Surreal waste in the diamond mining town of Namibia

Cammansco, Namibia

One of the most surreal wastes is Old Kamansko in Namibia Diamond mining town. This ghost town used to be a small village, but it was very rich and full of the potential of the fast and easy wealth of German miners. It is built on the architectural style of Germany. After the First World War, the town fell and was completely abandoned in 1954.

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Office furniture was chosen to improve the efficiency of employees, not joking with you!

Modern office furniture is a must for every company. Not only can create a good and comfortable office environment, but also improve the efficiency of employees, let’s take a look at how to choose office furniture.
1 Coordination with interior design and decoration style

The shape, color, function and hardware of the furniture constitute a coherent fit and consistent with the overall decoration style.

2Combining corporate tastes and fashion trends

Every company has its own industrial characteristics, combined with modern trends, creating its own unique characteristics. Office furniture environment, ideas and patterns.

3There is a relatively strong furniture

For the unsound office furniture, it will be deformed by gravity. Now the office needs a computer and a printer. , scanners, etc., these office supplies can not be lighter

4 office furniture cost-effective

Do not pay too much attention to low prices. Price is often closely tied to value and cost. Furniture with too low prices is usually low in cost and poor in quality. Generally, its appearance and design are poor, and there is no cultural value. Experienced purchases know that buying products that are too low in price usually has many unforeseen hidden dangers, which leads to many problems after purchase, which is regrettable.


The veneer veneer furniture mainly depends on the texture, color and corner of the veneer. If the texture is not deep enough and delicate, it means that the thickness of the veneer used is not enough. If the color is not natural, it is deep and shallow, indicating that the paint process is not enough. If there are peeling and slanting corners at the corners, it means that the processing technology is not enough. These furniture cannot be purchased.


The selection of interior furniture, lamps and ornaments in modern minimalist styles is subject to the design theme of the overall space. Furniture should be chosen in combination with human posture and bone structure. The lighting is divided into lighting, background lighting and artistic lighting. The lighting effects of different rooms should be the organic combination of these three types; for the selection of the ornaments and the position setting, the personality and beauty should be emphasized as much as possible.

7 After-sales service

This is very important. The warranty period and free repair require the furniture manufacturer to have economic strength and rapid feedback service capability. The service is the second product. Stores can choose businesses closer to the company. Then the maintenance and repair in the future will be much more convenient.

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Royal Institute of British Architects announces 2014 International Scholarship

The Royal British Institute of Architects (RIBA) has announced the 2014 Royal Institute of British Architects International Scholarship. The Royal Institute of British Architects International Scholarship rewards non-British architects for their special contribution to architecture.

The 2014 Royal Institute of British Architects International Scholarship will be awarded to:
Alberto · Campbaeza (Spain) – Architects and Academics
Fernando · Marquez Cecilia + Richard · Levin (Spain) – Architect, Publisher (El Nine Sketch), Editor and Curator People
Herman · Czech Republic (Austria) – Architects
Louis · Fernandez-Galiano (Spain) – Architect, writer and curator
Marcel &middot ;Meri / Marcus · Peter (Switzerland) – Architects
Max Risselada (Netherlands) – Architect, Writer, Curator, Educator, Editor
Luigi Snozzi (Switzerland) – Architecture Division
Todd · Williams + Billy Qian Xuesen (USA) – Architects
The 2014 Royal Institute of British Architects International Scholarship will be awarded at a special event at the Royal Institute of British Architects, February 25, 2014, in Portland, London field.

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Is floor mat necessary?

Floor mats, listening to this name, you may be a bit confused for a while, in fact, it refers to the floor mats laid on the floor. There is no difference between the mat products we know in our lives, but the place to be laid is different. Some friends think that the floor itself is very good, so there is no need for a mat, but some people think that the floor mat is still necessary. So is there a need for floor mats, and how do you choose? Let’s take a look at the floor mats.
Is there any need for floor mats?

