce, the European and Chinese Enterprise Federation, The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the China Electronic Commerce Association, the Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and other national ministries and commissions.

The project will draw on the internationally popular innovative industrial park design concept to create a smart manufacturing industry cluster, forming a “production” The combination of learning, research, and business is a unique intelligent manufacturing complex. After the operation of the project, the annual output value will be more than 1 billion yuan, and the local employment population will be solved by more than 5,000 people. It is estimated that the tax revenue will be 100 million yuan.

International Brand Watch ( is a business survey dedicated to building the most accurate foreign brands in China. And service platform; international brand observation integrates government resources and high-quality brand enterprise resources from many countries in the world, and has established friendly cooperative relations with them to provide effective support and help for Chinese corporate brands.

At the same time, it also provides relevant consulting services for international brand companies seeking cooperation in China, which provides a strong guarantee for promoting and realizing the brand internationalization process.

“International Brand Watch Service Project:

1. Brand International Network and Journalist Services

2. International Brand Watch (Business Survey) and Training.

3. Promotion of cross-border e-commerce development.

4. International Brand Conference and Exhibition.

5. Intellectual property and cultural exchanges.

6. Brand planning and design research.

7. Public relations planning and consulting.

8. Provide an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services.

“International brand observation is based on the concept of “exquisite, professional, honest and diversified”, facing the international and domestic markets.

Fully implement the globalization strategy, relying on the advantages of a forward-looking development thinking professional team, gradually build an international brand that is efficient, practical, and forward-looking, and constantly explore the road to innovation, standardization, and branding of Chinese and foreign brand enterprises. Integrate the resources of government organizations in many countries and the resources of well-known brand enterprises.

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Analysis of the development prospects of global LED materials market in 2015-2021.

2015-2021 global LED material market development prospects

[Lighting investment] A Light-Emitting Diode (LED) is a semiconductor electronic component that converts electrical energy into light energy. In a forward biased state, the LED can release an incoherent narrow spectrum. The LED illumination color is determined by the semiconductor material from which the LED is fabricated. LEDs are currently used in displays, electronic watches, lighting bulbs, radios, and calculators. In addition, LEDs can be used in high-definition television displays, camcorders, camcorders, communications, fiber optic communications, and television remote controls. LED applications even exceed jewellery applications and wearable device applications.

According to semiconductor materials, the global LED materials market can be roughly divided into four categories: gallium arsenide (GaAs), gallium arsenide (GaAsP), gallium phosphide (GaP) and others. Gallium arsenide is widely used in a variety of LED applications, such as micro LEDs, high power LEDs, and LEDs for specific applications. In 2013, GaAs has the largest market share.

The main driver for the global LED materials market is the surge in demand for high-energy and high-resolution display LED applications for smartphones and HDTVs. The surge in demand for automotive lighting, display, home and industrial lighting LED applications has further contributed to the development of the LED market and has also driven demand for the LED materials market. In addition, favorable government policies, including various labeling and certification schemes, are providing new growth opportunities for the LED industry. Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED lights have a lower power consumption and are therefore rapidly gaining popularity. In some cases, LED lamps consume one-third less power.

The United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, Taiwan, Australia, Japan, Brazil and Venezuela have taken many measures to replace energy-saving LED bulbs to replace traditional low-power bulbs. Savings in electricity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions can contribute to environmental sustainability.

Currently, the world’s largest LED materials market is in the Asia Pacific region, followed by North America and Europe. Demand for LED materials in the Asia Pacific region is driven primarily by the large LED manufacturing industries in China, Korea and Taiwan. In addition, with the increasing emphasis on the information technology industry, the strengthening of power generation and distribution infrastructure in emerging economies, advances in manufacturing technology are contributing to lower LED prices, and are expected to grow at a faster rate during 2015-2021. The growth of LED technology for various display technologies will provide modest growth opportunities for the North American and European LED materials markets.

The major companies in the global agrochemical market include: Dow Chemical Company, Intematrix, DuPont, Shaki Industries, Cree, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors and Seoul Semiconductor.

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Delegation of the Danish Embassy in China inspected the spring planting ecological farm

On June 5th, the Counsellor of the Danish Embassy in China, Dr. Gao Tian, ​​and the representative of the Embassy of the Embassy in China visited the spring planting ecological farm in Miyun County, Beijing, and the person in charge of the spring sowing farm and the professional overseas The hands of the organic agriculture development, planting technology and agricultural trade have been in-depth exchanges.

