Classification of door handles, how to choose wooden door handles

The door handle is what we often see The building materials, though inconspicuous, are very important. But there are many types of wooden door handles. How should we choose? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the selection with everyonewood door handlesWhat are the tips?

I. Classification of wooden door handles

1, by material: single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.

2, by shape: tube type, ball type, Strips and other geometric shapes.

3, according to the style: single strip, double head , closed, etc.

4, by style: avant-garde, casual, Retro style and so on.

Second, how to choose a wooden door handle?

1. Choose the right one that you really need. Everyone wants to spend the money on the blade, the door lock Be sure to choose strong and insured; indoor door locks can be beautiful and convenient.

2, high-end imported handles have a full set of imported and imported accessories domestic The difference in assembly, the price is different, pay attention when buying.

3, the more complicated the handles, the more expensive the handles are. However, the simple operation of the locks is not necessarily unsafe, but the operation is complicated. It is not necessarily safe.

4, plastic wooden door handles do not look good, do not buy, because the strength is not enough, easy to break.

5, generally the same price of wooden door handle, Taiwan’s domestically produced spring is flexibleSexGood.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, I understand everything. What are the tips for picking wooden door handles?

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How to remove formaldehyde after decoration

Now most people know that the newly renovated house cannot be checked in immediately, because the house has just been renovated. There are many toxic gases. But there are also many people who don’t know how to remove these harmful substances, such as formaldehyde, How to remove formaldehyde after renovationWhat? The following small series teaches you how to quickly remove formaldehyde.

How to remove formaldehyde after renovation

1. Adsorption method in addition to formaldehyde: adsorption method in addition to formaldehyde in addition to formaldehyde, there are two methods, namely plant adsorption method and activated carbon adsorption method. Because plants have a strong ability to adsorb formaldehyde, studies have shown that spider plant and tigertail can absorb more than 80% of harmful gases in the room, and aloe can absorb 90% of formaldehyde contained in 1 cubic meter of air. There are cactus, onion slices, grapefruit skin, ivy, green radish, chrysanthemum, tea residue, iron tree, pineapple and other plants are all good at absorbing formaldehyde. After the house is renovated, you can buy these plants in the living room, master bedroom, second bedroom, kitchen, etc., but remember to water regularly. Some activated carbon can also be purchased to remove formaldehyde, because solid activated carbon has many pores, has a strong adsorption capacity, and can absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde. Put the activated carbon in a cupboard, wardrobe, balcony, TV cabinet, etc. After half a month, you will feel that the house smell is not so heavy.

2. Chemicals in addition to formaldehyde: we Chemicals such as white vinegar, aldehyde removal agent and formaldehyde trapping agent can be purchased on the market to remove formaldehyde. These chemicals can react with formaldehyde to neutralize the formaldehyde. However, chemical agents are also chemical products, so there may be secondary pollution. White vinegar fumigation can remove ammonia, but it does not react with formaldehyde.

3. Ventilation method in addition to formaldehyde method: decoration The finished house should be ventilated as much as possible every day, so that the indoor air can be convected, and harmful gases such as formaldehyde will be diluted. However, it is important to note that all doors and windows should not be opened, as the walls of the newly renovated house will be cracked by the influence of excessive airflow. Therefore, pay attention to the method and time when opening the window.

4. Traditional Photocatalyst Decomposition: Photocatalyst The catalyst can generate hydrogen and oxygen ions and negative ions under the stimulation of light and air, so that it can oxidize and decompose various organic pollutants and inorganic pollutants. Moreover, it can be decomposed into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water to achieve the effect of purifying the air.

5. Soil method except formaldehyde: everyone can Use a washbasin or bucket to make some cold water, then put some vinegar, scallion, place them in a ventilated place, and then open the furniture door. In this way, an appropriate amount of water can be evaporated to protect the top coating surface of the wall, and the residual odor can be absorbed and absorbed. To remove the residual paint odor, you can wet the cotton ball with citric acid and hang it in the wood furniture and indoors. You can also buy some tropical fruits to remove odors, the method is simple, and the cost is low.

Article summary: After the renovation of the house, for the sake of family and health, to stay more secure, try to stay late, Let the indoor harmful gases such as formaldehyde be removed. How to remove formaldehyde after renovation? The quick way to remove formaldehyde hopes to help everyone.


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Industry big coffee fierce collision, detonating the whole house customization five points

   On the afternoon of March 26th, the first new media pan-home circle in China’s home building materials industry held a spring dialogue forum at the Nikko Hotel in Guangzhou. Activities gathered in the custom home industry pioneers and leaders, around 2018, the whole house is determined by refrigeration, and industry experts, entrepreneurs, media representatives to discuss the whole house custom industry changes, development status, and future opportunities.