In fact, this is not a problem that needs to be needed, but a problem that consumers want not to want. Because the laying of the floor mat on the floor is not particularly common, it is also a common occurrence. Because people choose the floor mats for a reason. Although the floor is very fashionable and beautiful, it is still very attractive to people who are used to all kinds of beautifully spread mats. Moreover, in order to prevent the floor from being worn by the furniture, it is necessary to lay a layer of floor mat, at least to a certain extent, to maintain the complete smoothness and aesthetics of the floor.

The role of floor mats

Some people say that the floor mats are used to prevent moisture, which is not the case. Nowadays, all kinds of floor mat products on the market are basically designed by special people, each of which is very fashionable and beautiful, so the decorative effect of the mat is often very good. Therefore, the use of floor mats to lay the floor has an important role to use for decoration. Nowadays, people attach great importance to the decorative effect. The choice of various items in the home has a certain decorative effect, so for the floor mat, people choose it because it is very decorative.

Floor mat purchase tips

1, see material

The floor mats on the market are all kinds of songs, not any one Floor mats are suitable for placing on the floor, so you should see the material of the mat when you purchase it. Usually floor mats need to have good breathability and moisture barrier to prevent moisture.

2, see performance

The performance of the mat has a lot, especially in this era, there are many strange mat products. Some individual floor mats also have thermal insulation properties that can block the heat on the floor. This mat must be carefully selected.

3, look at the color

color is a problem with the mat of the floor mat. Our floor should have been installed before the floor mat was laid. Therefore, when we purchase the floor mat, we need to refer to the color of the floor and the color of the surrounding furniture, and choose the matching color floor mat products.

4, see the price

The mat is a consumable, it is different from the floor, the service life is not special, and people always feel tired, do not want to change the floor It is a change of floor mats, so a suitable floor mat is more important, at least we can afford it.

Summary: The floor mats do not need to be mainly for everyone. If you like, lay them. If you don’t like them, don’t lay them. Look at your preferences. And the purchase of floor mats and our usual purchasing methods are still very similar, don’t worry.
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Winning the inaugural award as a smart and elegant design for university building

So come to end the annual award for our inauguration. No one is quite prepared for the excitement and responsiveness of this class, attracting an amazing array of entrants, from the grassroots, high-tech mobile boulder to the level produced by the small and sustainable building shells that sparkle in the desert. Grace our judging panel by several leading minds of the profession, including Paul · Dr. Kalkhoven’s Mikkel Kragh, Stephen Light, David · Richards and Steve · Watt. While the scale and technical complexity are safe enough for some of the facades on the list of places, this is a moderately sized, unobtrusive environment that has won the heart of the panel: Guy Hollaway Architects Burst Building Project, at Kent University in Canterbury campus.

Each judge admires this gleaming revolution, in addition to the original monotonous university four, using natural wind energy and thousands of dynamic aluminum crucibles. The wing gracefully reflects the constant flow of the following steps.

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Stone wave line – decorative mouldings

Stone wave line—also known as stone waveguide line or lace and flower line, etc., is a decorative decorative line, the width of which varies according to the area used. Generally, some stone lines whose colors are not the same as the whole floor are added to the floor moldings to increase the design effect in the whole home environment.
Wave line is mainly used in the living room or the aisle and other places around the ground. Generally, it is a decorative line around the wall of the stone floor; the width is determined according to the specific circumstances. The color is generally different from the color of the stone, and the color is mainly dark; compared with the color difference of the stone, the floor surface method adds a line different from the overall ground color to increase the design effect.

During the interior decoration process, the wave line is mainly used to further decorate the ground, making the living room floor more varied and looks like a special artistic charm.

The wave hitting line is equivalent to the skirting of the wall, but the wall is placed down to the ground. The wave line is mainly to make the living room floor more varied and looks like some lines of artistic charm.

Action 1 Decorative ground

The role of the wave line is to further decorate the ground, making the living room floor more varied, seemingly artistic and aesthetic.

Action 2 partition area

The wave line can virtually divide the space and enhance the sense of space. With the wave line, the space is complete.

