Translucent marble, stylish decorative materials

Translucent marble is a high-grade decorative material, which has been widely used in the international and domestic construction and decoration industry. The product has wide width, long length, high strength, no radiation, complete varieties and specifications. The weight after installation is about 1/4 of natural stone. It is the most ideal material to replace natural stone. It is popularizing various sizes of decorative works at an unconventional speed. It is the most fashionable decorative material in the construction industry today.
1, light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, oil resistant, dirt and corrosion resistance. The board is not deformed, fireproof and anti-aging, no radiation, anti-penetration, etc. It can be bent freely according to the customer’s needs, seamlessly bonding, and truly achieves a natural world.

2, good performance: high strength, anti-aging, low water absorption, no pollution, no radiation, easy to install and not easy to break, is a green building material.

3, Translucent stone is a high-grade decorative material, unique and crystal-clear, with a colorful and pleasing color, the monotonous and boring plane is subtly transformed into a three-dimensional visual art. All kinds of patterns, such as flowing clouds, are beautiful and elegant, clean and beautiful, beautiful and long-lasting, with a transparent and transparent texture.

4. It has the elegance and luxury of natural marble pattern and the taste of modern art style. It has wide width, long length, high strength, no radiation, complete varieties and specifications, and has the natural texture of marble and jade. With firm texture, no hair pores, rich color, easy care, fast processing, the weight after installation is about 1/4 of natural stone, which can greatly reduce the weight of the building. The installation is simple and the construction environment is neat, than natural stone. have more advantages. It belongs to green building materials and is the most fashionable decoration material in today’s construction industry.
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Is the renovation of second-hand housing bigger than the new one?

Friends who have bought second-hand housing should know that the amount of renovation of second-hand houses is much larger than that of new houses, especially the part of painting, which is much more troublesome than new houses. Many people will deal with the wall of the second-hand house according to the operation of painting the new house. If the luck is good, there will be no big problems, but if the luck is not good, the rework is a minute.
1. Preparation

Before painting, be sure to have a good understanding of the wall condition and prepare the materials. The final result of the hasty brushing may be uneven wall coverings, which can be very ugly.

Ingredients to be prepared before painting: latex primer, latex topcoat, putty powder tool, accessories: step stool, blade, gray knife, roller brush, wool brush, pig hair brush, Floor/furniture protective film, textured paper, scotch tape, sandpaper for polishing, hand bucket, etc.

2.Select paint color

Selecting color is a cumbersome thing, because there are many choices. In terms of color selection, according to one principle, the color should be changed from shallow to dark from ceiling to floor. The color of the ceiling should be lighter, the color on the wall can be properly deepened, and the darkest color must appear on the floor. This will make the visual effect even better. Color matching can be used to help some color centers that specialize in coatings.

3.Protection work

Before the official start of construction, it is necessary to protect the floor with a protective film, and then all the furniture will be adjusted and protected with a protective film. This will make room as much as possible during the construction process to facilitate construction.

Electrical appliances, socket switches, etc. All areas that may be contaminated by paint and dust should be protected. Large protective film and socket switch can be pasted with textured paper. . The protection of the socket switch is directly wrapped with textured paper. The advantage of the textured paper is that there will be no residual glue.

4. Remove the wall putty layer

The wall surface is damaged, the putty layer should be removed, some need not be removed, and the partial repair is done for Prepare the putty.

5.Re-scraping the putty

After removing the original bad putty layer, it is necessary to re-scrape the putty. In the process of scraping the putty, try to be even and smooth. The following is to scrape the putty again for all the eradication areas. After the putty is scraped, it usually takes about 1 day to dry before grinding.

What preparations do you need to make before using the second-hand house?

6. Polishing the putty layer

After the dried putty is dried, the surface of the putty should be polished. The sanding can make the wall surface more flat and the sandpaper is produced. The fine texture allows the paint to be more easily wall-hanging and the coating layer applied more evenly. It is inevitable that dust will be generated when polishing the putty layer. It is best to wear a dust mask.

The polishing of the putty layer is also divided into manual grinding and machine grinding. The efficiency of manual grinding is lower, and some corners can only be polished manually; the grinding efficiency of the machine is higher, but Speed ​​and strength requirements are relatively high, otherwise it is prone to unevenness.

What preparations do you need to make before using the second-hand house?

7.Cleaning the wall

When the putty is polished, some dust will remain on the wall. It must be cleaned. It cannot be directly applied, otherwise the adhesion of the paint can be It will weaken. Use a wool brush or sponge to sweep back and forth on the wall to quickly remove surface dust.

8.Repair the wall

After cleaning the wall, some small flaws that may exist, such as small cracks and small holes, can be filled with caulking paste and plaster. Repair, wait until it is completely dry, then sand the repair area.