  In 2018, the pan-home circle once again focused on custom homes, this forum invites European homes Mr. Yang Xin, Vice President of Group Marketing, Mr. Ouyang Xi, CEO of Weiyi Customs, Mr. Tang Bin, Chairman of Marg, Mr. Lin Tao, Chairman of Kefan, Mr. Gu Guoliang, Founder of Bransha Whole House, Chairman of Dawang Coconut Group, Han Li Mr. Yang Tongbing, general manager of the home group, Wu Haoliang, vice president of Cool Family, and others, had an in-depth dialogue with Zhou Zhong, the founder of the pan-home circle. The industry core circle has a large-scale dialogue with the same platform. The integration and commonality of the top talents in the industry have made a great blend of industry perspectives, deeply analyzing the development trend of the industry, and providing suggestions for the future development of customized homes.

  staying in peace, 2018 full house cooling thinking

   This is the best era, and this is also the worst era. Behind the prosperous custom industry, we need to be prepared for peace of mind and plan ahead. From the beginning to the present, the custom industry has a feast of tens of billions, from the Kailuan Lancome to Qishanlin to the current capital hot money, from the cabinet wardrobe to the modern revolution. Seemingly prosperous, the inside is actually a precursor to competition and shuffling.

   Chinese home people grow up in the midst of excitement and reflect on calmness. This forum’s pan-home circle gathers the custom industry V to create a deep thought feast, and has carried out in-depth exchanges and sharing around the five cold thinking topics.

  One of the cold thoughts: Is this year’s custom-made shuffle year?

   It’s no exaggeration to say that 70% of furniture companies are doing whole house customization. Whole house customization is integrating the entire industry chain, which is by no means an alarmist. In 2018, the whole house customization will be eroded, and it will largely erode the market of terminal stores in the home industry. Applying the words of Yang Xin, vice president of marketing of Europai: In 2018, it will be the first year of custom-made shuffling in the whole house. The whole house customization is the vent of the few left, and the machine can’t be lost!

   In the forum, in the view of Ou Pai Yang Xin, God wants you to perish, first make you crazy The custom industry is crazy. Everyone is moving from single-category to multi-category, and the industry is in the midst of rapid development, and will inevitably survive the fittest. In 2018, it will be the first year of the whole house custom shuffling, the whole house customization is the few outlets left, the machine can not be lost no longer come!

   Kefan Lintao believes that there are a number of leading enterprises in the whole house customization industry. The cards are the leading companies that have the final say. If shuffling is an inevitable trend, I hope to shuffle a little later.

   and Weiyi Ouyang Xi does not agree with the concept of shuffling, he believes that business must not be made a gamble The more people do the market, the more energetic they will be. The key to a company’s survival lies in its quality and reputation, which in turn depends on the design capabilities of the front end and the manufacturing capabilities of the back end. These two points are the essence behind the shuffling.

   Marg Tangbin believes that the entire industry is in compliance with the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. The whole house customization has been too hot for a few years, and it is time to cool down. There is no reshuffle, but the survival pressure of many brands will intensify, which will also promote the evolution of the industry, and excellent companies will run out.

  Han Li Yang Tongbing feels that China is big enough, the consumer market is big enough, and there will be a lot of washing A new batch. In the future, which company has more talents, more design concepts, and stronger manufacturing capabilities will go further. Therefore, it is most important to be down to earth.

  Branca Gu Guoliang said: In the next three years, the whole house custom shuffle will continue Intensified, the future competitive landscape will be more realistic and cruel. At this stage, the layout and occupation of the channel is even more important. Wide grain, high wall. In 2018, Branza also actively participated in the influential exhibitions in the industry.Get superior booths and invest in heavyweight advertising to enhance brand influence.

   Cool House Music Wu Yuliang viewed this issue from the perspective of a bystander, he thought A card is not necessarily a bad thing, because it promotes the standardization and rationalization of many things. Amazon CEO Bezos once said that many companies will pay attention to what will happen in the next decade, and then consider how these changes will be affected by these changes, but in fact, companies should pay more attention to what will happen in the next decade. Will not change. In contrast, in our custom industry, what will not change in the next decade? I think that consumers always want better design. As an Internet product software platform, Cool Carre will adhere to this concept and use its own products to provide consumers with WYSIWYG home space.

   Cold Thinking 2: Package Marketing, Is the price war starting?

   Recently, Shangpin Home Delivery launched 2018 new full house custom package intellectual enjoyment package 518. Weiyi also launched the 518 package at the same time, and announced that it officially joined the custom industry package war, the sword refers to the 19800 package of the European home. On March 6th, after the 799 yuan door-to-door package, Sophia launched a powerful package of 11.11 every day, and Hao Laike was not willing to show weakness. The 315 event played a 16800 follow-up special package strategy. Within a month, several major brands blew the horn of package marketing, and the market was full of smoke and smoke. Has the price war started?

  Weiyi Ouyang Xi does not think that the price war has started, and Weiyi has launched the 518 package, which has been Vision: Turning the customization of a few people into the life of the majority. Weiyi does not want to fight price wars, but to fight design wars, service wars, and quality wars. Ou Pai Yang Xin also said that the Europa 19800 package is more aimed at the high price and low quality of traditional woodworking, and hopes to infiltrate more consumers with package marketing. Blind price wars will only bring losses to businesses, competitors and consumers.

   and Marg Tangbin believes that this year’s price competition is very intense and feels a lot of pressure. Marg hopes to go out of his own way through differentiation and innovation. Kefan Lintao feels that the major brands in the custom industry have been doing it for more than ten years now, and using price weapons is also an inevitable result of marketing. Product prices also involve the company’s manufacturing scale, team channels and other capabilities, Covan will not blindly follow the trend to engage in packages.

