How to install plastic steel windows?

The installation of doors and windows in home decoration has to be paid attention to. However, the installation methods of doors and windows of different materials are not the same. What are the installation methods of plastic steel windows?
  How to install the steel window:
  1, about the amount of plastic steel window lap

   plastic steel window frame and window sash The connection is sealed, and the overlap between the fan and the frame is called the amount of overlap. Industry standards do not specify the amount of laps. For casement windows, the amount of overlap is generally between 8 and 10 mm. If conditions permit, the amount of overlap should be chosen as large as possible. In this way, even if the frame overlap position is slightly misplaced during installation and use, the sealing between the frame fans can be ensured. The use of different hardware is also a factor affecting the amount of overlap.

  2, processing of the drainage hole in the middle slide of the sliding window

  The intermediate slide processing drainage hole is more difficult than the outer slide processing drainage hole There is a long drill bit in front of the welding frame to drill at a certain angle from the end of the window frame at a certain angle. It is also possible to use a T-milling cutter to directly mill at the end. The latter method is more beautiful and drains than the former one. The effect is also good.

  3, Determination of the thickness of insulating glass

  Insulating glass is increasingly being used for its good heat insulation and sound insulation properties As used, its thickness is mainly determined by the thickness of the glass and the intermediate spacer. The thickness of the spacer production is generally 6mm, 9mm and 12mm (refer to the size of the middle spacer after the hollow glass is made). The glass is generally 5mm and 4mm. The thickness of the insulating glass is determined by the plastic frame (fixed frame), the fan profile, the glass bead and the glass sealant.

  4, about the window frame, sash straight

   due to the poor rigidity of plastic door and window profiles. Plastic steel window frames and window sashes are prone to bending and deformation, which not only affects the appearance but also the sealing performance of the window. When the four corners of the window frame and sash are welded, it is difficult to correct. Therefore, the calibration work must be performed before welding. First of all, the next good reinforced steel is not straightened to be corrected first. The window frame and sash member assembled with the reinforced steel should be inspected before welding. The simple method of straightening is to insert the window frame and the sash member between the two horizontal bars separated by a certain distance, and the lever is straightened.

  5, about the filling of expansion joints

   In general, the gap between steel, wooden doors and windows and the opening is cement For mortar filled doors and windows, the thermal expansion coefficient of PVC plastic steel window frames is much larger than that of steel, aluminum and cement. Filling with cement tends to make plastic steel windows unable to expand and deform due to temperature changes.

  6, steel lining selection

   true enamel steel windows are to be added to the steel lining. The wind-resistant performance of the steel doors and windows is mainly determined by the specifications of the lining steel in the cavity. The larger the cross-sectional dimension of the lining steel, the greater the thickness, the greater the moment of inertia, and the better the wind pressure resistance.
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How do the decoration company go on?

In 2018, the decoration industry experienced a series of “black swan” events, so that the fiery capital will instantly ebb. Under the influence of fine decoration, how will the future decoration industry develop, how should the decoration company practice its internal strength and survive in this violent market? Down? This article gives a few suggestions. The news of the renovation circle running and closing down has the greatest impact. There are always some companies that were not weak, even got one or two rounds of investment, or experienced players who have experienced ten years of wind and rain, and have not been able to continue.

The price war has been very thin after one round after another. In order to grab customers, we will not hesitate to make a rebate. The decoration of 10 million yuan will be returned in 10 years, or a certain percentage will be returned every month. The customer is robbed. The problem is that the more such a list is signed, the greater the risk of thunder. What do you want to return?

Some decoration companies choose to cooperate with the decoration platform in order to receive orders. The idea is correct. Open the Internet to gain customers and increase the network sales ability. But the problem is also that the ratio of the cost of the customer to the commission is set high, and they dare to eat it. As a result, the construction will have problems. Not only is the word of mouth smashed, but the latter paragraph may not be recovered.

The impact of the finished house is very large, resulting in a lot of new home decoration has been squeezed. The key is that the future pressure is still very large, the mental pressure, the anxiety of the future, after all, one after another, the city has repeatedly thrown out the hardcover room schedule. Even if the phenomenon of rights protection is not diminished, no signs of policy delays are seen.

So, is there no chance for the decoration industry? Can’t you go on? No, according to the observation of Da Deng, Lao Deng, there should be several outlets to dig.

One is to seize the opportunity of consumption upgrades. The middle class that pursues the value of home is more than before. After all, the base of middle-income families is there. Quality design is an opportunity, depending on whether your brand can do this, whether there is a relatively high level of designers and construction teams.