9. Priming primer, topcoat

Generally, the primer is applied once and the topcoat is applied twice. The primer is used to improve the adhesion of the topcoat and increase The fullness of the topcoat, the provision of anti-alkaline, anti-corrosion function, etc., while ensuring the uniform absorption of the topcoat and giving full play to the performance of the topcoat. The topcoat needs to be painted twice to enhance the coverage of the topcoat, which will make the effect better.
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The all-inclusive price of broken aluminum doors and windows seems to be cheap, but it is not.

In the brand of broken bridge aluminum, the price is also very different. For the owners who don’t understand the aluminum doors and windows of the broken bridge, it is really hard to buy the broken aluminum in the market and ask for the price. But in the end, it is foggy. Some consumers simply let the merchants directly report the total price of the broken bridge aluminum is how much? I don’t know much about accessories, screens, accessories, etc. Finally, the all-inclusive price seems to be simple and worry-free, but in the end, the materials and additional costs are constant. The final price is not cheap at all, and I have not bought good aluminum.
Where is the most expensive cat in the aluminum door and window?

That is the multi-calculation area, for example, consumers choose a brand of broken bridge aluminum profiles, such as Feng Aluminum aluminum bridge doors and windows, the whole package price of the broken bridge aluminum 70 series for the business is 560 yuan. Every square meter, with imported hardware, diamond mesh screens, etc., but if the real Feng Aluminum 70 series is equipped with imported hardware and diamond mesh screens, the general market price is 800-1000 yuan per square meter or more, when consumers think When I ask for a low price, I will go to the merchant to measure. When the window area of ​​the home is 15 square meters, the merchant will make up for the all-inclusive price at that time by measuring the area of ​​your home. Originally 15 square meters of windows, businesses can give you 18 square meters to measure.

This is where the all-inclusive price is the most tricky, and the area is calculated to make up for the all-inclusive price. Then, if the consumer has measured the area and knows the total area, then the merchant can’t find it cheap on the square meter, then what will it do? In short, it is impossible for a business to make a sale of a loss, and it cannot be counted on a square meter. That will be the consumer’s idea on the configuration and accessories. In short, try to choose the all-inclusive quotation as much as possible, or calculate it separately. What kind of material is used for what price, what kind of window is used for what hardware, and how much is used. This is good for both merchants and consumers. If you use more of the metal screens, you will have more expenses. If you use less, you will spend less.

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The bathroom function is getting better and better

Today’s bathroom functions are getting better and better, and it is no longer just enough to meet our toilet needs. It also includes bathing, changing clothes, washing and many other functions. So how do we design so many functional facilities in this limited space? At this time, we have to know some bathroom decoration precautions and details. Below, we will take a look at the bathroom decoration, which are the decoration precautions and details.
  ◆1. In the average family, the size of the bathroom is not very large, it can even be said to be small. Therefore, if you want to make the function of the bathroom more perfect, you need to pay attention to the layout of the bathroom. By pooling the unused space in the room and using it again, it can effectively improve the space utilization in the bathroom.

  ◆2. Everyone knows that it is a headache for the house to seep and leak. Therefore, we have to say that the waterproof measures are a very important consideration and details of the bathroom renovation. Nowadays, waterproof measures in the bathroom are generally used as waterproof materials. In order to achieve a good waterproof effect, everyone must be painted in place when painting waterproof materials. In particular, the junction between the wall and the ground, and the junction between the ground and the pipeline are the places where water seepage and water leakage are most likely to occur.

  ◆3. According to the different functions in the bathroom, we can divide the bathroom into two areas, dry and wet. The use of some beautiful and waterproof partition materials to divide and divide the two areas can make the two areas complement each other and effectively avoid the troubles caused by the wet and dry chaos.

  ◆4. When it comes to bathroom decoration precautions and details, we also need to pay attention to the choice of bathroom decoration materials. Because today’s family bathrooms have the function of bathing and washing, it can be said that the bathroom is a relatively humid environment. Therefore, when choosing the bathroom decoration materials, we need to choose some decoration materials with better waterproof performance, which can effectively extend the service life of the bathroom.

  ◆5. It is well known that if the ground is stained with water, we can easily be slipped when walking on it. Therefore, we should consider anti-skid measures when designing the bathroom floor, especially in the bathing area. The simplest anti-skid measure for the ground is to choose the floor tiles with embossed surfaces to provide a good anti-slip effect.

  ◆6. Because there will always be inevitable odor and moisture in the bathroom, however, such indoor environment is harmful to our physical and mental health. Therefore, when we are decorating the bathroom, we must do a good ventilation design. Installing an exhaust fan indoors is the best way to improve indoor ventilation.

   The bathroom is small, but its function is closely related to our daily life. Therefore, when we are decorating the bathroom, we must pay attention to the handling of the bathroom decoration and details.
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Home appliances and homes hold a group to warm the winter

Recently, Suning Tesco Guangzhou Dart Plaza Yundian re-installed the home decoration business of Shangpin Home for the first time. Guangzhou Gome will also welcome new customers in the Ouyada home at the end of this month. Home appliance stores have accelerated their marriage with the home industry and become a new phenomenon in the retail industry.