  About package marketing, Gu Guoliang has a far-reaching view: package marketing seems to be a marketing campaign, behind In fact, it is the war of marketing upgrade. He will promote custom companies’ thinking about the extension of single category and multi-category, including the integration of industry thinking, and will further promote the true era of full house customization.

   Cold Thinking 3: Crossover, Winning Geometry?

  Customized home as the biggest outlet of the current home building industry, has aroused the attention of many cross-border squads . In 2018, this cross-border craze is still in progress, and every show can see some fresh faces. The whole industry is entering the custom home, is it hi? Is it worry? Cross-border, winning geometry?

  Branca Gu Guoliang from across the border believes that the essence of cross-border is the pan-home building materials industry Exploration of the future model of the industry. As an important strategic layout of Dawang Coconut Group’s pan-home eco-sphere, Bransha’s whole house customization deepens the pain points and blind spots in the industry, and with the unique advantages of solid wood, accelerates the channel layout to seize the market and win the terminal. At the forum, Gu Dong also elaborated on the overall strategic plan of Bransha from the four aspects of pain points, blind spots, highlights and hot spots.

   Several other guests agree that with market education, capital, channels, information level and other factors Mature, cross-border becomes easier, and the odds are big.

   Cold Thinking 4: Capital and Informatization, Are There Two Wings?

  The number of customized home listings has shown a blowout trend in recent years, with huge capital assistance and more resource tilt What are the strong looks in the future market competition? The transformation of information technology and the establishment of information systems are the biggest challenges facing the customized home industry.Heart companies are investing heavily in this area. Will informationization lead the new consumption changes in China’s customized home industry?

   Cool Keller, who focuses on helping companies build information platforms, believes that information technology is customized The industry has a very special status, basically like the people’s food, clothing and housing, it is a rigid demand of the industry. If capital and informatization are two wings, it is better to say that capital is the fuel of the aircraft engine, it can have a sustainable endurance, and the information is equivalent to the aircraft’s dial system. Cool Jiale has made a layout on the entire intelligent ecology to improve the efficiency of the entire information system of the enterprise.

   Cold Thinking 5: Is the Pearl River Delta the best area for custom development?

  The competition in the custom industry is getting hotter. Since the two military forces have to consider the strength of both sides, the location is one of the important considerations. Today’s shopping malls can not but think about the impact of geographical location on business development. So domestic well-known custom home listed companies, their geographical location can provide assistance in the industry competition? Is the Pearl River Delta the best area for custom development?

   The Pearl River Delta region, as the core area for the development of the whole house, was recognized by the guests. Regardless of the consumer market, industrial support, logistics and transportation, the Pearl River Delta region has unique advantages. However, with the industrial transfer and the nationwide expansion of the enterprise, more companies will go to the country and form multiple cores.

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What brand of faucet filter has faucet filter top ten brand ranking

The faucet is one of the most indispensable items in home life, with the most use in the kitchen and bathroom. Because there are so many impurities in the water, in order to make our quality of life better, many people have installed filters that can effectively remove impurities from the tap water. So what brand of faucet filter is there? Let’s take a look at the top ten brand rankings of the faucet filter.

faucet is in home life One of the most indispensable items, which is used most in the kitchen and bathroom. Because there are so many impurities in the water, in order to make our quality of life better, many people have installed filters that can effectively remove impurities from the tap water. So what brand of faucet filter is there? Let’s take a look at the smaller editorsTop Ten Brands for Tap Filters Rank it.

One, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – Philips

Philips has internationally leading water purification technology and stringent product manufacturing guidelines to produce many faucet filter products. Its filter material is imported coconut shell activated carbon, which has extremely strong filtering effect and is five times that of other common activated carbon. Secondly, the Philips filter is small and stylish, and the installation is very convenient.

Second, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – Angel

Angel is one of the earliest professional companies in drinking water equipment such as R&D and sales in China. Infiltration, whole process air sterilization filtration.

Three, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – Shanzhiquan

Shenzhiquan has been introducing internationally advanced water treatment technology. Its products include commercial water purifiers, faucet water purifiers, and ultrafiltration water purification. And so on. At the same time, it also has China’s leading production technology, which can produce various water purifiers and industrial water treatment membranes.

Four, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – spring Water

Spring Water has internationally advanced ultrafiltration membrane technology and production capabilities, and its products include Ultrafiltration core water purifier series, ultrafiltration core water purifier series and so on.

Five, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – Bolly

Bollywood has a rich production line, and its products include core water purifiers, core water purifiers, etc., and aerospace developed jointly with China Aerospace. The “core” filtration technology has promoted the innovation of China’s water purifier water purification technology.

Six, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – Ai丽丽

Ai Keli’s filter can be placed on the faucets of 4 different outlets, while still It is free to switch between tap water and pure water. It relies on ultrafiltration cartridges to achieve water purification.

Seven, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – An Star

Anzhixing entered the water purifier industry earlier. After more than ten years of hard work, it has insisted on using the military standard water purification brand. It is made of materials such as Shihan RO membrane and Dow RO membrane, and it can also automatically switch between tap water and pure water.

eight, faucet filter ten Big name ranking – Sparks

Sparks was established in 2014. Its principle is to turn impurities in water into harmless substances according to the redox reaction. Its filtered water can be directly consumed, and it can remove heavy metals, ammonia and so on.