The second is the transformation of old communities, many of which are government subsidies. It does not pursue how beautiful and does not need to consider grades. The key is durability and cheapness. Some large chain brands may not be willing to participate. Local decoration companies with cost-effective routes and strong construction capabilities have provided opportunities.

Third, smart homes may spawn new ways of decoration, that is, some families may deploy a complete smart home solution. How does the decoration company cut in specifically, and there will be decomposition later.

The fourth is that there will be a round of growth opportunities for soft-packing. Based on the soft-packing scheme of the finished house, the furniture mix, home decoration, curtains, green plants, etc. will be taken together to form a scene and atmosphere creation plan. This is mainly for the high-end circle.

Five is that the local decoration market may be expanded. After all, the quality of finished decoration is generally poor. Imagine that it used to be a one-on-one decoration form, and the quality is problematic, let alone the present. Batch renovation. Some families will ask some bureaus to improve the decorative effect of the finished house.

Six is ​​the reloading of the stock room, the market space is very large, this is not an explosive growth, but a form of release, as long as the scale of second-hand housing transactions has a certain amount, bring the decoration Business will not be bad.

Don’t be too scared about the finished house. Look at it. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have long been implementing finished houses, cities with very high proportions, and a lot of well-preserved decoration companies.


Da materials research believes that cutting into the hardcover market, making friends with real estate companies, getting the developer’s decoration orders, there are opportunities, but it is not suitable Most renovation companies. After all, developers have a lot of thresholds, as well as the account period, even if they get a list, the funds are not strong, may be dragged to death. Some people may be confused. If you want to get the developer’s decoration order, there is no strong relationship, a certain size, it should be impossible? Now the developers have fixed decoration suppliers, right?

The research of large materials believes that the worry is justified, but the situation is not so bad, the pits of the hardcover room are not yet full. Even in some cities where the policy is very fast, the proportion of hardcover houses delivered is over 70%, and there are still many decoration companies that are not bad. For those cities with a delivery ratio of only 30% or 50%, the proportion of finished products will gradually increase, and will be closer to 100%. The newly added hardcover business will actually leave room for the decoration company. As long as you can meet the requirements of real estate big brothers in terms of batch construction, quality assurance, price and billing period, you can completely enter the army.

Some people think that the hardcover room is coming, the decoration company can’t live, but it’s not. Beijing and Shanghai have been promoting finished products very early, and the delivery ratio is very high, but many of the decoration companies that have done a lot of work are in these two places. There are two key factors, the scale of the renovation of the old houses of the second-hand houses is relatively large; the number of finished houses is demolished and rebuilt.

At least in the provincial capitals and economically developed prefecture-level markets, after the delivery of finished houses, there may be many owners who have reinstalled heavy equipment, especially those with higher disposable income.


The finished room was delivered. In fact, it only made the wall cabinet bathroom. Many of the personalized styles we want are definitely not available. The effect is very good. single. The large-scale research predicts that the demand for soft-packing will increase significantly in the future, and the finished house will be rough, with the furniture and soft clothes on the back. For example, in the current situation, cities with high proportion of finished product delivery, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc., have formed three soft-install exhibitions. This is a signal indicating that the local demand is large.

If the recognition of smart homes is higher, the decoration company can cut into the design and construction of the smart home whole house plan, without losing a market with broad imagination. The finished product room now, with wisdomIt can be touched, but the video intercom is installed, which is a hundred thousand miles away from our ideal smart home. And smart homes are not what developers can do, but they have to be entrusted to professional companies.

What can a decoration company do? Cooperate with smart home hardware company to launch a full house smart home, to achieve a full set of intelligent lighting, security, audio and video entertainment, door locks, sleep, curtains, home appliances, voice, health and so on. The large-scale research has noticed that there is a company in the smart home market, which is specially designed and constructed. For example, Rococo, which was founded by the design company, has this business. Ou Ruibo’s positioning is “full house intelligent control system”, a complete package. Chengdu’s smart, Langhua intelligence; Shenzhen’s Yunhai IOT, etc., is not a traditional decoration company, but specifically to install smart hardware at home.

However, this business can be done by the decoration company in the future, and it is more appropriate to do it with the overall design and construction of the room.


How many stocks in the country? The large-scale research has inquired a lot of information, and the conclusions are different, but most of them think that more than 200 million sets.

The data given by CICC is that it is estimated that China’s urban housing stock reached 274 million units at the end of 2017, corresponding to a stock area of ​​26.1 billion square meters, and 1.13 sets of housing per household.