   However, in the context of the slowdown in the growth of the home appliance market and the pre-installation of home appliances, whether the two sides can warm up smoothly Winter is still to be observed. Liu Zhiyang, assistant to the president of Suning Tesco’s kitchen and bathroom home improvement company, told the first financial reporter that Shangpin’s home improvement business and other home improvement businesses entered Suning stores, and Guangdong is the first place. Guangzhou’s whole-house custom industry, Foshan’s furniture and sanitary ware industry, and Zhongshan’s lighting industry are relatively mature. In 2019, Suning will increase its local investment in Guangdong. At present, the home improvement business in Guangdong accounts for the proportion of Suning’s national equipment business revenue. Sixty-seven percent. Since the opening of the platform in 2013, Suning Tesco has cooperated with thousands and tens of thousands of home improvement brands. The home products of online channels are mainly standard products, and the products with strong experience are extended in stores.

   The reason for the accelerated development of Suning’s home improvement business this year, Liu Zhiyang said that the first is the large capacity of home improvement building materials market; secondly, from the whole house design, selection of building materials, to the purchase of furniture, home appliances, services The chain is long and the space for improvement is large. Therefore, Suning vigorously develops. The revenue of Suning’s home improvement business will exceed 10 billion yuan this year, and it is expected to maintain a growth rate of 150% every year for the next two or three years.

  Talking about the cooperation model, Liu Zhiyang said that Suning provides online and offline traffic and issues Suning’s invoices to users. The two parties are not only the relationship of venue leasing, but also provide better users. Service. At the same time, Suning only chooses a whole-house custom-made brand cooperation, including the exhibition area in the store, about 400 square meters in Europe, about 150~200 square meters in Shangpin home and Sophia. “In 2019, 200 to 300 independent stores (home brands with independent display areas) and 1,000 integrated stores (integrated display of home and home appliance brands) will be promoted throughout the country.”

   Gome, a major home appliance chain, has been transformed by home appliance retailers to the overall solution provider of home life, and more and more cooperation with the home industry. According to Li Juntao, senior vice president of Gome Retail, Gome has reached strategic cooperation with cabinet brands such as Europa, Zhibang, Gold, Piano and Ile, and explored the experience space for customized kitchen appliances. It is expected to enter 200 stores in 2019. . Gome has also launched a home improvement business with love space, big tree decoration, and home decoration. Now it has introduced home improvement business in 146 stores, and plans to enter 211 stores throughout the year. At the same time, it is expanding its business with the home appliance as its axis. In the first nine months of this year, Gome’s central air-conditioning sales increased by 80% year-on-year, and floor heating sales increased by 145%.

  In the Guangdong market, South China Gome cooperated with Ouyada, Bohuang and other building materials and home furnishing chains in the second half of this year. Qiu Fuzhou, the investment director of Bo Royal Residence, revealed that the first is the preferred store cooperation between the two parties; the other is the cooperation between the two sides in advertising resources. At present, the cost of single-person drainage is 200~300 yuan, the cooperation can reduce the marketing cost; the third is the mutual diversion of customer resources, home improvement and Home appliance users are one, home customization to achieve the integration of the two, users who buy home building materials can buy electricity, buyers of electricity can also buy home products. Ma Yang, general manager of Guangzhou Gome, told the First Financial Reporter that in the future, Guangzhou Gome’s stores could even turn part of the space into a home store. Before, Shangpin’s home has been stationed in Gome, Zhongshan, Zhongshan Road, and the cooperation between the two sides has achieved good results. In the future, the scale of cooperation in home appliances and home furnishing will expand. “On the one hand, it saves the decoration cost of the store, on the other hand, it can also integrate the electric appliance into the home scene for sale.”
   “Gome has the advantage of core storefront, and home furnishing enterprises have design advantages.” Mei Dunjian, assistant general manager of Guangzhou Gome, added that the two sides cooperate and have complementary advantages, which can share rent and drain each other. benefit. “Promoting the sales of the home industry through the flow of Gome; at the same time, through the traffic of Europa, etc., it also drives the sales of Gome.”
   Liu Jun, vice president of marketing of Ou Pai Furniture Group, said that in 2018, each line The industry is feeling the downward pressure on the economy. Faced with the trend of “integration of cabinet electricity” and “integration of kitchen and food”, Gome and Europa have both needs to transform and upgrade. Since the signing of the European and Gome in August this year, the two sides have cooperated with more than 20 stores. I hope that the future European and Gome will mutually empower each other and work together to tap into the greater potential of the kitchen economy.
   China Chain Management Association President Yan Liang told the First Financial Reporter that the marriage of home appliance retailing and home building materials industry is a retail format innovation that can provide consumers with home decoration design, One-stop service from home building materials to household appliances.
   However, in the process of cooperation, the most important thing is the innovation of commodities, and the “pain point” that truly meets the needs of consumers can make the “cake” bigger.
   Zhong Yikang’s general manager Peng Yu told the First Financial Reporter that it is expected that the growth rate of retail sales in the domestic appliance market will be only about 1% in 2018 and 2019, and the home appliance market will usher in real next year. “winter”. Consumption upgrades, emerging categories and a one-stop full solution are the development direction of the home appliance retail industry. A regional marketing manager of a color TV company told the First Financial Reporter that the growth rate of the home appliance market is slowing down, and the links for users to purchase home appliances are also on the front, and the sales of their TV sets in the home chain and designer channels have increased significantly.
   In this context, the appliance store and the home industry are warming up, whether it can survive the winter, it still needs to be observed.
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How can the home industry change to stand out from the contrarian?