Nine, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – 沁园水

Guanyuan Water’s filter is environmentally friendly and can retain the minerals needed by the human body in the water. It also removes the metal of the tap water. , microorganisms, etc.

Ten, faucet filter top ten brand rankings – beautiful

The US filter has two tubes, one for washing dishes and one for drinking. At the same time, the US filtration system uses a transparent panel perspective design. We can clearly understand the working status of the antibacterial water purifier. The design of the gooseneck faucet is very stable.

Edit Summary: The above is about what brand of faucet filter is and Top Ten Brands for Faucet FiltersThe relevant explanations of the rankings, I hope to help the majority of friends. . If you want to know more about the faucet filter, you can always pay attention to us, and the following articles will be more exciting.


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How many business opportunities are there to be shortened by shortening the furniture supply chain?

The traditional home industry is In the new consumer environment, it seems to be out of place. Companies are looking for new ways to shorten the distance with consumers. Shortening the supply chain has brought new opportunities to many companies. How do home furnishing companies “close” to consumers by shortening the supply chain? Get up? This article leads us to “decrypt”.

Shrinking the supply chain, many furniture companies have found hidden business opportunities.

China The furniture industry has long been in a period of savage growth that is in short supply, entering the era of fierce competition in the market. “Get consumers in the world”, in the business environment of rising costs, falling profits, and difficult industry, it is forcing the traditional home supply chain. Constantly upgraded to meet the needs of consumption upgrades. Furniture manufacturers and consumers are becoming more and more “close”.

Furniture companies are paying attention to supply chain issues

Modern management education defines the supply chain as “the supply chain is built around the core enterprise. Business flow, information flow, logistics, capital Flow control, from the procurement of raw materials to the production of intermediate products and final products, and finally to the consumers by the sales network, a supplier, manufacturer, distributor, retailer to the end user Functional network chain structure.” In the traditional furniture supply chain, the bad review from the manufacturer to the consumer, will always experience the basic process of “manufacturer – dealer – store – consumer.” In this process, the price of furniture continues to rise, and the final market price is 4-6 times the ex-factory price. However, after discounts such as shopping mall promotions, store promotions, factory group purchases, etc., the final transaction price is often only half or even lower. The net profit margin of furniture factories and dealers is around 10%-20%, and some are lower. A lot of cost is wasted in the middle of the supply chain of marketing, logistics, store rent, inventory and so on.

In In the consumer-led market environment, especially the rise of furniture e-commerce and custom furniture in recent years, it has shown that the traditional and complicated home supply chain has many problems. The consumption upgrade needs furniture that can quickly transform the consumption information into products and services. Supply chain, which means cutting a lot of intermediate links, so that furniture factories and consumers can directly face-to-face transactions. Shortening the supply chain, many furniture companies have found hidden business opportunities.

Go “near” each other’s furniture manufacturing Business and Consumer

Provide supply chain management to reduce costs, shrink product lead times, reduce turnaround inventory, shorten product lead times, and allow front-end consumers The flow of information quickly flows, realizes, opens up, optimizes the supply chain, cancels or replaces invalid or inefficient links, which is the direction of many large furniture companies. Specifically, in terms of external performance, the first is to open factory stores, such as the top 100, Qu Large furniture companies such as the United States have opened factory stores. For consumers, in the past, they bought furniture and went to the dealer store.Now you can go to the furniture company direct store, factory store, independent store, participate in the factory open day activities held by the company, get more affordable products and services at the “factory price”; second, online and offline channel integration, such as Lin’s Wood Industry of the e-commerce company has accelerated the layout of the offline experience store, implementing the same price online and offline, which means that consumers can go to the offline store to experience the products, scan the code on the Internet, and remove the large pieces. Furniture products are shipped home, and for enterprises, they can also save a lot of logistics and shopping guides through the distribution of physical stores across the region. Third, they are resident in the exhibition platform, integrating trade and exhibition, and the furniture of the famous furniture exhibition. The Expo Park is the product display store and sales shop of many factories.

Consumers are also getting closer to the “factory.” They are not only the choice of local furniture stores, they are more and more like to shop around online, looking for products at the furniture fair, DIY their own furniture under the custom furniture line. Home, and even many people fly to the furniture industry base to buy furniture. The rising middle class, the new generation of post-90s consumer groups, their ability to obtain information is very rich, and they have more and more ways to enter the furniture factory.

Large Data, computing, and the advent of the AI ​​era, allow manufacturers to get a lot of information about consumers buying furniture. These messages will help companies shorten the supply chain, and even consumers become an important part of the supply chain. Shortening the distance from consumers is a challenge for furniture companies and an opportunity to achieve rebirth.

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How to match the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the decoration of the house to show better results

As everyone knows, There are many aspects involved in house decoration, and there are many decoration materials involved, and aluminum doors and windows are the items that must be used, so how should aluminum alloy doors and windows be selected and home? What about the house? How do the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows be organically combined with the home environment, showing a better effect? For a lot of decoration Xiaobai, this is really difficult to master, but the house decoration is even more sloppy, what should I do? Let’s follow the small series to see how the house decoration doors and windows should be matched. There are four common rules.

