It is called life in modern kitchens!

The life of modern people is becoming more and more “petty”, clothing, Home style always shows the pursuit of lifestyle. The small kitchen has become the “speaker” of quality life, carrying the lifestyle and story of a person and a family through food.

People’s pursuit of food has gradually risen to The realm of life aesthetics can be seen from the fiery degree of “China on the tip of the tongue.” Not only pay attention to the quality of the ingredients, but also pay attention to the atmosphere of the kitchen, the mood of the chef.

The 2017 China Internet Consumer Ecology released by CBNData The Big Data Report found that the quality consumer demand of consumers has been upgraded again in 2017, and more attention has been paid to the small details of improving the quality of life, making the vertical subdivisions more popular. From the design of the whole kitchen to the thickness of the props, it has become the object of the “choosy” of the cooks, and strives to be more perfect in all aspects of the kitchen.

In the modern kitchen decoration, efficient, Smoke-free, easy-to-clean, and environmentally friendly have become “standard.” The choice of materials for the countertops is also very particular, and quartz countertops have gradually become the first choice for modern kitchen countertops. Due to its excellent characteristics of environmental protection, stain resistance, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, non-toxicity and no radiation, the quartz stone with excellent quality is also widely used in cabinet countertops.

In the “battlefield” filled with fireworks, collar quartz The stone can achieve the effect that the liquid such as soy sauce and oil does not ooze, and the knives pass through without leaving marks, which brings great convenience to the daily kitchen life. In addition, the unique texture, such as the texture of the fat, has become an expression of the self-lifestyle of many owners.

Leading Quartz Stone LS-5211 Red Bean Acacia

Leading Quartz Stone LS-8115 Black Forest

Modern kitchen decoration pays attention to functional aesthetics, and collar quartz stone has always pursued quality Balance with art design. As an important product project of China Liansu, the texture design and shape design of the collar quartz stone cater to the kitchen space style that young people like, while the excellent products such as abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, dirt resistance and easy cleaning are free of “clean kitchen.” “Wait for peace of mind.”

Leading Quartz Stone LS-9221 Tobago

Leading Quartz Stone LS-6153 Shirley

The combination of “quality” and “fashion” makes the practical kitchen space more artistic. Through the upgrade process, the collar quartz stone enhances the quality and function of the stone and brings more visually innovative products. Let more consumers feel the beauty and enjoy the moodCooking fun.

There is a modern kitchen that allows it to live in the kitchen It has become simpler and more fashionable. Those who know how to live can always find fun in the four seasons, making the day interesting.

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On April 1st, Libang’s solvent coatings, powder coatings, water-based coatings and transportation fees all went up!

   According to the latest news, February 5, State Coatings said: As crude oil prices skyrocketed, other raw material prices and transportation costs skyrocketed. Although Nippon Paints has been striving to reduce costs and reduce expenses, it still cannot withstand the pressure of rising raw materials and rising logistics, so it decided to From the 1st of the month, the price of solvent-based coatings was increased by 8%, the price of powder coatings and water-based coatings was increased by 5%, and the price of thinners was increased by 10%. In addition, Nippon Paint also announced that it will increase the transportation price from February 21st, and the oil tanks (10kg~50kg) will be raised by 30 yen (1.72 yuan) for small and medium-sized cans (0.5~6). Kg) is raised by 10~20 yen/piece (0.5~1 yuan).

   It is understood that in the past two years, In the coatings market in China, Bangfang began a large-scale staking. On the one hand, it acquired the coatings enterprises in the domestic sub-sectors, and on the other hand, it expanded rapidly. For example, the state-owned annual production of 230,000 tons of paint Sichuan base was laid, with an annual output of 38.5. The construction of a 10,000-ton paint Qingyuan base; the foundation of an annual output of 600,000 tons of paint Changshu base will become the world’s largest paint production base after completion; in addition, the year The production of 200,000 tons of paint Xianning base is put into production, and the annual production of 600,000 tons of paint in Henan is also trial production.

  Although in the past two years, Nippon Paint has expanded rapidly in China, but in environmental protection The aspect has also fallen into a lot of crisis. It is understood that since 2017, Nippon Paints has repeatedly been notified by the local environmental protection department because the environmental protection is not up to standard. For example, in January 2017, Langfang Libang was notified by the Ministry of Environmental Protection; on August 4, Nippon (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was punished by the Environmental Protection Agency; on November 10, Nippon (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was denied environmental protection by the local environmental protection department. Responsible for rectification; on December 11, Langfang Libang was exposed to the lack of pollution prevention facilities, exhaust emissions, and serious pollution. In addition, Nippon Paint (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was repeatedly punished in 2017; Langfang Libang and Nippon Paint (Hebei) Co., Ltd. were suspended from production.