In 2018, the home industry has gone through a tortuous year in the overall adversity. In this year, the changes in the household consumption market continue to bring new challenges to home furnishing enterprises through their own industrial structure, product quality and service level. Constantly upgrading, some excellent home furnishing enterprises can rise against the trend, and bring a lot of enlightenment to 2019. In 2018, it has entered the last month. What new trends will be in the home furnishing industry, how can we change from the contrarian trend? ?
Technology under the “new innovation” becomes the core competitiveness

With the changes in the consumer market, the “pseudo-innovation” style of “Shantou” is no longer the case. The era of attracting consumers is gone forever. Even children know that they can check the Internet. Mr. Yang, who has been in the home industry for many years, told the Beijing Morning Post reporter. Consumers will pay more attention to the inner experience of home products. In recent years, many home furnishing companies have gradually shifted their research and development focus to “inside”, through innovation in the design, work quality, raw materials and comfort of home products. Under the environment of “Made in China 2025”, the “new innovation” products suitable for Chinese consumers are the magic weapon for the home industry to seize market opportunities.

Differentiated products continue to be favored by consumers

In recent years, although the scale of the customized home market has not expanded as expected, it is undeniable that more and more Consumers are beginning to accept differentiated customized home experiences, and more and more families are beginning to try to meet different home needs through a “customized” approach, especially with the lag of the “two-child era”. Time will increase the household consumption of the two-child family as the main consumer group, and the demand for differentiated products will become more and more visible.

Diversified channels for symbiosis and win-win

Before this year’s “Double Eleven”, many traditional home furnishing companies, such as large stores and home improvement companies, have chosen a variety of ways. The Internet e-commerce platform “marriage”, from the actual sales data and consumer market feedback, also achieved good results. Due to the special nature of household products, there are a certain proportion of consumer groups in various channels, such as online and offline retail, home stores, etc., and the balance is difficult to be broken in a short period of time. In the new year, how The organic use of diversified channels is a key factor in achieving good results in 2019.

Environmental consumer demand continues to increase

In 2018, environmental issues in rental housing have caused concern about home environmental issues. Nowadays, many consumers have already chosen home products. The environmental protection attribute has been put in the first place, and since many consumers in the process of purchasing, they constantly learn about environmental protection knowledge through the Internet and other channels, and the environmental identification ability of household products has also been greatly improved. The improvement of consumer identification ability has made some pseudo environmentally friendly products nowhere to be seen, and some excellent environmentally friendly products have been favored. Under the head and tail effect, environmental protection has become the key word for the reshuffle of household products. In the new year, It is the general trend to do environmental protection in a down-to-earth manner.

Service-oriented home business to fine transformation

In 2018, at major home exhibitions, some big home manufacturers can be seen to do some “small things” “A home improvement app, a data management software or even a smart light, as long as it is more about the comfort of the home experience, it can attract consumers to stop and win business opportunities. In the new year, how will Some high-tech technologies such as big data, VR, and AR have come to the service experience, which is a problem that every home enterprise must consider.

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Don’t worry about the stone, look here

Several methods for stone defect processing

  1. Sampling

   In order to avoid the blindness of a large engineering material, the samples should be polished on the same sawing surface from each block before the material is opened, and compared with each other and numbered. According to the principle of color transition, the three colors of rich, medium and light are distinguished. If there are many types of colors, the English letters A, B, C, D, E… are used to distinguish them. The sample taken is also stored for a period of time after the end of the project so that it can be used by the customer for feeding.
   After the sample is determined, the person in charge of the opening section will make a detailed billing plan according to the layout plan of the customer according to the technical requirements of the production and processing. The opening plan must pass the workshop owner, the shop quality inspection, and the business follow-up member confirms the signature and takes effect.