Action 3 to reduce the cost of decoration

Generally, the floor decoration of the living room is mostly 600mm, 800mm, no matter how the paving is often there are seams, one is too large, the cutting is troublesome. The loss is also large. At this time, the wave line is just to make up for this defect, and the wave-line paving is convenient and reduces the loss.

Select the size of the wave line to consider the size of the space used. If the room is large, you can choose a larger wave line; if the room is small, use a smaller wave. This is because the wave line is to decorate the environment and emphasize the sense of space. If its specifications are inconsistent with the size of the room, it will look awesome and lose its beauty.
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Tokyo proposed Olympic athlete village

The city that is bidding for the 2020 Olympics is the most popular city in Tokyo. It is planned to build the player village park. It will be the largest residential area in Tokyo in 42 years, and it is expected to benefit the Japanese developers such as Shimizu Construction and Mitsubishi Real Estate. If Tokyo’s successful bid for the Olympics will not only drive the Tokyo housing boom, it is expected that Tokyo Bay will also be rebuilt.
Kimura Kenichi, who is in charge of the bid for the Olympics in Tokyo, said that the Olympic park village park, which costs 95.4 billion yen, will be covered in the vicinity of Tokyo Bay, covering an area of ​​44 hectares and funded by developers. The government plans to spend an additional 153.8 billion yen to build new buildings and renovate buildings in 11 locations.
The International Olympics (IOC) will announce the city hosting the 2020 Olympics on September 7. According to the GamesBids website that tracks the selection process, Tokyo is currently ahead of Istanbul in Turkey and Madrid in Spain. The area of ​​the contested village that Tokyo plans to build will be 28% larger than that of California Disneyland. It will be the largest residential construction in Tokyo since the construction of the satellite city of Tama New Town in the western region in 1971.

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Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline starts in mid-May in China

On April 27th, the Russian section of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline was officially started, and the Chinese territory will also be opened in mid-May. Compared with the long-distance oil and gas pipelines that have been or are being built in China, about 95 km of the 950.5 km of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline in China, it passes through frozen soil, frozen soil swamps and floodplain. There must be 208 km of permafrost in the winter. “In response to this special situation, China has adopted technology such as “enhanced wall thickness”, “insulation” and “replacement” through technical research and development and design. The turning adopts elastic laying, on-site cold bending and hot bending. To meet the pipeline disguised installation requirements.” China Petroleum (12.530.120.97%) pipeline construction project manager, deputy director of the technical department, Jing Ping.

The Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline will adopt a variety of domestically produced technologies and equipment in China. The pipeline adopts a normal temperature closed oil transfer process with a diameter of Φ813mm. The pressure is 8.0Mpa (partially 8.5-10Mpa), the pipe material is made of L450 grade steel, the whole line adopts 3PE outer anti-corrosion layer, the hot-bending elbow anti-corrosion adopts double-layer epoxy powder coating, and the partial pipeline is made of rigid polyurethane foam plastic insulation. The protective layer is made of polyethylene plastic. Jing Yuping said: “In addition to large pumps, large compressors, motors, inverters and other equipment, China has mastered the core technology and management technology of pipeline construction and reached the international advanced level.”

In addition, the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline process stations adopt three-level control mode: control center level – station control level – station field local control level, using SCADA system for remote data acquisition and monitoring. The communication system adopts the optical fiber communication mode as the main communication mode, and the satellite communication and the leased public network communication are the alternate communication modes to realize the transmission of all communication services of the oil pipeline. It is reported that the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline will be completed and put into operation in October 2010. After the completion of the project, the oil production capacity of 1500×104t/a will be formed, and the possibility of expansion is 2200×104t/a.

independent property right starting point to further improve

The main materials needed for production and construction of oil and gas pipelines

China has basically achieved domestically. For example, in the construction of the second line of the West-East Gas Pipeline, the localization rate of pipeline steel reaches 100%, the pipe material reaches 100%, and the key valve exceeds 50%. “In the construction of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline in China, the localization rate of pipeline equipment will be further improved. For example, domestic pumps for oil pumps and valves, and the localization of large-scale key equipment will have some progress. And the world’s leading companies on a standard, and in accordance with independent intellectual property standards in progress.” Jing Yuping said.