The Evergrande Institute has also calculated that it is 303 million sets of urban housing in China in 2017, with a housing area of ​​26.7 billion square meters and an average of 1.11 units per household.

The stock room is in the second and third times, and the opportunity for N decoration is just around the corner, except that the release process of the decoration demand is fast and slow.

Large and medium-sized cities with high urbanization rates, the demand is enough to support several decoration companies to survive, but the requirements of the owners are relatively high, the difficulty of taking orders will increase, and the sales model will change.

Second-hand housing transactions are relatively straightforward to the decoration. In most cases, even if you buy a renovated house, the new buyer will be renovated.

The research of Dacai noted that the situation in 2018 was not very satisfactory. The Yiju Real Estate Research Institute issued a report some time ago. In 2018, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Qingdao, etc. Among the 10 monitored cities, the volume of second-hand housing transactions was 660,000, a decrease of 14% compared with last year.

Some cities have fallen more fiercely, and some cities are still growing. You can focus on it. If you want to do second-hand housing renovation, you should naturally focus on trading volume. The volume of transactions is relatively large, and the number of renovation orders brought by the cities that are still growing is definitely large.


Even if the finished product is delivered 100%, the scale of the decoration market is still very large, but the money is not as good as it used to be. Some companies are small in scale, but the construction is solid, the word-of-mouth is doing very well, the proportion of referrals is high, the cost of obtaining passengers is also reduced, and there is no shortage of orders, and the days are rich. Such a company can gain a place in the case of a decline in orders in the decoration retail market.

The former decoration company is actually a sales company. Whoever has strong sales ability, whoever is likely to be the boss. A real estate delivery, sales ability is often tens of dozens or even hundreds of orders, and this kind of good things are less and less. Because the main battlefield will be transferred to the battlefield of hardcover renovation and old house renovation, the owners have a long decision-making time. In this decision-making time, they will compare and understand more.

Da materials research believes that the decoration company that can survive in the future competition must become a company that specializes in decoration and operation, and must also do the following four points:

First: on the basis of the hardcover room, the corresponding lifting plan is formed, which can make the owner shine brightly and help control the cost. Secondly, can improve the construction efficiency, and the quality is good, control The frequency of occurrence of quality defects; third: high management efficiency, using Internet tools to manage projects; Fourth: in the procurement, operation, construction and other aspects of the materials, the cost can be reduced.
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Fire windows and fire-resistant windows, the difference between words, can not replace each other

The main difference between fireproof windows and fireproof windows is the difference in product selection. The first is the form frame. At present, the most commonly used stainless steel and steel fireproof windows have high melting point and good fire resistance. The fire resistant windows are generally made of aluminum alloy. Or plastic steel as a form profile, its low melting point, poor fire resistance, followed by the interior glass, fireproof windows must use fire-resistant glass, optional A-class insulation type, can also use a single piece of potassium non-insulation fire-resistant glass; The glass for the fire resistant window can be non-fireproof glass. The fire-resistant window is mainly used in the internal refuge of the residential building and the family kitchen and bedroom. The fire-proof window is applied between the opening of the firewall and the fire-proof partition; the characteristics of the two are different, and they cannot be replaced in use; The fireproof and flame retardant purpose is not achieved, and the fireproof window can not meet the sealing effect and ornamental property to be achieved by the home use.

The fireproof window can reach 1-5 hours, and the integrity of the fireproof window is 1 hour. The heat-insulating fireproof window can’t be exposed to the sun for a long time, it is easy to produce bubbles and the internal fireproof liquid is turbid, fireproof. Although the glass used in the window does not have the above problems, it does not meet the requirements for use of the fireproof window.
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How do you choose to find ceramic tiles that are both online and practical?

Although I buy a house now, most developers will decorate the bathroom for everyone. But the turnip greens have their own love, in order to create their favorite bathing environment, many homeowners will still modify the bathroom. A very important point in installing a bathroom is to pick the tiles. Good-looking is not necessarily practical. How do you choose to find ceramic tiles with both value and practicality? Let’s learn today.
How to choose a tile, how to identify it?

1, look at the antifouling performance of ceramic tiles

different types of ceramic tiles, their antifouling properties are different, such as polished tiles compared with glazed tiles, polished tiles The dirt performance is better. When you choose, you can try to use a marker to paint on the tile. If you can wipe it clean, the antifouling performance is good. It should be noted that some merchants will compare the glazed tiles with the polished tiles. This is not comparable, because the surface of the glazed tiles is uneven, it is not so easy to wipe, and it is not so clean, so you should use the same when comparing. Kind of tiles.

