A transport vehicle overturned on a highway in Clay County, Florida

Florida is a state in the southern United States. An accident occurred on the highway in Clay County, Florida on Thursday morning, when a transport vehicle overturned, including 43-year-old driver Gary · Johnson was sent to the hospital with minor injuries.

At about three in the morning on Thursday, the Florida Highway Patrol found a transporter overturned. . According to a member of the patrol team: “The transporter is transporting furniture. The car has turned over, causing the furniture inside to spill onto the road. The home inside has a table, a chair, a desk, a dressing table, etc. It was initially determined that the reason for the rollover was that the driver was driving carelessly. Therefore, people must pay attention to safety when driving, especially the car that transports goods needs more attention. ”

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Graz’s nursing home allows the elderly to enjoy a happy life

Architect Dietger Wissounig built a nursing home in Graz, the second largest city in Austria. The nursing home is a square building of 8 communities with a beautiful garden in the middle of the community. Old people can take a wheelchair in the garden. Enjoy the colorful flowers and trees, breathe the fresh air, and do some outdoor activities and exercise on the air around the garden.

There are separate kitchens and restaurants in each community in the nursing home, which can accommodate 13 elderly people to eat at the same time. As much as possible, the distance between each old man and the restaurant is the shortest. Each room has a large sun-facing balcony, soft beds, wardrobes, dressing tables, sofas and other furniture, so that the old people can enjoy life happily.

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Furniture manufacturer Dubuque sets up a distribution center in Kansas City

Kansas City is the second largest city in Missouri, USA. Recently, the large logistics park in Kansas City attracted two new manufacturers, one from Iowa and one from California.
Dubuque, a furniture manufacturer from Iowa, said: “I am going to set up a 500,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center here, dedicated to the transportation and storage of furniture, and to enroll 141 people. Employees work, I hope local residents can participate actively, I will never be ill-treated. ”
Furniture manufacturer Patrick · Robinson said: “Dubick has a lot of furniture, wooden furniture, bedroom furniture, office furniture, etc. Now set up a distribution and storage center in the logistics park, big It saves transportation costs and makes it faster to transport furniture, which is very valuable. ”

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Korean museum show part to the whole building

In Seoul, South Korea, “partial to the whole” was exhibited at MMCA (Modern National and Contemporary Art Museum), expressing everything in nature that consists of components. It begins with basic components, such as atoms, molecules, and grows into larger components like tissues and organs to build a living body. The artificial environment is exactly the same. It all starts with the basic components, such as points, lines to faces, and eventually builds a space.

Part of the overall definition of “space” comes from repeated flows. A continuous void space is constructed that moves along the curve. It makes cubes, which maximizes the use of existing space while minimizing material. Part to the whole is the ‘dotted’ void and solid composition. The total mass is made up of 50:50 by pores and solids. Depending on the position and perspective of different people, it creates a two-dimensional pattern of points or lines that produces three-dimensional space and form. It is all about the construction of a series of parts of Structure & rdquo;. This shows the quality of the construction by weaving and stacking wood modules. Similarly, Korea’s traditional wood structure, which makes the entire stable use of the quality of the material, and the maximum construction by construction methods.

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Combination of coffee table and sofa

Coffee is a popular drink nowadays. In order to enjoy the beauty of coffee, people also specially designed coffee pots, coffee cups, coffee tables, sofas, etc. to help people enjoy better.

This is a set of coffee tables and sofas. When you look at it alone, the sofa is a simple single small sofa with soft sponges and other fabrics that make people sit comfortably. Below is the pillar of steel manufacturing, separated from the floor to facilitate people to clean the floor. Next to it is a round table made of steel, small and cute, strong and durable.

