Cross-border companies are pouring into the custom furniture industry

We have seen that more and more cross-border companies are pouring into the custom furniture industry, but there are very few successful ones. Although the industry is analyzing and the market is characteristic, third-party consulting companies have repeatedly voiced in the industry, but cross-border enterprises are very Less real understanding of the industry’s operating characteristics. Today we try to deeply analyze the experience characteristics and business status of the customized furniture industry through 10 sentences, and hope to inspire our industry operators. Since the development of the custom furniture industry, the market is unpredictable, consumer demand is changing with each passing day, and industry competition is rising. The industry changes caused by this are also one after another. Under this, custom furniture companies can only grasp the opportunity and realize the development goals of the enterprise only by recognizing the development situation of the industry.

01 Low barrier to entry, high barriers to business

On the surface, the custom furniture industry is investing in some equipment, and several industry experts can start operations. Therefore, the national small workshops, cross-border brands have sprung up, the small factory can start projects hundreds of thousands, large groups of tens of millions or even billions of dollars in the custom furniture industry. Three years later, I have gone through countless detours, wasting a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources. I found that the industry is too deep, and the company’s operating conditions are still “not found in the North” and have fallen into a long-term unprofitable state. Customized furniture industry low entry barrier: equipment, plant, software and other factors of heavy capital investment, is no longer the core of business operations, these are all possible to spend money. However, the company’s product system, technical talents, terminal operations, process management, software information construction, supply chain systems, etc., are all highly specialized technical activities, which are often decisive for the development of enterprises.

02 High gross profit, low net profit

In the past ten years, China’s labor cost has increased by 2.7 times, private enterprise financing costs have exceeded bank benchmark interest rate by more than 2 times, and logistics costs are developed. The country is twice as large, regardless of labor, raw materials or business operating costs. Therefore, the cost issue has become a problem that many small and medium-sized enterprises are bothered. Along with the intensification of industry competition in 2017-2018, under the influence of the “price surge” and the industry reshuffle trend, corporate profits have been cut again, even thinner than the blade! The custom furniture industry has a long process and a high degree of professionalism. From the order measurement, design, production, logistics, arrival, installation and after-sales work, an order requires more than a dozen processes, and the participation of 2-4 people makes it predictable. 40% of gross profit, and finally got less than 10% of the net profit. If you have a post-sale problem, rework is a loss. The custom furniture industry is by no means a legend in the profiteering industry.

03 “Original” from Europe

Without technological innovation, there is no rise of furniture companies. Chinese furniture companies have long been immersed in low-cost competition, small profits but quick turnover. In an industry atmosphere; many companies do not want to spend huge sums of money, manpower and material resources to innovate, nor dare to innovate, or even innovate as “copying new”, leading to serious homogenization of industry products, resulting in lack of innovation in the Chinese furniture industry, long-term stay in low At the level of manufacturing, international influence has stagnated. Nowadays, the competition in the furniture industry is intensifying. Innovation is the inevitable return of the survival of enterprises. To improve the competitiveness of furniture enterprises, enterprises need to face the importance of innovation first. Secondly, they are willing to invest, establish the goal of long-term development of enterprises, and prevent plagiarism. Form a good innovation competition model in the industry. Our custom furniture companies, and even the entire furniture company, go to Europe all the year round, go to Milan to participate in various world-class exhibitions, return to the domestically unmodified “according to the gourd painting”, swallow the European products and become “China” Design” and “Made in China”.

04 Production determines sales, the background determines the front desk

The custom home industry has the saying that “production determines sales, the background determines the foreground”, and there is no good internal production supply system. Directly causing the terminal to load slowly, the order is slow, so the production cycle is long, the custom product is wrong, the shipment is not shipped, the delay is single, and it is not uncommon. It will directly lead to dissatisfaction of the terminal, and the customer complains greatly. Whether front-end marketing can be exerted is often subject to production delivery, internal back-office operation system, strong manufacturing system and background control system, which are the basic conditions for the rapid expansion of customized furniture enterprises.