As one of the representative countries of Northern Europe, Denmark has the title of “Organic Kingdom”. According to research data from the FIBL Organic Agriculture Research Institute, organic foods accounted for 8.4% of the Danish food market, ranking among the 178 countries in the report. Denmark established organic standards as early as 1987. Today, Denmark is a place where the per capita consumption of organic foods is high in the world. The organic presence everywhere marks the strict certification of food through organic food. In Denmark, the concept of sustainable living has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Strict food safety guarantees and food safety systems have enabled Danish nationals to enjoy a healthy and quality life from farm to table.

& ldquo;Every time you spend, you vote for the world you want. The initial focus of the peace of mind on the health food purchase platform is to solve the basic problems of society and the environment by means of the transparency of the Internet. The peace of mind is based on the source of control. The spring sowing farm is certified by the European Union Organic Standard (ECOCERT EOS, equivalent to (EC) NO 834/2007) and American Organic Standard ((NOP) 7 CFR 205). Organic production standards, do not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical preparations, while using natural enemy control, hand-catching insects and other means of plant protection, follow the natural laws, let plants grow naturally. The spring sowing farm provides dozens of organic organic vegetables of dozens of organic vegetables such as leafy vegetables, rhizome, solanaceous fruit and beans. In addition, Spring Broadcasting has also established a conscientious alliance to protect the land producers. Together with pesticides, the new farmers who rely on sweat alone develop ecological planting, protect the food safety of Chinese family tables, and encourage urban residents to use green food responsibly.

After visiting the sunlight planting shed, nursery shed and natural enemy insect breeding room, vegetables and fruits from spring sowing And the peace of mind snacks brought a cool summer day to the Danish Embassy delegation. The delegates praised the strict control of the quality of the ingredients in the spring and the concept of green environmental protection. The two sides further exchanged on food safety issues and future cooperation.

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Street View store car can be the largest music festival in the Central Plains, creating a new scene of “mobile small business” and “light landscape”

Cool appearance, amazing equipment features, perfect integration with live rock, electric sound, and tens of thousands of nights —— during the 2018 Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the Central Plains music festival, the name is called The company in the street view store has earned a return rate.

In fact, as a pioneer in the domestic store industry, the Street View store has been in a few short years. A brand has developed into a category.

Since last year, the street-view dining car food carnival trend has been detonated all over the country. The culture of mobile shops has been praised by more and more fans, and the street-view store has become a large-scale event. The sought after object.

The new offline business, pioneered by the Street View store, is a new offline business that is refreshing with all kinds of businesses and scenic spots under the wave of consumption upgrades and new retails. The business philosophy has made the mobile business format a new choice.

——No need to design, decorate, supervise, etc., you can change your business format at any time, for dozens of days It is possible to build a commercial street with a special feature. From the beginning of this year to the present, the street-view store has successfully settled the street-view commercial street in more than 100 scenic spots and commercial streets.

The logic behind speed is the offline business pain point under the trend of the times, as well as business models and market gaps. Highly consistent. For example, the street-view dining car food carnival in Yuntaishan, Henan Province, the street view store car copied the entire set of equipment and models of the carnival, and the entire project was built in just a few days.

The reason why Street View store cars are highly respected is that they are highly satisfied with different formats in terms of functionality. It also enables marketing-level empowerment of offline formats, allowing operators to turn themselves into mobile offline traffic centers.

At the Yuntaishan Music Festival, the Street View store has integrated the cultural properties of Yuntai Mountain for each store, and it also integrates the cool functions of mobile shop space, special effects sound and light, electronic control stage equipment and amusement support. At the same time, the appearance of Street View Mobile KTV and Street View Doll Machine mobile store is more popular among young people, and interactive entertainment can’t help it.

Attracting Consumers are involuntarily taking photos and forwarding friends, and the linkage effect caused by the street-view store has become the key to the online traffic of the Yuntaishan Music Festival.

The success of the Street View Food Carnival allows consumers to enjoy the audio-visual feast while enjoying The special cuisines from all over the world brought an unforgettable and comprehensive experience to the event.

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Chongqing scenic area Ordovician network red manufacturing machine, these items can be screened

Tens of millions of broadcasts and millions of praises. Recently, many national vibrato users have been screened by a high-altitude video. Each young man desperately jumped from a 300-meter-high platform, first down vertically, then by an inelastic rope nearly 100 meters long, pulling in the air, letting everyone see the heartbeat and yelling . The location of this vibrating sound is the Chongqing Ordovician scenic spot.

Net red Chongqing, has formed three majors represented by Hongyadong, Ordovician, and through-street light rail; short video must be fired, of which Chongqing, which is dominated by high-altitude stimulation projects The Ordovician Scenic Area, as one of the three non-main city scenic spots, has a particularly high rate of appearance and praise. Xiaobian reveals the secret of the Ordovician Vibrato and helps you become a red-haired man.