First, I want to match the overall decoration style

When the home room environment is warm, the color matching of the aluminum alloy doors and windows can choose warmer colors, such as gold oak and yellow. Rosewood, yellow maple, red sandalwood, etc. When the living environment is cold, it should be chosen to be colder aluminum alloy doors and windows, such as snow ash, sand ash, fluorocarbon flash ash.

Second, match the color of the wall

In the perfect home space decoration, the color of aluminum alloy doors and windows should form a contrast with the wall color. This will not only give the home space a sense of hierarchy, but also give you a new sense of space.

Three, match the ground color

The color of the ground is the same as that of the aluminum alloy doors and windows. Try to maintain the same color (such as cold and warm). Of course, it is best not to be consistent. In order to prevent the ground from being confused with the wall surface and weakening the sense of space in the room, large or sunny rooms can choose darker colors, which can create a calmer atmosphere.

Four, match the color of the furniture

Aluminum alloy doors and windows should be as close as possible to the color of the furniture, which can highlight the level of the room Sense and coordination. If the aluminum alloy doors and windows are properly matched with the soft decoration of the furniture, it can also add charm to the furniture.

In general, aluminum alloy doors and windows and home collocation are very important in house decoration. Better results. Doors and windows top ten brands Aowei doors and windows focus on the production of high-grade aluminum alloy doors and windows, broken bridge casement window, sliding window, sliding door, heavy doors, sun room, tailored to your style Home environment to meet your personality pursuit.

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What are the bathroom equipment? How to choose sanitary ware?

The functionality of the current bathroom is also Particularly powerful, it can meet our daily washing problems. There is also the problem of our bathing. Everyone will go in and out many times every day. Therefore, the quality of sanitary equipment is not a small test. Some people don’t know much about bathroom equipment? Below is a small series of everyone and the decoration home website, understand bathroom equipment What are the products?

Which products are available in bathroom equipment

1. Bathtub: The bathtub is a plumbing fixture that can be used when we take a shower, which is especially comfortable. Usually installed in the bathroom, due to the comfort of the bathtub is very good, more and more families choose to install the bathtub. Round, oval, rectangular, triangular bathtub, etc.; divided into acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub and wooden bathtub.

2, basin: the basin is what we use when washing our face It is a place for everyone to wash, so the test of quality is not low. It can be said that it is a necessary sanitary ware in the bathroom. The basin is divided into basins, one-piece basins, etc. according to the style; the basins can be divided into ceramic basins, glass basins, stainless steel basins, artificial stone basins, etc. according to the material.

3,Shower room: It is the place we take a shower. Shower roomLeverage the corner of the room and let us enjoy it. The shower area is clearly divided by a fence, and the shower room is divided into a whole shower room and a simple shower room according to functions; the angled shower room according to the style, the square shape according to the shape of the chassis, and the structure according to the door structureSliding door, folding door, swing door shower room, etc.

Second, what are the skills for purchasing sanitary ware

1, glazed surface: the glazed surface is smooth and shiny, so the product is very good. The quality of the toilet should be smooth and smooth without blistering. The feeling is very good. The color is saturated. After checking the outer surface glaze, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it will cause blockage later.

2, weight: the toilet is generally the heavier the better, this is our common sense, the ordinary toilet weight is about 50 kg, can be used when using. Good toilet 100 kg or so. High-grade toilet Because the file is high in firing and reaches the level of all-ceramicization, it will feel heavy in your hands.

3. Quality: The quality of the firing is also our demand. The fired toilet has low water absorption and is not suitable for our use. It is not easy to inhale sewage and produce odor. The middle and low-grade toilets have a high water absorption rate, are prone to odor and are difficult to clean. Over time, cracking and water leakage may occur.

When we choose, we consider many aspects of us The use of features, we have to choose our big brand of products. Our quality is very secure, and it is also good for after-sales maintenance. Can satisfy our customers. If you still want to continue with more renovation information, please continue to pay attention to our website. Our website will keep updating the information.

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Is the semi-open kitchen good? Expanding the visual space, the semi-open kitchen is a veteran.

The kitchen is a place to cook food, you can live in a home Important position. Especially for those who like food, they will pay more attention to the kitchen layout. The popular semi-open kitchen in recent years has become the first choice for many young people to decorate new homes. So what is the difference between a half-open kitchen and a traditional full-open kitchen? Let’s take a look at this article.

Is a semi-open kitchen good


First let us take a look at the half-open kitchen What is it like? The semi-open kitchen is a way to connect the kitchen to the dining room, which makes the space bright and has an infinite extension. The semi-open kitchen uses a glass partition and a transparent door to isolate the kitchen from other spaces. It also allows you to see everything outside through the glass and communicate with the outside world. Moreover, the glass door can increase the brightness of the room through the reflective effect, and can also expand the visual sense of space, which can be described as three-fold. The semi-open kitchen also gives a fresh, natural beauty inside. Its design breaks the traditional kitchen design, and he combines fashion and use.