05 Custom furniture “fast is slow, slow is fast”

The so-called fast and slow theory is essentially enough attention to the background, in the early days of the project, it is devoted to research Products, software docking system, production system, order process, terminal mode innovation, etc., enter the second half of the competition era, if you still “slap the head” and “take it for granted” to come to the project, it is bound to die very badly! Cross-border into the custom home brand With strong strength, we often face today’s customized market based on past successful experiences. We believe that large-scale investment in regional markets, rapid construction of large stores, construction of multiple stores, and tree models can quickly break through the regional market. Behind the rapid expansion must be supported by a strong system. Customized home production, technology, software and marketing are very complex “system engineering”, all of which are professional and can’t be done overnight. There is no industry precipitation of 2-3 years. And the support of the basic system is unable to expand steadily. The “fast and slow theory” belongs to the characteristics of the custom industry, which is also an important reason for many cross-border brands to enter the custom industry. Only by grasping this characteristic can we truly achieve the “fast” in the target, preferring the “slow” in the early stage and the “fast” in the later stage.

06 “Three big mountains” and “four highs and four lows”

In recent years, furniture companies have generally encountered “three big mountains”, that is, “market icebergs, financing High mountains, transformed volcanoes.” The market is getting colder and colder, financing is getting harder and harder, and transformation means finding death, not waiting to die. In the development and growth of enterprises, furniture enterprises also face the problem of “four highs and four lows”: high labor costs, high financing costs, taxes and fees.High burden and high institutional transaction costs; low product quality, low technical standards, low brand recognition, and low corporate integrity have severely restricted the competitiveness of China’s furniture industry.

07 Is there a chance for the price war to start?

From the perspective of the custom furniture industry itself, the possibility of a deep price war is unlikely. From the perspective of competition, the custom furniture industry has formed a preliminary industry stratification. The structure dominated by private enterprises also makes the business strategy relatively rational. The industry is in a high-speed growth stage and the supply and demand are balanced. From the product perspective, the non-standardization degree of customized furniture is more High, the front-end design, back-end installation and maintenance, etc. are very demanding, and the products are not in stock according to the order; from the brand point of view, the consumer brand awareness is increasing and the price sensitivity is decreasing, the European-style home cabinets, Sophia wardrobe All have laid a strong brand positioning. From the above aspects, the possibility of a deep price war in the custom furniture industry is not large, and the possibility of a partial price war with the purpose of “drainage” is relatively large. In addition, the customized furniture industry has a long service process, many participants, and high service costs. This leads to a relatively good profit for the company or the store to support its services.

08 Customized furniture second half competition performance

Customized furniture second half competition characteristics:

1,8 main board listed companies, capital market intervention, fast Raising the operating threshold of the industry, whether it is the level of business management or the integration of resources, is a new situation.

2, traditional business thinking, solidified thinking, grassroots entrepreneurship has “can not find the North”;

3, the national customization, the national cross-border is still staged, if not Respect the law of industry development, follow the traditional business model, the ending must be very miserable;

4, the price war starts, the concentration of the head brand is increased, the service radius of the branch (factory) is reduced, the resources are relatively focused, the area Sex brands are facing huge challenges.

5, M&A, restructuring, O2O, self-assembly + whole house customization, become the new normal.
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Buy children’s paint to see these points and prevent them from entering the pit.

In recent years, a large number of products with environmental protection flags have emerged in the market, such as “zero pollution” children’s paints launched by many merchants. In this regard, the industry has publicly stated: “The so-called children’s paint is simply a nameless, this is also a gimmick, there is a concept of hype, is the concept of the seller’s own, not worth the consumer to buy at a high price.” So, children’s paint is good or not We still need to judge ourselves. So, how do you choose environmentally friendly children’s paints? This is for everyone.
I: Index method

In the purchase of coatings, first of all, to check various technical indicators, such as formaldehyde, VOC and other harmful substances in the test report, this is an indicator of environmental health and health of coatings. The lower the corresponding index, the less pollutants are, and the more environmentally friendly. Generally, the coating VOC should not exceed 200g/L, and the high-grade coating VOC should not exceed 30g/L. The lower the VOC, the better. In addition, regular paints must have a 10-ring certification mark, which is another basis for distinguishing whether the paint is environmentally friendly.

Two: smell odor

No odor, that is, pure taste, generally well-known children’s paint brands will use the pure taste technology to achieve pure odorless effect, and more It is a full-featured function and a full range of pure colors. The inferior decoration paint will open up the paint can, which will give off an unpleasant smell or other unidentified smell. This aspect is relatively well discerned.

Three: anti-fouling and easy to scrub

Generally speaking, the latex paints on the market are all smotherable as long as they are produced by regular manufacturers and comply with national standards. Features, but its scrub resistance depends on the number of times the paint can be scrubbed. In general, the greater the density of the paint film, the better the scrub resistance effect, while the general good wall paint, the number of scrub resistance is basically hundreds of times, and the high quality children’s paint is higher.