  Although Nippon Paint was repeatedly notified by the environmental protection department in 2017, in terms of cost control, Nippon The advantages of coatings have always been obvious, but even so, they can not withstand the pressure from rising raw material prices and have to announce price increases.

(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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The correct laying method for wooden floor splicing is super creative!

Renovation often uses Wood floor, and the splicing method of wood floor directly affects the amount of wood floor and the overall beauty, we may see the most in our lives. A wooden floor splicing method is an I-shaped laying. Besides, is there any other method? Today Xiaobian takes you to learn more about it! ~


I-shaped laying is the most common and most common method used in floor laying. One, perhaps because the effect of its overall laying out gives people a good rule of law, there is a kind word that is “not ostentatious, civilian” so everyone is more acceptable; secondly because it is simple, fast, and low loss The material is saved, so it is loved by the public.

There is also a diagonal paving type. Common floors are generally laid in parallel with the wall, but the diagonal paving is laid 45 degrees along the wall. The type of work will present another visual impact.

Step by step

Step by step paving method, also known as step paving method. It is a bit similar to the I-shaped type, but it not only pays attention to the misplacement between the rows and the rows, but also creates a feeling like a staircase. This kind of paving is also very common in life.


People The glyph is a splicing method that is very similar to the fishbone. If you think that the fishbone is too complicated, you can use the same high-end, atmospheric, and upper-level herringbone.

Flip-flops are the red nets in the recent home improvement, and the popularity is relatively high. For example, the above picture is Fan Qiqi’s new home. The two floors are assembled into a herringbone shape, and It’s another visual sense, it seems to look very advanced.

Of course, it is actually more expensive than the ordinary shop method. Relatively speaking, it will increase the working hours than the ordinary word shop, and some masters will not shop without experience. The labor fee will definitely be expensive, and the loss will increase. .

When the characters are spelled along the lines, due to the light, it will cause one A special kind of light and shadow feels like a column of colors is different from the one on the side, actually a color.

Flat herringbone spelling

double spelled people

There are also double-studded characters, which are suitable for the floor with a relatively narrow size. The two floors are combined to form a herringbone pattern, and the same double-word can also be used. Straight and diagonal paving.


In the wide variety of floor covering types, the simple but not simple “fish bone fight” is simply a wonderful piece in the parquet floor.

It’s shaped like a fish bone, arranged in an orderly manner, rich texture makes the space full of three-dimensional, instant Make your house full of enthusiasm.

Fish bones are relatively suitable for small-sized floors, so the overall visual effect is even more There is impact, and the same as the herringbone spelling, this uncommon paving method will directly cause the increase of labor costs. I have heard that it is more than 50 yuan per square yard than the ordinary shop method. Of course, there is also a labor fee per day. /p>

Fake fish bones spelling

The above picture is a fake fish bone fight, actually a rectangular tile or floor, but the texture above is made to look like a fish bone, which is also a compromise, at least the labor cost is not So expensive.


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Shops | Play “E-commerce social” new retail! How to download the shop app?

The development of science and technology promotes social progress, and the changes in life are changing with each passing day.

People are becoming more and more mature and critical, and pure e-commerce is gradually becoming obsolete. Online and offline integration and scenes have become new trends for e-commerce. The concept of retail is also constantly updated, and e-commerce companies use omni-channel linkage to enhance the platform and brand image.

In this social and business context, “shopping is born!”

Unlike other platforms, “Publishing is a self-developed e-commerce retailer” Two-in-one sharing platform. It covers a new retail e-commerce system integrating global market, shopping, online and offline sharing platforms. APP products include thousands of types of clothing, daily chemicals, jewellery, fresh produce, farm products, household items, etc. The shop is paved with “shared + convenient” to meet the diverse needs of people in clothing, food, housing and transportation. .

The new business model of the shop has attracted the attention of authoritative media. At the end of June 2018, the shop will be ready to hold a press conference. At that time, the People’s Daily, Xinhuanet,, and other major authoritative media will be invited to witness the charm of the platform.

▲Global Sharing<;Store, shop, and shopping

▲“It’s a good deal to buy fruit together

▲One-hand channel,“There is no middleman to make a difference

▲Global Market:&ldquo Your bag flies from Italy

▲ seconds to earn, zero profit time to open

Scan the QR code to download the shop.

Welcome to join the shop Shop sharing social e-commerce platform. Fill the shop invitation code to fill in: 97RODS (required)

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“Blood Wars in Prague” set the director Sun Xin’s love to sing to show the chivalrous tenderness

The Story of Mongolian Land

Directed by Mongolian director Sun Xin, Xie Miao (played as Chao Lu) and Sun Xin (played as Nayila) starred, Zhao Jing Shu Yu (played as Zun Ying), Xie Wa (played by Witkins) co-starred, the film theme song “Dujiang people” produced by Shanxi Hongxin Light and Shadow Film Production Co., Ltd., officially unveiled today. The song was directed by Sun Xin, the film’s director, and the Mongolian’s most influential band, Ergu, the lead singer of the Erguna band. And announced that the film’s final release date is March 8 (the second lunar month of the lunar calendar) to meet the national audience.

