Strong and powerful animal sculpture

Istanbul sculptorSelcuk YılmazUse thin cast wire and weld metal to present 3D form of a terrible animal skull. Like his use4000 Like the majestic lion sculpture made of piece metal fragments, he recently made tigers, foxes and pythons, each of which shimmers. YılmazThe tiger statue is especially scary, with a roaring face and bare teeth.

Animal sculpture” width=”600″ height=”398″ />

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Apartment made up of large cages

byPRODUCEDesign This100Sq.mThe loft is located in SingaporeNovina District. This is for his master, art collector, critic, writer and director of media marketing at the National Gallery of SingaporeWoon Tai Ho specially created. The design is based on the artwork he loves, reflecting his character and expressing his life, suitable for his outstanding gentleman temperament.

by watching the art he collected,PRODUCEDesignerJane Lee andHan Sai PorChoose focus on designmonoform Column. MonoformIt is a single, cage-like piece of furniture that connects all parts of the attic. This design is close to Woon Life style.

Cage structure can act as a bookshelf, a closet, a table and a wine rack, and more importantly, it is a sculpture. Slim steel rods appear in every space of the apartment to unify the design.

just as WoonI am tired of using art to show how much I love art. I want to live in a space that is a work of art.

Concrete sinks are also connected by hanging steel bars, each one inch is fully utilized.

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Exquisite rope device

Mello + Landiniis a Brazilian artistJaniana MelloandDaniel Landini cooperative works. Together they created a continuous series of devices called Ciclotrama, it consists of a entangled rope Composition, the rope is twisted and unfolded to form an organic form, like a tree root and a tree.

CiclotramasInterprets the passage of time. Multiple strands can form a single line, or they can break into separate tracks and have their own characteristics.
Mello + Landini
The work is a delicate scene, while showing subtlety and power, creating a dislocation with the lines of gathering and splitting. At the bottom of the unit is a large rope that is laid on the ground like a long, winding road. Then the rope is divided into smaller, more subtle branches. Their tiny veins are nailed to the wall or ceiling and can be viewed as a whole or on their own.

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BELLE & BEAU: Latest lighting from DAVID TRUBRIDGE

Outstanding lighting designerDavid TrubridgeRecently launched a pair of chandeliers Belle and Beau. Usually TrubridgeThe lights have large openings, but this time the lights show overlapping elements, only a small amount of light is revealed. This chandelier is made of super thin (1mm )made of bamboo plywood, which brings warmth to the room. Each chandelier has two sizes and three colors — —natural, caramel and black.

BelleThe bottom of the cone has a small opening that reveals a small gap in the undulating bamboo panel.

BeauThe model is wider, has a larger opening, and has more light shining onto the floor.

natural color


caramel color

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Charming holiday villa in St. Helena Bay

The Silver Bay Residence is located in St. Helena Bay, a charming venue designed for young families and designed to be a holiday destination. Considering the proximity to the bay and the amazing attractions, one of the main requirements of this project is to establish a strong connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The home has an elevated entrance that is placed upstairs. Upstairs is the social area, while downstairs is the bedroom and the game room. This living space can see the most beautiful scenery. The upper level has a sliding glass door that connects to the pool area. The swimming pool is located in the yard and you can go directly into the interior through it. The living area, dining space and kitchen are interconnected and share the same open space. Each district has its own interesting design elements. For example, in the living area there is a fireplace and a conical chimney, made of weathered steel, with a large visual impact on the decoration of this particular area.

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Logan’s current office design

Logan is a New York-based “Double Coast” production company and recently had a new office. This space was designed by a design company living in Brooklyn. It is located in New York, USA. This project, covering a total area of ​​6,500 square meters, was completed in 2012.

The design of the office is a very dynamic modern space that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Given that most of the company’s team consists of a series of mobile consultants, the office must be flexible and allow for simple reorganization. Each project is different and therefore requires different settings. There is almost no permanent space and personalized workstations in the office. This is a very flexible space, you never know where you are sitting.
The new office is divided into two identical spaces. They are symmetrical straight lines. Each area has a custom 65-foot worksheet that can accommodate any size workgroup. The sharing platform can be used for many purposes, and the room can also be used for group meetings, design, production, etc. Overall, this is a very simple but very flexible and modern office.