4:Comparative method

Compared with the comparison, visit the manufacturer’s website to check the authenticity of the product, and confirm that the registered trademark, product name and production site are exactly the same as the manufacturer’s information. Do not blindly think that imported paints must be good. Domestic paints and imported paints are actually similar in formula, but the raw materials are imported or domestically produced, and some additives will add specific effects. The paint of imported brands generally has high performance, high titanium dioxide, high emulsion content, of course, the price is relatively expensive, and there is no big problem in the north. However, it cannot be used in the south, the humidity in the south is relatively heavy, and there is a resurgence day. It is easy to accumulate water drops. Domestic lacquer is more suitable for the Chinese market. From low-end to high-grade, there are various grades of products, and there are more choices. However, the brands on the market are too complicated, so we must pay attention to comparison and make selection.

With people’s deep understanding of the pollution hazards of home improvement, more and more consumers are eager for environmentally friendly and non-toxic home improvement materials! Although there are children’s paints on the market, home thinks This is just a concept. The real environmentally friendly and healthy paint still requires consumers to open their eyes to screen.
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The era of full decoration, the sanitary market is becoming a trend

With the advancement of society and the improvement of consumption levels, the fully renovated rooms have gradually become residential The general trend of industrial development. Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places have issued relevant regulations on the full renovation of the property market.

The relevant departments said that within three to five years, the national real estate market will eliminate rough houses, and Beijing has taken the first step, stipulating that commercial housing must be renovated finished houses; Shanghai also announced that it will be 2 Cancel the rough house within 3 years. At present, the relevant departments are working on the implementation of the standards and rules for the implementation of fully renovated houses.

Commodity room decoration is an international practice, China The government is pushing hard to promote fully renovated homes, not only for international standards, but also for sustainable development, energy conservation and environmental protection. Then, in the era of full decoration, what impact does it have on the sanitary ware market? It is not difficult to find out from the Shanghai kitchen and bathroom exhibition that just ended, the overall bathroom shines, and the sanitary ware industry is developing in the direction of the whole and the whole assembly.

The whole bathroom becomes the mainstream market

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic level and the strengthening of overall awareness, the whole The bathroom has won the favor of the market, and the integrated bathroom customization has also given the market more choices and space, which has become the future development direction of the industry.

whether it’s a bathroom or a kitchen, or a balcony In other areas, as long as it involves products such as bathroom hardware, it is fully integrated, making home integration more benchmarking. The whole installation does not make the design pattern fixed. On the contrary, it can also be diversified, so that the design can reflect the value of the product, rather than being limited to a certain category of products, so as to be closer to the market.

More emphasis on bathroom product design

With the deepening of global integration, the deepening of various cultural elements In the fusion, consumers are increasingly demanding the appearance and texture of sanitary ware products. They have a modern and fashionable sense, and sanitary ware products that can lead the way of life are widely welcomed by the market. To this end, sanitary ware manufacturers have increased their investment in product design, and have extensive cooperation with well-known designers to continuously introduce new products and guide global sanitary ware products to pay more attention to product design.

Wholesale bathroom, its dominance in design Only the design can make the various material elements of the decoration more harmonious and more reasonable. At the same time, the whole assembly is in the scope of standardized operation. Through the installation, the operation efficiency of the home improvement material supply chain can be improved, which not only reduces the procurement cost, but also reduces the logistics storage cost, and also satisfies the “one-stop shopping” home decoration demand of consumers. .

Products tend to be energy efficient

From this year’s kitchen and bathroom show, the overall bathroom launched by major brands The style is more oriented to the theme of simplicity, greenness and environmental protection, which is in stark contrast to the styles of luxury and classics in the past few years.

In recent years, governments and businesses have become more and more It is widely recognized that energy shortages and environmental pollution will seriously affect and constrain social and economic development. The concept of promoting energy conservation and environmental protection, optimizing resource allocation, and achieving sustainable economic development has also been widely accepted and accepted. At the same time, with the improvement of living standards, consumers pay more attention to health and comfort, emphasizing green ringIn addition to the demand for product quality and function, green energy-saving and environmentally friendly products are more favored by consumers. Therefore, sanitary ware manufacturers adapt to the trend of development, improve production methods, and use new materials, new technologies, new processes to improve products has become an inevitable choice.