2, see the water absorption rate of the brick

Sprinkle water on the back of the tile, look at the water absorption area of ​​the brick, it should be noted that some merchants will use the water absorption rate of the ceramic tile High to bring out the water absorption of the tile, this is also wrong, because the water absorption of the tile is inherently high, so the tile needs to be soaked when the tile is applied. The water absorption of the tile determines whether there will be blackening and mildew in the joint process. The slower the water absorption, the better the practicality of the tile.

3, look at the wear resistance of the brick

on the surface of the polished brick with sharp things, such as the key on the surface of the brick scratch or scrape, if it will not leave traces It is better. However, it should be known that, besides polished tiles, the surface of other bricks should not be scratched or scraped with sharp objects, because the surface materials and processing techniques are different, so the wear resistance is also different.

4, look at the anti-slip performance of the brick

Pour some water on the surface of the brick, stand up if it is not easy to slip, relatively speaking, its anti-slip performance is better .

5, look at the hardness of the brick

Look at the hardness of the brick, you can tilt the brick, and then stand up, if not broken, the hardness of the brick will be good Some, everyone should be careful when testing, the number of people 2-3 is enough, not too much, to avoid accidental injury.

In general, it is almost like this to distinguish bricks. When you buy bricks, it is best to go to some big brand stores. Quality assurance and after-sales service are more trustworthy. .
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“Green” and “national standard” are not equal to the relationship

Due to the bright and diverse colors, the decorative effect is strong, and the construction is simple and convenient. In recent years, the paints that are deeply loved by consumers have developed rapidly and become an eye-catching industry. According to statistics, the annual production and consumption of coatings in China has exceeded 2 million tons, and the market capacity has exceeded 20 billion yuan. It is still growing rapidly. The huge domestic consumer market, coupled with the industry’s low entry barriers, low investment, and quick results, has thousands of companies producing coatings. Among the many paint brands that are confusing, “green paint” and “natural paint” have emerged, and some even claim that the volatile harmful substances in their paints are almost zero.
   The relevant person in charge of the China Environmental Labeling Certification Committee said that after the national standard of coatings was enforced on July 1, 2002, almost all coating companies said that they produced green products based on the national standard. In fact, the “national standard” is different from the “green”. The national standard is only the “access standard” for products entering the market. It is the most basic quality requirement. If this standard is not met, it will not be eligible to enter the market, while the requirements for green products are higher. In the national standard for coatings, the limit for harmful substances VOC (volatile organic compounds) is less than 200g / L. It is understood that when the VOC in the living room reaches a certain concentration, people will feel headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc., in severe cases, convulsions, coma, and damage to the liver, kidneys, brain and nervous system, causing memory Serious consequences such as decline. Because of its harmfulness, in the paint industry, VOC once attracted people’s attention. According to industry sources, there are still some brands of low VOC products added to the phthalate raw materials. As a result, the VOC content of the coating did decrease, but the toxicity of the coating increased many times. The experimental data of the national authorities also show that the lower the VOC, the worse the scrub resistance of the product, and the more serious the powder falling tendency of the paint film. It has been pointed out that the so-called VOC ultra-low latex paint products only sacrifice the mechanical properties of the paint. Therefore, when choosing a coating, you can’t just look at the VOC content, but look at its overall performance, such as hiding ability, scrub resistance, anti-dusting, and residual odor. In the 10 mandatory national standards, there are no restrictions on the harmful substances of waterproof coatings. Therefore, some decoration companies often use cheap tar rubber, which is listed as a building decoration material that has long been eliminated by the state. Many consumers think that the indoor waterproofing treatment area is not very large, and there are cement and ceramic tiles on the inside, which is not easy to cause pollution. In fact, the waterproof layer must reach a certain thickness to be waterproof. Therefore, the amount of materials used is relatively large. Once the toxic waterproof coating is used in a large amount in waterproof construction, the indoor environment will be polluted for a long time.

  Industry pointed out that in recent years, although China’s paint industry has developed rapidly, from the market point of view, the number of enterprises is small, the scale is small, the marketing methods are relatively lagging, and the market strain is poor. Some small factories have various quality problems due to their technical strength. From the perspective of use, the current use of paint in the domestic market is only at the functional level, just to protect and decorate the wall or furniture surface, while foreign countries have developed to pay attention to color, the pursuit of home enjoyment and other higher levels of consumption. .