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Meraas Holdings revealed that Dubai Paradise plan was delayed

Meraas Holdings has launched a blueprint for the Dubai Paradise and Resort project in Jebel Ali. The project was originally completed in 2014 but has now been postponed until 2016. The first phase of the Dubai Paradise & Resort will feature a family-themed hotel that will satisfy both tourists and residents looking for a weekend getaway.

The master plan (approximately $27 billion) also includes theme parks such as Dubai and Bollywood Parks in India And Legoland, as well as Riverside Park, the entrance plaza area, retail, dining and entertainment options. Dubai Bollywood Park, advertised as “the first theme park in the world dedicated to the Indian film industry”. Legoland Dubai will be an interactive paradise for children from 2 to 12 years old.
Meraas Holdings Chairman Haby said: “Meraas is committed to developing new concepts and building it into one of the world’s greatest new cities, as Dubai’s status. Dubai Paradise and Resorts are designed to be the leader, opening three theme park gates at the same time as a good place to go. & rdquo; Dubai Paradise & Resort is designed as a leisure and entertainment destination, serving all within an 8-hour flight distance in Dubai.

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Plywood cat castle as a DIY idea

Kities like to have their own hiding place because they are playful and active at all times. So buy a cat, when you need to find ways to make your pet, do not bother you. You have to reorganize your entire place, your cat or add some cute games and cat space in your home, DIY ideas are a good idea. Take a look at this cat castle, which will make your cat feel like a royal family. The castle is made of textiles and it is easy to cut out the entire stencil and assembly. You can basically create any type of castle you want, and most importantly, it has a lot of small entrances where your cat can enter and take a look. Some windows can be placed in the castle to allow your cat to climb and enjoy the view.

Plywood cat castle” width=”550″ height=”413″ src=”/Upload/Other/jc2014110703.jpg” />

With soft materials, your cat will feel that it will sleep and play in a comfortable place. So, if you think this is an awesome idea, don’t hesitate to build one of yours. Cool cat castle. So, to build a castle like this, you only need plywood and carpet.

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The Villas of Summersby, the home of the open field

There is a beautiful building in the 80-acre landscape park in Summersby, England, called “Wirra”, surrounded by citrus fruit orchards and a pond called Lily. There is a beautiful pavilion on the pond, and the pavilion is more elegant with the pond and the garden.

Matthew · Woodward architectural design with one end of the bedroom, a kitchen and bathroom The center is built in a cantilevered manner, with a large terrace on the other side of the decorative pond in the sunken spa. The purpose of the hotel as a place of residence, sitting alone on 80 acres of land, can not help but appear lonely. Matthew · Woodward architecture designed as a pavilion for the simple geometry of two equally divided cubes, the material uses composite steel, concrete and one of the cores of glass and other sandstone packages, specifically selected for such architectural coordination gardens and hotel themes Buildings make them look less isolated on this vast land.
On both sides of the central area are terraces and Murphy’s bedrooms and two connected by indoor and outdoor corridors running behind the central area. The hallway can be opened by its sliding and stacked glazing. In the harmonious architecture and the surrounding environment, the Wirra Pavilion is extraordinarily warm and harmonious.

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White chest of drawers makes people feel open

People choose a home with many standards, such as aesthetics, practicality, high quality, and favorable price, so that people need to carefully consider each time they buy furniture, and they are afraid of picking mistakes.

There is a nice chest of drawers. The whole cabinet is made of wood. The surface of the cabinet is painted with white paint, which makes the cabinet better match with other furniture and room layout. If people like other colors, they can also be customized. There are two cabinet doors on both sides of the cabinet. The cabinet doors are also covered with beautiful landscape paintings, and the white cabinets make people feel open. In the middle are four drawers for people to place small items.

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