when building the gas line, or catch up with the world standard of construction of the pipeline, aiming at the international standard X70 class large-scale pipeline construction. To the second line of the West-East Gas Pipeline, China has begun to lead the technical level of the world’s large-scale pipeline construction. “The improvement of independent intellectual property rights at the high starting point and the breakthrough of technical standards, testing methods and test methods for the X80 steel project are all international initiatives.” Wu Hong, general manager of the China Petroleum Pipeline Construction Project Manager Department, said. Nowadays, in the face of the opportunity of the construction of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline in China, China will further accelerate the process of localization and industrial application testing of key equipment such as large compressors and large-diameter ball valves.

Helping domestic enterprises to grow and grow

The comprehensive construction of Sino-Russian crude oil pipelines is also for domestic steel, pipelines, valves, etc. The company has created a new development space and will drive the development of related industries such as machinery, electronics, metallurgy, building materials, automation equipment, instrumentation and so on. Zhang Fulong, deputy general manager of China National Petroleum Pipeline Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. told the China Energy News: “The economic significance and social significance of the localization results are huge, which can not only stimulate the development of domestic enterprises, reduce the construction time, and accelerate the localization process. It is also conducive to smoothing the price of imported equipment and reducing the construction cost. For example, the successful development of X80 grade steel large diameter hot bending pipe unit has created a new record for Chinese enterprises, brought economic benefits to the company and improved the brand of ‘China Oil Pipeline Machinery’. Impact.

“The state should support the research and development of large-scale equipment in terms of policies and funds. After all, enterprises must bear great risks while obtaining market opportunities. Although the development cost of major equipment is relatively high, if the development is successful, the price will definitely drop. Jing Weiping said that a few days ago, the R&D department of the Shengu Group Turbo Company successfully developed an assembled radial expansion unit and obtained a localized order for a large PTA (fine terephthalic acid) energy recovery process air compressor unit. Since foreign manufacturers in the technically in a monopoly position, the crew sets up the price billion yuan

the next 3 – 5 years, China oil pipeline construction project manager undertaken, including the West-East gas 16 pipeline construction projects, including the second-line project and the Mohe-Daqing section of the Sino-Russian crude oil pipeline, with a cumulative mileage of 2-3 million kilometers, only 6,000 kilometers will be built in 2009. Jing Weiping said: “China is in the long-distance oil and gas pipeline The construction process and localization of pipeline equipment will be further improved. ”

Source: China Fertilizer Network

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Kitchen and bathroom hardware has also become a new fashion in home life

Kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories purchase and installation rules

In the modern kitchen decoration, the hardware is no longer a support role, cabinet hinges, handles and slide rails, according to its function, the designer has designed different styles Hardware accessories will also maintain the unity of artistic elements, making hardware a new fashion in home life.

01 Selection of kitchen and bathroom hardware accessories

Because the bathroom is quite humid, the hardware accessories on the market will also tend to be resistant to moisture and corrosion. The gold metal fittings have become the bathroom of today from multiple shapes and unique luster. Mainstream. If you want to choose the right durable hardware, you have to pay attention to the following four elements.

Practical: Most of the kitchen hardware accessories are made of titanium alloy and copper chrome. Although the “color surface” is crisp and exquisite, the price is quite high. The price of copper chrome for some domestic and joint venture brands is relatively affordable, and the price of stainless steel chrome products is lower.

Durable: Glass is used in many hardware gadgets. Acid and very smooth glass should be used in the bathroom, which is also very convenient to clean.

Package: Match the stereo style of the three-piece bathroom set, the shape of the faucet and the surface coating treatment.

Plating: In chrome-plated products, the common product coating is 20 microns thick, and the time is long. The material inside is easily oxidized by air, and the copper chrome plating is exquisite workmanship. 28 microns thick, its structure is tight, the coating is uniform, and the effect is good.