   Second, row board, color separation, take board, plan

  1. Because a large project uses a large amount of the same kind of stone, in order to ensure the same space, the color of the plate installed on the same plane is basically the same, and the texture is good. Before sawing the large board, it should be cut from each piece of material. Out of the large board, pick out the representative large plates in the order of color gradient, color separation, and use the text to indicate the block number, the depth of the color, distinguished by thick, medium and light. When the color of the stone is classified, it is distinguished by A1, A2, A3, ….
  2. When the color of the stone to be selected by the processing, the difference in texture is large, and there are other defects on the surface of the stone, the stone size should be taken according to the layout of the floor and the size of the stone on the decorative elevation map provided by the customer. The dividing line is marked with a pencil on the board surface.
  3. After taking the board, use the diagram to draw the board size and number distribution.
  4. The craftsman or the pick-up person indicates in the form of text and drawings which part of the processing project the obtained board is used for.
  5. The sheets cut out according to the plan are still arranged before the edging and profile processing, and the color is separated. It also indicates the direction of the edging to avoid mixing the adjusted color and texture during the edging and profile processing.


   In recent years, with the development of stone dyeing technology, the dyeing technology of stone has gradually matured. Many stone materials that were previously thought to be incapable of dyeing have broken through the technical exclusion zone and can be dyed, and a variety of dyes have also been produced. The dyed stone can change the problem of local chromatic aberration and make the stone installation effect better.
   Before dyeing the board, it is best to take a small sample for testing. The dyed sample is compared with the original color of the board to confirm that the effect is achieved and then put into the dyeing work.

  4, 挖补

   Some stone materials, whether it is a special grade or a grade material, are inherently flawed due to their natural properties. For example, purple color sesame, oyster pearls inevitably have black spots. If the customer has to avoid dark spots when processing such stones, it may be quite difficult for the manufacturer to carry out the production smoothly, and even cause considerable losses.
  Used to repair and repair the stone with color spots and color lines must be carefully carried out, the method should be correct, otherwise it is difficult to achieve a good decorative effect. We used the following method to process stone with stains in a large stone processing process, and passed the acceptance.
   Install a drill bit on the drill press that does not match the diameter of the stain, drill the group of stains, and then fill the excavation with a round stone with a diameter error of 0.5 mm. Handling seams can hardly be seen.

  5, split

   smart and have a deep understanding of the stone designer, in a large project will take an isolation design The method is to cut off the same kind of stone by another stone to ensure the color of each area is basically the same.
   We used the Spanish beige to process the floor of a certain engineering hall. Due to the large color difference of the materials, the color of the hall floor is basically the same. Therefore, after fully analyzing the layout of the floor of this hall, we boldly used the Spanish beige material with a large color difference, and properly utilized several glass walls in the hall to divide the ground into several areas, and will be in the hall. The display above the ground also made the ground further divided. The use of segmentation eliminates chromatic aberration.

   Six, according to the spatial structure of processing

   stone processing, it is not easy to process. Because of the large space of stone decoration, it is divided into many small spaces by many beams, columns, corners and floors. In the production and processing, the materials can be used according to these small spaces, so that each different space and room materials are different, and the space materials that can be seen adjacently are basically the same.
   There are many renovation projects. When using a stone decoration on a large area, this method is often used when it is impossible to ensure the same color in the same space. First ensure that the color of the entire wall is the same, the color of the beam is the same, and the color of the column is the same. Use a different color in the same space to create a three-dimensional effect.
   usually the actual operation of many projects, generallyRegardless of the role of the spatial structure on the stone decoration, it is impossible to emphasize the stone without such defects. For example, the exterior decoration of a 30-story building is above 10m. Even if the stone has great defects, how can the eyes of the person see a stain on the stone with a diameter of about 100mm? We have tried this practice in a project in South Korea and both parties have achieved satisfactory cooperation.

  7, Progressively by color

   Once contacted with a project in Japan, due to the color difference of the selected materials, plus the customer’s The floor area of ​​the decoration is very large. In the case that the color of the whole ground cannot be guaranteed to be basically the same, the Japanese engineering technical guidance has proposed a very novel treatment method. According to the color layer by layer, the plate processing is carried out to ensure that each layer has the same color. This method is both interesting and novel, and can achieve a better decorative effect.

  8, 纹纹

  Many stones have a certain grain direction, such as the use of good stone, such as the change of characteristics The front, back, left, right or upper, lower, left and right lines are connected end to end, creating a beautiful natural pattern. This kind of pattern can be like an unpredictable cloud, or like a wilderness or a mountain river. This abstract natural pattern is fully realized by the viewer’s imagination. From the viewing, you can enjoy nature and bring us beautiful enjoyment.
   Now, the processing method for chasing in stone processing is not only suitable for this kind of stone with bright line texture, but also for the processing of stone with chromatic aberration to ensure the installation of the plate. Always maintain the original natural style, and can explain to the customer that the color difference of the sheet is the same large board processing.