Compared to a fully open kitchen,open kitchen design are countless: A, increase the sense of space. The open type, without partitions in the middle, the kitchen has become a “hall”, which immediately appears spacious and bright, more modern and stylish; B, preparation, dining, tableware cleaning in the same space, no long distance transmission, greatly Improve work efficiency; C, kitchen and meal space can be integrated, so that housewives can communicate with family members or visiting people while cooking, so that not only can our housewife feel happy, but also enable us to visit guests. There is a sense of belonging. D, semi-open kitchen fully combines the advantages of open kitchen and traditional kitchen, it can effectively solve the problem of kitchen soot, but also as simple and stylish as open kitchen.

In fact, the semi-open kitchen layout can not only Making the house look bigger can also increase the emotional communication between family members. Usually the semi-open kitchen will be separated from other spaces by glass partitions, transparent doors and bar partitions. At the same time, the inside of the kitchen can clearly see the inside and expand the space view, which is both beautiful and fashionable. Compared with the traditional kitchen, the semi-open kitchen is more life-oriented, not only can exchange interaction, but also the layout design is more diverse. Some people who are pursuing fashion also like to use the bar as a partition to make the whole space more modern. For small units, the bar can also serve as a dining table to increase space utilization. The semi-open kitchen retains its original independence, and if it is not partitioned, it becomes part of the living room, making the living room, dining room and kitchen look more beautiful and expanding the visual space.

Second, and the difference between a fully open kitchen

The average ordinary Chinese family mostly likes the fire Burning, the taste is heavy, and sometimes the dish with peppers is sure to get the taste of the dish. But the kitchen door is all behind the door, and the living room is undisturbed. A cooking house will definitely be full of food, because the hood is impossible to suck all the way.Part of the soot, so the open kitchen family have to buy a powerful, strong suction range hood, and no smoke cooker, and can not be often fried, can not be fried for a long time. So compared to a fully open kitchen, the half-open kitchen allows you to be less eroded by the fumes.

Half kitchen and fully open kitchen in renovation The design style is also quite different. The whole of the semi-open kitchen can be integrated with the family design style, forming a sense of harmony with the furniture and walls in the living room, while the enclosed kitchen cuts off the decoration of the whole home. Therefore, the semi-open kitchen is more comfortable in the decoration style than the closed kitchen. But open kitchens also have many advantages, such as being spacious and bright, with a full cabinet and a bright cabinet door panel. It is connected with the living room, so when you have a small gathering, you can chat while cooking. There are fewer doors and passages in the home, which adds to the sense of space. The kitchen has become an important part of the home, and the occupants are also keen to clean it more cleanly.

The kitchen is the place where the food is born, so choose The style of the kitchen is really important. The semi-open kitchen is popular among consumers because it can increase the sense of space and brightness of the house and enhance the emotional communication between family members. Compared with the full-open kitchen, the semi-open type can reduce the spread of kitchen fumes and integrate with the decoration style of the home as much as possible. Therefore, in modern society, choosing a half-open kitchen is really a good choice.


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What is the market position of the “special brick” that has been neglected?

The big companies on the market serve the most profitable customers, one by one from new companies The low-end market, which is not visible, started and grew up step by step. Since 2015, along with the collapse and bankruptcy of the ceramic industry, special bricks have sprung up overnight, spreading in many ceramic trading markets such as Huaxia Ceramics City, Yimeijia Ceramic Sanitary Ware World, and Shagang Ceramics Wholesale Market.

Now, with the increasing competition in the ceramics industry, special bricks can be said Growing up in the cracks stimulates and inspires more people to join the market. In the past year, what was the special brick market? Does it still continue the myth of “a million dollars a day” two years ago? In the past few years, what kind of market transformation has been made in the special brick market? What is the outlook for 2018 and where will the future go? Take a look at this article~

On the “thief boat”

Just after the Lantern Festival in 2018, Yang Bo immediately plunged into intense work. At the entrance of the office, there were scattered debris left behind by the firecrackers, indicating that the battle had started. When he was too late to greet him, he organized a meeting of colleagues to deploy the specific work to be completed that day.

“Today’s meeting, there are two main things. First, all Colleagues follow the same method and steps to call back to the customer. Second, open the XX Ceramic WeChat public number, download the marble tile series product information and pictures, one does not leak!” After finishing the work, Yang Bo phone rang, he side Answer the phone and pick up another phone and quickly reply to the other party’s information.

This kind of work status is quite normal for Yang Bo. He has been in the industry for a long time. He previously worked in a ceramic tile brand. In 2016, a ceramic raw material supplier friend was owed by the manufacturer, and millions of purchases were difficult to recover. On the occasion of being guilty, Yang Bo offered to help his friends to deal with it, because the price was too cheap and the quality was too good. These backlogs, which were considered by friends to be “hot potato”, were quickly changed. Yang Bo, who tasted the sweetness, simply quit his job and pulled up a few like-minded insiders, and together they set off special bricks.

After two years of development, according to Yang Bo, thrown away everywhere The special brick exhibition hall is only a special brick sales team composed of three or five people. It is conservatively estimated that there are no less than five hundred, but these large and small teams are hidden in the inconspicuous office building, which is difficult to find.

Yang Bo always felt that he was on the “thief ship.” He has the same feelings, and Li Ying.

Before 2016, Li Ying operated a ceramic glaze company,” Selling bricks has never been its main business. However, the collapse of a ceramic enterprise in Qingyuan changed all of this. Li Yingjin’s 3.5 million yuan has not been recovered. In order to quickly withdraw funds, he can only accept the other party’s bricks.