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Custom cabinets to save money Raiders have these 3 enough

Attentive consumers will find that the fees charged by different manufacturers are different. Some manufacturers in the quotation, in addition to the basin, equipment and other equipment to be equipped by the consumer, but also contains all other processes, even the slides used in the basket, cabinet handles and hardware hinges are also included. Some manufacturers only report the basic quotation of the cabinet. If you want to make another drawer, or install the basin by the manufacturer, you will be charged separately. Therefore, you must ask the standard of the charges before you make a reservation. Don’t choose the price of the “surface”. You must also ask if there are additional charges, so as not to cause trouble later.

Speaking of custom cabinets, many friends will consider the price issue, in fact, custom Cabinet doesn’t have to use a lot of money. Want to save money? You can’t miss the custom cabinet save money for you.

Customize the cabinet to save money

1, the most critical use of materials

According to industry insiders, the entire cost 60% is the cost of cabinets, and the quality of the board is the key to the quality of the whole cabinet. At present, the price of the base cabinet and the hanging cabinet is about 900 yuan to 1,800 yuan per meter, and the high price is 3,000 yuan to 4,200 yuan, plus stickers. The difference in surface materials, the overall difference can reach 30% to 40%. Now on the market, the price is 1,500 yuan / extended meter Right, high-quality cabinets are around 2,500 yuan / extension meter, and the price of cabinets made of solid wood materials is about 3,600 yuan / extension meter. If you use materials other than conventional materials, the price will increase.

2, see details in high and low

Unexplained nuances On the other hand, the price of the cabinet factory is advanced or not, which reflects the cost of the product to a certain extent. Take the edge seal that best reflects the quality of the cabinet, if you use the imported automatic edge banding machine and use If the high temperature glue is above 200 degrees Celsius, the edge banding is very firm. However, if there is no edge banding machine and the glue is used immediately, only the iron is ironed, and the sealing time of the cabinet will fall off automatically after a long time.

3, there is something in the quotation sheet

Attentive consumers must It will be found that the fees charged by different manufacturers are different. Some manufacturers in the quotation, in addition to the basin, equipment and other equipment to be equipped by the consumer, but also contains all other processes, even the slides used in the basket, cabinet handles and hardware hinges are also included. Some manufacturers only report the basic quotation of the cabinet. If you want to make another drawer, or install the basin by the manufacturer, you will be charged separately. Therefore, you must ask the standard of the charges before you make a reservation. Don’t choose the price of the “surface”. You must also ask if there are additional charges, so as not to cause trouble later.


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Smart toilets are easy to use when you buy them home.

But the smart toilet is a household wading appliance whose product structure is more complicated than the average household appliance. While giving us a quality of life, we also need our usual careful maintenance.

When we start to focus on the environment at home and gradually turn to health, hygiene and comfort, we are able to arrange quality life. For example, change one to your home smart toilet, the ultimate in toilets can significantly improve the quality of our lives.

But smarttoiletas a household wading appliance, its products The structure is more complicated than ordinary household appliances. While it brings us a quality of life, we also need our usual careful maintenance.

Power off

This is the first and most important step in maintenance. Intelligent toilets are electrical products, so be sure to cut off the power before cleaning, so as to avoid electrical safety accidents.

Do not wash with water

Smart toilets need to keep the bathroom dry and ventilated during daily use. It is strictly forbidden to rinse or spray directly with water. Otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the electrical components of the product, and it will be very troublesome to repair.

Clean cover

The seat cover of the smart toilet is equipped with a damping descent function to prevent the sound from being too loud when the cover is lowered, which affects rest. Therefore, after the toilet is used, the cover will be slowly closed with a gentle push, and if the force is too strong, it will easily affect the function and life of the toilet cover.

Cleaning the toilet

The toilet ceramic body is recommended to be descaled and cleaned every half month. Use a proper amount of toilet to pour into the toilet water seal (water trap) for about 15 minutes, then rinse with the toilet brush.


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How to choose the color of the curtain? Just remember 4 sentences is enough!

1, white gauze curtain is a more versatile choice;

2. Solid color curtains are easier to match than patterns and patterns;

3, the color of the curtain can be the main color or auxiliary color of the space;

4, you can consider the shape of the window.

If you can understand the above four sentences, you can read this article carefully. In the next part, we use pictures to illustrate the principles of these points.