  Nine, chaotic

  There is a popular practice in stone decoration, regardless of the difference in color or not. , the pursuit of a natural, simple effect. This kind of decorative technique can be freely created by the designer and the decorator according to his own imagination, and the final effect of the decoration can be understood and interpreted by others.

  10, layered processing

   There are many stones like old beige, brown netting and other stone on the same big board Not the same color. If no special method is used in the processing, it is impossible to receive a good decorative effect.
  The so-called layered processing is based on the color of the surface of the large board, according to the level of the color, according to the technical requirements and size requirements on the production processing sheet, the same color of the board is cut and placed in the same area Inner and adjacent areas.

  11. Installers are strictly installed according to the manufacturer’s plate number

  Before the stone products are shipped, the manufacturers usually have numbers. And there are arrows to indicate a clear direction. If the construction party does not strictly install the number given by the manufacturer at the time of installation, the manufacturer’s serial number will be disordered at will, which will make the installation effect of the entire space very poor.

  12. Good communication and negotiation with customers

   The difficult things in the world can be solved only through good communication and negotiation between the two parties. Especially for the natural resources that stone leaves us as a non-renewable natural resource. What reason do we have to blame this natural thing, to nitpick, to pursue the so-called perfect ideal. A round of bright moon is beautiful, and can you say that it is extremely ugly?
   The beauty and ugliness of things are not part of the matter, but the key is to evaluate the overall effect and function of the object. The good effect and the good function are the ideal realm of the designer.
  Quality inspection and acceptance of stone products are related to their quality standards, but considering that stone is a natural product, we can’t copy the standard in the process of processing. Make a constant dogma. The specific processing and installation should always proceed from the environment and spatial position of the stone, from the final decorative effect of the stone installation, taking into account the quality of the product and the comprehensive utilization of the stone, maximizing the potential and excavating the value of the stone, using various The means to solve the inevitable defects in the stone, so that the stone products are more flashing and fascinating.
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Will you choose the living room ceiling lamp?

In modern home decoration, many families choose to decorate a ceiling lamp in the living room. The biggest advantage of the living room ceiling lamp is to bring the atmosphere to the living room. What are the shopping tips for the living room ceiling lamp?
  Three types of lighting for living room ceiling lamps

   1. Built-in ceiling lighting: for living rooms with suspended ceilings. The light exit of the embedded ceiling lamp has a square shape, a round shape, an elliptical shape, a diamond shape, etc., and can be arranged into many patterns according to the design intention, and has a position and a number of turns to control the lighting, and can create a new lighting concept.
  2, artistic style ceiling lamp lighting: the lampshade and the tray of the ceiling lamp are in various poses and meteorological.

  3. Semi-embedded ceiling lamp illumination: It has the characteristics of both embedded ceiling lamps and artistic ceiling lamps, but the advantages are not as obvious as the above two types of ceiling lamps.

  How to choose the living room ceiling lamp
  1, size
  The size of the living room ceiling lamp is mainly It is affected by the size of the living room. Generally speaking, the room area suitable for the 29-diameter living room ceiling lamp is between 15 and 25 square meters, which is in line with the living room area of ​​many families. The living room ceiling lamp with an area diameter of 33 and an oversized living room seems to be too large if it is placed in a living room with an area of ​​less than 25 square meters.
& emsp; & emsp; 2, style
& emsp; & emsp; living room ceiling lamp style is more and more, but do not blindly choose, must choose the style that suits your home style and needs, such as Modern styles must choose stylish and generous ceiling lamps, and you can’t choose classical, luxurious or complicated lamps.
  3, color
  The living room is mainly used for meeting and gathering places. The ceiling lamp will make the living room look bright and generous, with a sense of the times, the lighting should be rich and bright. . Therefore, the color of the living room ceiling lamp determines the overall effect of the living room.
  4, type
  The living room ceiling lamp is divided into incandescent ceiling lamps and fluorescent ceiling lamps according to the light source. The incandescent ceiling lamps focus on illumination, and the fluorescent ceiling lamps are more focused on decoration. The incandescent ceiling lamp has a bright light source that creates an open and generous living room atmosphere. Fluorescent ceiling lamps create a more beautiful and romantic style by exciting the phosphors to emit light of various colors depending on the wavelength.

  Recommended for living room ceiling lamps
  1, pay attention to the safety of ceiling lamps, choose materials that are not easy to damage when purchasing, it is best not to choose glass Covered ceiling light. We can’t just be cheap, we must check the certificate and the warranty book is complete. Although it is not necessarily the best to say that the most expensive is not too good, it is not good to be too cheap. Many living room lamps with poor quality often have security risks.
  2, pay attention to the light transmission of the ceiling lamp. When purchasing, you should choose a uniform material. It is best not to choose a lampshade with poor light transmission, which will affect the light.
  3, pay attention to the durability of the ceiling lamp. When purchasing, choose a good quality lamp. The poor quality lamp is easy to black, which not only affects the lighting effect of the lamp but also affects the service life of the lamp.
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LED floodlights will be on for a while. What is going on?

