Does the eye protection really exist?

Eye protection lamps are useful and can not be discussed, because the material of each eye protection lamp is different from the workmanship. The eye protection lamp is converted into high frequency signal by electronically processing the signal of 220V, 50Hz alternating current. Eye protection lamp can reduce the impact of 100 stroboscopic lights per second. It is similar to natural light, white light, stable brightness, no flicker, no eye fatigue. It is preferred to buy three primary color fluorescent lamps when buying. To avoid too strong light source, you can avoid Filter out harmful blue light. Many children bring glasses when they are young. When parents buy lamps for their children, they will first consider eye protection to protect their vision and prevent myopia. But is this eye protection useful? Can you protect your child? Let me give you a brief introduction.
  Is the eye-protecting lamp useful?

   Before explaining the problem of using eye-protection lamps, let me talk about the difference between ordinary table lamps and eye-protection lamps. . When the ordinary desk lamp works normally under the AC state of 50 Hz, it will flash about 100 times per second. Such a high flicker frequency cannot be seen by the human eye. The result of this is that under the desk lamp for a long time, coupled with the lack of attention to eye hygiene, it is extremely easy to cause myopia.

   Most of the eye-protection lamps are different from ordinary desk lamps in that the electric frequency of 50 Hz is increased to 40,000 to 55,000 Hz, and the corresponding table lamp has a high frequency of flashing per second. The amplitude is reduced, and some can even drop to zero, thus protecting the vision.

  The eye protection lamp is useful and not useful, because the material of each eye protection lamp is different from the workmanship. In addition, according to the investigation, the light is too bright or too dark to damage the eyes, which will cause visual fatigue, which will make myopia deeper, and the stroboscopic light will also have an adverse effect on the eyes. There are some eye-protection lights on the market that are too bright, but not good for the eyes. Therefore, remind everyone to buy eye protection, do not blindly believe in the propaganda of the business, when you want to make purchases, you must choose the products produced by regular manufacturers, and see if there is a 3C logo. When using eye protection, do not be too close to the human body. At the same time, try to reduce the time of using the eye-protection lamp to prevent eye fatigue caused by excessive eye fatigue. The light should be moderate, don’t use a lamp with too much power, because the light is too glaring to hurt the eyes.

  How to choose eye protection lamp

  1, preferred three primary color fluorescent lamp

 &emsp Natural light is a mixture of seven different color lights that are suitable for reading. The student’s eye protection lamp should also have soft light, not too strong. It should use three primary colors of phosphor, that is, it will form natural light or close to natural light according to the appropriate ratio.

  2, select the ring light source

  The light in the general family uses a single light source, there will be shadows, such light is not conducive to students Used for homework. The eye-protection lamp should use a circular light source, so that the distributed light is more uniform, there will be no blind spots or shadows, and the child will be given enough lighting space to alleviate the visual fatigue. The eyes are also more comfortable when learning. .

  3, filter harmful blue light

   purchase the lamp to avoid too strong light source, can filter out harmful blue light, such eyes The damage you receive will be small. It is also recommended that the majority of students try not to look at the bright light source for a long time, and do not overuse the eyes.

  4, the energy consumption is small for the final consideration

   students have more classwork, and the time spent on learning is quite long. The lamp will consume more power. When parents choose to study lighting for their children, they should also consider whether they are saving energy and whether they consume more electricity. Try to choose a small amount of energy, which can reduce unnecessary waste.

  Precautions for eye protection

  1. The brightness of the eye protection lamp should be uniform

 &emsp The brightness of the general eye protection lamp is kept at a ratio of 3:1 to the brightness of the surrounding, so that the visual acuity can be improved and the visual fatigue can be alleviated.

  2.Environmental protection of the desk to avoid glare interference

   desk materials should use the national standard materials uniformly, to avoid the surface of the decorative material will reflect Glare causes visual discomfort. Therefore, in the place where you study and study, you must avoid the occurrence of glare. Some children will have a sharp decline in vision in a short period of time because of the long-term interference in receiving glare.