Before speaking a wild choice, it can be applied to most styles. Most home colors match, no matter what color furniture is bought, what color wall is used, basically, white gauze curtain can be applied.

▲ White gauze curtain is used for modern style, Nordic style is a standard, basically no brains

▲ White gauze and wood color series are also very good

Then another rule is that solid color is easier to set up, and there are patterns or dark lines that are more difficult to control.

▲ For example, this curtain is more expensive

▲ This curtain has a light pattern

▲ Solid color curtains have no other colors and Pattern interference is easier to match

▲ For example, in the living room, you can follow the color of the sofa, the sofa is the main furniture of the living room, so If you increase the proportion of the main color, the primary and secondary are more distinct!

▲ Bedding is the main color of the bedroom, the curtains The color is the same color as the bedding and bed, plus the bedside painting

▲ In one case, curtains, single chairs, and coffee tables have the same color as the space embellishment

▲ Yellow and gray spelling Color curtains, paintings, flowers, pillows, lamps, carpets, etc. in soft clothing also use these two colors to match, will not make the color too single

▲ Blue and yellow colorblock curtains, corresponding to single chair and wall, yellow only with a small part, proportional coordination

▲ In addition to the left and right color matching, the upper and lower color matching is also a choice

▲ For example, American-style, European-style curtains can be matched with window sills, the overall effect will be more beautiful

▲ Window sills can also block Roman rods, slides and other components, and can also be used with tassels, etc., but the price of curtains will rise compared to the average style

▲ In addition to the usual curtains, there are other types of curtains such as venetian blinds, organ curtains, etc., which are many in Taiwan’s design cases!

▲ Some styles can even choose straw curtains


1, white gauze curtain is a more versatile choice;

2, solid color curtains are easier to match than patterns and patterns;

3, the color of the curtain can be the main color or auxiliary color of the space;

4, you can consider the shape of the window;

5. In addition to curtain curtains, you can also consider curtains of other materials such as venetian blinds and straw curtains.

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What to pay attention to in summer tile paving

If you want to create a comfortable home in the summer, tile paving needs What issues are you paying attention to? According to the climatic characteristics of the summer period, let us talk about the issues that should be paid attention to when laying tiles in this period. Summer tile paving tips, get up quickly!

There are many natural things in the world, such as sunshine and cats, such as air conditioners and quilts, such as tiles and home, or maybe, watermelon and your summer; Oufulai ceramic, let the home have more life. Let’s feel together Summer wind, the most practical inspiration for summer…

Summer, has not been considered a good season for decoration, because the summer is hot and dry, the rain is damp In fact, home decoration has advantages and disadvantages regardless of the season. As long as it avoids the problems that are easy to appear in summer decoration, it can be used to avoid the short tile and paste the perfect tile effect.

If you want to create a comfortable home in the summer, what issues should you pay attention to when laying tiles? According to the climate characteristics of the summer season, let us talk about the porcelain in this period. Should pay attention to the problem. Summer tile paving skills, quickly get up!

01, summer tile gap should be finer than usual

When laying tiles, you must master the size to avoid the gap between the tiles being too large or too small to affect the overall effect of the paving.

When laying tiles in summer, the gap should be slightly tighter than usual, so as to avoid the gap becoming larger and affecting the appearance when the temperature is lowered. Tile seams can be used at the seam between the tile and the wall. To form a transition, this not only handles the drawbacks of excessive wall and tile gaps, but also plays an aesthetic role.

Oufulai Ceramics Product recommendation

Model: FB12005 Italian sandstone

Specifications: 600*1200mm

Series: I-MAX porcelain plate

02, Seasonal tiles should be kept hydrated

The summer is dry, the temperature is high, and the water is easily evaporated, except for the bricks before the paving. The bricks absorb the water sufficiently to prevent the moisture in the cement from being sucked away by the bricks. The dry walls also need to be treated – one hour before the paving, some water is sprinkled onto the walls.

We also need to carry out wet maintenance after laying bricks, that is, within three to five days after paving the bricks, sprinkle water on the paved tiles every day. Make sure that the moisture in the bricks does not evaporate too quickly.

Oufulai Ceramics Product Recommendation

Model: FB12010 Leicalo Beige

Specifications: 600*1200mm

Series: I-MAX porcelain plate

03, kitchen and tile first floor tiles or first wall tiles

first wall tiles or first floor tiles, can be The key to the construction is to pay attention to two issues: whether it is conducive to the protection of the project of the pre-construction; and whether it is conducive to a reasonable installation and construction progress.