LED floodlights, also known as LED floodlights, spotlights, projection lamps, spotlights, etc., are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting, as well as commercial space lighting, decorative components are heavier, and their appearance is round. It is also square, because it has to consider the different reasons of heat dissipation and application environment, so other shape floodlights only have some differences in appearance, in fact, the principle is the same.

When you want to know how the LED floodlights are broken, you must first understand the most basic structure of the floodlights. Because of the different reasons for heat dissipation and application environment, other shape floodlights are just shapes. There are some differences, but the principles are the same. LED floodlights are mainly LED light sources (also known as LED lamp beads), LED power supplies (also known as LED drivers), housings, waterproof gaskets and waterproofing glue. LED light source, the driving quality is excellent, the waterproofing is good, the outer casing is thick enough to meet the heat dissipation of the light source and the power source, and the floodlight is basically not problematic. Then, if the LED floodlights are broken, there will be no bright spots, a flash, sometimes bright, and what should be done? I will tell you how to repair and replace it today.

The LED flood light is broken, mainly the light source and the drive. The most important source is the light source and the power supply are not good enough to cause problems. If you use the tool to check it, you know that the LED lamp is not lit. The reason is:

1. The power supply is broken, no power: the lamp is basically the power supply, and the power supply provides constant current to the light source. The working voltage, often a lot of floodlights are bad on the power supply. The power supply has problems in converting AC power into DC power, which may cause the LED flood light to not shine brightly. This kind of general can’t be repaired, only the power supply is changed. Another reason is that the power supply is good, and the performance is just The spotlight can be turned on for a while and then start to flash. This is mainly because the heat of the lamp beolating does not go out, causing it to flash all the time. The fundamental problem is that the casing does not disperse the lamp bead. First, check if the casing reaches 50g/w. Standard, additionally check whether the light source and the outer casing are well connected, and whether the thermal paste is evenly coated. If the power supply is broken, try another power supply and see if the light is still off. If it is not lit, then the problem is not necessarily at the power source. Another reason is that the temperature difference between winter and summer in some areas varies greatly, resulting in the power supply operating temperature being too high or too low to operate stably. Objectively speaking, this power supply is a non-conforming product. If the power supply is broken, then change a good point, a power supply can not be two or three years, the quality will not work.

2. The light source is broken, no light is on: the general spotlight is integrated with the lamp bead, see if there is a black spot in the middle lamp bead seal position, this black spot is two reasons Caused by the first long-term use, the temperature of the lamp is formed by the high temperature of the glue and the phosphor. Another reason is that the current of the power supply is too high, and the lamp itself is open or necrotic. In addition, there is no waterproofing of the floodlights. The water inside the lamp is flooded, causing the lamp beads to burn off, the chip life is not long, and the quality is not good. The poor heat dissipation of the floodlight source will also cause the light source to decay (in simple terms, it is not bright before) or it will burn out. If the outer casing is intact, it is still possible to replace the lamp bead, but you need to know the string of the power supply and match the source string.

3. Wire solder joints are weakly soldered, resulting in no power supply: the integrated lamp bead inside the floodlight is connected to two wires, whether the lamp beads have virtual soldering, false soldering, cold soldering, and whether the power input line is If there is a loose connection point, an open circuit, etc., check if the drive cable is broken. In short, the LED floodlights are not bright. The main reasons for flashing are voltage instability, lamp quality, and power quality. Since the LED floodlights are driven by constant current, the DC voltage after conversion is relatively low. Therefore, the problem of voltage instability can be neglected, and the reason why the LED floodlight does not shine brightly is in the quality of the lamp bead and the quality of the power supply.

In the end, LED floodlights are all high-power LED products. Good quality manufacturers will undergo strict aging test before leaving the factory to ensure that they are good products in the hands of consumers, electronic products. No manufacturer can guarantee 100% no problem, in case of problems, please contact the factory after sale, the warranty of the spotlight is at least 2 years, if you buy a cheap spotlight for half a year, 1 year out The problem, the manufacturers will basically ignore you, because the cheap spotlights use poor materials, cost compression, coupled with high after-sales costs, manufacturers will lose money, so no matter what electronic products, after-sales service is very Important, remember!

The floodlight is broken, can you repair it yourself?

LED floodlights can be repaired, but non-professionals can not repair, it is recommended to find a professional manufacturer of LED lights to help repair. Of course, the average company is not willing to repair, because repairing a light fixture is more trouble than producing a light fixture! It is recommended to buy lamps with a slightly better quality when buying lights, of course, good quality will be more expensive! A good luminaire manufacturer will have a warranty of 2-3 years.

LED floodlight dimming technology and future development

1. Main LED light dimming technology

The first method is through adjustment The driving current of the LED is used to achieve dimming of the LED lamp because the brightness of the LED chip and the LED driving current have a fixed ratio.