Director of Wonderful Sound, singing and singing

Director Sun Xin, who has been a TV presenter, director and director since he was 17 years old, is now known in the industry as “the most influential and highest-profile Mongolian beauty director in China, whose artistic attainments It can be seen. This time, the singer of the show, also shows its excellence in art works. In the MV, we can see that the beautiful director Sun Xin and the Erguna band performed together and sang the love of the homeland grassland. The song is sincere and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Director: Sun Xin Erguna Band Leading: That day Su

“Wind and snow smashed through the green leaves in spring, the heroic hero was alone in the rain; the heroic eagle dance flying cliff, the ancient theory of this fragrant Hefang … … Mongolian nationality has “ Musical nation, “ the name of the poetry nation. This “Dujiang People” was written by the teacher Peng Yunzhen, which truly reflects the vastness of the grassland and the vicissitudes of the desert, as well as the ethos of the men and children who are loyal to the liver and the loyalty of the country.

Heroes, “Wandering Prairie

After 80s, “Emperor Xie Miao plays the Chao Lu

The movie “Blood Wars of Prague” is a story that happened in the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, and the pursuit, fighting, and evil in the film The wonderful drama of goodness has the true color of the heroes of the Western Blood.

From the encounter between Zun Ying (Zhao Jing Shu Yu) and Chao Lu (Xie Miao) in the town of Prague, to the twists and turns of the Chaolu and his wife Nayila (Sun Xin); from the grassland A desert in the desert runs away, and Zun Ying and the Chao Lu each stand on their own life. Many problems and contradictions are not very complicated, but if we can stick to the rules or eclectic, turn over and change in time, then all Difficulties may be obstacles in our own heart. The real practice of martial arts is the strength of self-satisfaction from the body to the heart, and the ability to refine itself. Everything can be resolved with care.

The movie “Blood Wars in Prague” on March 8th, waiting for you to cross the river, the other side of the heart!

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2015 international sanitary ware five major trends forecast

2015 international sanitary ware five major trends forecast: trend hotspot 1: wastewater utilization, trend hotspot 2: safety and convenience, trend hotspot 3: integration with the family, trend hotspot 4: technology bath, trend hotspot 5: design in place.

Trend Hotspot 1: Wastewater Utilization

In addition to trying to develop more sanitary products that can directly save water, we also Seeing a new trend from the exhibition, many sanitary ware brands have begun to launch products with no dead ends, better cleaning products and small “wash basin toilet integrated sanitary wares. The realization of these products can not only greatly reduce the bathroom” water The utilization rate can also turn waste into treasure, letting the waste water exert waste heat.

Market Status: Green Bathroom

Wastewater Utilization Products

At present, the bathroom products that can meet the characteristics of small size, no seams, no dead ends and easy to clean are not difficult to find. Many brands even regard it as a “selling point”.

On the contrary, the sanitary products related to the rational use of waste water have become blind spots on the market, and can be used for daily washing and washing, such as washing hands, washing faces, washing vegetables, etc. It is not available in the market. It is understood that a small brand of sanitary ware that we have seen at a certain exhibition at the exhibition is only a business plan. It is probably difficult to buy in the near future. During the visit, the brand’s shopping guide said that it must be installed on the load-bearing wall, the internal pipeline layout is complicated and the price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan, which is the main reason for the difficulty of entering such products.

Trend Hotspot 2: Safe and Convenient

When the problem of aging is getting worse, smart businesses are gradually starting to step forward In this area, the bathroom industry has put forward the concept of convenience bathroom this year. There aren’t too many complicated buttons, no modern institutions, and lengthy instructions, and there are no corners and blunt designs that will hurt you. From the details of location, function and accessibility, it is a wonderful thing for people of all ages to use the bathroom conveniently.

Market Status: Elderly Bathroom

Product blanks can only be customized

In the sanitary wares of many mainstream home stores, the bathroom products for the elderly can be said to be blank. Most of the sales staff took the design points, water-saving performance and low-cost promotions and other selling points to pull the guests. When the author asked if there are more sanitary products that are suitable for the elderly to use alone, most of them are speechless.

It is understood that if you want to arrange a “luxury bathroom” for the elderly or children at home, you can only make more money to customize it.