   From the current industrial situation, at present, no domestic coatings company can enter the world’s top 50 coatings, and the top 10 coating companies in the Asia-Pacific region have no domestic coatings companies. Figure. A considerable number of coating companies focus on the low-end market, rather than exploiting high-end markets with high technology content and high investment costs. Therefore, only a few brands have national popularity, most of the coatings are low-end and the regional brands are many. Although the paint market is colorful but not good enough, sometimes people are at a loss. Relevant persons of China Coatings Industry Association said in an interview that when buying paints, they should not be cheap, and should choose a reputable home market or a specialty store to buy products produced by well-known enterprises, and save the purchase invoices.

   Generally speaking, the quality of imported brand-name products and domestic large enterprises is more secure. In the interior decoration and decoration, the materials should be selected in strict accordance with national standards, and comprehensive indicators should be considered, instead of listening to the exaggerated publicity of the merchant on a certain indicator. Regardless of whether it is “standard paint”, “environmental paint” or “green paint”, it must first meet the national standards for hazardous substances. It should be said that standards-compliant paints are safe. Non-environmental coatings Due to the high content of harmful substances such as VOC and formaldehyde, most of them have pungent odor, which is easy to cause nausea and dizziness. Therefore, consumers should choose carefully if they smell irritating smell when purchasing. As a kind of water-based paint, latex paint has become one of the most widely used wall decoration materials because of its many kinds of colors, good gloss and delicate texture. Latex paint is the most safe material among many coatings due to the use of water as a solvent for coatings.

  Experts remind consumers that don’t be superstitious about the word “green” on paint packaging, we must carefully see the quality inspection report of the product, and pay attention to whether the clearly marked on the packaging is complete.
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Analysis of the status quo of wooden furniture industry

Wooden furniture refers to furniture except for decorative parts and accessories in the main parts, and the rest is made of wood materials such as wood and wood-based panels. The wooden furniture is light in weight, high in strength, easy to process, has natural texture and color, feels good, and makes people feel intimate. At present, the types of furniture produced by Chinese furniture companies are very rich. According to the materials, there are mainly solid wood furniture, panel furniture, plastic furniture, metal furniture, bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, stone furniture, etc., all kinds of new materials have been applied. According to the purpose, there are mainly bedroom furniture, hall furniture, living room furniture, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, office furniture, public furniture, outdoor furniture, hotel furniture, etc., and all kinds of furniture for use are produced.

Furniture use and classification

   According to statistics, China’s furniture production in 2014 was 7,778,700, and the output in 2015 was 7,696,300. The national output in 2016 was 79464.1 million pieces, in 2017 China’s furniture production increased to 800.735 million pieces. In 2017, the number of furniture manufacturing industry in China reached 6,000, of which 608 companies suffered losses, and the average loss of loss-making enterprises was 3.701 million yuan. In the first half of 2018, the number of furniture manufacturing enterprises in the country has increased to 6,217, including 958 losses, with a loss of 15.4% and a total loss of 2.06 billion yuan. In the first half of 2018, China’s furniture industry enterprises above designated size achieved a revenue of 392.76 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7%, reaching 43.37% of the main income for 2017. Looking back at the operating income of furniture manufacturing industry in 2012-2017: In the past six years, the operating income of China’s furniture manufacturing industry has maintained a steady increase, but in 2013-2016, the growth rate of China’s furniture manufacturing business revenue has decreased year by year, but the growth rate in 2017 has unexpectedly rebounded. , an increase of 0.5 percentage points. In 2016, the output of China’s wooden furniture was 256.517 million. In 2017, the output of China’s wooden furniture was 27,709,900. In the first half of 2018, the output of China’s wooden furniture was 1,229,900.

   The upstream of the wood furniture manufacturing industry is mainly the wood processing industry. China is a Shaolin country, and there is a big gap in the supply of wood. At present, China’s wood furniture industry has a high dependence on the import of raw materials such as logs and sawn timber, and Russia, Southeast Asia, Africa and South America are the main sources of timber imports. Since 2010, Russia’s restrictions on the export of logs have caused Russian timber export prices to rise. Due to the influence of the international market, major materials such as domestic forestry products have also increased in price. Because China’s wood furniture production is generally small, lack of scale benefits; at the same time, the price of raw materials for wood furniture production has increased, so it has an impact on the profit of China’s wood furniture industry. According to FAO statistics, driven by economic growth, new capacity in Eastern Europe and bioenergy demand, global production of major wood products rose sharply in the seventh consecutive year in 2016, an increase of 3% to 6%. The production of major wood products in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe has grown the fastest. The furniture industry is an important civilian production industry and an industry with significant international competitiveness in China’s national economy. It plays an important role in meeting consumer demand, improving the quality of life, promoting international trade, fully absorbing employment, promoting regional economy, and building a harmonious society. With the increase in the income level of residents and the gradual emphasis on the living environment, consumers’ individualized demand for furniture and household items is increasing. Customized furniture has become a new and rapid growth point in the field of furniture consumption in recent years by virtue of the efficient use of home space, the ability to fully reflect the consumer’s personalized consumption needs, and the sense of modernity.