The second dimming is commonly referred to as analog dimming mode or linear dimming. The advantage of this dimming is that when the driving current is linearly increased or decreased, the LED chip will be relatively lowered, and the immunity of the control circuit is strong against the overshoot of the driving current. The disadvantage is that the change in drive current will have a certain effect on the color temperature of the LED chip.

The third mode of dimming is the pulsed light modulator (PWM) mode. This method is achieved by a certain control to make the driving current square, the variable pulse width, the duration of the change by the pulse width adjustment, and also the output power can be changed, thereby achieving the purpose of energy saving. Frequency control is generally 2From 00 Hz to 10 kHz, since the human eye is visually retained, it is not possible to feel the movement of light that flickers. The advantage of this method is that the advantage of moving light is that it can improve the heat dissipation of the LED. The disadvantage is that the overshoot of the drive current has a certain effect on the life of the LED chip.

The above three dimmer methods are classified according to the output control of the LED drive current. The control circuit can also be divided into analog control and PWM control, and the control circuit is usually completed by a microcontroller.

2. Dimming system and future development

The perfect intelligent control should have manual control, intelligent control, light control, time control and fault alarm function. When the sun goes down, the sky can be lighted automatically, and the illumination at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night can be automatically halved. After dawn, the light can be automatically extinguished; in special cases, people can control it manually; when the control fails, the control system can automatically Call the police.

The intelligent dimming system includes a server, the central controller, a single chip controller and a signal detection circuit.

Server: Host and computer software, mainly composed of monitoring and alarm functions. The connection of the website server to the streetlight management control center and the central controller can be achived by power line carrier, network or wireless.

Central controller: responsible for receiving signals from the server and sending them to the controller, control and signal detection, and sending the results to the decoding unit of the server.

Signal detection circuit detects ambient brightness, drives power supply voltage, and current. And the detected signal is sent to the unit controller or the central controller.

Unit controller: Each LED light is equipped with a unit controller. By receiving the command, the central controller controls the light or turns the LED on and off. At the same time, the LED is detected by the driving voltage and current signal. The central controller of the circuit. When there is an LED luminaire fault to the fault signal to the central controller.

At present in the field of road lighting, the application of LED is spreading rapidly, long life and reliability are still the first thing to consider, but as technology develops, life and reliability issues To be solved, to a certain extent, LED lighting applications will inevitably move toward the pace of intelligent dimming systems.
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Bathroom sink size and price reference

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the styles of bathroom wash basins are also diverse, and people have more choices. There are many styles of wash basins on the market, and there are also big differences in size. What is the size and price of the bathroom wash basin? In this issue, we will introduce the size of the bathroom wash basin, as well as the price reference, I hope to help you.
First, the size of the bathroom wash basin

1, common shape

wash basin common The shapes are: round, rectangular, fan-shaped and shaped. The style, material, brand and type of the wash basin are different, and the size of the wash basin will be different. The size of the wash basin like a rectangle is generally 600*400MM, 600*460MM. Within the specification range of 800*500MM, the round wash basin is generally determined by the diameter. For example, the diameter of 400MM, 460MM or 600MM is the common round wash basin size on the market.

2, common specifications

The common specifications for bathroom wash basins are 310MM, 330*360MM, 600 *400MM, 700*530MM, 800*500MM, 900*520MM, etc. Many bathroom manufacturers now offer bathroom customization, which can be customized according to the size and shape of customers.

3, collocation specification

The size of the wash basin will also vary according to the matching area of ​​the table top. The common undercounter basin size is 850mm, and the above counter basin is 750mm. These two sizes are the standard size of the wash basin, but if the area of ​​the countertop is small, then you need to choose a smaller basin.

Second, the price of the wash basin reference

The price of the wash basin does not have a standard, according to the wash basin The size, brand, material to decide, the general price is about 100 yuan to thousands of dollars, the following small series will sort out the price of some brand wash basins for everyone to refer to, let’s take a look! (Note: The following prices come from the network, For reference only!)

1, Dongpeng

Ceramic wash basin Model: 973 Price: 419元/台台

Square ceramic under counter basin Model: W1133 Price: 259 yuan / Taiwan

Shaped Ceramic Under Counter Basin Model: W1133 Price: 299 yuan / Taiwan

2, Kohler

Square Single basin model: K-2215T Price: 516 yuan / Taiwan

Square under counter basin water faucet Model: K-2215T Price: 1025 yuan / Taiwan

Embedded round basin model: K-2211T-0 Price: 1039 yuan / Taiwan


Square ceramic wash basin size: w:500×d:450(mm) Price 1099 yuan / Taiwan

Circular ceramic wash basin size: w:500×d:450 (mm) Price: 1238 yuan / Taiwan

Square lower basin size: w:500×d:450(mm) Price: 799 yuan/set
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