Representative: Locker as a seat. Can’t find furniture that is purely for the elderly, may wish to hit the ball. In the whole bathroom series launched by Lejia this year, there is a flexible push-pull “towing cabinet, storage, sitting and correct, and five colors to choose from. If you move home, you can also act as a bathroom. Lounge chair. However, the chair with a squatting is slightly inconvenient for the elderly, and the merchant can be removed when purchasing.

Trend Hotspot 3: Blending with Home

“More and more time spent in the bathroom every day This is the current state of life of many people. Therefore, we hope that the bathroom will become more valuable. If comfortable sofa chairs, soft carpets, gentle lighting, and practical bookshelves can enter the bathroom, you will find that life can be renewed.

Market Status: Not Many Related Products

Consumers need to match their own

Due to the size of the space and the concept of different concepts, “Let’s live in the bathroom or “Lost in the bathroom” concept is not high in the domestic market, most bathroom brands create a “for domestic consumers”; The bathroom is kept on the sidelines. Therefore, related products are rare in the market, only some high-end brands that are mainly based on the whole bathroom have related products, and the price is quite high. Consumers are not waiting for the relevant products to be available, it is better to choose some moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant smart furniture to match.

Representative 1: Bathroom-specific bookshelves. This is an example of a small bathroom and home integration. In order not to affect the use, the owner has carried out the wet and dry partition of the bathroom, and placed the bookshelf on the side of the drying area, which not only reduces the storage pressure of the living space, but also allows the free Life walked silently into the bathroom space.

Representative 2: Durable and durable oak furniture. As bathroom furniture enters the home more and more, it has evolved from a simple storage function to an indispensable part of the bathroom space. This bathroom cabinet is made of imported oak. Due to the damp environment of the oak, even if it is used in the bathroom, there is no wet and dry partition, as long as it avoids direct scouring, such furniture will not appear. The situation of acclimatization.

Trend Hotspot 4: Technology Bath

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, simply satisfy one or several basics Functional bathroom products have gradually become obsolete. In the forward-looking bathroom trend, we see that the accessories become smaller, the water consumption is lower, the induction system is more powerful, and the ergonomic and massage-enabled large overhead spray or hand-held nozzles are more user-friendly. High-tech sanitary products may become an indispensable part of our lives.

Market Status: High-tech Bathroom

Lots of expensive prices

Chinese consumers There is a demand for high-tech bathroom products, but the amount is not large, which is the conclusion that the author reached when he visited the market. While satisfying the basic use functions, it also has a good appearance and environmental protection, and the needs of most consumers are limited to this. At present, high-tech-linked products are not uncommon in the market, but they are mostly derived from international brands and are expensive, and are usually twice as expensive or even several times more expensive than ordinary products.

A sensory faucet that represents a life span of 1:30. Kohler’s green main product this year, which was seen at the heating exhibition in March, has been on the market. The product is based on a super-powered battery system, while the battery system is made of advanced environmentally-friendly materials. It does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals. Its precise sensing technology is equivalent to reducing the amount of dozens of ordinary batteries in the invisible, greatly reducing waste. Environmental pollution caused by batteries. Compared to other inductive faucets, this product also avoids the frequent replacement of spare batteries and the inability to operate properly due to harsh lighting conditions.

Representative 2: There are four types of shower facilities. Rain shower, massage, hand-held, waterfall, German sanitary ware brand Huayida launched this year’s Tianquan series of new products, with four water outlets, can meet your needs for shower, massage, relaxation and water power Is the product of a new generation of high technology. But the price is about 5 times that of ordinary showers.

Trend Hotspot 5: Designing a Place

The bathroom space basically meets the needs —— this practice is out of date. This year, the bathroom highlights the concept of “bathroom design”, which aims to create a comfortable space for people living in busy and crowded cities.

Market Status: Personality Bathrooms See You everywhere

Demonstrate your personality

Compared to other styles mentioned in the international bathroom trend, the design sense bathroom is more widely distributed and practical in the domestic market. Shape, color, artistry, theme, in the market, you can choose the personalized bathroom products, and the price is also moderate, and can be cheaper on weekends or holiday promotions.

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Consumption upgrades change the retail approach, how does new retail add to the home industry?

Image from “

According to the market consumption trend, the new retail meets the unique consumer demand of the consumer group, and also encourages more companies to try and contribute to their own development.

In recent years, the introduction of the new retail concept, the combination of online and offline depth, and the integration of logistics, may allow the real economy to usher in another spring, but also harvest a hundred flowers.

In 2018, e-commerce giants cooperated with home stores constantly, and frequently organized groups; whole-house custom enterprises were listed continuously, and tens of billion-level enterprises continued to show; after the two-year precipitation of technology-based enterprises, products and technologies were more Grounding gas … … So all kinds of new retail in the home circle is like a sparkling fire in the cold winter, changing the way of consumption upgrade and retail, and also prompting the home to try and experience.