Millions of products are in the hands, Li Ying had to find a way to build The sales network digested. For this reason, in the same year, he took a booth of more than 400 squares in Porcelain Sea International, and went up and down on two floors, while continuing to make ceramic glaze and selling bricks.

Because of the cheap price, in the low-end market, special bricks are very popular. In addition to rushing bricks, Li Ying will also take over the backlog of some manufacturers to deal with, “such as manufacturers backlog of 100,000 boxes of goods, I can help him all digestion, manufacturers can not let these products rotten in the warehouse, the product is not old Some of them are still of good quality.” During the peak period, Li Ying had sales of more than 4 million yuan a month.

In the same period as Li Ying entered the special brick market, and Su Chang. In November 2016, Su Chang and a fewTogether with the partners, they won a showroom of more than 300 squares near Taonan Road. The lower floor is used to display products and the upper floor is used for office.

According to his memories, the overall brick market has developed rapidly and is easier. Get started and have low risk. Although it missed the most insane period of special brick sales, everything is still in the normal trajectory. Its annual sales in 2017 reached 30 million, and the monthly sales during the peak period were between 3 million and 4 million.

Su Chang said frankly, the current special brick market and the first two years of gold The period is unparalleled. It is reported that before and after 2015, the daily sales of special brick companies that have done well are over 10 million, and the best of them – Xingjiang’s monthly sales can easily reach 30 million. Although it is impossible to verify with the other party, it may be a glimpse of the madness of the special brick market. As a result, the supervision department of the Foshan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce raided the Taonan Road of Huaxia Ceramics City, demanding that the special brick merchants’ exhibition hall image display and propaganda copy should not appear “special price”, and said that the offender will be fined.

Today, Taonan Road special street, no “special offer” Words, more, are “XX brand ceramic tile wholesale center”, “XX ceramics famous product exchange”, “XX ceramics summary” … everywhere you can see the “super low-cost sales brand name factory brick” propaganda slogan.

In Su Chang’s opinion, the word “special price” is numerous for Huaxia Ceramics City. Brand companies have caused a certain degree of influence and disrupted the market order. “It is not unreasonable for the government regulatory authorities to do so. Otherwise, Huaxia Ceramics City has passively posted the label of ‘special offer’.” Span>

Price is transparent, profits are bottoming out

The difference between the former and the stable operation mode is that the Guotao Famous Porcelain Collection located in Taonan Road, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City has been in operation since 2015 and expanded to three stores in just one year, all located at Huaxia Ceramics Expo. According to the person in charge of the city, Liang Rongjian, he included some special brick shops in the surrounding area. He was operating in the Shagang ceramics wholesale market in the early days. Later, due to the concentrated brand of Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, the supply was abundant and the company moved to this place.

After more than two years of operation, currently only two exhibition halls of a ceramic enterprise The area is 3,200 square meters. It is conservatively estimated that its sales will reach 180 million in 2016. The sales in 2017 will grow steadily and the sales will exceed 200 million. During the peak period, monthly sales exceeded 30 million.

But compared to the previous two years, in 2017, Liang Rongjian’s biggest feeling is the source of supply. Although the channel is much richer than the original, but with the growing number of special bricks, the price of the product has been very transparent, and the profit has gradually bottomed out. At the same time, in 2017, all production areas strictly adhere to environmental protection. Under the violent impact of the environmental protection storm, the normal production of some manufacturers was affected, and the survival suffered a severe test. “If the supply is affected due to environmental problems, or the manufacturers are not benign Operating, it increases the risk of cooperation.”

The same feeling, also There is Yang Bo.

He admits that the 2017 opening year is very different from the feelings of the same period last year. It has been deserted a lot. The special bricks have not been done well in the previous two years. In this market, such as Xingjiang and Yuxuan, they are far ahead, and they are getting bigger and bigger, but they have also withdrawn from the market. In the past year, from the outside world, Yang Bo’s company management is still acceptable, and 100 million business targets have been completed 60%, but only he understands in his own heart, how much business pressure.

As time goes by, Yang Bo clearly feels the profitability of special bricks. Start to lower. “The amount of special bricks is no problem. We have a team sales of 3 million a month, but the profit is very thin. In the past, we fixed cooperation with several factories. The unit price advantage is very obvious, but now there is no money to make, no matter what Manufacturers are still us, they are very passive.”

In addition, due to the extremely low barriers to entry in the special brick market, the industry is uneven, and there are even some unsatisfactory Merchants disrupt the market. Liang Rongjian said that in the past two years, there have been a number of special brick brands shoddy, replacing the first-class products with the packaging of superior products, stealing the column, although the current earned fast money, but also equivalent to losing a customer.

Crazy “Derivative Mode”

” 800 polished glazed bricks, Foshan Xiqiao delivery! Single large quantity!”

“Today’s main push, the price is super low and super discount. 800 diamond crystal marble, excellent products, large color number, large quantity, suitable for the construction site.”

“100,000 pieces of 600 white cloth are on the line, can be sent to the package, Nanzhuang pick up the goods, can be trusted, can be taxed, can produce white bags, export, pressure warehouse, speed electricity.”

These promotional terms, which only the industry can understand, are special brick sales. An important way to promote. Yang Bo is also currently training several newly recruited salesmen on how to edit and promote terminology, what to say first, what to say later, and what format.

