Amazing museum in the Italian Dolomites

Messner MountainMuseum by architectZaha HadidDesign, this is an impressive concrete structure embedded in the Dolomites.

The huge museum is at sea level7000feetThe above, the land is over 10000square feet. They are made of glass-reinforced concrete with a light grey façade and nearby limestone The surface blends. The interior has a slight dark tones with deep anthracite.
The design offers an amazing view. She explained at a press conference, Guns can explore the caves deep into the mountains, and on the other side of the gables, they can see spectacular panoramic views.
Messner Mountain
Museum in 7Open to the public later in the month.

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Love Affair Collection

BANG & OLUFSENThe legendary history spans home audio and video products, starting with 1925Year. To commemorate90 Anniversary, this Danish company has launched a limited edition work with rose gold and walnut finishes, these glamorous pieces, together called Love Affair portfolio.

Love AffairLibraries include limited editionsBeoLab 19Wireless sub-low speaker with a rose gold finish, with a sleek and jewellery design.
The rest of the works areBeoVision Avant 85,BeoVision 11-46TV, And BeoRemote One,BeoPlay A9music system, BeoPlay H6Headphones and slenderness BeoLab 18speaker, decorated with new walnut wood and rose gold.

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Crystal clear reflection of skyscrapers

Seoul is the second largest city after Busan with a population of approximately 3.6 million. It is also Korea’s largest port city, Korea’s largest beach and the longest river. The maritime cities of high-rise buildings and luxury hotels have attracted wealthy people into the area. From the sea, gorgeous homes, high-rise apartments, amazing.

When the huge skyscrapers lit up at night, they surrounded the surreal water and gave a sense of the future.

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Refuge created by VIPP

Danish CompanyVipp Known for its iconic metal trash can, with the launch of shelter To a new, larger scale.

This modern home seems to be simple in design, but it is full of important details. 55square meterThe house is made of steel, surrounded by trees, and there is a lake in the distance. Large panel glass for steel frame , allows you to see the room directly on the other side.
The idea is to base life on a refuge and provide you with basic functional needs. Technically, the goal of this house comes from VippLong-term commitment to turning housing into a livable object.
What are the main differences between the market and other modular prefabricated houses? VippChief Designer,Morten Bo Jensen, he is not an architect, which allows him to look at the design from a different angle. When designing the residence, he looks at it as if he is designing a large product, away from all the pressure from the customer, leaving behind The only choice——Where to place it.

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Minimalist abstract poster series, with geometric design to describe the serious symptoms of depression

In this eye-opening sea series, Nick BarclayDescribe the effects of depression with simple geometric patterns and solid colors. Six powerful posters highlight individual characteristics of neuropathy that are often misdiagnosed and treated. BarclayUse staggered lines, circles, dots and bars to highlight isolation, retreat, fear, Hope, clear and chaotic abstraction.

As an example, the black dots in the center of the ring represent depressed individuals, which feels isolated from all future happiness and success.

From the artist’s website, you can get these posters for free. They are powerful tools to help outsiders understand the thoughts of people with depression. Posters can also provide a way for people to comfort others, giving you a simple and intuitive understanding of the complexities and horrors of depression.

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Huge cross stitch furniture

Danish designerEllinor EricssonDesigned a series of furniture with huge cross-stitch patterns , as Why Nordic furniture design lacks jewelry?”answer to this question.

Compared with Nordic-style furniture and Rococo-style furniture,EllinorTrying to achieve two The balance between cells. The cross stitch is made of wool and woven with a birch frame. She explained, &ldquo ;This is pure style and decoration The balance between the inspiration is the opposite, the building materials are Nordic, the shape is Rococo style. The decoration is inspired by the Rococo style, but the cross stitch comes from the fashionable Nordic style. The craft connects them together. /span>

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Amazing puddle reflection magic version of the daily scene

Between city streets and huge stone buildings, photographersDaniel Antunes captures the reflection of these upside down worlds. The Lisbon photographer used creative techniques to discover that the water in the puddle can project a brilliant reflection of the surrounding city. Historical monuments, a motorcycle driver, ordinary passers-by can see themselves in these visually complex and stunning images.

AntunesThe photos have an incredible clarity, even echoes in the water. They are usually not large enough to reflect the entire building or a group of people. Instead, they are small patches in gravel roads and cobblestone passages. These are surreal and pleasing accessories to the real landscape. AntunesThe eye’s capture of color and texture gives these everyday scenes a magical feel.

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The mirror device provides a kind of tranquility and reflection in nature.

London installation artistLee Borthwickhaving extraordinary talent: she can seamlessly combine man-made Mirrors and stakes found in nature and create beautiful surreal artwork. The designer showed off her independent interior wall art and made a hidden exhibition in the center of the virgin forest, which was consistently appealing, no matter where they were.

Every sculpture and installation uses natural, organic and recycled materials to present a visual unity between man and nature. What you may not realize at first is that the shape of the mirror has actually been cut into the same as the unique bumps and bends on the surface of the wood. This show is a bit modern and close to nature in a harmless way.

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Unique roof of the Louvre Abu Dha Museum of Art

The Louvre Abu Dha Museum of Art by renowned architectsJean NouvelDesign, building under construction, located in the United Arab EmiratesSaaydiyat island. It will be the first global art museum built in the Arab world.

As its name suggests, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is the iconic expansion of the French Louvre. The idea was not to reproduce the original museum, but to bring together the history and reputation of the Louvre with the rapidly modernizing Arabian Peninsula.
Light plays an important role in this unique building. The dome roof has a small, intricate pattern that lets the broken sun shine through and casts interesting shadows. In addition to natural light, there are also LuxionaDesignedParalumLighting. The solid rectangular shape becomes an integral part of the interior structure and can also be used as a sculptural element.

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New seats from Patricia URQUIOLA B&B Italy Outdoor

B & amp; B Italia Outdoor Launch two new seating systems, Patricia UrquiolaDesign. Fat-Sofa Outdoor and Butterfly aims to bring a modern aesthetic to comfortable furniture.

Fat-Sofa OutdoorBased on the indoor version, with a soft round shape, but this time it is designed for the outdoors. The padded seat is fitted with a metal frame that supports a large weave pattern made of twisted polyethylene. There are six works in the collection: a sofa, a relaxing island, two height armchairs and ottomans of all sizes.

ButterflyThe name comes from Its Butterflyshape. It combines an ottoman with backrest and armrests to create a customised seating system.
This is B&B Italia Outdoor the first textile sofa collection, its lengthy cushion Make it look like a comfortable indoor sofa.

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