315 Brand Star

315, Netease Home & ldquo; Looking for Home Service Model 2019 Home Service Survey Report Press Conference and Home New Retail Service Model Awarding Ceremony was held in Guangzhou. In the investigation report, Wrigley Sanitary Ware won the “Five Star Service Store Award” with the consumer store service system, which is in line with the Wrigley 365 service.

With the wave of consumption upgrades, after 80 and 90, they became the main force of consumption, and they have new demands for service. The Home 315 investigation team conducted a survey of nearly 200 brand companies as consumers. Whether it is clear or unannounced visits, under the affirmation of consumers, industry, media and other parties, Wrigley Sanitary 365 intimate service system has withstood the rigorous test, and is indeed a benchmark brand for the home industry service.

New consumer upgrades

Combining the concept of new retail and the development of the home furnishing industry in recent years, we can see the main performance of the home furnishing industry in the new retail sector: online and offline , experiential consumption, logistics to accelerate new retail, intelligent new retail and so on.

(1) Online and offline integration

Online attracts a wide range of traffic, through the offline store experience mode, online and offline channels open and deep integration, making traffic conversion Make real orders, maximize traffic, and shape the new retail model.

(2) Logistics accelerates new retail

In order to form a more benign market environment and meet the new retail landing, it is necessary to have a set of standards to constrain and standardize. The new retail reflects not only the innovation in the model, but also a revolution in efficiency. The status of logistics has reached a new height compared with the past.

(3) Experiential consumption

Consumers today are willing to spend money to purchase added value for products, such as experiences, services, etc., and these are also with the company“ The details are closely related, the details are not well done, the experience, the service, and the experience-based consumption, not only the enterprise, but also the home store.

(4) Smart for the new retail brocade

Smart, not only refers to the intelligent development of home products, but also the intelligent development of enterprise manufacturing technology and new technology. Smart home is a hot spot and a trend in the home furnishing industry. Many companies in different fields are doing it, especially home appliance companies.

Future Trends

(1) Life Scenery

Communicate with lifestyle, bringing consumers an intuitive experience by combining reality and virtual scenes . At this point, the experience becomes the main determinant of the purchase. Based on the analysis of the sales data, in order to represent the lifestyle of the customer group, the online experience store launches scene matching, and the low-frequency home consumption scene is embedded in the high-frequency retail scene.

(2) omni-channel integration

From the demand side, in recent years, more and more consumers are pursuing omni-channel shopping experience, and the most fundamental technology for omnichannel is realized. Support is the Internet of Things and smart home. The smart home will enter the whole network interconnection stage, and the Internet platform is most likely to become a unified interface, which will help the whole network to achieve interconnection and penetrate into the life of consumers.

(3) Meeting individual needs

According to market consumption trends, the new retail consumers are mainly after 80s and 90s, and they have their own unique consumer needs, which requires New retails require newer, smaller consumer segments to meet their unique consumer needs. (This article has been marked with the source and source, the copyright belongs to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us.)

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Belarusian regulations on strengthening the import of building materials

According to Baita News Agency, the Belarusian government promulgated Resolution No. 658, which provides for 39 imports of Belarusian cement, glass, balcony doors, porous and non-porous cover plates, mineral wool insulation panels, ceramic tiles, siliceous bricks and stones. Building materials must comply with the relevant provisions of the Belarusian Building Materials Safety Regulations ( ТР 2009/013/BY) and have a White Country Certification System Certificate. The initiative of Belarus aims to avoid the entry of construction materials and products that do not comply with relevant safety and quality standards into the Belarusian market. The resolution came into effect on August 10, 2015.

Belarus does not need the national certification system certificate to import the above building materials from the CIS Free Trade Area Agreement.

The CIS Free Trade Area Agreement was held on October 18, 2011 by Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Signed and joined Uzbekistan. Since the agreement has not been approved by the national parliament in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the current CIS Free Trade Area Agreement is only in force in the remaining seven countries. Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan reserve the right to join in the future.

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What are the advantages of the cloud token project? Li Yi teacher professional guidance

Cloudtoken Global Docking, please add Li Yi, Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

Cloud Token is a fool-style lie-making mode. There is no limit to the lockout. Currently, it supports mainstream currencies such as ETH BTC USDT. >

Static income deposits will make money monthly income 6~12% daily points

Share income

Directly push one generation, push 15 for 15 generations, Directly push 16 to take 21 generations.