   The driving factor for the development of China’s wood furniture industry:

  1, has a huge market base. According to the statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics, the consumption level of urban residents in China has increased rapidly. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of urbanization rate in China, the consumption group of China’s furniture industry has been increasing, providing a huge market space for the furniture industry.

  2, the proportion of wood products increased faster. In recent years, with the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the proportion of wood products in the overall decorative materials has gradually expanded, which has also brought greater market space to the wood products industry.

  3, wealthy people drive the demand for high-end furniture. With the continuous development of China’s economy and the substantial increase in the income level of residents, China’s affluent population is also rapidly emerging. At present, China is gradually becoming the main force in the world’s high-end consumer market. High-end consumer groups have a rational sense of consumption, and they are very different from other people in terms of consumption attitudes and behaviors. Their demand for products and brand measurement have risen from a single price field to a spiritual level. They agree that high prices are The performance of brand differentiation, but requires high prices must have subsidiary products to set off, such as brand culture, product concept, product connotation, unique packaging, technology, technology, functions and so on. The growth of wealthy people will drive the demand for personalized and humanistic craft products to grow.
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Ventilation butterfly valve, find out

The use of vented butterfly valves:

  ventilated butterfly valves are non-closed butterfly valves, widely It is suitable for pipelines with a nominal pressure of 0.1Mpa in the production process of building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power, etc., for connecting, opening and closing or adjusting the amount of medium.

  Main performance of ventilated butterfly valve:

  Nominal pressure: 0.05~0.1Mpa Applicable temperature: -10~300°C, -30~ 500°C, driving mode: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic. Suitable medium: dusty flue gas, air, gas and dusty gas leakage rate: <3%

 &emsp The structural characteristics of the ventilated butterfly valve:

   1. The ventilated butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding, which has the characteristics of short structure, light weight and convenient installation. The valve has small driving torque, flexible opening and closing, and convenient operation. An oil seal retaining ring is arranged on the valve body, and there is no visible gap between the seal pairs, and the leakage rate is small. The expansion gap between the butterfly plate and the valve body is large, which can effectively prevent the jamming caused by heat expansion and contraction. The valve can be equipped with a variety of drives, such as manual devices, worm gears, pneumatics, and electrics.

  2, no connecting rods, bolts, etc., reliable operation and long service life. Can be installed in multiple stations, independent of the flow of media.

  ventilated butterfly valve is a non-closed butterfly valve, widely used in pipelines with a nominal pressure of 0.1Mpa in the production process of building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power, etc. Open or close or adjust the amount of media.

  Main performance of ventilated butterfly valve:

  Nominal pressure: 0.05~0.1Mpa Applicable temperature: -10~300°C, -30~ 500°C, driving mode: manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic. Suitable medium: dusty flue gas, air, gas and dusty gas leakage rate: <3%

 &emsp The structural characteristics of the ventilated butterfly valve:

   1. The ventilated butterfly valve is made of steel plate welding, which has the characteristics of short structure, light weight and convenient installation. The valve has small driving torque, flexible opening and closing, and convenient operation. An oil seal retaining ring is arranged on the valve body, and there is no visible gap between the seal pairs, and the leakage rate is small. The expansion gap between the butterfly plate and the valve body is large, which can effectively prevent the jamming caused by heat expansion and contraction. The valve can be equipped with a variety of drives, such as manual devices, worm gears, pneumatics, and electrics.

  2, no connecting rods, bolts, etc., reliable operation and long service life. Can be installed in multiple stations, independent of the flow of media.
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The design of the lighting can not be taken lightly

Reasonable lighting design can make the room produce a bright, spacious light, reduce visual fatigue, and make people feel more space. Therefore, the design of the lighting can not be taken lightly. Let’s take a look at some of the precautions for lighting design at home.
   First, children’s room lighting design should be sufficient lighting

   Suitable and sufficient lighting can make the room warm and secure, helping to eliminate The fear of children when they are alone. The overall illumination of the baby room must be higher than that of the adult room. The lighting design can generally be arranged in both overall and partial ways. When the child plays the game, the whole light is illuminated; when the child looks at the picture book, the local dimmable table lamp can be selected to enhance the illumination to achieve the best brightness. In addition, you can install a low-wattage night light in your child’s home or install a regulator on other lights to make your child wake up at night.