The practice of the decoration company or the construction party is, oneFirstly, the wall tiles are paved first, then the floor tiles are laid, and the wall tiles are laid and the floor tiles are laid. It will not affect the wall tiles and will not delay the construction period.

Oufulai Ceramics Product Recommendation

Model: FB12012B Century Beige

Specifications: 600*1200mm

Series: I-MAX porcelain plate

04, remember to ventilate after the tile is laid.

The floor of the tiled floor is best covered with a layer of cardboard, watered through, then Open the window and let it dry naturally.

For wall surfaces with porcelain tiles, if you encounter high temperatures in the summer and do not rain for a long time, you should spray water regularly to make the tiles dry. Slower and stick more firmly.

Oufulai Ceramics Product Recommendation

Model: FB12019 Geocentric Rock

Specifications: 600*1200mm

Series: I-MAX porcelain plate

05, remember to check in time after tile paving

After 12 hours of paving, you should tap the brick surface to check if there is an empty drum. The sound is re-paved, and all brick paving can be walked and scrubbed after 24 hours.

If the anti-fouling product is difficult to wipe clean, it is a normal phenomenon. It can be easily removed by wiping with a household steel ball to reveal the luster. . Please use clean water or neutral detergent for cleaning, and then wipe with a cloth to avoid slipping.

Oufulai Ceramics Product Recommendation

Model: FB12025 Indonesian Grey

Specifications: 600*1200mm

Series: I-MAX porcelain plate

06, timely treatment of joints after drying and solidification

The jointing of tiles is generally done after the tiles are dried, and summer The temperature is higher and the water evaporates faster, so the time it takes for the tiles to dry is faster than in other seasons. If the tiles are not completely dry, the joints will cause the tiles to be uneven and loose, so that the tiles will fall off easily during later use.

So, it is necessary to clean the dust and impurities in the tile brick before the jointing, and then squeeze the grout into the brick joint. When filling, be sure to Squeeze and fill the fullness, and clean the joint material of the brick surface in time after the joint!

Oufulai Ceramics Product Recommendation

Model: FB12001 Italian sandstone

Specifications: 600*1200mm

Series: I-MAX porcelain plate

Summer decoration, as long as the objective conditions of high summer temperature and fast evaporation of water are utilized, safe, reasonable and efficient construction, according to the normal construction process and construction process, each job is done. You can also make a project that will satisfy you!


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The ceramic industry has entered the winter?

In 2018, it has already reached October, and the downward trend of China’s ceramic industry is already obvious. It can be said that the ceramic industry has already entered the winter! And it is the kind of cold that every ceramic man has a deep understanding.
How cold is this winter?

On October 13th, the executive vice president of China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, Qi Bin, attended the “6th China Building Ceramics Large-scale Tour Forum and 2018 Pan Gaoan Ceramic Industry Development Summit Forum”. A set of data was published again. According to reports, in the first eight months of this year, China’s total output of building ceramics totaled 6.13 billion square meters, down 18.9% year-on-year. In the first half of this year, China’s building ceramics production was 4.6 billion square meters, down 17.7% compared with the same period last year. This shows that from July to August this year, China’s building ceramics production continues to decline. In addition, Yan Bin also pointed out that from January to August this year, the number of enterprises above designated size decreased by 136, which means that 17 companies are withdrawing every month this year. In the first five months of this year, the number of enterprises above designated size decreased by 98. This shows that in June-August this year, another 38 companies have withdrawn from the historical arena. At the same time, the data shows that in the first eight months of this year, the main business income of enterprises above designated size of China’s building ceramics was about 208.3 billion yuan, an increase of 78.6 billion yuan compared with 129.7 billion yuan in the first five months of this year, but the comparison In the same period last year, it was a sharp decline, down 30.6% year-on-year; in terms of profit, in the first 8 months of this year, China’s construction ceramics enterprises above the scale realized profits of 12.2 billion yuan, compared with 7 billion yuan in the first five months of this year. Yuan’s growth, but still fell by 38.5% year-on-year, and the sales profit margin also decreased by 0.74 percentage points over the same period last year. Yan Bin also mentioned that in the first eight months of this year, China’s loss-making enterprises in the ceramics industry accounted for 15.6%, an increase of 0.95% year-on-year; corporate inventories, interest expenses and liabilities increased from last year to 3.39% and 11.2 respectively. % and 6.77%.
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Technical research and development breakthrough of special functional coatings