02 Installation of kitchen hardware

In the kitchen, cabinets occupy a large part, whether you are looking for a master Customization, or buy finished cabinets, then cabinet stations, hardware generally still have to buy, the general cabinet accessories have hinges, slides, handles and small parts.

(1)Metal parts: Among the metal parts, the hinge is the most important place for the cabinet. It should be used repeatedly. The famous brands are: sea Fuller, Blum, Getsusi, etc.; there are two kinds of slide rails, one is iron pumping, the other is wood pumping. In high-grade cabinets, iron pumping and side panels are often used in one, but the price is also higher. expensive.

(2)Handles and small parts: There are many types of handles on the market. Of course, among many types, the handle of the aluminum alloy is the best, not only does not occupy Space does not touch people at the same time; in addition, there are many small accessories such as fences, cutlery plates, etc. in the cabinet, which are generally more expensive according to their choices.

03 Installation of bathroom hardware accessories

Bathroom hardware accessories: generally refers to the hanging, towel and bath towel installed in the bathroom (Washing products such as soap, shampoo, body lotion, beauty products such as bath and hand lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, cup, etc.). At present, the bathroom hardware accessories on the market can be roughly divided into stainless steel, zinc alloy and copper.

In the process of bathroom renovation, the most important aspects are wall tiles and sanitary ware. The construction process is roughly as follows: wall tiles, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, toilets, washbasins, The bathtub is installed, and then connected to the drain pipe to install lamps, sockets, mirrors, towel rods and other hardware accessories.


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How about a brick bathroom cabinet?

As the name implies, the brick bathroom cabinet is to buy the materials. Please ask the master to finish the production of the bathroom cabinet. Therefore, when we buy the bathroom cabinet, in addition to choosing to buy the brand, we can choose whether to build our own bathroom cabinet. This is really unfriendly for the choice of difficult diseases! Today, let’s talk about what a brick bathroom cabinet is all about.
  The advantages of brick bathroom cabinets

  1, economical, more mosaic materials or antique bricks, these will be more cost than the rest of the bathroom cabinet materials Must be low.

  2, mosaic or antique brick is very strong, long-term use does not have to worry about deformation.

  3, fully adapt to the wet bathroom environment, there will be no rust, corrosion, and insects.

  4, strong environmental protection.

  The disadvantages of brick bathroom cabinets

  1, longer construction period, more things, from design to construction to completion, we need us Participate yourself.

  2, the construction workers should have good craftsmanship, once the craftsmanship is not closed, the bathroom cabinets also have hidden dangers.

  3, there are certain requirements for the hinges, hinges, door panels, etc.

  4, damage is not easy to repair.

  5. If it is a tile/mosaic countertop, there are many gaps and it is easy to have dirt.

   Which kind of bathroom is the brick bathroom cabinet suitable for?

  If the bathroom in the home has a wet and dry partition, choose the finished bathroom cabinet and brickwork. If there is no wet and dry partition (with or without shower partition), and the bathroom space is enough to install a bathroom cabinet, it is recommended to choose brick bathroom cabinet. If you insist on selecting the finished bathroom cabinet, it is recommended to use PVC material (waterproof and moistureproof but not environmentally friendly). This can be used for a longer period of time.

  Precautions for brick bathroom cabinets

  1, brick and bathroom cabinets generally use more antique bricks and mosaics, it is recommended to choose glaze A smoother product that is easy to clean and wipe.

  2, the choice of tile color is not too elegant, and the choice of dark tiles will be better in visual effects.

  3, brick bathroom cabinets have more gaps, in order not to affect the aesthetics of the sink, the use of anti-mold, anti-dirty, better performance of the joint agent is appropriate.

  4. When making the bathroom countertop, reserve the drain hole and the tap water hole, so you should buy the wash basin, faucet, etc., otherwise the construction accuracy cannot be guaranteed. degree.

  5, hardware accessories and water pipes should use high-quality products, otherwise problems such as water leakage will be very troublesome.
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