Take a generation of daily investment amount of 100% static income

2 generations of static income 50% per day

3-21 generations of static income per day 5% income every day Take

The community dividends team’s total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

C1 community level team unlimited 5% income community rewards

3 C1 communities will receive 10% of community rewards for C2 communities

Up to 3 C2 communities will reward the community with C3 communities 15%

Up to 3 C3 communities will be C4 communities Get community rewards 20%

Up to 3 C4 communities, C5 community takes 5% of global community total performance

Storage value of $500 or more is considered a valid account

The above rewards and settlements are all issued in the platform currency CTO

At present, one currency is hard to be conservatively estimated to be earned 5~20 times before the end of the year.

Spike all items

Join early to make money

Cloud Token2019 preferred investment project

First, We elaborate on four aspects

First: project side background

Second: Technical strength – the difference between true and false blocks and wallets

Third: the effect of mode making money

Fourth: Quantifying the authenticity of the team

I. First, let’s introduce the project side background:

Cloud Token is a three-blockchain venture capital fund company in the United States that unites Singapore’s world class. The top quantifying team and genald aai (Chinese name: Ronald), who is known as the fast-track technology genius in Asia, spent a total of half a year together to create a decentralized blockchain chain wallet. Ronald aai is the fourth. The founder of the blockchain public chain BBS is the world’s top block and technical senior engineer. It was also the technical director of large well-known companies such as IBM and Samsung. In 2019, after the Spring Festival, the Cloud Token system is still in the process of research and development. In the domestic, China-Guangzhou, a small salon meeting, invited guests to participate, there are a lot of big coffee in the blockchain, among them, Zhao Sheng teacher also came to the scene, (Zhao Sheng profile: Zhao Sheng teacher is American Chinese, the largest virtual digital asset in Singapore The exchange, the founder of WBF, is also the initiator of the New York World Blockchain Conference, the world’s first decentralized stable currency DUSD (referred to as the founder of the (USD) legal currency public chain, equivalent to China’s USDT for RMB exchange At present, many exchanges have his USD, for example, OK, currency security, etc.) In the currency world, it is a character of Taishan Beidou. On the stage, Zhao Sheng teacher personally pushes the Cloud Token wallet. (You can see Teacher Zhao’s speech video. He believes that Cloud Token will use decentralization as a carrier to develop a chain wallet developed on the BBS public chain and graft more development plans for application. It is an inevitable trend in the development of future blockchains. The Global Launch Conference on May 12th will be held in Thailand. We will personally witness these – mysterious big coffee, the founder of the stock market – Rogers, one of the founders of the Quantum Fund, the global vice president of Huawei Group, and the world’s top financial circle in the blockchain. Technical experts will come to the scene, let us wait and see!

Second, let’s talk about the technical strength

The Cloud Token platform is the center of the fourth generation public chain BBS system. Wallet on the chain, our platform currency is based on the side chain developed by ETH.

So, what are the technical advantages of our DAPP and APP..

Briefly explain APP: At present, many projects with blockchain wallets belong to APP wallet, which is what we call the centralized wallet, although there are mainstream currency (BTC, ETH, etc.) storage functions, but in fact, in your own APP, what you actually see is just the number, and the real assets, Go to the address of the project.

DAPP: familiarity: decentralization is to write everything into smart contracts, clear consensus mechanisms and reward mechanisms. Can not be tampered with, so, the real decentralized wallet, the main currency stored by the user are all on the public chain, not in the hands of the project.

The simple difference between the first point is the way the bonus is settled. As we all know, the items we have done before, regardless of when you invested in the deposit, your static bonus is the system unified time. Settlement, centralized APP has a background management system, the administrator opens the background management system at a fixed time “usually after 12.00 in the evening”, all of which are settled with one click, or the system sets a fixed time for automatic settlement.

And DAPP, our Cloud Token bonus settlement method is based on the fourth generation public chain BBS, written into the smart contract, can not be changed, we settle according to each person’s deposit time, settlement bonus Also different, for example, A is joining the plan at 10 am and the festivalThe point is confirmed, then, it is the static bonus at 10:00 on the 2nd day, B is the plan to join the plan at 3 pm and the node confirms, that is, the static bonus is settled at 3 pm on the next day, and the static settlement time of each person is different. The block node confirms settlement 24 hours later. The dynamic settlement time is different. For example, your first friend joined at 3 pm on the 16th, then you will have to go to 3 pm on the 18th to see it, because we are taking the static income of everyone. The static settlement cycle node is 24 hours, then the dynamic settlement is 48 hours, so our Cloud Token dynamic bonus settlement is also different all the time. And if it is a centralized wallet fake wallet is very difficult to do, because his server is constantly accounting for 24 hours, the system is very easy to crash and crash.

The difference between the 2nd point: the centralized fake blockchain wallet, their coin-collecting address is not the same as the transfer-out address, because you are in the background review after each withdrawal request. Generally, the background administrator passes one time or one hour through one hour. After passing, the address of the project party will help you to transfer it out, not your own address.