  3.The use of natural light and artificial lighting

   reading desks for children at home should be as close as possible to the location with window lighting, while paying attention The position of the eye-protection lamp is generally placed on the left side of the desk, so as to avoid the right hand block when writing, and the indoor lighting should not be covered by the object, so as to avoid the background light from the reading area.
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Construction precautions for acrylic silicone coatings

Acrylic silicone coatings have many advantages as a high-performance weather-resistant topcoat, such as environmental protection, gloss retention, color retention, acid, alkali, salt spray and other corrosion, but they also have strict construction techniques. Claim. If it is not strictly in accordance with the process construction, problems such as insufficient adhesion and appearance defects may occur, and the factors affecting the quality of the silicone coating include: construction environment, painting equipment, proportion of thinner materials added, and related construction matters. Strict adherence to construction requirements ensures maximum quality of the acrylic silicone coating as expected.

1. Environmental factors:
Temperature, humidity, and ventilation have a greater impact on the adhesion of the coating, at temperatures below 15 ° C, humidity less than 60%, the general conditions of ventilation, the coating adhesion is poor. By improving the construction conditions (temperature and humidification), the humidity is maintained at 60%~85% in the early stage of curing (ie, 3~12H after construction), and the humidity is controlled below 80% in the late curing stage; the temperature is controlled at 15 ~25 ° C, and enhanced ventilation, so as to ensure good curing of silicone. In this case, the detection result of the coating adhesion is generally not less than Grade 1.
2, equipment factors: polysiloxane is a high solid content coating, so the choice of construction equipment is also more stringent, usually choose a pressure ratio of 65:1 GPQ6C pump, can make high solid content polysilicon The oxane is well atomized.
In the selection of the nozzle, the 08-25 construction effect is ideal. The nozzle of this model has lower construction efficiency than other models, but it can better control the flow of the paint and finally achieve the fine film. The full-bodied appearance.
3, the proportion of thinner: the addition of thinner is a common and important part of the coating construction, the right amount of thinner can adjust the viscosity of the coating to achieve a good atomization of the coating, thereby avoiding the construction process Pinholes, dry spray, sag and other ills.
4, other: the rational use of polysiloxane: because the silicone curing agent (component B) is very sensitive to humidity, 2H will be scrapped when directly exposed to the air, therefore, should be used during construction Reasonable arrangements to avoid unnecessary waste, if not used for special reasons, the components should be immediately sealed.
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Washed white painting process, do you understand?

What is washed white?
The so-called washed white, that is, translucent white. Both the wood texture and the white purity can be seen. Generally, pine, rubber wood and other materials are mostly used. It can be made into a fully enclosed flattening effect, or it can be made into a three-dimensional open effect.

Washing white primer is good in filling, fast drying and good grinding. Aqueous washed white topcoat has good hand feeling, excellent leveling, anti-blocking property and moderate whiteness. These are important performance indicators for water-washed white products. The two can be used together to achieve the best coating effect.

Washing white wood lacquer is most suitable for children’s furniture. Most children’s furniture washed with white is made of natural pine wood. It is coated with environmentally friendly water-based wood lacquer. Water-based wood lacquer can not only fully protect it. Good substrate, you can also show the original natural texture of pine wood, while the special effect of washing white is mild and simple, it will not have strong color stimulation for children, making the home look more natural.

Washing white coating process

1, water-based adhesive primer, after the treatment of the plate, the reinforced primer can remove wood burrs or the wood is swollen due to water absorption. Wood bars. Water-based paints use water as a solvent, so the water content is high. This should be noted.

2, water-based sealing primer, after the coating primer is completely polished to the surface of the wood, and then brush the primer to seal the oil inside the wood and prevent the color from floating.

3, aqueous wash white primer, primer is to fill the wood conduit, the surface is more leveling. After drying, polish it slightly until the surface is flat.

4, washed white topcoat, the role of beauty and protection to make the surface more level and scratch resistant, increase the feel of the film.

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What do you think of the boat wood floor?

The laying of wooden floors can add color to the living room and enhance the quality of home life. However, many people have a crush on the craftsmanship of ship wood flooring. Today we will take you to understand the wooden floor and maintenance skills.
   ship wood floor introduction

   ship wood floor is a kind of solid wood floor which is very popular nowadays. This floor style is unique and the craft effect is good. An embodiment of the quality of life of modern people. Ship wood is generally used in relatively high-end furniture, it can reflect the natural charm of the floor, stepping on the boat wooden floor makes people feel very returning to the original.