This seemingly simple job, in Yang Bo’s mouth, became An instruction that must be implemented in accordance with standardization. Under normal circumstances, a salesperson who makes special bricks, the daily WeChat circle of friends pushes more than a dozen, which can be compared with Weishang. At the same time, this information needs to be sent in groups of 200 people. According to Yang Bo’s experience, at least 2 of the 200 people will come to inquire and reach a cooperation. If the customer asks about the product color or price, Yang Bo has also set a set of standards for the salesperson to quickly respond to the customer’s effective information and try to seize the customer as soon as possible.

It may be for most people to promote this “micro-business” The method is too simple and rude, but for the special brick sales team, it is the most direct and effective way to promote, and no cost. In addition to directly reaching cooperation, it can also absorb powder and accumulate a large number of human resources. For the sale of special bricks, the most important thing is resources and contacts.

Today, Yang Bo personally registered two micro-signals, an average of WeChat In addition to the number of friends more than three thousand, in addition, he also added dozens of large and small circle groups, sending promotional information from time to time. This seemingly ordinary move is an important part of Yang Bo’s daily work.

In addition to WeChat, telemarketing is nothing more than an important marketing Ways, special brick sales are rarely on business trips, they communicate with the outside world, in addition to WeChat, is the phone.

Yang Bo’s sales Xiaohe said that it’s the biggest feeling of special brick sales. It is to be diligent. In the early stage, I contacted the customer on my own initiative, and fixed the call greetings every day. In the later period, Xiao He’s phone never stopped. “Receiving the phone is part of the daily work. Sometimes I go to work from morning to work, the phone does not stop, and there is no time for rest at noon. At that time, the whole person’s state is holding the phone ear and worrying.” But Xiao He also Clearly, there are many calls, which means that the supply is large and there is business to do.

often the most primitive and stupid way to train people . Xiao He’s growth rate is also remarkable. Shortly after he joined the company, he began to bring new people and become group representatives. When he did well, he earned more than 40,000 a month.

in brand manufacturers and private throwing factories

Strong Survival in “Cracks”

In the opinion of many respondents, the 2018 special brick market is still not clear, Yang Bo’s plan is, and The manufacturer maintains cooperation for engineering customization. “The products we choose are either the latest, not found in the market, and have a price advantage at the same time; either the most ‘old’ and the lowest price.” In fact, he wants to try to find a fierce market competition. “Differentiated” products.

At the same time, Liang Rongjian also said that the business philosophy of the big three yuan has always been ” People have no me, people have me, people are good and I am honest. In any case, they must reflect their own advantages. In 2018, Liang Rongjian prepared to cooperate with manufacturers in the form of shareholding manufacturers to ensure the quality of goods and products.

The industry insiders said that the special bricks have always been in the brand manufacturers and privately The factory’s “sandwich” survives, and its vitality is strong. Although it is not as crazy as the previous two years, the special brick market will continue.

Yang Bo said that the special brick market has already passed the era of huge profits, and gradually Return to reason. However, it is still an eternal topic in the ceramic industry. As long as the products of the manufacturers are updated, there will always be slow-moving products, first-class products, and eliminated products. It is also necessary to have such a digestive system to help them digest.

“It’s going to be better, but it’s getting better, but there are people I don’t know how to do it, because the ‘special brick’ sounds low-end, and there are more connections, resources, and cash. When the capital can’t keep up, it will be difficult.”

The above views have also been recognized by Liang Rongjian. For the 2018 special brick market, he expressed confidence. Up to now, Dasanyuan has cultivated a professional sales team, and the team is still expanding, broadly developing the terminal market and sales outlets, and has cultivated its own brand. In his view, since the special brick exists, there is Its rationality, the future test is the team, resources and comprehensive services.


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“Blooming Flowers” Blinds, Japan / nendo

There are many ways to regulate privacy through window light. . Horizontal switch curtains, rolled up curtains, and convertible angled blinds controlled by sticks or ropes. This project explores a new way of exercising, gently covering windows, challenging the general perception of “blocking” windows. The louvers in the project take advantage of the transition between open and closed states as a design opportunity and respond to people’s movements and light intensity. The petal pattern on the blinds moves like a blooming flower.

▼ fully open Shutters

▼ “Petal Bloom” means blinds closed

The mechanism consists of two layers of high-quality light-shielding film, which is also applied to the camera shutter, sandwiched by a layer of shape memory alloy. When energized, the shape memory alloy generates electrical resistance and generates heat, pushing the film outward to define the shape of the flower. Depending on the sensor and the settings chosen, there are several situations in which the “flower” can be moved. For example, when the sun becomes stronger or the temperature inside the room rises, the flowers automatically open to block bright light and maintain a comfortable room temperature. This can also be used in the conference room, the shutters will be closed to keep the meeting private, or when people are approaching, the blinds will open and let them see inside.

▼ Louver Respond to people’s movements

▼ blinds show different closed states according to different lighting conditions

In the summer, trees will stretch the leaves to better block the strong sunlight; in winter, when the light is weak, the trees will lose the leaves. The role and feel of the design is similar.

▼Design A bionic idea, when the sun is strong, the blinds stretch like branches of trees

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