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The geometric coffee table makes you feel refreshed

With a chrome-plated metal base, such as granite, Carrara white marble natural material, can be put together or placed separately; create a geometrical contour that is fun and harmonious.
The latest fashion trends have led the design to the direction of hybrid technology and natural materials, and the geometric coffee table was born. The chrome-plated metal base is complemented by natural materials such as granite, Carrara white marble and walnut. Mix and match these different materials to create a modern and unique home atmosphere.
Home is the focus of people’s lives, and well-designed homes will never derail the trend: uphold this concept, through the overall lifestyle of the new jewelry, tables, lamps, cabinets and carpets An Italian fashion lifestyle that creates a whole-life concept for home lovers and offers a well-designed lifestyle package.
The unique design of the geometric coffee table is the use of special stone and tabletop technology. The chrome-plated metal base is matched with natural materials such as granite and Carrara white marble to show the unique style of the precious stone coffee table. Together, they form a geometrical contour that is interesting but harmonious and unified. Of course, it can also be displayed separately to show its uniqueness and function.

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Ando Tadao sculpture wooden chair launched in early 2014

The sculpture wooden chair of Tadao Ando is ready to be launched in early 2014, which may also indicate a new era. At the same time, this is the first production design of Japanese architects and the first time that furniture manufacturers have cooperated with non-Denmark designers. In 1969, the Ando Tadao Architects Institute was established in Osaka, when he purchased four chairs from Hans Wegner (a famous Danish furniture designer). Maybe he doesn’t know it. After about 40 years, he will work with the Danish brand Carl Hansen & Son.

Ando Tadao’s dream chair design was inspired by the late Danish designer Hans · Wegner’s wooden furniture.

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New Cement Plant: Construction Demand in Zimbabwe

According to local media, Chinese company Zhongxin is preparing to build Masvingo in Zimbabwe, where it manufactures limestone, which is located in a $50 million cement plant. Construction of the facility will begin in the first half of 2014 and will create approximately 400 temporary positions. Negotiations are currently underway and can begin as companies must comply with all localization and empowerment laws and regulatory permits before construction.
The cement market is expected to grow in Zimbabwe due to new infrastructure projects in the region. Cement demand is expected to increase significantly in the medium to long term as a result of a backlog of approximately $14 billion in infrastructure. According to the socio-economic sustainable transformation of the Zimbabwean agenda, the government invests in utilities such as water and sanitation infrastructure, public facilities, ICT, energy and electricity supply and transportation.
The main threat to the construction industry is still the lack of international finance and foreign investment in the country.

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The most beautiful subway station in the world, Moscow, Russia, to the laurel

The Kaohsiung MRT Mira Island Station was selected by foreign media as one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world in 2012, and now it has entered the “8 most beautiful subway stations in the world that New Yorkers can only imagine”. Get a good 2nd place. This time, not only the beautiful island station, but also the Central Park Station won the 5th place.
According to “PolicyMic” reported on the 15th, in the world’s most beautiful subway station selection that allows New Yorkers to fantasize, Gaojie beautiful island station and Central Park station are on the list, ranking second respectively. The 5th place is the only country in Asia. In the report, the beautiful island station has a dazzling dome of light, with a superb fantasy; and Central Park Station is a large indoor park, like an urban oasis.
The first and third places in the survey of the world’s most beautiful subway stations that allow New Yorkers to imagine only are Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, and the fourth is Stockholm Central Station, 6th to 8th. The names are the Montreal Mission Square in Montreal, the Kiev station in Ukraine, and the New York City government station in the United States.

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Pure metal texture living room design concept

This special room went to a complicated person. The subtle combination of silver and white is never boring. When silver gives a metallic appearance, the overall effect of white sublimation is cool. The TV field has a unique shape and ample space to keep the TV under other accessories or next to it.

The light and white lights on the ceiling are elegantly accompanied by a simple and perfect example. The three-sided sofa and leather center table with pearl white add to the beauty of the living room. The tiled floor has a reflective surface that is quite cute. This is a unique design, the center table is based on white, and its legs are intended to adjust the arrangement of the TV. This special interior can be marked as the ideal arrangement for future generations.

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