Our Cloud Token, regardless of how many times it is presented, is your own address. Because, all major currencies, the public chain has only one address, for example, today you have to use CTO to convert to Ethereum cash withdrawal, you click on the successful conversion, you can immediately enter the ETH official website to query, you will see a deposit Into the record, and then you refer to the ETH to the exchange, and then to the ETH’s official website to query, there will be a withdrawal record, all deposits and withdrawals are the same address, all transaction records can be stored in the currency Query on the public chain of the species.

The difference between the 3rd point: the speed of the currency

APP wallet, you exchange the platform currency into Ethereum, it is the second, it is not found on the official website of ETH. Any recorded, seconds to ETH is actually the number displayed in the APP, some friends and you said, our cash withdrawal seconds, no need to pay for work, haha, you smile, real blockchain It is necessary to collect the miners’ fees.

We Cloud Token, the withdrawal is calculated according to the block. For example, the USDT network is relatively congested, and the node confirmation time is slower. Many friends, after joining the plan, Occasionally, I have been joining the program for 24 hours. I still have no income. Actually, the time you clicked to join the plan is 5 points. However, the network node confirms that it is 8 points, naturally according to the time of 8:00. Turn on quantification, calculate profit, everyone can go to the public chain to query, the time of node confirmation, everything can be traced, open, transparent.

Difference between the 4th point: the uniqueness of the private key

The fake block and the wallet also have a private key. You can also do an experiment. You copy the private key of your fake wallet. Then go to ETH’s official wallet IMTOKEN wallet and use the private key to import the new wallet, you will be prompted that the private key is invalid.

Our cloud token private key can be imported into any decentralized wallet. For example, if the cloud token has 10 ETHs after IMTOKEN is bound, then IMTOKEN will also display 10 ETH- The block sync display, you can also transfer out any wallet operation in IMTOKEN or cloud token.

Advantages of Point 5

Our cloud token is currently unique and can be stored by credit card. Open the NFC function inside the phone and let the phone touch the credit card. Your The private key is stored in it. If one day your private key is forgotten, the password is forgotten. Just take out the credit card and touch it with your mobile phone. Then you will find it. If a friend says, I don’t have a credit card. Do it, it does not matter, cloud token has a self-developed chip card, the same function.

III. The superiority of the model

After talking about the safety and long-term nature of the project, let’s take a look at how we make money. I believe this is also a concern for everyone. One of the key points, after all, money can solve 99% of the things in our lives.

The project side is also very user-friendly, and various aspects of market research work.

The biggest highlight of the mode: share a person can make big money

Let’s take a look, directly recommend 16, you can take 21 layers, like other APP similar mode, basically It is 10, 15 layers. Everyone knows the market. In order to let investors make money as soon as possible, they will play three numbers themselves. If it is only 10 floors, then the market of 3 or less people will not be related to themselves if they do not upgrade. We have 21 layers, at least 7 generations, which is related to ourselves, which increases the adhesion of the team. This is how much money can be made on one leg. Some friends are worried that if you take the 21st floor, will it be higher and the risk is higher, not the Ha, because from the third generation, only 5 percent, only strengthen the depth.

Four AI intelligent quantitative trading

This is also the most important part of our investment in this project, that is, the project, whether there is real profitability, only real profitable projects In order to go long. It is not a pure fund, a Ponzi scheme, and the people behind it.

If the quantification is the project’s own technology and is the world’s top technical team, then this project is definitely We can go for a long time, then how do we determine his authenticity?

1; We have really arranged for the team leader to be accompanied by technical director ronald aai, who personally went to Singapore on the 4.3rd. Inside the most expensive office building in Singapore, I witnessed it, the top of the world.Sharp quantitative technical team. You can see photos and videos.

2; Our DAPP also has real-time quantitative data transactions, which can be viewed by every member. Every money invested by investors is earmarked for exclusive use, all of which are quantitatively profitable.

3; 3.30 and 4.2, my technical director in Guangzhou and Changsha in front of hundreds of people personally Open the big screen, open the quantitative background real-time data display to everyone to see and ask questions on the spot.

Summary: Cloud Token

From the project background, technical strength, quantifying the authenticity of profit, and the profitability of the model, it is the first choice in 2019, the best choice for impeccable, Will lead you to new milestones!!!

Top 10 reasons to choose cloudtoken

1, technical director is Ronald Aai, Asian blockchain genius, 4th generation block Founder of chain technology BBS. Can be found in the BBS official website and Facebook,, the technical strength is super strong, have done technology for many quantitative projects on the market, and have many years of successful experience.