  The ship’s wooden floor has a very strong sense of vicissitudes. It has waterproof and insect-proof effects. The ship’s wooden floor is generally hard, and it feels very solid on the top. Moreover, the ship wood is a very old wood. The wooden floor made of the ship is an extremely precious piece of furniture and a very historic product. This kind of floor is installed at home, not only makes people step on the ground. People are also very practical.

  The boat wood of the ship’s wooden floor is generally used for hundreds of years to make furniture, and the ship has a long history. This kind of ship is a treasured wood resource, use it to The price of the floor is definitely very high. The craftsmanship of the ship’s wooden floor is also very good. Its market is vast. It is difficult for modern people to find the furniture made of ship wood. What’s more, if the floor has such a wooden floor, Its value is also very expensive.

  The floor surface of the ship’s wooden floor is coated with a special layer of floor protection, which not only does not cover the original appearance of the ship’s wood, but also can play a good role on the ship’s wooden surface. Protection, but also a good touch of the boat wood.

  Advantages of ship wood flooring:

   First, the floor is made by hand, which reflects the original features and charm of the ancient ship wood;

   Second, each floor is carefully designed and manufactured by hand, with the artistic characteristics of “non-replicability”, which highlights the extraordinary personality of the owner;

   Third, after centuries of soaking and stamping in seawater, the ship’s wood quality is more tough and wear-resistant, and its waterproof, fireproof and insect-resistant natural environmental protection is also better;

   Fourth, the ship’s wooden floor is usually simple and convenient to care and maintain, as long as it avoids strong sun exposure.

   ship wood floor maintenance tips

   First, keep the floor dry and clean, if the air in the house is dry, the mop can be wet or put on the heating Use a basin of water or humidify with a humidifier.

   Second, try to avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid surface aging and cracking.

  3. Inadvertent staining of the surface of the board should be removed in time. If there is oil, use a rag, warm water and a small amount of washing powder. If it is a drug or pigment, it must be in the stain. Remove before infiltrating the wood surface.

   Fourth, the floor should avoid contact with water for a long time, especially if it can not be in contact with hot water. Therefore, once hot water is scattered on the floor, it should be dried in time.

   V. It is best to take a wax every three months, and clean the stain on the floor surface before waxing. Although it is not waxed, it is often waxed to maintain the smoothness of the floor and extend the life of the floor.

  6. Avoid sharp objects scratching the ground, do not throw cigarettes on the floor or place too heavy things directly, try to avoid dragging heavy furniture.
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What are the categories of security windows?

Nowadays, urbanites are paying more and more attention to the safety of homes, and theft prevention is one of them. In addition to the security door, the security window is also chosen when you decorate. So what kinds of anti-theft windows are on the market? Let me give you a brief explanation. At the same time, we have prepared some invisible security windows for everyone.
What are the types of security windows

Common types of security windows are classified according to materials: stainless steel security window, color steel security window, wrought iron security window, aluminum alloy security window, zinc steel security window , steel-plastic composite anti-theft window, etc.; according to the use of functions to have a fixed security window and movable multi-function sliding security window.

The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of two common security windows

Stainless steel security window

1, novel structure: professional, novel appearance Design, noble, elegant, beautiful and generous, improve the city’s humanized building taste.

2, neat and beautiful: according to customer requirements into a variety of styles or the entire building unified style, in line with the beautification of urban requirements.

3, security anti-theft: the biggest feature is anti-climbing (can not climb), anti-drilling (breaking glass can not drill), anti-mite (integrated design, the connection part is very strong), completely save The cost of installing the anti-theft network is safe for the elderly and children at home alone.

4, energy-saving sound insulation: the use of conventional profiles, ordinary glass can achieve maximum strength and best sound insulation, noise reduction of up to 100 decibels.

Built-in security window

1, select stainless steel material, thickness 0.6mm or more (solid thickness), stainless steel can be used permanently, if you choose imported color steel, it will not drop paint, Rusty, rotten.

2. Because it is installed indoors, the workmanship should be fine, beautiful, and matched with the luxurious living room. It should be durable and durable, which can avoid the troubles caused by future maintenance.