   2. Excessive use of colored spotlights – light pollution

   In home decoration, people like to use lights to decorate the indoor environment Many designers also like to use colored spotlights and soft tubes to decorate the ceiling during lighting design. Although these schemes are novel, they are actually very unfavorable to eye health and cause light pollution. Long-term living and working in such an environment can cause visual fatigue and decreased vision, and may cause neurasthenia such as dizziness, insomnia, palpitations and depression.

   Third, the family decoration should choose the appropriate lighting

   Home decoration should choose to avoid the luminous ballast when lighting. The flicker of light, like the light emitted by the fluorescent lamp of the most commonly used inductive ballast, produces 100 times of light and dark changes per second. Working in such a long-term environment for a long time, the human eye is prone to fatigue and produces myopia. In addition, if the computer is used under the light, usually the strobe of the fluorescent ballast and the frame of the computer screen overlap and form a light resonance, which is more harmful to the human visual system. Indoor lighting should be designed to avoid or reduce glare interference and try to choose soft light. Many people think that the light is brighter and better when reading. This is actually a misunderstanding of people’s understanding. In fact, if the brightness of the luminaire is much higher than the brightness of the indoor environment, people will feel glare. Glare creates discomfort and severe damage to visual function. From the raw materials of the products, the good lighting design is mainly the three primary color light source. The three primary color light tubes are not only energy-saving and healthy, but also can clearly restore the natural color of the objects under natural light, making the colors in the home more beautiful and vivid.
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Anti-corrosion wood purchase reference

In life, when people make furniture, the wood used is anti-corrosion wood, but when buying anti-corrosion wood, what is the thickness, and how to buy anti-corrosion wood, but for these we are not Too much understanding, the next decoration home Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the thickness of the anti-corrosion wood and how to buy anti-corrosion wood, I hope everyone in the purchase of anti-corrosion wood reference.

1. What is the thickness of the preservative wood

1. First, 21*95, 25*95: for Balcony floor, sauna floor and ceiling, stool surface, fence board, lattice, villa wall hanging board.

2. Next, 8*95, 30*95: suitable for terrace floor, platform, walkway, square pavement, wooden bridge deck, stool surface, flower stand, flower box side panel.

3. Also, 45*95, 45*120: Suitable for the main beam of the floor (pool, long dike), overhead platform, flower stand and pavilion.

4. Then, 45*145: Suitable for floor surface (passwalk), aerial platform keel.

5. Finally, 70*195: Applicable to the floor surface (pool, long dike), the main beam of the flower stand structure.

6.95*95: Suitable for colonnades and bench legs.

7.70*70, 80*80: Suitable for wooden columns, keels, landings, etc.

8.30*50: Suitable for keels on the balcony.

9.50*70: Suitable for keel on the terrace.

10.20*100: Suitable for roofing, stool, fence, floor and wall.
2. How to buy anti-corrosion wood

1. First of all, look at the color of the anti-corrosion wood, but from the appearance of the color, there are wood preservatives are generally green or blue-green , then this is because the CCA or ACQ wood preservative contains copper oxide. Also, the color is not the main quality indicator of wood preservative. There are also some unscrupulous manufacturers that should be pointed out in particular to use immersion and even simple methods such as paint painting to pretend to be qualified wood preservatives. Consumers must be more discriminating.

2. Next, let’s look at the surface quality of the anti-corrosion wood, as well as pay attention to the phenomenon of thrift, cracks and deformation on the surface of the wood. However, thrift affects not only the beauty of wood, but also an important channel for eroding wood such as bacteria and insects. Also, cracks and deformations are mainly caused by poor drying treatment, but the wood treated with preservative treatment generally has a moisture content of less than 18% and will not crack or deform when placed in the air.

3. There is also a look at the smoothness of the anti-corrosion wood, then test the anti-corrosion treatment effect, but intuitively can observe the surface finish of the anti-corrosion wood, as well as the surface of the agent is not well treated with powder and other impurities, But the color is not uniform, it is best not to choose.
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China’s smart home is constantly improving

With the continuous advancement of technology, people can freely think about the ideal state of the future home: more understandable home products, realizing between home appliances Interoperability, high levels of artificial intelligence, exciting entertainment and leisure methods, lower energy-consuming home energy management… and more scenes that have appeared in the movie plot gradually become reality, which also makes the smart home market prospects It has become more and more attractive.

