Built-in houses can cope with large-scale disasters

Everyone knows how ruthless natural disasters are, no one can predict! Although there will be no chance to get a natural disaster like a fortress-like building to face? But here is the design of the built-in house in front of you, which can avoid huge losses in the event of a disaster.
Dome House

The building is made of concrete and forms a good protection against tornadoes, hurricanes , earthquakes and most people are disasters. The building is energy efficient and cost effective. The building in the picture is a house in Florida.

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Modern white apartment in the heart of London

Nothing is more attractive than living in a house with a warm and pleasant atmosphere, with its serene and fresh air that makes you feel comfortable. If you like this apartment at the first sight you see, the more you see, the more you like it. Located in the heart of London, this house is a completely open space next to the River Thames.

Although it is large, it follows a simple pattern and taste, whether it’s your own room or kitchen bathroom. Usually white will make the space more spacious, with dark furniture, more attractive; the bedroom is an ideal place to rest and relax after a long hard work. Nothing is more spectacular than the view on the balcony. Every corner of this luxury apartment is so light, simple and orderly, it is hard to dislike it!

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Inflatable armchair with a wooden base

The inflatable armchair is an inflatable chair with a translucent, inflated section, a wooden frame and legs. The designer created this amazingly convenient, space-saving and comfortable chair at the Bisale Art Institute and completed the final project design in Jerusalem.
The designer reinterprets the simplicity of the materials used in modern furniture design, assembly methods and modern aesthetics. The designer’s furniture is from the norm, but exciting and convenient.

Presenting the design concept of the chair, recycling this unique furniture product, moving freely, and adding a beautiful style to Modern interiors. Modern furniture design changes, free from interior and filling materials, while creating the advantages of easy packaging, space saving and comfort.
The idea of ​​inflatable structures and wood is very cheap, reflecting the retro style of modern furniture design in the 1960s. In an effort to ensure that the chair works in the existing living room furniture pieces, the inflatable armchair is supported by a wooden base that blends traditional and modern parts with unique furniture design.
A powerful framework in modern chairs. The expanded portion makes the seat easy to transport, install and repair. This is a look that adds a nice style and interest to the upholstery, revealing that the wood is cheap and convenient.

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A warm and lovely apartment in Gothenburg

This apartment is located in Gothenburg. It is about 90 square meters in size and it is located on the 7th floor and the entire building dates back to 1907. The apartment is currently sold for 3.395 million kronor. It features spacious indoor air conditioning and it also includes a beautiful south-facing balcony.

This lovely loft apartment has a beautiful living room and a warm fireplace painted black. It also has a large room that allows a lot of natural light to enter. The apartment also has a newly renovated kitchen and two bathrooms. The entire place was refurbished by the current owner in 2007 to have such wonderful conditions. The balcony has black iron railings and hardwood floors that can accommodate breakfast tables and chairs. Overall, the apartment is very fresh and tempting, and it seems to have a flexible layout.

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The design of the coffee shop concept in Tanglou Cafe

Designer Innarch developed and designed a wonderful cafe in Kosovo. Tanglou Cafe, what is the way to name this cafe. Completed in 2013, this interior design uses 1365 of the finest plywood pieces to create a warm impression, classic design.

In addition, this art cafe combines traditional interior design with contemporary. Located in the crowd, this special café will give you a different feeling than other cafes, where you have met. Everything here is made of wood and has a darker tan. Every piece of furniture and style makes careful arrangements. The interior design concept of the most striking café is the separation of art walls. It is laid down from the top like a coffee sack. Chandelier-shaped coffee beans are hung on wooden ceilings. Although they have been built up as decorations.
Every corner makes the interior of the cafe blend in creating high quality coffee and harmony. Customers can not only taste the pleasant coffee taste, but also impress the mixture of interior design of the cafe, in a pleasant free.

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Multifunctional armchair can be turned into a bed

The existing world today, all about the use of furniture, which is why there are many products created in this way, it has two functions. Designer Elena has created some of the best designs in her work.

The latest one is an armchair that serves dual functions. When the versatile armchair is extended, it also becomes a bed, which is why this style is quite useful. One problem to be confident is to keep your floor clean. The bed is capable of one person. This is made up of plywood. There are 25% wool material. Due to its dual functionality, this is a solution that is best suited to address visitor accommodation issues. This is an amazing solution.

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A modern home in Los Angeles

This modern home is located in Los Angeles, California and is a stylish American home. The house was developed by Texingting Buckingham Palace Construction Company. As you can see, the residence is quite simple and equipped with a modern design. The clear-cut architecture is simple but still very eye-catching.

Building a house in Los Angeles is not as simple as in other cities. The cost here is usually larger. If you want to avoid this inconvenience, a good idea is to use an existing house as a basis. The new house was built on the basis of the old house, which is already in the structure of the area. Everything is new and modern. The existing structure was redesigned and the house was capped to three floors.

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Backyard landscape design of a villa in St. Louis, USA

The beauty of the house is not only reflected in the design of the house itself, the interior decoration, the style of the furniture, etc., but also has a great influence on the surrounding environment of the house, especially some villas, which have their own yards, and their Landscape design will be even more important.

This is a villa built in St. Louis, the largest city in Missouri, USA. The entire villa uses a black roof and red walls to highlight the villa’s elegance and luxury. There is also an open-air swimming pool in the backyard of the villa. There are plenty of plants such as honeysuckle and shrubs around the pool, which makes the whole villa full of vitality. It is not like a city in the hustle and bustle, giving people a peace of mind.

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Inflatable building designed for nomads

The development of mobile homes throughout the twentieth century has greatly challenged the concept of housing itself. This kind of thinking moves with our own living space, rather than permanently occupying the place of residence, the dialectical alternation of existence and non-existence. Because of this mentality, the architect Raumlabor constructed the “Nomadic Inflatable Building”, retaining the habits of the nomads and the need to change the use of public space to discover the creation of this inflatable building, which is a unique creation, a temporary living residence and The disappearing place acts as an interchange between the two states.

Inflatable buildings are minimal structures that can be removed and repositioned. In doing so, the internal cavity is not assigned any specific procedures and is free to be used for various activities. As a result, the aim is to propose another way to experience the surrounding environment and the convenient interactive community.

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European Observatory uses the 蜿蜒 structure

German architectural firm Orveber has designed an astronomical research institute by adding interconnects to hollow centers and curved corridors. The European Observatory designed by Orbbe has expanded its existing headquarters in Munich, which was first completed in 1980 by a German studio.

Originally designed as a series, creating a sheltered courtyard with interlocking curves, with the main library, The lecture hall, meeting rooms connected by stairs and bridges at different levels. The new addition continues this mellow beauty. Consisting of three interconnected circular curved structures, featuring a conference center and offices, this is a huge tapered column that appears to be above the ground.
The architectural concept also considers the appearance of the existing building in addition to the green belt. The result is an open, individual building that combines functionality and formality. One of the oversized concrete columns contains an auditorium, while the other surrounds the courtyard from the first and second floor offices and conference rooms. The extended building, whose curved shape of the all-glass curtain wall, has the illusion of a diagonal bag supported by a structure floating on the ground. The outer perimeter of the raft structure is appreciated by the surrounding country office.

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