3. If the push-pull type is selected, it is more practical and not easy to malfunction. During the daytime, when someone is at home, the security window can be opened, the view is wide, and the security window is closed at night to prevent thieves from entering the room.

4, the window space occupied when opening is small, does not affect the lighting. Moreover, the push and pull is light and not easy to damage.

5, not integrated with the plastic steel window, so you can prevent theft when opening the window in summer. However, the closed window cannot be ventilated, which affects the free flow of indoor air.

Invisible security window price

Invisible security window is the first in China to adopt double-lock double-opening device with built-in translation structure, which makes it flexible to open and push and pull. Sex, safety and beauty. It is made of stainless steel wire which can bear more than 85-120kgy tensile force, generally 1.5-2mm thick. The stainless steel wire is tensioned and wrapped between the fixed profiles at the outer end of the home window. Its spacing is only 5cm. The guarantor cannot tear it and break it through the gap, which can effectively prevent thieves. It is also unique in that it is designed with an alarm function that automatically emits a 120-dB alarm when the wire is cut, and activates the dialing alarm function, continuously dials to your reserved number, and plays the alarm content. You can also reserve in advance. Alarm content.

Invisible security window can also effectively prevent children’s balcony, window fall and clothing falling, ease the discomfort of high altitude, make full use of the effective space of the balcony window, and not affect the visual and urban landscape.

Depending on the type of material, the invisible security window has different price positioning. The general price range of the security window is about 60-150 yuan per square meter, and the price of stainless steel security window is as high as 300 yuan per square meter.
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Give your kitchen a blinds.

The family kitchen has always been the key to home improvement. A beautiful kitchen can usually bring a good mood to the chef. Want to make your kitchen the same as a good mood, every day is full of sunshine? Today, Xiaobian will bring you five kitchen blinds with a rendering of the effect map to help you create a bright kitchen cooking space!
The kitchen space is generally small, and it is also the place where the smell of oil smoke often gathers, so the choice of kitchen curtains must be well ventilated. May wish to refer to the kitchen blinds decoration in the picture below, not only practical but also has a very good decorative effect. I can cook while enjoying the beautiful scenery outside, and with the breeze, I can’t help but pick up a minor tune.

The kitchen blinds decoration renderings, the kitchen as a whole gives you a sense of simplicity and generosity. The kitchen appliances are embedded, and the storage of the cabinets and cabinets is powerful, which greatly expands the space of the kitchen. Manual blinds are not only easy to install, but also easy to remove and wash. They are one of the best home accessories in modern home kitchens.

Electric kitchen blinds are more convenient to decorate, with just one button, the sun and the scenery will be in sight. Look at the above-mentioned kitchen blinds decoration renderings, set up a small bar by the window, you can sit on the window in the afternoon after the weekend, pull the curtains and enjoy the lazy time.

Look at this kitchen blinds decoration renderings, the overall kitchen decoration in beige tones, with a bamboo wood blinds, bright and warm, this kitchen decoration will evoke your soft heart. Worried that the washing area is wet, place it on the window, keep it moisture-proof and keep the whole kitchen clean.

The kitchen blinds decoration method is the most common way of home life. The blinds are installed in the kitchen to retain a part of the light-transparent gap, creating a beautiful beauty. Look at the picture of the kitchen blinds decoration effect picture, which not only ensures the light of the kitchen, but also blocks the outside sight.
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Aiming at metal doors and windows, is it possible for companies to cross the border?

After the successful listing of the customized home listed company, a series of capital operation actions were launched, the most obvious of which was the cross-border industry. The customized home-listed enterprises represented by Europa and Haolai were the first to focus on the metal doors and windows. Cross-border people are coming to the forefront, causing a wave of uproar in the door and window industry. How much is the odds of custom home furnishing companies entering the door and window industry?
Giants have entered the door and window industry

In order to further improve the product matching system of the big home, after the traditional category cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom and wooden door business, Ou Pai Furniture Group has entered the door and window industry. Opalney metal doors and windows. As the overlord of the custom industry, Opaloni metal doors and windows adhering to the European manufacturing genes, attaches great importance to product development and quality. Relying on the twenty-four years of deep-rooted layout of the Ou Pai Group in the custom home industry, the advantages of the group’s capital, customers, channels, brands, and information technology are aggregated, and “take advantage of the trend” in production, R&D, manufacturing, and service. Through technology and market innovation, we will create a new industrial chain closed-loop, and fully meet the needs of consumers to customize windows and doors for “window-new windows”.