A country’s industrial strength is enhanced, it is inseparable from the application of special functional coatings, special functional coatings Research and development of water products represents the state of a country’s technological strength. Special functional coatings are new functional coatings that are fundamentally different from traditional coatings. Special functional coatings impart a variety of specific functions to the object to meet the specific needs of the coated product. For example, the temperature-resistant 1200 ° C closed coating, the temperature-resistant 3000 ° C ultra-high temperature anti-oxidation coating, the new waterproof and anti-corrosion thermal insulation coatings and other successful development, is the need for some special aspects of the application of special products, promoted The development and development of special functional coatings has become an indispensable and important variety in the coatings industry. Over the years, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. has taken advantage of chemical talents and coating technology advantages, and actively promoted the advancement of special functional coating technology. It has successfully completed hundreds of national key projects, provincial-level key projects and independent research and development of innovative projects in the universe. Space-specific special functional coatings, aviation, aerospace special coatings, nuclear equipment special coatings, electric power special coatings, transportation equipment special coatings, anti-corrosion special coatings and low thermal conductivity thermal insulation coatings and other special functional coatings research and development have achieved remarkable The economic and social benefits have made outstanding contributions to the development of China’s coatings industry.

The 21st century is the era of information, and it is the era of rapid development of science and technology. As one of the three key technologies of the 21st century, it has naturally become the “cradle of innovation” for nurturing new technologies, new products and new equipment. It is reported that during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the new materials industry will actively develop six major categories of special metal functional materials, high-end metal structural materials, advanced polymer materials, new inorganic non-metallic materials, high-performance composite materials and cutting-edge new materials. Special functional coatings in inorganic non-metallic materials have become a new leap in the development of new materials, and its successful development has been given more meaning. Since 1998, Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd., a large-scale domestic R&D and manufacturing company, has set up a special function coating research and development team. It has many chemical elites and has been researching and developing for many years. So far, a series of 86 ZS special functional coatings have been developed. The application plays a decisive function under different working conditions. After entering the 21st century, with the development of China’s aviation and aerospace industry, it has driven breakthroughs in technology research and development of special functional coatings, improved coating technology water products, shortened research and development time, and developed coatings with independent core technologies, making China’s special functions. The overall performance of the paint has reached the level of similar foreign products.

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Bathroom space is not very big, but it is very important for our life.

The bathroom space in the home is often not very large, but it has a feeling of “heavy weight”. You will solve a lot of things in this small space, detoxification, bathing and changing clothes, reading and reading newspapers, I want to be quiet, thinking about life… It seems to compare the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen It is more private and more informal. Therefore, it is especially necessary to spend some energy and time to build a bathroom. Today, we will look at the decoration and equipment of the bathroom space at home, and give you some inspiration.

Speaking of the decoration of the bathroom, the wall and the floor are very important. The laying of the tiles can set the tone of a bathroom. Tiles of different colors, matte, matte, with or without texture bricks, the size of the tiles, the matching of different tiles in one space is the key to a clear style. “Black and White Grey” is a common color match for simple atmospheric bathroom spaces. But even the simplest white tiles give a different spatial tonality due to the different sizes. The generous white tiles look simple and the small rectangular tiles are a bit retro, and the classic square white tiles can be used to create a literary style. Of course, the expression of different styles is not only the use of a tile, but also the matching between different models, such as the echo of black and white tiles, the use of black and white textures, and so on.

In addition to the use of tiles, the matching of the lights will make this small space light up at once. In general, the most common is the small spotlight. The lights are played in different locations, and the different shades of light give the bathroom a different feel. Beyond the lights, another configuration that adds to the bathroom’s small style is a pot of green plants. In the apartment we talked about before, there is no shortage of green plants, but it is the same for the bathroom. If it is just a “black and white” color, it is simple and clean, and it lacks some comfortable feeling. A simple green plant will give this space a very oxygenous and vivid feeling. We will feel comfortable when we look at it. Of course, the bathroom space, “bathing” is an important function. Therefore, a comfortable bathtub and a full-scale shower are very necessary investments. Of course, it can also be a set of showers, all of which are life and features.

Key summary:
  1-style to be unified, tile is the focus
  2-atmosphere adjustment, one by the light, the second by the green plant 3, rely on aromatherapy
  3-remember the functionality of the bathroom, come to the hard goods
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