Shooting target: 18m cliff swing

Hot password: China dangerous cliff swing

The Ordovician 18-meter cliff swing was not only a mess in the vibrato, but not long ago, the British “Daily Mail” published a special article, covering the project with amazement.

The reason is that the height is high, built on the edge of the cliff 300 meters from the bottom of the valley; the second is the long rope, the 18-meter rope is equivalent to the height of the 6-story building, the whole experience process, can It is an unforgettable experience for you to repeatedly jump off the building; the third is a large swing. Due to the use of electromagnets and mechanical control, the Ordovician cliff swing can swing a huge swing of nearly 180 degrees, allowing you to go to the sky one second, the latter Seconds & nbspquo; crash, constantly stimulating your little heart.

Shooting 18-meter cliff swings can be selected from up and down. The upswing can be selected at the side of the entrance of the project. This angle can show a 180 degree horror swing; the good angle of the overhead shot is the sky next to the gallery, which is a good way to experience the amazing length of the 18-meter rope. . Of course, if you have the guts to wear a Gopro to take a swing from the first perspective, it will be more popular.

Shooting target: cliff pusher

Hot password: I am very happy to push my little brother

In March of this year, the Ordovician 10,000 yuan monthly salary recruited the cliff swing to detonate the national attention, and attracted the TV station 2 sets of programs “first time” special report. The Ordovician 4m cliff swing is a cliff-covered autumn in the scenic area. Compared with the 6m, 8m and 18m mechanical swings, the cliff swing pusher in the Ordovician scenic spot is the highlight of this project. They may be able to take the vibrato hotspot easily.

First of all, these little brothers are very “skin.” They will promise you the tenderness of the push before you go to the swing, and will launch your face in the moment of launching you, and you will be able to launch a 180-degree face-to-face. Life-like screams echoed in the valley. Secondly, they are also very “smart”, in the moment you push them out, in order to maintain a large swing, their body weight will follow you to fly out of the cliff, leaving only the toes on the edge of the cliff.

There are two main points in shooting a small brother: First, you must photograph the moment when the center of gravity of the pusher moves out of the cliff with the visitor. Second, you must match the scream of a pig like a pig. If you can With a pair of interesting words, the chance of fire is even greater: “I didn’t care about my family’s opposition to repairing this cliff swing. Now no one dares to push himself to push the swing. Every day, I have to fall down several times, and my heart is tired. I like to stick to it.

Shooting target: Step by step startling

Hot password: the world’s nine most thrilling high-altitude projects

I believe that many people are aware of the Ordovician scenic spot by swiping the screen on the vibrato. This net red, which was selected by the foreign media as the world’s nine most thrilling high-altitude projects, is the must-have card project in Ordovician.

“The reason why the fire can be fired is mainly due to thrills: the metal steel beams with an average interval of 30cm are separated by an empty pedal and are suspended at the edge of the cliff with a drop of 150 meters. Step by step, then —— can truly experience a cliff under the protection of WIA clothing.

Shooting & ldquo; step by step startling, a lot of tricks, such as after the challenge from the back of the challenger, the process is reversed, shaping the illusion that the project can be completed by jumping backwards; For example, playing the movie “Zombies”, use the funny zombie jump to complete the whole challenge; or, if you accidentally drop the pedal and the Wia rope is suspended in the air, the praise can also burst, but thousands Always pay attention to safety!

Target: Guinness Record Sky Hanging Gallery

Hot Password: Chongqing’s most horrible bridge

The Ordovician Sky Veranda is a signature project of the Ordovician Scenic Area. It is built on a 300-high cliff and the bridge extends 69.6 meters beyond the cliff. Maintaining the Guinness World Record is the world’s long cantilevered aerial glass corridor. This project is on the vibrato, and the praise is also very good.

The fire in the sky gallery, one is that the bridge will tremble, and the more you move forward, the more jittery; the second is that there is very little shielding under the bridge glass, you can clearly see the bottom of the bottom, see you The bridge shakes people more.

Shooting sky wobbles, you can shoot the weather. After the rain, you can take the fog and surround the suspension bridge, like a fairyland on the cloud; you can shoot scared people, softly hug on the bridge The thighs of friends are crying and robbing; they can pat the feet, slender legsThe last piece of dynamic music, walking easily on the full transparent glass bridge, the friends will definitely praise your courage.

There are several high-altitude projects in the Ordovician area that will be very exciting. When you enter the scenic spot, you will probably create a more interesting short video fire, and you will not be surprised by this Chongqing network red. The scenic spots are in place.

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