Good Lai Ke and Lei Tuo established a joint venture company. Also in 2018, Hao Laike invested 40 million yuan in cooperation with Zhejiang Leituo Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. to establish Qianlong Door and Window Company, which is a metal door and window processing manufacturing business.

In 2004, Shi Niman Home invested 40 million yuan to build an international standard production line for doors and windows. It is the first company in the domestic aluminum alloy door and window industry to introduce a full set of advanced door and window system production equipment in Germany, mainly used in high-end aluminum. The design, research and development and production of alloy doors and windows, sun room and ecological interior door, Shi Niman’s home has entered the era of overall home development.

Why do custom homes enter the door and window industry?

Benefit from the acceleration of China’s urbanization process and the arrival of the era of consumption upgrading. Consumers have changed from coping with life to operating life and enjoying life. The mentality of buying doors and windows has also changed from “willing” to “paying attention”, the high-performance demand for smart, silent, airtight and watertight windows and doors, as well as appearance and color. More aesthetic and personalized integration needs, so that the door and window industry is ushered in a period of sustained high growth.

As we all know, “capital, customers, channels, brands, informationization” is the “innate” strength of customized home-listed companies, and the accumulation of experience in custom industry will help promote metals. The rapid development of door and window business. Customized home has a mature business model. It has formed an absolute advantage in the construction of information technology and the creation of customized products. The high growth of the door and window industry and the lack of competition have attracted the attention of the highly customized industry. And actively participate in participation. Of course, more importantly, this will greatly expand the terminal market capacity, promote omnichannel drainage and sales, and thus expand the wealth of terminal stores. It can be said that this may become an opportunity for custom home listed companies to get rid of the slowdown in growth.

Customized home cross-border doors and windows, how to win?

Of course, the current home building market in cross-border is not a new thing, because the same “cross-border looters” are no longer a minority. Due to market competition and the needs of enterprise development, cross-border to other fields have long existed, and cross-border is also expected to become an important topic in the home industry in the next decade. Among them, metal doors and windows as a small branch of the home building materials industry, it is not surprising that it is able to attract people from all walks of life while having the opportunity to grow and develop rapidly.

Customer home relative to the custom door and window industry’s competitive advantage in:

1, custom home’s highly informational, personalized customization, strong brand promotion, etc. From manufacturing to brand marketing, they are all ahead of the door and window industry.

2, the custom-made home enterprise is far ahead, the brand of more than one billion yuan has already reached a considerable scale, the tens of billions of brands have appeared, the concentration of the industry has increased, and the billion-level brands of the door and window industry are few The development of the industry is extremely non-standard, and the profits of competing players are relatively considerable.

3, marketing model and terminal performance, custom home has entered a diversified, large home and corporate operation mode, billion-level dealers are not new, but the door and window industry terminal construction is still very long The way to go, the single store returns low, the store configuration is basically the mainstay store, the good and the bad. A company that claims to be the first brand in the door and window industry has more than 800 stores, and its annual sales are only about 500 million yuan. The average return of the store is only 600,000 yuan.

From the information construction, the application of Internet tools, the promotion of terminals, the deep training of dealers, etc., there is a big gap between doors and windows and custom homes. But one thing is certain. As a highly customized industry, the history of custom home development is a glorious struggle for past self-denial, end-to-end research, and peer-to-peer transcendence. Today’s custom home is the future of the door and window industry for 5 years or even 10 years.

In this case, we can make bold judgments, and the full involvement of the home head enterprise in the door and window industry will inevitably lead to the rewriting of the industry pattern, which is determined by the characteristics of the customized home industry. The custom home needs to complete the research on the door and window products, the integration of the industry, the adjustment of the internal process, etc. It is believed that in the near future, the “customized rivers and lakes” will be unified.