2. This is the first DAPP in the world to put a blockchain browser into the wallet. The first one is to develop a chain wallet with a cross-chain function. All the data is run on the public chain. The data is synchronized with the data of Ethereum and Bitcoin. In the future, thousands of digital currencies can be stored simultaneously. The data of the centralized application is open, transparent, fair and just, and cannot be tampered with.

3, background quantified data, true transparency, how much to buy, how much to sell, which exchange to go to, at a glance. All coins are on the public chain, keys, mnemonics, Google Verifiers are equipped, and no one can turn away, open, safe, and transparent.

4.Cloudtoken cloud wallet technology highlights

1 The world’s first chain of wealth management wallets, all users are independent addresses on the chain, open, transparent, not only can see individuals Wallet data, you can also see the public management address data of the project side and the data that is involved in the quantification of the exchange. It is really reliable, no routine, and the quantitative data can be queried!

2Reliable independent hematopoietic ability, quantify intelligent robot JARVIS Super Black Technology, the original technology team has a year of research and development results, the average financial income reaches 20%-30% on the day

3 chain financial transactions, the robot directly to the top ten exchanges, the proceeds From the exchange directly to the chain financial account, without any third-party personal or institutional accounts, ensure security!

4The real decentralized wallet, each user withdraws from the plan to withdraw coins, directly through the chain , the node confirms the extraction, not through the background to accept the instruction, non-manual transfer! Really decentralized wallet, the entry and exit address is the same.

5. Real-time settlement, calculate the revenue according to the confirmation time of each node, and the settlement time of each person’s account is different. For example, if the plan is successful at 12 o’clock, it will be the automatic settlement income at 12 o’clock the next day. 3 points to join the success of the next day 3 points automatically settle the proceeds, only the use of blockchain technology can achieve this function.

6. Our deposits are all on the main chain. Every deposit can be seen clearly, knowing where your assets are going and what to do, and fake wallet deposits and withdrawals. They all manage the system in the background. After entering, they don’t know where to go.

7. Speed, other background app, the background management is to give the electronic currency, which is dialed inside the LAN. It is impossible for the blockchain to do the second. You deposit the currency into the other. Inside the wallet, the coin has actually gone to the address of a project in the background.

Our dapp, you deposit it in the public chain, any mainstream currency, in the blockchain There will always be only one address inside. When you deposit the mainstream currency in the DAPP wallet, you can go to the mainstream currency public chain to check it, always on the public chain.

8. Other wallets have thresholds, such as deposit 1000 The income of US dollars and 10,000 US dollars is not the same. It induces everyone to save big orders. We don’t have Cloudtoken, it is fair to everyone.

9. Other wallets are fixed income according to the funds deposited at that time. Isn’t it like a fixed return? The real quantification is based on the real-time value of your assets. Today your asset value is 9000, calculated at 9000, and tomorrow’s value is 10,000 at 10,000.

10. The project has just started. On May 12th, Thailand launched the global conference. Buffett is the financial tycoon Jim Rogers platform.

World premiere, USA, Japan, Europe, Thailand, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other dozens of countries and regions simultaneously launch …

Cloudtoken is the fastest in history Global expansion and development ing

Cloud Token highlights

, the principal is in and out at any time

Second, the fool-style lie mode [strong] [strong] with no restrictions on the move-out, no support, currently supports ETH BTC BTH TUSD and other mainstream currencies

Third, all coins are open to the world on the public chain

Fourth, APP content is all original code development is not a replica or made in Shenzhen

1 static income [ Strong] deposit money to mine and make money [strong] [strong] monthly income 6~20% daily is not capped

2 share income [strong] take a generation 100%

2 generation 50% 3-21 generation 5% income is not capped every day

3 community dividends team total performance of more than 200,000 US dollars is the C1 community,

4C1 community level to get the team unlimited 5% income community rewards

5 reach 3 C1 communities That is, the C2 community will receive 10% of the community rewards

6 to reach 3 C2 communities, which will reward the community with C3 communities 15%

7 reach 3 C3 communities, which will be the community of C4 community. Reward 20%

8 reach 3 C4 communities as C5 community

Community Revenue Take 5% of global community total performance

C5 up to 500,000+ day Not capped [strong] [strong] storage value of more than $500 is considered a valid account

[strong] The above bonus settlement is issued by platform currency CTO [strong]

It is difficult to ask for secrets. It is estimated that 5~20 times before the end of the year, you will earn [strong]

Spike all items [strong]

Once in a hundred years [strong]

Join early to make money [strong]

Cloud Token [tact] [tact] 2019 preferred investment project

For more details, please search: cloudtoken Li Yi teacher, learn more

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Dapp official download link: m/

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Registration Invitation Code: 5545043430

Cloudtoken Cloud Wallet Docking Please add Li Yi Teacher WeChat: 15920088191

One-on-one tutoring download, Register and invite you to the study group so that you can learn more in all aspects

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