Home appliances as a terminal link to consumers An important member, its importance is self-evident. Therefore, traditional home appliance manufacturers represented by Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL, and Gree have already taken action, increased R&D efforts and market input, and maintained industry leading position with intelligent products with excellent quality and technological innovation. .

At the same time, consumer electronics companies and Internet dealers are also strong in smart homes. As a new camp, they will continue to join hands with high-quality smart home developers on the basis of user service and market-strength advantages, forming a new market form of “1+1 greater than N”.

Visible, R&D strength will become an important tool for the development of smart home enterprises in China, guiding the smart home industry to triumph.

Haier: Building a smart home research and development system to undertake major national research projects

Recently, Haier led the development of “Smart Home Wireless IoT Device R & D and Verification (based on digital home appliances)” project acceptance.

It is understood that the project is one of the nationally supported smart home construction projects. The three most important achievements are as follows: In the IoT access mode, WIFI, zigebee, Bluetooth and other technologies have been developed. Second, in the research and development of smart gateways, products such as TVs, refrigerators, set-top boxes, air conditioners, water heaters, etc. have been developed to customize the wisdom for the entire scene of smart homes. The package solution provides the basis of the network; Third, in the research and development of the big data platform of the smart family, relying on the Internet of Things platform to provide a powerful IoT technology system for smart families.

This good news not only proves Haier’s smart home research and development strength, but also highlights the country’s emphasis on the future of smart homes. With support.

As early as 2012, Haier began the development of a smart home research and development system, relying on the U+ smart home platform to develop U+OS. Operating systems, big data platforms and wireless IoT technologies. Nowadays, these technologies have been fully applied to Haier’s smart homes, and based on this, users are provided with 4+7+N full-scenario customized smart package solutions, and even N kinds of scene customization solutions are provided according to user’s individual needs.

With the strength and leading edge in the development of wireless IoT technology, Haier has become the only smart home construction project supported by the state. The undertaker provides state-level technical support for the smart home industry.

Haier’s investment and achievements in scientific research are not individual cases, but the main ways and means of layout of intelligent business in traditional home appliance enterprises. . The power of technological innovation has made traditional home appliance companies no longer take the development path of hardware as the main profit-making method. The smart transformation process of traditional home appliance enterprises such as Haier, Midea, Changhong, TCL and Gree is a new development model driven by science and technology and based on industry.

Huawei: Officially launching smart home brand to team up with developers to open and win

The smart home market is hot, as the “model” of the mobile phone industry, Huawei is also unable to hold back, and recently launched a smart home brand – Huawei smart choice. This brand can be seen as an upgrade of Huawei’s smart eco HiLink, designed to control the best appliances with the best mobile phones.

According to the introduction, in the Huawei intelligent business system, the first layer is the mobile phone, which is the fundamental and the most important entry; The second floor consists of a tablet, a PC, a wearable device, and a smart speaker, which are auxiliary entrances; on the periphery, it is IoT hardware such as lighting, audio and video, health, and security.

Currently, smart home industryIt presents a difficult point of lack of industry standards, complex user experience, and scattered application scenarios. As a latecomer to the smart home market, Huawei must empower its ecological partners through platform construction, channel opening and ecological sharing to achieve the “connected everything” and successfully catch up. It will accelerate the development of Huawei’s smart home industry.

In the view of Zhang Ping, the president of Huawei’s consumer BG cloud service, the company can’t solve the diversified and multi-application scenarios by itself. With the supply of digital services in multiple industries, Huawei needs partners in many business areas. “Professional people do professional things, Huawei does not necessarily produce smart products by itself, but can cooperate with other professional manufacturers to jointly promote the scene of smart homes.” Zhang Pingan said.

To this end, Huawei has launched the Ark program, the Yaoxing project, and set up the DigiX Innovation Studio to create a universal IoT. Standards provide hardware developers with linkage, integration, and intelligence. In addition, Huawei will also spend 1 billion yuan each year to attract developers through traffic support, technology sharing, and brand display to accelerate the cooperation between developers and Huawei.


At the moment, many Chinese smart home companies are paying more and more attention to the improvement of R&D strength. By strengthening their R&D capabilities and joining hands with smart hardware developers, they are deeply involved in the actual needs of users. This is worthy of our pride. And proud.

The smart home market is a long-term investment process, as the saying goes, “Let’s take a long line to catch big fish”, its The return on investment will only fully erupt after the market matures. Therefore, it is the most crucial point to remove the impetuous psychology of the industry and let everyone sink their minds to seriously and conscientiously make products, rather than speculation.


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