The cross-border has swarmed in. In the face of this increasingly complex and turbulent world, the boundaries of the industry are gradually disappearing. Don’t forget that the custom home industry is still inherently in control of some of the real estate traffic. Faster access to target users than the door and window industry. The so-called tossing people are obviously more likely to succeed. In less than ten years, the custom home industry has completely surpassed the leading brands in the traditional home building materials industry, such as Marco Polo in the ceramic industry, Jiu Mu in the sanitary industry, Wrigley, the nature of the flooring industry, the icon,These traditional home shackles, which used to be much larger than the custom home volume, now have to look at each other. With mature brand operation routines, high-quality management team, leading O2O business model and other factors, the custom home industry coordinating doors and windows should be just around the corner!
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What are the common lighting materials?

Nowadays, lamps have become a must-have for home decoration, and a wide variety of lamps, not only have a lot of styling classification, but also more The material classification, and different materials, different styles, different styles of lamps can bring different effects to the home. So, what are the lighting materials? What kind of lighting is better? The following small series will introduce you to the common lighting materials.

  1,Which common lighting materials – crystal lighting materials

   commonly used lighting materials here refers to the body material, which Crystal lamps are the most common type. These crystal materials can be used in many types of lamps such as chandeliers, ceiling lamps, wall lamps and table lamps. The most common ones are crystal chandeliers. For the luminaire, after the illumination of the light source, the effect of the illusion can be produced. Of course, the crystal luminaire of the material has a good light transmission effect, and has great advantages both in use and decoration in the home. It is mostly used in living room lighting decoration. Such crystal lamps can create a sense of fashion, so it is also a very good material for making fashion lamps. Crystals have different colors, so crystal lamps can also achieve colorful colors. The effect.

  2,What are the common luminaire materials? Acrylic luminaire materials

  acrylic is a plasticity Polymer materials, from the performance of materials, have very good transparency, processing and dyeing are very easy, and the appearance is beautiful, is an excellent choice for lighting materials, among which acrylic ceiling lamps are the most common, of course, acrylic is not only It is only used in the manufacture of lamps, and it has a wider range of uses. Lamp production is only one of its uses. Acrylic can also be called plexiglass, but some people call acrylic plastic, no matter what the name of acrylic is. The effect of the luminaires produced by them is the most important. Acrylic is a commonly used luminaire material. The acrylic luminaires produced by them have good light transmission, and are mostly used for lampshade materials. The light source is transmitted through acrylic. The light is very comfortable and soft, creating a visually soft feel that is very comfortable.

  3,What are the common lighting materials – fabric lighting materials

   fabric is also commonly used lamps Material, from the use of fabric lamps in the home, you can know how common the lamps of this material are. For fabric lamps, there are variability in style, pattern and color, among which the exquisite and rustic The lamps are most popular. Of course, some simple wind fabric lighting is also very fashionable. The light source has different effects through different fabrics, some with a touch of sweetness and some with a trace of Romantic, and some with a touch of warmth, such materials of the lamps through the fabric to express the different emotions of the lamps, thus reflecting the different decorative effects of the lamps.

  4,What are the common luminaire materials – metal luminaire materials

   The metal material can not be forgotten. As a metal with retro and fashion and personality, it can express the different characteristics of the lamp. The antique lamps made of bronze metal materials will be interpreted by the classical atmosphere. So realistic, it is the effect that other luminaire materials can’t achieve. It is like the beautiful luster metal hides its unique fashion sense. It is used in the manufacture of lamps and lanterns. This fashion sense can be expressed. Some people like wrought iron. A sexy, so metal wrought iron lamps meet the desire of those who pursue individuality.
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How about a supercharged shower?

How to buy a supercharged shower

1.The supercharged shower adopts the “aerodynamic technology” and “turbocharged technology” rain shower faucet to improve the internal waterway design and swirl boost It is set to increase the water spray power and foaming mixing of the shower to improve the shower effect.

The brands of showers now include Hanmak and Jiumu. When purchasing, first let the supercharged shower tilt out of the water to see if it is out of water. Next, look at the nozzle, pay attention to whether the pressurized shower is easy to clean, then look at the plating and the valve core. Finally, the shower accessories will directly affect the comfort of their use, but also pay special attention. When you buy, look at the boosting effect and the water is not obvious. When I purchased it, I tried the water and saw it evenly. It improved the water pressure and stabbed the skin. Look at the water that is sprayed out and not fine, can you achieve the function of pressurized water saving.
The benefits of pressurized showers

1, the supercharged shower can mix air, the water is more rapid, but it will not sting the skin, and it can also Saves 40% of the water output of a typical shower.

2, pressurization makes the bath more arbitrary, high-pressure water continuously impacts the surface of the skin. It can fully penetrate into the skin, and the active water molecules are more conducive to improving the activity and moisturization of the skin, and washing away harmful substances sticking to the surface of the skin.

3, water molecules undergo decomposition, ionization and ultra-high magnetic field, magnetize water molecules under the action of magnetic lines, transform into small molecules, fully activate and soften, activate water, enhance water penetration, live Net power makes a variety of precious minerals easy to absorb by human cells. It is more conducive to deep cleaning of impurities and bacteria in the pores of the human skin. Allow the water molecules to fully enter the surface of the skin and repair the problematic skin.

4, the pressurized water flow has played a very good massage effect, stimulating acupuncture points, helping to eliminate fatigue. And remove the sweat and other substances on the surface of the skin, so that the skin is refreshing and natural, preventing skin itching. This also promotes blood circulation and is full of energy.

5, special pressurization function, fine and soft water, avoid the blockage of water outlet, gentle and delicate, refreshing and comfortable to eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism and increase cell vitality.

The working principle of the supercharged shower

1. The shower is pressurized before the hot and cold water mixing valve, so that the water temperature and water pressure of the shower And the amount of water reached the maximum stability, so there will not be a phenomenon of cold and heat.

2.The supercharged shower can intelligently limit the flow, and automatically adjust the water inlet area according to the water pressure. When the water pressure is small, the water inlet area is large, so that the water volume is balanced, and it can be pressurized. And can save water.

3. When the water flows into the base of the nozzle, it is pushed into a three-wing accelerator to cause the water flow to form a rotating effect to increase the speed and momentum of the water flow. Then go directly to a restricted drain where the air and water mix can increase the oxygen content by a factor of 10. This achieves the goal of saving water and energy, and the supercharged shower brings a satisfactory bathing experience.

4. There is a device inside the shower, the air is pressed in the shower head, and the pressure of the air can be used to enhance the flow of water with equal flow.
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Stone can not only be paved or decorated

The interior decoration stone is constantly being updated, and all kinds of high-quality stone have become the new aesthetic concept of rich space decoration under the ingenuity of interior designers. Wall stone has attracted the attention of consumers, and has become the new favorite of the decoration industry – cultural stone.

In fact, this kind of stone itself does not have any cultural meaning. Its most attractive feature is that the color pattern can maintain the natural stone appearance. The change of color and color can show the connotation and artistry of stone material. In line with the cultural concept that people admire nature and return to nature, people collectively call this kind of stone a “cultural stone.” The wall decorated with this stone, the paved floor, the wall view made, etc., can indeed reveal a cultural charm and natural atmosphere.

There are two types of cultural stones distributed in the market: one is sedimentary sandstone and the other is hard slate. Cultural stone is not as gorgeous as marble, not as bright as granite, but it is necessary to create a small mountain landscape, or to lay a place where the local culture is located. Moreover, the cultural stone is cheap, the specifications are diverse, the inlaying operation is convenient, and it can reflect the personality of the decorator, so it is increasingly popular with people.

In the interior decoration, the cultural stone is mainly used in the decoration living room. This should take into account the area inside the hall, light and other factors. The general experience is that large-area halls can be used with larger slabs or irregular splicing. As for the whole wall surface paving, or partial decoration, you can choose according to your wishes. For example, in the past, people’s TV walls were generally the same as other walls, and people often chose TV walls to be different from other walls in the living room. The TV walls were individually designed and decorated.
Using rough texture of Baroque culture stone inlay, functionally speaking, cultural stone can absorb sound, avoiding the influence of sound on other living rooms, from the decorative effect point of view, it highlights the exquisite sense of metal of electrical products, forming a kind Strong contrast of texture, very modern. There are two shelves placed next to the owner’s beloved artwork, embellished with the elegance of the owner.
The use of cultural stone, not too much, so often counterproductive, smaller rooms, when decorating the wall, you can choose some small size, light color, flat, so that not only from the visual Widening the room can also create a natural atmosphere. Of course, when using cultural stone, it should be cleverly laid out and matched.
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